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Living on my Own
Views 3.6MMonth ago
Help (Official Music Video)
Views 3.7M3 months ago
Fame is Lame
Views 3.6M5 months ago
Just Be Yourself
Views 3.6M10 months ago
VidCon Was Fun
Views 2.5MYear ago
My Crazy Imagination
Views 9MYear ago
Camping Unprepared
Views 4.9MYear ago
I Was A Weird Kid
Views 15M2 years ago
Talking To Crazy People
Views 4.7M2 years ago
Rip Offs
Views 3.9M2 years ago
Music Is Awesome
Views 2.8M2 years ago
The Bagel Guy Card
Views 3.9M2 years ago
In Lazy People's Defense
Views 4.2M2 years ago
I Just Wanted Food
Views 6M2 years ago
Stupid Things I Do
Views 4.1M2 years ago
I suck at chess
Views 3.2M2 years ago
Peer Pressure
Views 5M2 years ago
The Day I Got Arrested
Views 6M3 years ago
Running for Class President
Views 2.8M3 years ago
Man Broke Into My Backyard
Views 4.1M3 years ago
Someone Attacked My Car
Views 1.6M3 years ago
Views 292K3 years ago


  • Samson Rogers
    Samson Rogers 13 minutes ago

    OH h i thought something else

    09CIRCUITBOIDO 26 minutes ago


  • ᚛ᚐᚘ᚜RUNICS Nixa
    ᚛ᚐᚘ᚜RUNICS Nixa 46 minutes ago

    7:54 bakugo from mha reference

    09CIRCUITBOIDO 47 minutes ago

    1:37 riddle school looking

  • K_King 898
    K_King 898 55 minutes ago

    The best parts are 1:25,2:28,4:59

  • Vince Payawal
    Vince Payawal 56 minutes ago

    I actually thought i pressed the wrong video

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith Hour ago

    Your lizards called doug and in the drawing iconic characters for memory video with jaiden and james u said that the crocodile from sonic should be named doug ADAM BELIEVES THAT ALL REPTILES SHOULD BE NAMED DOUG!!!

  • xiaolan liu
    xiaolan liu Hour ago

    Wait I thought somthingelseyt was the devil he has horns and stuff

  • Samson Rogers
    Samson Rogers Hour ago


  • How to Draw and gacha Allia

    My bff:”what’s your favorite rap song?” Me:”ummm it’s hard to explain...but it’s a good anamation!

  • Chewbacca
    Chewbacca Hour ago

    Honestly I just love this channel

  • That Quacking Duck

    The Scariest Dream I Ever Had: Just a while ago I had a terrifying (terrifying to me) nightmare. Now when I look back on it I think it’s actually pretty stupid... 😂 anyway, here it is. I was lying in bed when suddenly someone walked in through my bedroom door. According to my mind this person was pretending to be my grandma and was holding a computer. My fake grandma (the person) sat down on my bed and asked me what my password was. (I’m not sure which password she wanted because I don’t always use the same one.) Of course, I didn’t trust this fAkE gRaNdMa, so I told them the wrong password. I started saying the start of this fake password: “Ihatepan-“ then suddenly my fake grandma said to me, “No no no no no no”. I was terrified so I decided to shout in their face, “SCAMMER!” The fake grandma said, “FiNe I am a scammer.” and she pushed me off my bed and started saying she had kidnapped my family...? The rest of my dream I don’t remember because I had started crying my eyes out 😂

  • The basics of economics

    Who else the bit when he turns into a devil?

  • The basics of economics

    This is a sick song

  • Emma Machelle
    Emma Machelle 2 hours ago

    Look, I love your channel! Please post more and more!

  • skyplug1
    skyplug1 2 hours ago

    A tree in a face is prtey weirfd

  • QueenOfThePickles
    QueenOfThePickles 2 hours ago

    mr. blahdebla lowkey sounded like Snape, idk

  • Rowena Murtagh
    Rowena Murtagh 2 hours ago

    Adam was playing jumainji

  • owen bullement
    owen bullement 2 hours ago

    Your the best

  • spooder gurl
    spooder gurl 2 hours ago

    "Call liza cosh mad puns" True

  • world's smallest YouTuber

    Is watching people eat a fetish now?

  • Elena_ gamer9
    Elena_ gamer9 2 hours ago

    Only my cousins play when they was 13

  • Super Gabox
    Super Gabox 2 hours ago

    It’s funny of how cube heads discriminate him for having a round head

  • Elena_ gamer9
    Elena_ gamer9 2 hours ago

    Oooooou. SNAP!

