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Living on my Own
Views 2.7M7 days ago
Fame is Lame
Views 3.3M3 months ago
Just Be Yourself
Views 3.4M9 months ago
VidCon Was Fun
Views 2.4MYear ago
My Crazy Imagination
Views 8MYear ago
Camping Unprepared
Views 4.8MYear ago
I Was A Weird Kid
Views 14M2 years ago
Talking To Crazy People
Views 4.6M2 years ago
Rip Offs
Views 3.8M2 years ago
Music Is Awesome
Views 2.7M2 years ago
The Bagel Guy Card
Views 3.8M2 years ago
In Lazy People's Defense
Views 4.1M2 years ago
I Just Wanted Food
Views 5M2 years ago
Stupid Things I Do
Views 3.9M2 years ago
I suck at chess
Views 3.1M2 years ago
Peer Pressure
Views 5M2 years ago
The Day I Got Arrested
Views 6M2 years ago
Running for Class President
Views 2.7M3 years ago
Someone Attacked My Car
Views 1.6M3 years ago
Views 279K3 years ago


  • fire pancake
    fire pancake 36 minutes ago

    Sir i'm not doing anything illegal Cop: no your drinking weed.

  • Xxjplayz gamerxX
    Xxjplayz gamerxX 37 minutes ago

    I know spanish and u dont want to know what we we means

  • *insert a witty name here*


  • Fox Gaming
    Fox Gaming 40 minutes ago

    Nooooo ur oover joover

  • EnzenUnleashed
    EnzenUnleashed 44 minutes ago

    i just realized Adam's sweater said "Microwaves be like" when he said "mmmMmmmMMmMMMMMMMmmmMmm"

  • Mark Goss
    Mark Goss 44 minutes ago

    i also watch videos about stuff i cant do for example water slide videos in winter

  • Wyr3d
    Wyr3d 45 minutes ago

    Dude, is your car a VW Beetle? If it is, a turtle maybe got confused and had it's way with it

  • Bacon Hair every day
    Bacon Hair every day 46 minutes ago


  • Kazen Ortiz
    Kazen Ortiz 48 minutes ago

    Why does Billy look like hes gonna make the Shrek do the roar

  • Sterlin Silver
    Sterlin Silver 48 minutes ago

    This is some movie quality stuff

  • Legend 7510
    Legend 7510 49 minutes ago

    There’s No Time

  • Elizabeth Davis
    Elizabeth Davis 49 minutes ago

    Nintendo sucks😡

  • lazyboy 101
    lazyboy 101 53 minutes ago

    I guess u could say that pen was being inde-pen-dent

  • Super pikachu chris
    Super pikachu chris 57 minutes ago

    Dobt worry Adam I'm afraid of heights to

  • Ivan Bermea
    Ivan Bermea 57 minutes ago

    Go to the swapmeet for stuff and furniture along with fruit. It’s cheaper

  • NathanTrolls
    NathanTrolls 58 minutes ago

    I had this happen 2 days ago!!! Its still happening

  • Captivating Expression
    Captivating Expression 59 minutes ago

    So how hard was it trying not to swear?

  • TrueYahli
    TrueYahli Hour ago


  • Snowy 5576
    Snowy 5576 Hour ago

    i skip class

  • Shelby Paluch
    Shelby Paluch Hour ago

    House Food Staples: Eggs Apples Milk Pasta Some Meat™ Various Vegetables™ Sandwich Materials™ Just think, what did you eat @ home before you moved? Im going to be so screwed when I move out lmao.

  • Harry thegacha_wizard

    Holy god I thought I click on markiplier and was like wait what

  • Hook Shot
    Hook Shot Hour ago

    Bro this the type of shit that if i took my ds to school and it broke my parents would just say sorry and be like maybe you shouldn’t have taken it to school and then told me to go away

  • Cecila Gurango
    Cecila Gurango Hour ago

    when i first meet my favorite creator i was ignored

  • Jamie Gard
    Jamie Gard Hour ago

    A write room with no internet or lights and no books

  • • TGTC1 •
    • TGTC1 • Hour ago

    *_I nEeDa pOop_*

  • Official Li Jang

    U & my bf hv the same brain 😂😒

  • Joao Vinicius
    Joao Vinicius Hour ago

    I know this is a old video but meh, To deal with Pedos, Just slap them to death, that's what my mom taught me lel

  • Neil Jackson
    Neil Jackson Hour ago

    Your drawling evolve so much these years

  • NME Unikorn5577
    NME Unikorn5577 Hour ago

    Palladium was discovered in 1803 atomic number is 46 a silvery-white element

  • Kesha Elmon
    Kesha Elmon Hour ago

    Somethingelseyt:Bananas would be in my mouth RU-clip:DEMONITASATION OPEN UP! Somethingelseyt:OH SHIT!

