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  • MrFreeman1776
    MrFreeman1776 7 months ago

    Hey Tech Unit..... taking pictures of leafs or branches does nothing to give a person PERSPECTIVE!! I have no clue where the leafs were, close to you, near the parked cars etc. To really demonstrate the distance it can cover, you need to point the lens at the parked cars in your driveway, NOT AT LEAFS!!! If you are gonna do an information video, at least do it right!!!

  • ishak akbar
    ishak akbar 7 months ago

    U r so Cute, auto Subscribe!!

  • Tony Kibbie
    Tony Kibbie 10 months ago

    You really need to take this video down. I have not purchased one because literally everyone who has says it is absolute garbage and a complete rip-off. All you are doing is killing what credibility you have by trying to sell this junk.

    • Scott Jackson
      Scott Jackson 7 months ago

      He isn't trying to sell anything, and actually I use this lens, it's definitely worth 10 bucks..if you want DSLR go spend a few hundred..

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 10 months ago

      Sorry you feel that way! The video was meant to be informative. I can’t say I recommend it either.

  • Dandeez
    Dandeez 10 months ago

    The stock charger can’t do a fast charge, right?

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 10 months ago

      That’s correct, you need at least a 29W adapter to fast charge.

  • Steven OConnor
    Steven OConnor 11 months ago

    Good review

  • Chad Higgins
    Chad Higgins Year ago

    I use this app for music along with the EQ equalizer

  • Chad Higgins
    Chad Higgins Year ago

    I use these apps for music on my V20.

  • Chad Higgins
    Chad Higgins Year ago

    My V20 sounds better with or without headphones than my V30. Why? Idk

  • Scientific club
    Scientific club Year ago

    Can I use it in studio purposes?

    • Scientific club
      Scientific club Year ago

      @Tech Unitthank you

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit Year ago

      You can use it for monitoring sound but it would probably be a good idea to get a slightly better pair for future use. But they will get the job done in a pinch!

  • CityBoy_Hunter
    CityBoy_Hunter Year ago

    How you get the music player?

  • luxurysuite
    luxurysuite Year ago

    You forgot to show us how to get music into our music list.

  • mrk
    mrk Year ago

    Question... Did the V20 regulate the Mic down as I doin a Video at an extreme loud Concert ? Or does it clip then.... ?!

    • mrk
      mrk Year ago

      @Tech Unit thanks a lot.

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit Year ago

      You have manual controls over some of the audio settings but it seemed to do pretty well at concerts.

  • Eli Maradiaga
    Eli Maradiaga Year ago

    tengo un problema con el LG v 20 no me aparece el archivo de reproductor de música No se porque no lo tiene espero respuestas

  • Murugesh Dhandapani

  • Cliff  Hankins
    Cliff Hankins Year ago

    Personally i am very disappointed with the quaddaq audio phile. It's definitely not the beast it claims to be, especially using ear buds. Go to settings and look at the sound volume indicator. it maxs out at only 75% and wont go any higher. And it's not a safety feature that can be bypassed. Just a very low volume for any audiophile to accept. I still have my HTC One Max that i use on Wi-Fi and it sounds 300% better. I'm very disappointed with the audiophile.

    • Chad Higgins
      Chad Higgins Year ago

      You must use good headphones. It should say High Impedance Device. On phone in settings. If not it's just Normal sound.

    • SilvershadowX
      SilvershadowX Year ago

      You must be doing something wrong. This thing is LOUD. With in-ear headphones you should be able to reach extremely uncomfortable volumes.

  • David Grave
    David Grave Year ago

    I have the wired one. Love it

  • FeRGan fressness

    htc 10 vs lg v20 for audio...??

    • Zhonguoria
      Zhonguoria 2 months ago

      V20 all the way!

    • High M&M
      High M&M Year ago

      V20 by quite a bit. HTC is definitely a step up from the Galaxy's and iPhone, but the V20 IS STILL the best sounding phone to date. Even better than G7 or v30

  • Shall_Own Maharzon

    Is it only for far objects or we can also click near objects or we can also zoom out??

  • docchocobo
    docchocobo Year ago

    That extra piece is an eyepiece so that you can use the device as a telescope with your normal eye. I have the Vivitar version of this and it works really good as a telescope. It's kind of strange and not so sharp to use as it was intended, but it's a good girl watcher I suppose

    • Val Richert
      Val Richert Year ago

      Thanks. I just got one and was wondering what that was for.

  • CityBoy_Hunter
    CityBoy_Hunter Year ago

    Anyone knows how to get the lgv10 music apk on the v20. I can't down load music on my phone.

    • BobRooney
      BobRooney 10 months ago

      you have to get it from XDA Dev for the LG G7. the eq dont work on it though.

  • الشمالي تبوك

    جربته ماتنفع

  • Abdullah Chowdhury

    is this theme/lancher!!is default???

