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  • halle_syze
    halle_syze 7 seconds ago

    Bucky is such a cute name!

  • never mind
    never mind 9 seconds ago


  • Isaiah Nelson
    Isaiah Nelson 37 seconds ago

    JJ=James junior

  • Beka Nicole
    Beka Nicole 44 seconds ago

    Name him pancake

  • Leah
    Leah 44 seconds ago

    Bring the crate to your room so he/she isn’t alone.

  • Meredith Payne
    Meredith Payne Minute ago

    I'm sure this is the 1,000th comment about this but do not do puppy pads. They're great for messes when they're a pup but then you've trained them to go on anything that looks like a puppy pad (carpet, blanket, etc.) and that behavior can be hard to train out of them later.

  • Isabel Montenegro
    Isabel Montenegro Minute ago

    Snow or snowy

  • lpchic637
    lpchic637 Minute ago

    James Charles: Adopting a puppy!!! Internet: OMG adorbs!! Here is my name suggestion!! Also internet: I will shame your choice in dog selection and judge how you take care of your new puppy. We know better than you and everyone else.

    RUBY RUBY Minute ago


  • Lily Kadunce
    Lily Kadunce Minute ago

    Name him angel since you were calling him that the entire video or tucker both is adorable though

  • mya
    mya 2 minutes ago

    welcome to the sisterhood BABEY omg

  • Reign McMillin
    Reign McMillin 3 minutes ago

    Is he a golden retriever?💜💜💜

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 3 minutes ago

    This is how many people are in September October 2019 watching this video ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

  • Aislin’s camera roll
    Aislin’s camera roll 3 minutes ago

    Name him angel

  • Lillian Guillot
    Lillian Guillot 3 minutes ago

    A cute name would be Eugene😂

  • Nora Laux
    Nora Laux 3 minutes ago

    Aww I wanna hold him.....name him DREAM

  • Melanie Sierra
    Melanie Sierra 3 minutes ago


  • Ella Casey
    Ella Casey 4 minutes ago

    Name him Fenti

  • simply smsm
    simply smsm 4 minutes ago

    loooooooooooooove this video!

  • Magnificent Madison
    Magnificent Madison 5 minutes ago

    Benny is the name of one of your shades in your palette

  • Shae Ramberger
    Shae Ramberger 5 minutes ago

    Pause at 4:28 and look at Lisa’s face😂😂

  • Kath Wallek
    Kath Wallek 5 minutes ago

    I think you should name him pupper

  • Sofia Russo
    Sofia Russo 5 minutes ago

    That dog is a MOOD

  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson 5 minutes ago

    Angel, buddy, pearl, gray

  • maria vasquez
    maria vasquez 6 minutes ago

    this is so sweet! i don’t know why people are disliking it, if you’re gonna hate on someone doing a good thing then you do you i guess...but go james!!!💖💋

  • gisele brambilla
    gisele brambilla 6 minutes ago

    i think that Axle is a cute name

  • jaqueline diaz
    jaqueline diaz 6 minutes ago

    I want the hoddie it's so pretty 💕🇲🇽

  • Snoop Dawg
    Snoop Dawg 7 minutes ago

    poor dog is going to suffer so much.

  • Haile Davis 888
    Haile Davis 888 7 minutes ago

    I laughed when he said we are so close too two million subscribers....we are here with 16 million

  • David O Connor
    David O Connor 8 minutes ago

    Is James married

  • dxndelion
    dxndelion 8 minutes ago

    You should put a diaper on him while he's in the house for 1-2 months, but check him every 2-3 hours. We did that with our pup and we brought him outside only once and somehow he learned to go outside to pee in a week😂 I love him and I think you should name him one of these names: Angel Cotton Blake Ben Benny Charlie Lilan

  • Sofia Russo
    Sofia Russo 8 minutes ago

    All u need to know is DONT GIVE UR DOG CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!

