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  • Clay Graham
    Clay Graham Minute ago

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord that burns at least a quart every few thousand miles. It's so annoying. Already tried replacing the PCV Valve.

  • Earl Patrick
    Earl Patrick Minute ago

    What do think about the 1987 Ram D50 just curious I love them aka a mighty max

  • Johnny G
    Johnny G 2 minutes ago

    I made a fortune with the two Prius cars that I recently purchased for a couple hundred dollars for scrap I completely dismantled the cars and I sold the batteries for a grand apiece alone

  • Robert Dunlop
    Robert Dunlop 3 minutes ago

    Scotty, does $747 for a Honda Civic spark plug replacement sound about right?

  • Enrique Casiano
    Enrique Casiano 3 minutes ago

    Is this guy Puerto Rican?

  • l g
    l g 3 minutes ago

    love your videos. I have fun and learn all together.

  • David McCord
    David McCord 3 minutes ago

    Airborne? 101st?

  • unstablebobgable
    unstablebobgable 4 minutes ago

    Whenever Scotty Kilmers drops the new videos I roll up the fat Woolford and get all schmoked up.

  • Enrique Casiano
    Enrique Casiano 4 minutes ago

    So why my falloff?

  • Sammi Previtera
    Sammi Previtera 7 minutes ago

    RING that bell!!! Lol

  • David E.S.
    David E.S. 9 minutes ago

    Hay Scotty with that guy and his trans leak on top. How much is coming out? Could it be a leak in the trans cooler in the radiator and antifreeze is getting into the trans and filling it up? But I'm sure you're right anyway.

  • an1rb
    an1rb 9 minutes ago

    I was wrong about Scotty.

  • michael shampine
    michael shampine 11 minutes ago

    oil change monitor? really! I guess I am really old school. 3000 miles or one year. never had a oil related engine failure.

  • Spot !
    Spot ! 11 minutes ago

    Legions say that Toyota cellica is still covered in snow till this day

  • Spot !
    Spot ! 13 minutes ago

    Thanks Scotty

  • Teresa Peabody
    Teresa Peabody 15 minutes ago

    plug wires or the coil on plugs should be shorted to ground first, or un-clip the coils. That high voltage has a nasty habit of wanting to break through somewhere, which will be another problem when it is put back together.

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 15 minutes ago

    Next video: Why I was wrong about being an experienced mechanic

  • Ted Freddy
    Ted Freddy 15 minutes ago

    It might be easier to steal someones wife!

  • J-Bob 5150
    J-Bob 5150 15 minutes ago

    Completely disagree......Ethanol sucks, I get 4-5 more MPG by using Mid grade fuel. 2007 F-150, 2013 Sonata, 2012 F-150.

  • gmoney
    gmoney 16 minutes ago

    Thank you Very much sir

  • soonerlon
    soonerlon 17 minutes ago

    Multiple comments to make here. Honda's K20/24 engines were probably the best engines Honda ever made - if you care for them correctly! The owner had 12yrs/120K miles on the clock. This tells me they drove lots and lots of short trips, probably mostly on city roads versus interstate driving. In these conditions, the owner probably neglected the oil changes and when they did do oil changes they went to one of those quickie oil change places which are notorious for using inferior grade oils and more especially oil filters. With Honda's, one should only use OEM oil filters (yes, they are the best - ask any professional race team what they use) and a high quality oil such as Quaker State or Valvolene. I never, ever use Castrol - I've heard numerous oil experts say that they have very inconsistent quality control. If this owner would have known what to do as far maintenance for this car, they wouldn't be having a oil usage problem.

  • Steven Maginnis
    Steven Maginnis 17 minutes ago

    I have a neighbor who has TWO Toyota Echos, and they still run after twenty years! So does their '97 Saturn!

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G 19 minutes ago

    make up your mind scotty

  • Jesus Quezada
    Jesus Quezada 20 minutes ago


  • Garlic Girl
    Garlic Girl 20 minutes ago

    Why do I need TV or Netflix or Hulu...this is hilarious entertainment and I learn something at the same time. LOL! Going to other people's houses and watching their drama is always more entertaining then your own!