  • Jebiga u dupe
    Jebiga u dupe Year ago

    Well done tho

  • Ram Bhandari
    Ram Bhandari Year ago Please!please!!please!!! Like share and subscribe this youtube channel 💕

  • skyfire878
    skyfire878 Year ago

    it's hard to position it :(

  • Bang Jai
    Bang Jai Year ago

    aku boleh minta 1

  • Caterina Sestili

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. This is absolute CRAP! Purchased and received last week. DOES NOT WORK. Absolute waste of money

  • rohan basu
    rohan basu Year ago

    I have Ordered Sony XB55 as my OLD XB90 was damaged, and also ordered a LG V20 Lemme know do headphones like XB55 have any special effect with the QUAD DAC or the change in quality is only Noticed with High END 150$ + Headphones?? Plz need to know this

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit Year ago

      The DAC makes a difference with almost anything you plug into it. So you should be fine with whatever headphones you choose. Hope this helps!

  • lee
    lee Year ago

    Last pictures pretty dope

  • Ashmeed Mohammed

    Image is less than ideal.


    Thanks for your a real review.

  • William Willems
    William Willems Year ago

    Gisteren ontvangen en getest. Afblijven!!!!! super rommel.

  • Sulfen
    Sulfen Year ago

    Amazon does make some really amazing cheap products. I was surprised at the quality of these that I ordered my own pair. My friend bought one and I tried it and was amazed.

  • John Trujillo
    John Trujillo 2 years ago

    i have some questions: are you able to record video with the FRONT wide angle lens? are you able to record video with the REAR wide angle lens? what about manual mode?

  • Asim Attari
    Asim Attari 2 years ago

  • Andy Freeman
    Andy Freeman 2 years ago

    These are hard to find in stock now, finally managed to snab a "like new" used pair for $10.

  • jeffries1
    jeffries1 2 years ago

    @Tech Unit thanks for the review ,i wondered about this contraption myself and then the hassle of dragging it around .It is very basic in its design,the zoom isnt that justified or fantastic .I liked your video ,i certainly wont be buying after watching this review.Many thanks

  • Arslan Ali
    Arslan Ali 2 years ago

    Hey. Hope you guys doing great. I bought this few months ago but from another company it works like a charm but few days back one of niece broke this and now i want to assemble that lens. Can you guys please help me out? Please check images and then let me know if you can help me.

  • paulo oliveira
    paulo oliveira 2 years ago

    Uma porcaria de demonstração. Péssima.

  • Girija Shankar Jena
    Girija Shankar Jena 2 years ago

    I love you bro

  • Fiyer Media
    Fiyer Media 2 years ago

    This is some great tech, thank you for sharing!

  • The Viral
    The Viral 2 years ago

    How to get it

  • Doug Shingleton
    Doug Shingleton 2 years ago

    It is a piece of junk. Impossible to hold phone steady enough and really hard to fit on phone so you can't get a good picture

  • Donald Berry
    Donald Berry 2 years ago

    I got one...They are Garbage.

  • Nestor Vlach
    Nestor Vlach 2 years ago

    Gordo, deja de hacerte el gracioso y hace dieta!!

  • Jignesh Patel
    Jignesh Patel 2 years ago

    Please tell me it's work on my mi Redmi note 3 mobile

  • Mani raj
    Mani raj 2 years ago

    Does it blurs background??

  • paul moses
    paul moses 2 years ago

    Ur review sucks man,you never proof it at all

  • Bobby Hayashi
    Bobby Hayashi 2 years ago

    a lot of chromatic abrasion

  • Abhishek Peter
    Abhishek Peter 2 years ago

    better than audio technica ath s-100 and what about highs and lows

  • Colin Arnold
    Colin Arnold 2 years ago

    What a total fail for this lens, very hard to match up with phone, very time you adjust the lens it go out of line with your camera, and there is no adjustments for length of boom, so for me in NZ MINE is now in the bin,

  • Nuzz Hatt
    Nuzz Hatt 2 years ago

    how much rate in india...?

  • Lesdoup 5
    Lesdoup 5 2 years ago

    nice review.. i bought one... and it works..

  • jesus pons
    jesus pons 2 years ago


  • Ario Saptomo
    Ario Saptomo 2 years ago

    Wow.. great review! I'd definitely buy 5 of em and stick em all in your arse

    • Zygote24
      Zygote24 Year ago

      Ario Saptomo hahaha 😂

  • keith perkins
    keith perkins 2 years ago

    nice review, thanks.

  • Hound TV
    Hound TV 2 years ago

    intro music?

    • Hound TV
      Hound TV 2 years ago

      Tech Unit Thank You

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      +Gaming Channel Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix)

  • Wes Hunter
    Wes Hunter 2 years ago

    Thanks for taking the time to upload this video. Whoever raised you did a great job. Good to see nice people in today's society.