  • Heba Alkhaled
    Heba Alkhaled 2 hours ago

    Me watching a video when Adam eat a black thing Me: Hey is that James voice ?!

  • Elena_ gamer9
    Elena_ gamer9 2 hours ago

    Sometimes i do that when im bored or i got annoyed :|

  • Jack HAT
    Jack HAT 3 hours ago

    You in a sram hoter 😰😰😰

  • bubble gum
    bubble gum 3 hours ago

    Your an ADAMimator

  • Alba The Wolf
    Alba The Wolf 3 hours ago

    Adam, I challenge you to do the #ToonMe challenge please

  • siamese_kitty_UwU gAlAxY

    I love bananas tooo

  • UwU Queen
    UwU Queen 3 hours ago

    I see u bakugo

  • MohdEmaadBTW
    MohdEmaadBTW 3 hours ago

    Adam is prob hunter from theodd1sout

  • Sky the cat
    Sky the cat 3 hours ago

    Wait if you look back at the locker i saw Is that dead Adam

  • reyna vega
    reyna vega 3 hours ago

    eeee I speak Spanish but you are my favorite yutuber

  • Turtle Doge
    Turtle Doge 3 hours ago

    U expect mE go sEE one of the greatest movIES WITH U

  • Maxed Lemone Animation

    I have a joke for you all! But I'm not telling you

  • Oscar 13
    Oscar 13 4 hours ago

    Bitch you need butter with Vegemite on toast

  • Mees Proo
    Mees Proo 4 hours ago

    Of halt

  • nugguht
    nugguht 4 hours ago

    omg adam has the same bday as my friend

  • Kopek Kopkowy
    Kopek Kopkowy 4 hours ago

    Im afraid of heights but not afraid of planes am i weird?

  • Sky the cat
    Sky the cat 4 hours ago


  • Sulky NightMare
    Sulky NightMare 4 hours ago

    Nobody: People who saw 0:30: *Bro thats literally me*

  • OPACK -not
    OPACK -not 4 hours ago

    This is the greatest rap song for kids

  • LeFluff1 947
    LeFluff1 947 4 hours ago

    *when you forget animators actually have other talents*

  • It'sKittenSupsup
    It'sKittenSupsup 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the nightmare bro :)

  • Samuel Esteban Zapata mora

    I think that choco milk was magic and give to Adam the power of sing

  • Christianna Rodriguez

    His money: alright, I'm out

    JHON LE MIUX 4 hours ago

    I don't know why i'm waiting for a Beatles cover

  • Eggo
    Eggo 4 hours ago

    I went on a cruise before and you don’t even feel it rocking except when it rains. Sometimes it rocks a little.

  • Robotcookie80
    Robotcookie80 5 hours ago

    Aweson 😃

  • salamandr fight
    salamandr fight 5 hours ago


  • _-zorrito7w7_ -
    _-zorrito7w7_ - 5 hours ago


  • J J
    J J 5 hours ago

    You ate the vegemite wrong ffs it’s not bad

  • MeGaming
    MeGaming 5 hours ago

    I had a fat Nintendo and after like 6 it still works perfectly😛

  • Javaria Shahid
    Javaria Shahid 5 hours ago

    In my eyes it is truly a talent to be able to make two songs with his own lyrics, which must the hardest thing for me. He is really amazing at many things. IT makes very happy to listen to this song. I love it very much

  • JPokethan Gaming
    JPokethan Gaming 5 hours ago

    This video is crazy as HELL 0:50

  • xiaolan liu
    xiaolan liu 5 hours ago

    Pizza Bagles

  • Jones Talal
    Jones Talal 6 hours ago

  • David Boyd
    David Boyd 6 hours ago

    Adam should make a shirt that says "I am a mob boss crime lord."

  • Rob Heidelberg's
    Rob Heidelberg's 6 hours ago

    It’s called huhut

  • Rob Heidelberg's
    Rob Heidelberg's 6 hours ago

    And you sound like mark

  • Derek Rodriguez
    Derek Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Adam how does it feel getting shot by jaiden animation

  • Rob Heidelberg's
    Rob Heidelberg's 6 hours ago

    Adam you can just make your own bagel man card

  • Rob Heidelberg's
    Rob Heidelberg's 6 hours ago

    Remember the bagel man card vid.

