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my battle..
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*WTF* Minecraft Mods
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The Best Update EVER!
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Club Penguin is BACK
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Dont Get STRIKED Challenge
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i saved SEASON 10
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this gun is cursed
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sorry ninja
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i beat NINJA in fortnite
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this weapon isnt fair
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pretending to be THE STORM
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dumb memes in SEASON 9
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  • Jorgealex 144
    Jorgealex 144 Hour ago

    Lannan lookin fresh with tha cit

    MIKI IZY Hour ago

    lazarbeam am yous your code lazarlazer en ay subskrayb en ay like your vidoes en am Bik fan

  • Sh66p
    Sh66p Hour ago

    Imagine fishing the entire game and some little nerd comes and Lazers you

  • yEeTbOi
    yEeTbOi Hour ago

    8:06 the face of devastation at its finest

    BLUE BEAST Hour ago

    What's that song at 0.27

    SKISMO YT Hour ago

    Your better than pwedipie he is the destroyer of memes an you do alot of things for dumbshit science. WE HAVE A DUMBSHIT FOLLOWER

  • Sir Spankalot
    Sir Spankalot Hour ago

    You Are Never Going To Guess Who The Best Person In The World Is Read the first two words like if I made your day

  • Theyeet KingGamer100

    Number 1 trend

  • Adam 3ZO
    Adam 3ZO Hour ago

    someone did this glitch on me and i lost a 14 kill solo dous win thanks lannon im unsubing from you

  • Jennifer Crawford

    Your still playing this garbage mate I I’m still gonna watch it anyway

  • Jermaine Alcide
    Jermaine Alcide Hour ago

    I want it the most but my parents are mean

    SKISMO YT Hour ago

    Your voice is a meme itself

  • TayzFN
    TayzFN Hour ago

    If this grey you're gay 👇

  • Pab2ito
    Pab2ito Hour ago

    Should I become a pescatarian

  • nick yousana
    nick yousana Hour ago

    Thanks for making everyone do this and and people that had to try to win can’t get the win

  • Baby Nugget
    Baby Nugget Hour ago

    Btw I also subbed and I’m nottified

  • Brody J
    Brody J Hour ago

    its 2.9k rn

  • Mandy Mohr
    Mandy Mohr Hour ago

    Lazerbeam plz sub to me my channel is called Mandy Mohr.

  • Pondyx Oj
    Pondyx Oj Hour ago


  • Matthew O’Donovan

    what if were in a game playing but gods actually are actually playing a game bwwaaaaaacc

  • Linda Hubert
    Linda Hubert Hour ago

    Just the good old lazy lazerbeam

  • Mukhtar Osman
    Mukhtar Osman Hour ago

    2:01 did he just call madem gazelle Peppa pig

  • iRedSZN
    iRedSZN Hour ago

    I am a 12 year old youtuber trying to blow up. Would be nice for everybody who sees this comes to my channel and drops a sub Plus I am gifting my next Subscribers

  • NBD_Renegade04 YT

    guys on my latest video I went full sweat if you would like so see a good mobile player you should watch it ❤😁🔥

  • Jorgealex 144
    Jorgealex 144 Hour ago

    Who else wants bots cause they quit at season 10 cuz tired of sweating and no I'm not a bot I play since the beginning like I downloaded the game in November 2017 and I loved it even if I didnt win cause it was funny and fun now if u dont sweat ull travel from lobby to lobby and bots make it easier to just play without all ur attention and trying harder than ever like damn. I'm not asking for it in all lobbies I'm asking an option like offline and online like cod

  • Quarry krafter
    Quarry krafter Hour ago

    Lannan when he doesn't want to get banned "you remember we're showing this glitch so epic can fix it" 3:20

  • Hayden Byrne
    Hayden Byrne Hour ago

    Him raging is so funny

  • Laura Cepin
    Laura Cepin Hour ago

    If u crouch where u are u get more health

  • Ethan T
    Ethan T Hour ago

    Wow I love that trail even my brother is lying on the floor laughing about it.

