Making it happen Vlog
Making it happen Vlog
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  • Maryjane Rogue
    Maryjane Rogue 5 minutes ago

    Iloilo and Bacolod are sosyal and Cebu simply and rock.

  • yuan
    yuan 9 minutes ago

    So nice to see you all in one table. The best of the Philippine vloggers.

  • Maryjane Rogue
    Maryjane Rogue 13 minutes ago

    I love the ILONGGO FOOD ,tasty, my late husband from Iloilo.

  • Nigel Wiffen
    Nigel Wiffen 15 minutes ago

    NOW i watch whole video lol , what a fabulous meal i t look amazing. amazing setting and great to see old and new and chat with owner. I even get emotional with Nelly she is so sweet and adorable when she just lose it in the moment, bless her so much. Now HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mike and Nelly heres to another decade plus 2 lol Good health Good luck And good love to you both i hope you have a fantastic day today. Love you both so much. :) :) :) <3 <3 <3

  • willyzacastro
    willyzacastro 32 minutes ago

    So happy for you Mike and Nelly.

  • Inigo Montoya
    Inigo Montoya 35 minutes ago

    GO TO VIKINGS smorgasbord south side of SM City next to the Park Inn Hotel. Then have some Homemade German Beer at the München Beerhaus at Plazulita II.

  • Ed Clark Diestro
    Ed Clark Diestro 40 minutes ago

    I miss Iloilo. See you on March! I hope you all enjoy the city of love! ❤

  • Ed Dela Cruz
    Ed Dela Cruz 41 minute ago

    Happy Anniversary to you both!

  • unggoy boy
    unggoy boy 45 minutes ago


  • Rommel Pastor
    Rommel Pastor 50 minutes ago

    What a perfect way of celebrating ur anniversary at the city of love, Iloilo🤩! You are really meant for each other and i mean u'r perfect bf/gf, perfect couple, perfect lover and soon to be perfect husband and wife....did i hear a bell ringing soon!!🥰😘😍🤗

  • hector reynoso
    hector reynoso 50 minutes ago

    Congrats mike and nelly stay forever and live forever in Philippine

  • Lisabella Dano
    Lisabella Dano 52 minutes ago

    Happy anniversary Nelly and Mike ❤️❤️❤️

  • Seth Go
    Seth Go 58 minutes ago

    oh how sweet of you two. i almost cry in happiness... happy anniversary to both of you. more years of togetherness is my wish to you. keep goin...

  • Mj Living
    Mj Living Hour ago

    Happy Anniversary Mike and Nelly !!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Ros Kahuna
    Ros Kahuna Hour ago

    Nice to see AveCado lol and yes she's engaged! 3 couples, 1 couple engaged. What about the other 2 couples eh??? :) If Mike were to propose, I have a good idea of where it would happen :)

    JUNE DAVID Hour ago

    Ohh ! Good Lord Sorry im late to say Happy Anniveesary Mike and Nelly !!! ❤️🤩❤️

  • Maxine Chivers
    Maxine Chivers Hour ago

    American Express in the UK made a rule if you cancel you can't get another reward for another 24 months. It is one point per pound spent so it is challenging to get a huge number of Avios points. I buy three airline tickets as I travel with my two children. I would love to fly in First Class.

  • aljanjam Alfad
    aljanjam Alfad Hour ago

    I was hoping mike would sing on stage

  • Noreen Reynoso
    Noreen Reynoso Hour ago

    I was just wondering why you hid yours and Mike’s last names when you were showing your festival passes but showed Lucy’s and George’s? 😉. Probably because they don’t mind? 🤗

  • Daniel Salcedo
    Daniel Salcedo Hour ago

    Happy Anniversary to both of you, wishing more decades of love, love and love. Have fun and always be safe ❣️❣️❣️

  • Ros Kahuna
    Ros Kahuna Hour ago

    You two should make a board of all the Filipino Cuisines you can discover, check mark if you've eaten it and then another column if you've tried to make it. Or a picture board of the dishes with one check marked if eaten and 2 if also recreated! Maybe a "Making Filipino Food Happen" Bucket List :)) Somewhat a visual and ongoing trophy of what you've experienced and accomplished, and to bring with you whether you stay in Philippines or decide to move down the road. Your knowledge of the foods and how they're created would probably rival most Filipinos, who have only tried or cooked a fraction of what the Philippines has to offer. And it would be fun to show the progress on the board to us, I'm sure you'll get a ton of suggestions! I've never SEEN all the dishes in one shot. Just a thought since you are eating and traveling anyway lol

  • jedsum
    jedsum Hour ago

    Happy anniversary!!!