  • silent chambers
    silent chambers Hour ago

    Is there anyway we can help Adam??

  • IncrescentX Flames

    Adam has created a cult

  • Laser Sponge
    Laser Sponge Hour ago

    I made it to 00:01 without laughing. Lol

  • Godswill osajele

    hi also does not where pants

  • Morgandie Harrold

    Your scared of killer WALES i live in wales...

  • ConfettiGhost! NYSMNYD!

    That my friends, is called a Vivid Dream. You have full control over it, But it makes you face your greatest fear, i had it every night when i was 8. It was terrifying.

  • Daniel Willkinson

    My school did a 48 hour marvel marathon sooooooooo, yeah there is time to watch them all

  • Gacha Ethanano Xxxx

    Me year 1 subscibor

  • ikonik boi
    ikonik boi Hour ago

    You met drake

  • the wolf queen
    the wolf queen Hour ago

    Some once said I was copying you because my character happens to be a demand with a hoodie he had hair and pants and a mask

  • Aharan R
    Aharan R Hour ago

    Type f to pay respects for the coffee table

  • Jacob Altredes
    Jacob Altredes Hour ago

    Odd1sOut: *punches guy in the face* Don't bully Adam!

  • Munjila Mojlish
    Munjila Mojlish Hour ago

    Was that a Bo Burnham reference at the end??

  • Alexis Barreto
    Alexis Barreto Hour ago

    RIP juice wrld

  • joker will cosplay

    I luv sharks uwu

  • The Furry Gamer 2016

    So where are the furrys in that complex?

  • op sane
    op sane 2 hours ago

    At my friend's old house his older brother was in the bathroom and he decided to go take a poop in the closet and I was just staying in the carpet with new people living in the house

  • ZaraAnimates
    ZaraAnimates 2 hours ago

    hehhehheh... chocy milk 😆👌

  • The1andOnly
    The1andOnly 2 hours ago

    "Like that smash button," I think you mean, "Smash that like button."

  • Tweaks
    Tweaks 2 hours ago

    U put it on bread

    MUIZILLASAURUS REX 2 hours ago

    1:54 KAIO-KEN

    MUIZILLASAURUS REX 2 hours ago

    I sang this on my talent show I didnt win... Still felt cool

  • Curtis Bosworth
    Curtis Bosworth 2 hours ago

    So umm I photoshopped *THANOS* head on an purple m&m and I laughed so hard

  • Avianna Doring
    Avianna Doring 2 hours ago

    20000 comment

  • Commander Wolf
    Commander Wolf 2 hours ago


  • Lizzy
    Lizzy 2 hours ago

    The apartment complex lady reminds me of Bryce Tankthrust 0_o

  • Rebecca Long
    Rebecca Long 2 hours ago

    When he ran in and shouted "OKAY, GOOGLE-" my google actually turned on lol

  • michael patterson
    michael patterson 2 hours ago

    My favoritr part was 7:12 i will f ing eat you

  • Dalaney Drake
    Dalaney Drake 2 hours ago

    *My mom n I fighting* My dad: 10:24 - 10:32

  • Amanda Morgan
    Amanda Morgan 2 hours ago

    if u double tap the same person from two different games do the mama fight over custody of the child

  • michael patterson
    michael patterson 2 hours ago

    The coin thing was demonitized

  • Fnaf Master420
    Fnaf Master420 2 hours ago

    Ebola 4 u make u go DUST AND BLOOD

  • Jeantae Alman
    Jeantae Alman 2 hours ago

    actually its tom holland bihuatch

  • Emilio Recio
    Emilio Recio 2 hours ago

    Is that a real DS game

  • michael patterson
    michael patterson 2 hours ago

    He alwas calls it a taxi thing

  • michael patterson
    michael patterson 2 hours ago

    My favorite part was 1:53

  • Lady Vampee
    Lady Vampee 2 hours ago

    I usually hate rap, but damn, Adam, this is just amazing!