  • Madison Wadison
    Madison Wadison Hour ago

    Today me and my best friend jumped out a small haystack at the same time and i went flying upwards for 3 mins

  • Little Warlex
    Little Warlex Hour ago

    That doll is 34 years old now and does not have a job and is short wtf

  • Sophia Bobee
    Sophia Bobee Hour ago


  • Sophia Bobee
    Sophia Bobee Hour ago


  • leon xxl
    leon xxl Hour ago


  • Mr. Food Trcuk
    Mr. Food Trcuk Hour ago

    Lazabum: Penguins can breathe underwater.

  • Kaydence Dzioba
    Kaydence Dzioba Hour ago

    nobody: literally no one: lannon: iM a FiShErMaN!!

    • Alex Pabon
      Alex Pabon Hour ago

      Kaydence Dzioba stolen comment? same format and everything??

  • YTK_Vibez
    YTK_Vibez Hour ago

    1 × 100 = 100 So if i use my *1%* code 100 times i can get a free shirt

  • 3b Ali Ali
    3b Ali Ali Hour ago

    you sister is a fish murder

  • kow sushi
    kow sushi Hour ago

    We all know the hold my beer text but who's actually volunteering or who in their right mind is holding all these beers I feel bad because the text could go like this A random youtuber: hold my beer The person: but I'm already holding 800000 beers A random commenter: do it or I don't give you 20% of the likes The person:no I prefer to commit marshmallow than to hold beer

  • Grinch Cake404
    Grinch Cake404 Hour ago

    Guess who got 1 on trending

  • Ahmed Talal
    Ahmed Talal Hour ago


  • Dylan Kistle
    Dylan Kistle Hour ago

    I hope she watches this. Lol

  • ZeaqFN
    ZeaqFN Hour ago

    On the third attempt there was more fish in front of him when he died

    SHUPWOOP Hour ago

    Im sorry but the yeet merch looks like a dick

  • Ayden Mester-Silfvast

    HELL YEAH #1 ON TRENDING FOR GAMING! My frined Its Fawn will be trying this please check him out he uploads a ton and youtube is his dream job, please help my best friend!

  • Crazy gamer 123 YT


  • Jacob BUCKETS
    Jacob BUCKETS Hour ago

    hey lazar u should do a pretending to be a bot in fortnite.

  • Wxlfo
    Wxlfo Hour ago

    So I brought ur merch and I was 45cents short but I used the discount code LAZAR and I got the best merch ever !!! Yeet

  • MasterFilms_
    MasterFilms_ Hour ago

    He lost against bots 🤣 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Ivek
    Ivek Hour ago

    You will get banned

  • Nejc Misov
    Nejc Misov Hour ago

    Nogo profile picture ruind my life that picture is so ugly

  • Tony Cacani
    Tony Cacani Hour ago

    Grant Cardone : I’ve got fish Lannon : I’ve got fish

  • Ian Keberle
    Ian Keberle Hour ago

    That is a hatchet, not an axe

  • Greg Bradley
    Greg Bradley Hour ago

    At the end I was literally crying 🤣

  • Turtle Ninja
    Turtle Ninja Hour ago

    U know u get banned for this glitch i think

  • Oasis Girl
    Oasis Girl Hour ago

    Minecraft - All vegan diet Fortnite - All fish diet

  • la flame is lit
    la flame is lit Hour ago

    Bruh my teacher banned the word yeet rip

  • Ilyas Plays
    Ilyas Plays Hour ago

    Who is watching in chapter 2

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez Hour ago

    U copied ok give him some credit

  • noah dose you tube

    do Dr phill gain

  • Ryan Weeks
    Ryan Weeks Hour ago

    Lachlan did the exact same thing 2 hours earlier

  • Exaulted
    Exaulted Hour ago

    This is how many f bombs he said 👇

    IM AIDEN Hour ago

    1st on trending

  • PandaEmotionMan
    PandaEmotionMan Hour ago

    6:04 lazar is at 69 hp

  • Timothy Dvorak
    Timothy Dvorak Hour ago

    Why does your yeet merch shirt logo look like an inverted Cock n Balls?