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      +Wes Hunter Thanks for the compliment!

  • moi toi
    moi toi 2 years ago

    Won't buy that crap for sure, folks save your money and buy a DSLR with real optics.

  • Honor4thoseb4
    Honor4thoseb4 2 years ago

    I'm not trying to sound like a jerk but this review kinda sucked. You could have shown how well it zoomed in on something far away. You took two pics of areas that were congested. This is mimicking a telephoto lens. How often do you see someone use a telephoto lens to take a pic in their front yard or a back alley???? It would be nice to see a review of how FAR it shoots.

    • Seth Hudson
      Seth Hudson Year ago

      Dude if you think your going to sound like a jerk, then shut up. Make the kid a nice suggestion, people react in a positive way to positive feedback. But you probably would know that, because of the limited human contact you come into. I like this kid, keep doing what your doing bro. 👍🏻

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      +Honor4thoseb4 sorry it didn't help you out, thanks for the suggestions

  • Keep Productive
    Keep Productive 2 years ago

    Great overview!!! :-)

  • I am Nobody
    I am Nobody 2 years ago

    Thanks for the review...Looks like I will NOT be buying this zoom lens now! After watching your review, it just seems like something I really don't need.

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      Thanks! Glad to help out.

  • Hector de Luna
    Hector de Luna 2 years ago

    whats the media player and where are all the apps for thr phone

    • good night moon
      good night moon Year ago

      i used shuttle before but im using phonograph now because it's more beautiful and easy to use

    • Sugar Acid
      Sugar Acid 2 years ago

      Hector de Luna Yeah I just got the phone today I was wondering the same thing I used to have the LG G3 and I used to download music to the music app the phone had and I guess this one doesn't have it :/

    • Hector de Luna
      Hector de Luna 2 years ago

      Tech Unit I get what your saying but mine doesn't have that app at all it's either google play music or amazon music

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      Their default media player is just called music, I use one called shuttle. Most of my apps i keep in the app drawer.

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez 2 years ago

    Bowers and Wilkins P7s or Skullcandy Aviators

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      +Anthony Gonzalez Nice! I'll have to check those out.

  • CFL-Tech
    CFL-Tech 2 years ago

    So far great device for the last two weeks.

    • CFL-Tech
      CFL-Tech 2 years ago

      Tech Unit Are you using the phone on T-Mobile by chance?

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      +CFL-Tech awesome to hear!

  • HEStube
    HEStube 2 years ago

    Bro subs back me on this channel

  • Nico Siasoco
    Nico Siasoco 2 years ago


    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      +Nico Siasoco Hey! 👋

  • Omar Bravo
    Omar Bravo 2 years ago

    hey what's up! Nice video man! would you be willing to collaborate in some videos? I have a different channel that I just started!?

    • Omar Bravo
      Omar Bravo 2 years ago

      Tech Unit alright man thanks!

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      +Omar Bravo (Mana) Hey man! Sorry for the late reply, moving studios but definitely could collaborate in the future, I'll let you know!

  • Floyd Dickerson
    Floyd Dickerson 2 years ago

    what launcher is that

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      +Floyd Dickerson that's a custom icon I just pulled the PNG from Google

    • Floyd Dickerson
      Floyd Dickerson 2 years ago

      I can't find that phone dialer icon

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      +Floyd Dickerson Its one of the default LG launchers.

  • Dawson Neece
    Dawson Neece 2 years ago

    You need a sponsor

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 2 years ago

      +Dawson Neece probably lol

  • tvtime1
    tvtime1 2 years ago

    I got it a week ago. it's a really nice phone. premium. solid built. but it's lacking lte 4g bands in certain areas. especially in NYC.

  • Dawson Neece
    Dawson Neece 3 years ago

    Could u review something for me? The " cronosmax plus " if u could, thanks so much

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez 3 years ago

    It's cool but I would have let the iPhone leave the room before you talked about another phone the way you did. Careful, theses phones are jealous and sensitive.

  • c
    c 3 years ago

    Sorry Im late to comment, but how loud is the keyboard? Does it make that clicking noise like mechs do?

    • c
      c 3 years ago

      Yeah Im just looking for a semi- mechanical feeling keyboard under $30

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +That Creepy Dude at the Library yeah it's pretty loud, but if your a big fanatic of real cherry MX switches I'd go for that, if your not then yeah it feels pretty mechanical.

  • Tekkers Lad
    Tekkers Lad 3 years ago

    I'm new youtuber with back to tech episode, still learning and would appreciate a view and feedback. thanks, have a good day!

  • Parker Fields Cinematography

    Cool! I have a mid 2012 15.4 Inch matt display non retina Quad i7 8GB RAM Dual Graphics cards 628GB Fusion Drive Macbook Pro.