  • K. Emz YT
    K. Emz YT Hour ago

    happy anniversary mike❤nelly

  • nfntFX45
    nfntFX45 Hour ago

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mike and Nelly from your avid subbie from VEGAS, STAY SAFE and GOD BLESS you both all the time !!!

  • Jun A Barcenas
    Jun A Barcenas Hour ago

    C'mon Mike when it's the " Big Day" ? 12yrs is too long. Just kidding!!!

  • Lerna Guadalupe
    Lerna Guadalupe Hour ago

    Try Tatoys Restaurant and visit Isla Gigantis in Carles “ sand bar in Conception and visit also Churches ⛪️ all over iloilo City.. enjoy your stay in my homeland

  • Jess Bell
    Jess Bell Hour ago

    OMG. Happy Anniversary to both of you..BTW. my friend is with that duo. He is playing the guitar. Wishing you 10 more centuries of love and dedication. God Bless

  • AR ES
    AR ES Hour ago

    Happy 12th anniversary Mike and Nelly.

  • Izzy 7ph
    Izzy 7ph Hour ago

    How may .0 do you still need?!?! You guys can do 100.0 on the road and we would still watch it... 😍 Love you guys! Happy Anniversary to you Mike n Nelly!!! 🎉🎉🎉

  • vien cortez
    vien cortez 2 hours ago

    Happy anniversary to both of you,, godbless and enjoy dinagyang,,

  • joms
    joms 2 hours ago

    12th year 🙏🏼 more years to come mike and nelly.

  • Chris R
    Chris R 2 hours ago

    Awesome! Someday one day.

  • ronnie cambronero
    ronnie cambronero 2 hours ago

    Aaaaaah that is so sweet. Lucky to be in the city of LOVE. Happy Anniversary

  • ofw cy
    ofw cy 2 hours ago

    sir i hope they will distribute your donation fairly i have seen lots if complain that it needs a sign from the brgy capt. befire the victims can claim their needs which is not fair thise are donations from kindhearted ppl like you so that's why there are so many ppl sudgested to pls give it personally

  • DmonyaR Lao
    DmonyaR Lao 2 hours ago


  • Ferdie Ongchangco
    Ferdie Ongchangco 2 hours ago

    Happiest Anniversary Nelly and Mike 🥂❤️❤️❤️ oh Nelly, your reactions when they played your “song” is so touching!!! Mike, please take good care of Nelly. She’s a rare GEM ❤️❤️❤️ Love you guys 💕💕💕

  • Jo Vanessa Villanueva-Fillarca

    Tatoy's is my break spot. I drive there every single day to stay away from the office even if it's just a few meters away. LOL I park by the wire mesh fence right across from Tatoy's and just get on RU-clip and chill. LOL

  • Ark Andrada
    Ark Andrada 2 hours ago


  • Jo Vanessa Villanueva-Fillarca

    How cute is that? Celebrating your anniversary in the city of love? <3

  • Jo Vanessa Villanueva-Fillarca

    Nelly is always so adorable!

  • ineeadams
    ineeadams 2 hours ago

    Go to Isla Gigantes!

  • anntoniette javellana

    Yayyy... Huhuhu I hope to meet you here guys.... ❤️❤️❤️ So glad you're going to spend your anniversary both here in our town.. Amph..

  • Ralph Santa Ana
    Ralph Santa Ana 2 hours ago

    Happy anniversary!! Nelly is so emotional! That’s one the many reasons that make her beautiful

  • Slackerbob
    Slackerbob 2 hours ago

    imho the most beautiful city in the philippines, check out the Iloilo city river boardwalk on early evening, during sunset!

  • sh y
    sh y 2 hours ago

    Happy for you guys! Meanwhile I'm also living here in the city of love yet I can't still my "love". 🙄😒😑

  • Maria Elena Contreras

    Oh my gosh 😲😲my 2 favorite vloggers are here I hope to meet you again guys, we met last year in Marriott🤗🤗

  • Larz M
    Larz M 2 hours ago

    Sweet! Happy anniversary to both of you 💖

  • jm pope
    jm pope 2 hours ago

    it look like nelly is waiting something to mike.. proposal :)

  • Meliza Castillo
    Meliza Castillo 2 hours ago

    Happy anniversary 🥂💞👩‍❤️‍👨

  • Maria Elena Contreras

    Happy Anniversary to you both and many more happy years of blissfulness ❤️❤️❤️

  • Beverly Lebitan
    Beverly Lebitan 2 hours ago

    Thank you lovebirds for featuring my beloved hometown😍😘

  • Maria Elena Contreras

    Mike and Nelly so good to know you are here. I hope you had a good time watching the Parade of Lights earlier. I want to meet you guys. 🤗🤗👍👍

  • Shan Vilches
    Shan Vilches 3 hours ago

    It feels you brought us home by making this video. Salamat 😍

  • opsul
    opsul 3 hours ago

    Cant seem to recognize your song nelly and mike. .whats the title?