  • David Broyles
    David Broyles 20 minutes ago

    none of them are made in USA all Canada & Mexico ford gm ram and parts made every where around world assembled in USA some

  • Jamie Comer
    Jamie Comer 23 minutes ago

    ps I ain't a mechanic, I'm just a parts changer! 🤣🇱🇷🔥

  • izsak itt
    izsak itt 23 minutes ago

    Gas stations always close by? Electricity is always closer! A 100 foot extension most likely finds power for an EV to become mobile. May be faster than waiting for AAA or walking around with a gas can.

  • Jack O'Connor
    Jack O'Connor 24 minutes ago

    My 07 G55 has been a great car I always marvel at how well is does off road and then drives really nice on road how can it do both things so well. The MPG however = 8.5 in town 11 ish highway.

  • Joshua Fair
    Joshua Fair 24 minutes ago

    I can never seem to stop staring at your cat pillows.

  • Jamie Comer
    Jamie Comer 25 minutes ago

    40,000 volt AC from the spark plug coil does more damage, than 200 volts DC! Even 480 AC hurts worse than, 200 volts DC. 🇱🇷😎🔥

  • Nzdc cdzn
    Nzdc cdzn 25 minutes ago

    does it hurt my vehicle to change from full synthetic engine oil( petroleum bases oil) to 100% synthetic oil(synthetic based oil)?

  • Ezra Emery
    Ezra Emery 27 minutes ago

    shut up boomer

    BOOT MAN 28 minutes ago

    prius sucks!

  • Peter Riis
    Peter Riis 28 minutes ago

    Scotty isn't familiar with mr. Faraday I gather.

  • Eda Bean
    Eda Bean 28 minutes ago

    The departure from round headlights from seventies to eighties saddened me.

  • That1 Guy
    That1 Guy 29 minutes ago

    I remember the Kia Kona that tried to off-road and got overheated 😂

  • ChEvY BayBDaw
    ChEvY BayBDaw 29 minutes ago

    So I have to put the screw driver in my ear 👂 😆

  • Jasim Shohan
    Jasim Shohan 29 minutes ago

    Can you use a portable heater (lower watts) with this inverter?

  • Leantoine Magee
    Leantoine Magee 30 minutes ago

    Anything that's not american manufacturers you always seem to have a problem. There is nothing wrong with honda.

  • izsak itt
    izsak itt 31 minute ago

    Let's throw in some facts. With simple common 220 volt 50 amp rms breakers installed at home, I charge my Model S in about 2.5 hours overnight to replenish my daily consumption for the average 50 miles I travel. Every morning I leave the house with a comfortable range of over 200 miles. Plenty for cold climates too. Charging at night, the fuel (electricity) cost per mile is about 4 cents, about a fifth of the cost compared to ICE cars. Tesla's supercharger network and the car's automated management of charger to charger routing makes road trips a non issue. Eliminating the weekly 10 minute stops at gas stations is an absolute pleasure. Spending about 10 hours (52 weeks * 10 minutes / week) at the gas stations every year? No thanks! How about the much reduced maintenance time and cost with the electric car? The driveability of the electrics are amazing with one pedal driving. With regenerative braking, hardly any brake wear. Absolutely the way to go.

  • lalaithan
    lalaithan 32 minutes ago

    lil peep holes

  • Jamie Comer
    Jamie Comer 32 minutes ago

    That's why you replace the whole pack and not just renig on everything!

  • Aaron Abner
    Aaron Abner 33 minutes ago

    The reason hybrid cars get better mileage in city traffic vs highway traffic is because electric engines are twice as efficient in converting energy into motion as an internal combustion engine so when the car stops its motion is changed into electric which is then changed into forward motion.

  • neo post
    neo post 34 minutes ago

    Thanks Scotty!

  • Mathias Hoffmann
    Mathias Hoffmann 34 minutes ago

    does anyone know if scotty is taking new customers? what's his email?

    GIL HERNANDEZ 35 minutes ago

    W O W, after throwing all that shade on Dodge/Ram trucks, now they're good again - who'd a thunk it?!?!?!?!?

  • Canal do Carffonso
    Canal do Carffonso 36 minutes ago

    In Brasil FIAT has a car called Sienna.

  • Bookies530
    Bookies530 36 minutes ago

    0:55 me at 3am...