  • KoolKid Jacklyn
    KoolKid Jacklyn 9 minutes ago

    I think he looks like a munchkin (idk if that's a good name or not but whatever)

  • Amelia Cooper
    Amelia Cooper 9 minutes ago

    you should call him boby

  • Chloejo Vanhouten
    Chloejo Vanhouten 9 minutes ago

    Definitely a golden retriever

  • domingo angelina
    domingo angelina 9 minutes ago

    J-just be who you Wana me. A-awsome M-make me happy all the time E-emo

  • Austin Lewis vlogs
    Austin Lewis vlogs 10 minutes ago


  • laura robertz
    laura robertz 11 minutes ago

    you should name hem sisters

  • Steve Faulkner
    Steve Faulkner 12 minutes ago

    I speak Spanish fluently and his accent is annoying me

  • Lizzzy Ketchaaam
    Lizzzy Ketchaaam 12 minutes ago

    name him snow :)

  • Rebecca Hurst
    Rebecca Hurst 12 minutes ago

    I love your vids I don’t know why people hate you I love you so much good look forever more hope we can meet one day and don’t make your self upset yourself your amazing and know one can be better than you stay strong your amazing and so beautiful xxx love you xxxxxxx ps you are an amazing singer and your so strong and brave xxx love you xxxx I really enjoy your vids so try not to get upset love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lani M
    Lani M 12 minutes ago

    Trotty♥️ Since that's the first thing he did was supper adorable

  • MycupofTae 95
    MycupofTae 95 13 minutes ago

    Hey James, i have 4 dogs and 3 of them are german shepherds, and 1 of them is a bichon frisé. There is a lot of dog hair in my house and when i play with my dogs and pet them, i tend to get a lot of dog hair on my clothes on my pants. I use a lint roller and especially when u have dogs that shed, you should get a lot and like always stock up on them cuz i have 3 in my room and before i go out i always use them. Just a suggestion with dogs that shed. Edit: also dont worry. Eventually the dog will learn to go up the stairs on their own. That's all, bye!

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White 13 minutes ago

    His name should be Angel because he's a angel

  • Caroline Bergin
    Caroline Bergin 13 minutes ago

    His name should be sister Casper

  • Tasneem Runi
    Tasneem Runi 14 minutes ago


  • Gale Szczepkowski
    Gale Szczepkowski 14 minutes ago

    this looks amazing especially on James like why does he hate this

  • Misty Ray
    Misty Ray 14 minutes ago

    OMG I love you from sister madi

  • V Awesome
    V Awesome 14 minutes ago


  • Amarah Rolla
    Amarah Rolla 14 minutes ago

    U should name him pupper

  • lunalife 34
    lunalife 34 14 minutes ago

    You should name him wolfie or foundation

  • Baileyblandvlogs My life
    Baileyblandvlogs My life 15 minutes ago

    OMG sister James don't listen to the haters only listen to ure own opinion!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriela Victoria Guerrero

    The best

  • Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor 16 minutes ago


  • Kyleigh’s Life
    Kyleigh’s Life 16 minutes ago

    i watched this video, with my CAT

  • Maddie Welch
    Maddie Welch 16 minutes ago

    Absolute rip in the chat for headphone users

  • Amarah Rolla
    Amarah Rolla 16 minutes ago

    U should name him snow or angel

  • MiCkEY Burke
    MiCkEY Burke 16 minutes ago


  • Bob 2023
    Bob 2023 16 minutes ago

    You don’t deserve a puppy or any fans

  • Maryluz Ramos Hernandez
    Maryluz Ramos Hernandez 17 minutes ago

    hope you have a good day

  • Kilie Mckee
    Kilie Mckee 17 minutes ago

    You should name him angel cause that’s what I kept calling him :)))

  • Armani Marie
    Armani Marie 17 minutes ago

    I don’t think he is as playful as you wish :/ maybe, you should get him a brother or sister?