  • Trance Doctor
    Trance Doctor 3 years ago

    Theres no dedicated amp in the OnePlus X, its only an onboard Qualcomm chip so audio quality is average at best. Btw I advise you to get rid of the stock OxygenOS right the hell now, flash Dirty Unicorns from XDA forums. It will give you Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and much, much better battery life!! Oh and get the Spigen slim armor case for it too, hands down the best case for the OnePlus X.

    • Trance Doctor
      Trance Doctor 3 years ago

      Np dude, I've owned mine for about 6-8 months and I was on stock for ages and ages coz I needed my banking app to work so I couldn't unlock/root. My phone was getting like ~3 hours screen on time. After I unlocked and flashed Dirty Unicorns it has gone up to over 5 hours SOT daily. My OnePlus X feels like a new device lol

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +Lifted “geko95gek” Andreas thanks for the input!

  • Dawson Neece
    Dawson Neece 3 years ago

    Dude how is your channel not bigger? Your vids are great and the quality is perfect, like wtf

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +Dawson Neece thanks for the compliment!

  • A.Razak Abilagbo
    A.Razak Abilagbo 3 years ago

    Great, concept. A week before and after.

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +A.Razak Abilagbo Thanks! Glad you liked it.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 years ago

    I see that coupe deville in the back ground.

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +John Smith Hah yeah good eye!

  • Sophia Kalavantis
    Sophia Kalavantis 3 years ago

    How did you make your intro? Also your channel should have so many more subs like srsly

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +ItsSophie intro was made in Adobe After Effects. And thanks for the compliment!

  • Phillip Alvarado
    Phillip Alvarado 3 years ago

    Bruh we're ps vr

  • Brian Russell
    Brian Russell 3 years ago

    great video. best of luck with new channel. thinking of getting one plus x, love the smaller amoled screen.

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +Brian Russell Thanks for the compliment, it's definitely a great phone for those who prefer a smaller phone experience

  • Abdur Raqeeb Mohammed

    "only a 1080p display" there are heaps of 4k phones out there for 200 bucks xdd

    • escJåck
      escJåck 3 years ago


    • Trance Doctor
      Trance Doctor 3 years ago

      Trolled lmao

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +Abdur Raqeeb Mohammed Ah alright man thanks for absolutely nothing lol

    • Abdur Raqeeb Mohammed
      Abdur Raqeeb Mohammed 3 years ago

      sarcasm m8

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +Abdur Raqeeb Mohammed thanks for the heads up, any specific ones you think are any good?

  • Dawson Neece
    Dawson Neece 3 years ago

    Your channel has some serious potential dude

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +Dawson Neece Thanks man appreciate the support

  • Darktron
    Darktron 3 years ago

    where is jack

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez 3 years ago

    TTTTTTTTTTT Tech unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bluelaguna
    bluelaguna 3 years ago

    Who is leaving a dislike on each of your videos? Ahaha looks like you have a devoted 'hater.' That's okay though, dude. Keep this shit up. 👌🏽

    • Javan Denton
      Javan Denton 3 years ago

      you know how it is man, thanks for the support!

  • bluelaguna
    bluelaguna 3 years ago

    This is some cool shtuff 😎

  • Clowna Towns
    Clowna Towns 3 years ago

    Nice video:)! liked and subbed :)!check out and sub to my channel please :)

  • TeamSDF
    TeamSDF 3 years ago

    I totally used to have this mouse! I may need to order it again!

  • Seth Hudson
    Seth Hudson 3 years ago

    The notification for this video woke me up. Why?

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +Seth Hudson because you sleep too much

  • Pablo
    Pablo 3 years ago

    It can be updated to android lollipop or marshmallow

    • Pablo
      Pablo 8 months ago

      After 2 years, Im still asking

  • Adrian Gonzalez
    Adrian Gonzalez 3 years ago

    Hey I'm watching in March 2016

  • Mad Reviewer
    Mad Reviewer 3 years ago

    This is terrible!! How old are you guys, like 16? I've seen better.

    • Tech Unit
      Tech Unit 3 years ago

      +Mad Reviewer Then why don't you watch better content then

  • Phillip Alvarado
    Phillip Alvarado 3 years ago

    Who's watching this in march 2016! Hahah

  • Phillip Alvarado
    Phillip Alvarado 3 years ago

    60fps that's pretty good

  • Mad Reviewer
    Mad Reviewer 3 years ago

    Who in the world is Austin Evans?! Is he supposed to be significant?

  • Raymond Garcia
    Raymond Garcia 3 years ago


  • Swedegentina Gaming
    Swedegentina Gaming 3 years ago

    Hi! Saw you on Newtubers. Very nice review. Fantastic work! Subbed. We'd love some feedback from you guys if anyone has the time. Thank you in advance, and have a fantastic day!