  • Scott Harrisohn
    Scott Harrisohn 36 minutes ago

    Knows his electronics, you have to these days to work on a car.

  • Bill DeSmet
    Bill DeSmet 37 minutes ago

    Corvettes are #1 best supercar...

  • EN1GMA
    EN1GMA 39 minutes ago


  • Moises Guerrero
    Moises Guerrero 40 minutes ago

    Dennis Hopper?!

  • Somanybeats
    Somanybeats 40 minutes ago

    You don't have to drain the radiator?

  • Richard Shank
    Richard Shank 41 minute ago

    If someone tailgates me most of my cars are older. I was rear ended once hard but the damage was only a hole in my bumper and some paint flaked off. Cause of the hole body shop said they wanted to put a brand new bumper on the car the hole was literally 2 inches long that was it. And I had a guy check it out he said the styrofoam underneath wasn’t damaged or anything so they quoted me 800 some dollars. Basically I said screw the bumper I’ll patch it and had some spending money 😂

  • Jamie Comer
    Jamie Comer 41 minute ago

    Too many people like to make them out to be so hazardous to work on and they're not! I have done a few of those in my. Mankey keep stupid people away and you'll do good.

  • Da HTown Hustla
    Da HTown Hustla 42 minutes ago

    Was that a cat on top of the car? 🤣

  • jljr1998
    jljr1998 45 minutes ago

    Rich rebuilds uses a steak knife to work on telals! I dont want to hear all these fancy tools you need all you need is some popeyes and steak knives and your set!!

  • waymen lawrence
    waymen lawrence 45 minutes ago

    I see this guy knows about the best oil redline

  • Dre Day
    Dre Day 45 minutes ago

    200 volts, lmao mann that easy to work on! But im an electrician too lol

  • Julius Newman
    Julius Newman 45 minutes ago

    I hope this works!

  • Abstract Exchange
    Abstract Exchange 46 minutes ago

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  • D G
    D G 47 minutes ago

    Is the new model Toyota Tacoma pickup truck as reliable and long lasting as they were back in the early 1990's?

  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload 47 minutes ago

    Instant like army

  • Julian Martinez
    Julian Martinez 48 minutes ago

    3:01 suicide roach

    OOF DADDY 49 minutes ago

    I had my Toyota longer than my kids. 30 yrs

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen 50 minutes ago

    *Laughs in 285k Ford escape*

  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload 50 minutes ago

    That owner followed BITOG garbage advise of uoa extended OCI's and now the engine is fucked

  • Joseph Reisert
    Joseph Reisert 50 minutes ago

    Did he say something good about dodge wow 😮 would never have thought he would lol

    FSAPO 51 minute ago

    The last ultra reliable bulletproof American car was the Crown Vic, and it was a large body on frame RWD car, which is what Americans still do best to this day. After that we got the current Taurus which has issues. Even GM's large RWD vehicles hold up better. The CT6, for what it is, doesn't tend to have engine or transmission issues.

  • the dog
    the dog 51 minute ago

    i do my oil every 3 to 4000 miles and i use the same as him

  • Robert Johnson Fox
    Robert Johnson Fox 52 minutes ago

    Thank god you cant just put the tldr in the description, gotta listen to 11 minutes of you rambling to get to the point. Ugh.

  • youlard nackoud
    youlard nackoud 52 minutes ago

    And I have Chevy Tahoe 2007 I only show me oil on it and gaz.

  • Alex Powers
    Alex Powers 52 minutes ago

    Be the frog!!! Hehehe

  • Samuel Hernandez
    Samuel Hernandez 52 minutes ago

    Does the 2019 and 2020 CR-V has the same issue ??

  • Donald Hollums
    Donald Hollums 54 minutes ago

    🤣If your car is burning a little oil you don’t have to change it, it’s being burned off anyway. Just keep adding the oil. The filter should still be changed though.🤣

  • TheLifetraveler1
    TheLifetraveler1 54 minutes ago

    My 1990 Honda, never burned even a little bit of oil. It made it to 307,000 miles when I sold it, still in excellent condition.

  • TacMed Samaritan
    TacMed Samaritan 54 minutes ago

    I just watch the videos to see what John Lennon would have looked like today.