  • Allie Grut
    Allie Grut 18 minutes ago

    Who else is scrolling through the comments instead of paying ANY attention to James’ video ⬇️

  • kaylen silva
    kaylen silva 18 minutes ago

    James well the hurting is normal bc when i had a school dance battle it hurted for the next 3 days but then when u do it often it gets better and its fun! #4 place 😂❤🔥🔥🔥

  • hollyvictoria makeup
    hollyvictoria makeup 18 minutes ago

    Awh this made me smile :,)

  • Equestrian _Seren
    Equestrian _Seren 18 minutes ago


  • Olive Huggins
    Olive Huggins 18 minutes ago

    you should name him Brady, Charlie, Honey, Sister

  • Kilie Mckee
    Kilie Mckee 18 minutes ago


  • KatieSlater
    KatieSlater 18 minutes ago

    He looks like an Oliver 😍

  • Drawing_ Maniac
    Drawing_ Maniac 18 minutes ago

    You should name him cotton

  • EvaPip Equine
    EvaPip Equine 18 minutes ago

    Name him winter, snow or blue it would be so cute 💓

  • Jessica Guzman
    Jessica Guzman 19 minutes ago

    This puppy is thinking “why is this dude screaming so much” 😂💕

  • Elyse Colombo
    Elyse Colombo 20 minutes ago


  • Mile Miku
    Mile Miku 20 minutes ago

    name her/him sisters so every time you say “ Hi Sisters! “ would come and he/she would remind you of all your fans!

  • kkaittlyn
    kkaittlyn 21 minute ago

    Name him Kaitlyn or kk

  • Aubry Mershon
    Aubry Mershon 21 minute ago


  • Miss Stella's craft class

    He matches ur hair😂

  • Lauren Rutherford
    Lauren Rutherford 21 minute ago

    The dislikes are angry mothers because their children melted.

  • Matth
    Matth 22 minutes ago

    Poor dog 🤦‍♀️

  • Serena Redmond
    Serena Redmond 22 minutes ago

    He looks like a Jule

  • Michelle Sherman
    Michelle Sherman 22 minutes ago

    I think his name should be Smores or Snowy!

  • Armani Marie
    Armani Marie 22 minutes ago

    You should name him Butterscotch 😍🥰

  • Gabriela Victoria Guerrero

    Español un día por favor

  • Mike Machado
    Mike Machado 23 minutes ago

    You should call the pup mini James Charles

  • Courtney Elizabeth
    Courtney Elizabeth 23 minutes ago

    If he isn’t named something with makeup or a name starting with an S I am going to be so sad. Haha! 🤣 He’s adorable!! 😍

  • Jacqueline Miller
    Jacqueline Miller 24 minutes ago


  • Ally W.
    Ally W. 24 minutes ago

    Pupper name: Flash

  • aubrey bainey
    aubrey bainey 24 minutes ago

    Okly or james Jr

  • Loraine Stadler
    Loraine Stadler 24 minutes ago


  • Isaiah Nelson
    Isaiah Nelson 25 minutes ago

    Was james lip singing some of the time?😂😂

  • Sarah Robison
    Sarah Robison 25 minutes ago

    It’s not a good idea to take puppies into public places or around other dogs when they aren’t fully vaccinated, the chances of them getting parvo or even kennel cough are greater when exposed to other dogs. But that’s just my opinion being in the veterinary field. Purina pro plan is a really good dog food, so is the hills science diet and royal canin. Don’t go for a grain free food either as it isn’t healthy for them! And he looks like he’s a large breed dog so when looking for puppy food don’t get something really high in protein as it can cause bone problems in the future.

  • Z Oscar
    Z Oscar 25 minutes ago

    The dog should be called snowball like so james can see

  • Miss Diamond Lu
    Miss Diamond Lu 25 minutes ago


  • Aniela and Ariana fun show for family Alvarez

    Awesome artist

  • China Lynn
    China Lynn 25 minutes ago

    Name him a shade from your pallet

  • Kacie Schweinberg
    Kacie Schweinberg 26 minutes ago

    This is how many times James said “pupper” vvvv

  • Amy Xx
    Amy Xx 26 minutes ago

    What breed is he🥰🥰

  • Courtney McGurl
    Courtney McGurl 27 minutes ago

    Jax or Jack

  • Fox Girl
    Fox Girl 27 minutes ago

    You should name him sister bailey

  • Brenda Casey
    Brenda Casey 27 minutes ago

    Copper pls , live you