  • I Stick-Can
    I Stick-Can 2 hours ago

    The 1# "crazy" guy may have a rare dissase that makes people think that sand,dirt and other materials with no minerals are edible. Plus yo awesome.

  • Aa Aa
    Aa Aa 2 hours ago

    By the time I watch this video the end game already came out

  • Auria Lewis
    Auria Lewis 2 hours ago

    Heh it’s says weenie hut general off of spongebob

  • Difference YT
    Difference YT 2 hours ago

    We have the same middle name Ortiz

  • Kenan Keklik
    Kenan Keklik 2 hours ago

    Me when The teacher gives suprise exam 4:00

  • The Night Pack Alpha Female

    Doug is so adorable!

  • ricardo martinez
    ricardo martinez 2 hours ago

    1:56 James and Jaiden cameo if no one noticed

  • Phoenix57
    Phoenix57 2 hours ago


  • Emmalee Ricks
    Emmalee Ricks 2 hours ago

    Samoas are dreakin awesome

  • RobotGamer08
    RobotGamer08 2 hours ago

    America, the place where you can get a shotgun for $2.

  • Jackson Thomas
    Jackson Thomas 2 hours ago

    SumElseYT should talk more about his experiences with sports

  • Yasss Diglett
    Yasss Diglett 2 hours ago

    Dig dig

  • Dermanater
    Dermanater 2 hours ago

    I'm not sure if Adam knows that orcas are smart enough to know not to kill a human. There have been 0 recorded deaths from orcas and 3 people being mildly harmed. By the way - I don't think Adam is stupid -- or is he?

  • trashy BTS
    trashy BTS 2 hours ago


  • Connor Breen
    Connor Breen 2 hours ago

    Why are you going to pull down people's underwear?

  • transfactory
    transfactory 2 hours ago

    6:11 it youle have been even funnier if shadow slowly rose up out of the pit with anger equal to the hulk

  • xxAngelaxx
    xxAngelaxx 2 hours ago

    *illegaly downloads* *it is worth the risk...*

  • Miku chan
    Miku chan 2 hours ago

    "The pleasures mine, daddy"

  • Scar Sense
    Scar Sense 2 hours ago

    Did you go to a Idaho school

  • the_wheels_ on_the_bus

    Oh god Adams style used to suck it’s straight up cancer help me

  • Lol. .lol.
    Lol. .lol. 2 hours ago

    2:25 uhhhh I hate food

  • transfactory
    transfactory 2 hours ago

    i had to watch 2:56 again multiple times to make sure i wasn't imagining the sonic death sound

  • Armando Soto
    Armando Soto 3 hours ago

    No one: Literally no one. Me: I already know what all these things are,.

  • Quinny Boi Gaming
    Quinny Boi Gaming 3 hours ago

    Me and something else YT have the same birthday on June 17

  • AmazingAmatzu
    AmazingAmatzu 3 hours ago

    1:55 Does middle school count?

  • Myah Myu
    Myah Myu 3 hours ago

    This is why (ONLY WHEN YOU GET RECOGNIZED) you need to be like James, I’m advising against any other time, but WHEN AND ONLY WHEN you get recognized- “are you somethingelse yt???” “Maybeeee~?”

  • Zemist 11:11
    Zemist 11:11 3 hours ago

    This bruh doesn't even look like a 7 grader

  • ASleepyDog
    ASleepyDog 3 hours ago

    I just wanna let you know that a kid has their mom painting you on their bedroom wall right now soo- (its not me)

  • Student Nadya Villeda

    I would skip class but, my classes are not really boring, but if it is, I'm still not risking it, (I'm kinda a nerd k?) 😪😐

  • Crypto Mama 25
    Crypto Mama 25 3 hours ago


  • Noraini Abd Ghani
    Noraini Abd Ghani 3 hours ago

    poopman edem

  • Desmanimates All
    Desmanimates All 3 hours ago

    I gOt FiRe In My MoUtH! - Somethingelseyt 2019

  • DatbotguyXX
    DatbotguyXX 3 hours ago

    The original ds that my dad had still works today! I have no idea how though