  • Baby Nugget
    Baby Nugget Hour ago

    I’m getting the lazar t shirt and the lazar phone case for I phone6

  • Tom Holland
    Tom Holland Hour ago


  • Ivan Risek
    Ivan Risek Hour ago

    Go to real fising m8

  • Klugge 76
    Klugge 76 Hour ago

    *my girlfriend leaves me my parents hit me* hehe

  • HB Jango
    HB Jango Hour ago

    Next vlog: *Going to Chernobyl to Get Full Shield*

  • EDortGamer
    EDortGamer Hour ago

    You need the bandage bazooka it makes things way easier

  • Lucas Drummond
    Lucas Drummond Hour ago

    #1 trending on gaming!!! YEET!!! Use code lazar in the fortnite item shop

  • Doggy Boy YT1.0
    Doggy Boy YT1.0 Hour ago

    YEET en delete

  • Bruce Li
    Bruce Li Hour ago

    lachlan did this much better

  • Aliadebest Yeet
    Aliadebest Yeet Hour ago


  • RubyHurcules 225

    Yeah I came back to watch this you got your 400k likes and you 10 mil views now do the same for chapter 2

  • CashPlayz X
    CashPlayz X Hour ago

    Number 1 on treanding

  • Kallon Clarke
    Kallon Clarke Hour ago

    shoutout my channel please

  • Fade Hyper
    Fade Hyper Hour ago

    1# on trending for gaming... hmm makes sense

  • Doggy Boy YT1.0
    Doggy Boy YT1.0 Hour ago

    YEET EN Delete

  • Philip S
    Philip S Hour ago

    Best youtuber ever(•‿•)

  • Captain Coochie
    Captain Coochie Hour ago

    No one: Literally no one: Lazarbeam: I'M A FISHER MAN, I'M A FISHERMAN

  • Aston Gray
    Aston Gray Hour ago


  • Egg With 10,000 Subscribers

    6:01 damn lannan you’re sweaty

  • T3rmin4ter
    T3rmin4ter Hour ago


  • Doug Taylor
    Doug Taylor Hour ago

    Honestly still gay

  • Dark King
    Dark King Hour ago

    Yeah this shit never ends.....

  • MiniMessi Gaming

    Thanx for not swearing

  • Aussi Boi
    Aussi Boi Hour ago

    D.i.yyyyyyyyyyyy you do that

  • Basically Gaming

    MINECRAFT boat fly

  • Kitten Lover
    Kitten Lover Hour ago

    Someone made a song called big brain With dis vid

    • Kitten Lover
      Kitten Lover Hour ago

      Are you ready to lalala Lazarbeamed Big brain big brain Makes it look like a normal game I dont wanna play I dont wanna play I want to vomit dude Big brain big brain Minecraft you should never play

  • Flamebro24 YT
    Flamebro24 YT Hour ago

    1% off that’s a great price

  • Weston French
    Weston French Hour ago

    I tried this before Lannan did and I also lasted until fourth place

  • Mike O'Dwyer
    Mike O'Dwyer Hour ago

    if u see a default flying:hacker!!!...see a gingerbread man flying:oh there's lazarbeam

  • the_only_ jamez
    the_only_ jamez Hour ago

    2:43 lazar messing with his strange rope

  • Master Key
    Master Key Hour ago

    1:30 lol

  • Elaina Frommer
    Elaina Frommer Hour ago

    1 trending

  • Omed Mziry
    Omed Mziry Hour ago

    wow it's really 10M view & 400k like

  • Wolf Lover
    Wolf Lover Hour ago


  • Recon Leo
    Recon Leo Hour ago

    Today in swimming at school I shouted ‘Use Code Lazar’ ‘Yeet’ Then I literally drowned I am currently on the way home from Hospital