  • Eric For,t
    Eric For,t 6 hours ago

    Revs engine momomomomomomomomomomomo

  • lily whittingham
    lily whittingham 6 hours ago

    EVERYONE!!!!ONTO MARKIPLIERS COMMENT SECTION Comment *pleasures mine daddy*

  • lily whittingham
    lily whittingham 6 hours ago

    YO!!!! I'm so weird You wanna hear a secret? Oh you do? PLEASURES MINE DADDY!!!!!!!!!! *Sobs*

  • N HOLT
    N HOLT 6 hours ago

    What do you mean like that smash button

  • Forrester Toh
    Forrester Toh 6 hours ago


  • Amanda Moore
    Amanda Moore 6 hours ago

    I like it dc its soo fast and it like a rap if it is a rap

  • Mem Mam
    Mem Mam 7 hours ago

    Wowwwwww gayyyyyyy

  • Reinjiro Ancel Ong
    Reinjiro Ancel Ong 7 hours ago

    yay my three favorite youtober jerfoeohg89eyghept3rifjrobrpktrurgpub0rtgko'prtp

  • Suzie Burns
    Suzie Burns 7 hours ago

    1:38 eric cartman¿¡

  • jj unicorn
    jj unicorn 7 hours ago

    Are you Janice and is Kevin your roommate. 😐😐

    CYBER WOLF 7 hours ago

    You took that from 300 spartan he was like me i did the same thing

  • GameTroller
    GameTroller 7 hours ago

    please show us how you make vids and animate because i got wacom tablet because of you!

  • Husam 888
    Husam 888 7 hours ago

    Adam:i don't give a- The yellow sign:shut Adam:these kids were complete jacka- The yellow sign:how many times do we have to teach you this lesson, young man?

  • Random Hero
    Random Hero 7 hours ago

    It’s game over!!!!!!

  • Random Hero
    Random Hero 7 hours ago

    Shevsfstsbscgshsvxsdh sAy chase

  • Zoe Ranger 10
    Zoe Ranger 10 7 hours ago

    You forgot ant man

  • Gerald Olsen
    Gerald Olsen 7 hours ago

    Me in school:

  • Gustavo gameing
    Gustavo gameing 7 hours ago

    U do

  • happy friendly
    happy friendly 8 hours ago

    WOW i just realised i have the same birthday as him june 17 i swear to god

  • Crystal panda LoL
    Crystal panda LoL 8 hours ago

    At 8:59 there’s a girl called Kelsey and I’m chelsea lol

  • Shazzle Dazzle
    Shazzle Dazzle 8 hours ago


  • Spade Playz
    Spade Playz 8 hours ago

    hey adam... how tf do you animate

  • Ella Peterson
    Ella Peterson 9 hours ago

    Oh you better grab your pants, better hold em tight. Gotta watch out for a demon at night. (Not rly ily Adam) Oh.. Adams gonna pull down your pants. He sees you making dinner, he sees you standing up. He knows when your coming up to him so he can pull your pants down TWICE!

  • Тая Тру
    Тая Тру 9 hours ago

    luvin keas

  • wendy epema
    wendy epema 9 hours ago

    LMAO u dumb but I look up to u and hope to be like u

  • memer suski
    memer suski 9 hours ago

    *scream jupscare* Me: *smiles like an idiot* *mama comes from behind Adam* Me: KZBDIBDIDBDJDKS *mini heart attack*

  • the black wolf
    the black wolf 9 hours ago

    I love the song that you make

  • MIMI UwU
    MIMI UwU 9 hours ago

    He is soooo talented You can tell that always puts in his hardest no matter what He only had a day to do this and it came out really good and he’s done this twice

  • Rainz Animationz
    Rainz Animationz 9 hours ago

    I'm probably come back years later and be like, OMGGGG, I REMEMBER THIS SONGGGGGGG

  • Ender Dragon prince
    Ender Dragon prince 10 hours ago

    Bakugou reference

  • ETHAN Eplixon
    ETHAN Eplixon 10 hours ago

    u could of drank it

  • ETHAN Eplixon
    ETHAN Eplixon 10 hours ago

    What about your chocy milk

  • Lupus Brenton
    Lupus Brenton 10 hours ago

    Adam saying "Yeh" makes me happy beyond compare

  • Genma Saotome
    Genma Saotome 10 hours ago

    Wow... your current animation is much better than this :) congrats making improvements.

  • Chloe Hwu
    Chloe Hwu 10 hours ago

    I love this song to much I can’t stop watching it! Oh yea that the good stuff

  • Ender Dragon prince
    Ender Dragon prince 11 hours ago

    And you wonder why RU-clipr are only friends with other youtubers