  • TheLifetraveler1
    TheLifetraveler1 56 minutes ago

    Scotty, thank you! Your review made me comfortable enough to buy a 2015 Mazda 6 with 62K miles on it and a manual transmission. I got it for a great price of about $11K. That's right a 4 year car with 62K miles for $11K. I checked it out visually like you tell us to do. I also got it in writing, that they would take the car back, if the inspection by a nearby Mazda dealer, found major issues. Fortunately, the car dealer said it was in excellent condition, except for a small crack in one slat that is part of the front bumper. Found a replacement for that slat online. Driving, oh my gosh, it is absolutely awesome. But I'm older now, and avoid rush hour when it taking it out on the road. The highway gas mileage is 38mpg. Again, thank you, for I would not have considered Mazda, except for you and this youtube episode.

  • Chuck german
    Chuck german 57 minutes ago

    Hey Scotty! Where do you put Hyundai?

  • k2sb20033
    k2sb20033 57 minutes ago

    Odd... My LR3 never had major issues... Lasted longer than any other vehicle I've had. Go fish, Scotty

  • donh215
    donh215 58 minutes ago

    For Hondas, the crush washer for the PCV is the same one used for the oil drain plug...

  • Emanuel Rodriguez
    Emanuel Rodriguez 58 minutes ago

    That's a Lie I've seen plenty of Bmw 328i more than 200k my neighbors where selling theirs due to they needed a Bigger car had 234k miles on his 328i

  • Matthew Thrasher
    Matthew Thrasher 58 minutes ago

    I have a Versa.'s crap. It's horrible to drive, horribly assembled, cheap and plastic-y. does have 150,000 miles on it, mostly on the highway doing 80+ . Orig. clutch, never thrown a check engine light. Doesn't seem bad for a $10K car. (I wouldn't get a fully loaded one....not worth it at all)

  • Gary O
    Gary O 59 minutes ago

    How come no one talks aboutthe Toyota Avalon? Isn't it nicer than a camry?

  • Par 2go
    Par 2go 59 minutes ago

    This guy used to be very calm till he got a BMW (Bad-Made-Worrisome) car. Now he needs R&R (Rest-Recuperation). He has become a BMW himself (Basketcase-Madman-Whino)

  • XiferTehPenguin
    XiferTehPenguin 59 minutes ago

    DONT reuse pcv gasket.. replaced them on some 2.2l toyota engines, both were turned to plastic. new rubber gasket actually sealed unlike the stupid old one that turned to hard plastic and shattered when squeezed hard enough. new gasket only couple bucks. I had issue of old gasket piece dropping in engine. had hell of a time getting it out with a curved pick.

  • acccjj
    acccjj Hour ago

    Next Video: I was wrong about Tesla Truck.

  • John Carney
    John Carney Hour ago

    I won’t buy one used.

  • Daniel Nunez
    Daniel Nunez Hour ago

    Lmao I'm watching this like I've never seen DDE

  • Thuganomics
    Thuganomics Hour ago

    Can you use this and an air filter at the same time or you can only use one?

  • j freed
    j freed Hour ago

    Still not *grounds* for buying a Ford.

  • Chris Mayer
    Chris Mayer Hour ago

    I recently dropped $99 and bought a REAL (Innova) scanner to replace a $60 'smartphone scanner' that failed on me.

  • LessThanHandy
    LessThanHandy Hour ago

    Next one; "I was wrong about me being a mechanic for so many years..." lol


    No g in Cummins!!!!!!!

  • señor pepper
    señor pepper Hour ago

    Scotty "we are going to pray" Kilmer

  • debeeriz
    debeeriz Hour ago

    amazing how everyone says they prefer dipsticks over an oil fill guage, i wonder if these same people check their gas tank with a wooden stick

  • Ready One
    Ready One Hour ago

    I purchased a 2011 a yr ago w/189000 miles, it runs perfect with the original battery and now 205000 and still runs perfect getting approx 45mpg. And the right rear corner pillar is a blind spot that I do not like about this car..

  • Jamal mac
    Jamal mac Hour ago

    Scotty says if you dont have a toyota, prayyyy...prraayyyyyyy it doesn't become an endless money pit!

  • Slingblade 61
    Slingblade 61 Hour ago

    I was right when I was wrong about Dodge,Chevy, Ford etc