  • Francis Perez
    Francis Perez 3 hours ago

    Happy Anniversary Mike and Nelly!!! Enjoy your stay in my hometown.

  • Heaven L.
    Heaven L. 3 hours ago

    Happy BF/GF anniversary! Proposal for marriage soon??

  • Ruby Juanitas
    Ruby Juanitas 3 hours ago

    Love love love ❤

  • _mia suarez_
    _mia suarez_ 3 hours ago


  • wsq0056
    wsq0056 3 hours ago

    when are you gonna marry her!! your not a young chicken anymore.

  • Fat Kim
    Fat Kim 3 hours ago

    You should try Y2K talabahan adobong manok.. and of course your iloilo trip will not be complete if you will not try the talaba or oyster.. btw Happy 12th Anniversary guys...

  • rainie22rs
    rainie22rs 3 hours ago

    Happy Anniversary! I enjoy watching your adventures (especially with the Juicy folks) very much. I watch you guys on a smart 4k hdtv to get the full benefit of your hd videos. It’s a little funny though when you guys point to the corners and bottom of the tv and no links appear, hehe. Greetings from LA!

  • tankshot 325
    tankshot 325 3 hours ago

    Be sure to eat aunthentic batchoy! And try Robertos siopao

  • Elle M
    Elle M 3 hours ago

    Happy 12th! 💕💑

  • tankshot 325
    tankshot 325 3 hours ago

    Herzliche Glückwünsche! Happy 12th Anniversary!

  • Fernan Alvir
    Fernan Alvir 3 hours ago

    Happy Anniversary.. milestone of being togetherness. Looking forward for the official wedding. Ilo-Ilo is the city of smile and love. What is your Team Song ?.

  • Blanca Compuesto
    Blanca Compuesto 3 hours ago

    Happy 12th Anniversary Mike& Nelly.. God Bless 💝💝🎂

  • jenell73
    jenell73 3 hours ago

    Awww kilig much!!

  • Myla Noval
    Myla Noval 3 hours ago

    happy anniversary to u guys blessed many yrs for both of u and tnx for sharing ur travel adventure there in phillippines. god bless u guys

  • crisnarf aicnarf
    crisnarf aicnarf 3 hours ago

    Happy Anniversary Mike & Nelly!! Road to forever!!!

  • Romeo Rayos Del Sol Jr.

    Happy 12 anniversary Mike & Nelly! Wishing you lots of joy & happiness , more blessings and safe travels! Cheers!

  • Norie Rosaldes
    Norie Rosaldes 3 hours ago

    Happy 12th yr. anniversary to both of you! Glad you're back to my beloved hometown. So happy for you guys! Enjoy the Dinagyang Festival and take care always💖

  • Victorino Yabut
    Victorino Yabut 3 hours ago

    Happy Anniversary Mhike and Nelly, you made it happen in Iloilo!

  • andre diaz
    andre diaz 3 hours ago

    Hi Guy better Watch The Hungry Syrian Wanderer? what he do for charity not fake?

  • Rose Marie Antiporta

    Happy Anniversary to both of you!💕

  • Romel Villasante
    Romel Villasante 3 hours ago

    Love is both..Good all the time...always support @watchingfromUAE

  • dhennis888
    dhennis888 3 hours ago

    Happy anniversary Mike and Nelly! :)

  • Magnus Uno
    Magnus Uno 3 hours ago


  • Rubeinspired Ilonggo Vlogger

    Happy Anniversary guys! Welcome to the City of Love <3

  • Rafael Obien
    Rafael Obien 3 hours ago

    Congratulations, Happy Anniversary you two. Mike, its TIME TO ask the QUESTION.

  • Liz Morningstar
    Liz Morningstar 3 hours ago

    💙happy anniversary couple!🥂💛 cheers to more years!!! continue on counting your blessings! thank you for loving our homeland so much! you have my respect🙏 may god continue to guide your abundant and blissful life❤❤❤ spread the love!

  • Sauda Mangornal
    Sauda Mangornal 3 hours ago


  • marg Mad
    marg Mad 4 hours ago

    Where will you be tomorrow?

  • James ryle
    James ryle 4 hours ago

    There's also a Love Boat Party guys maybe you want to check that out and tomorrow Dagyang sa Calle real 8am and Ilomination 6pm in the evening...

  • Rhandie Santos
    Rhandie Santos 4 hours ago

    Happy Anniversary couple and god bless!

  • ofw cy
    ofw cy 4 hours ago

    thank you so much for helping our fellow filipino may god bless you and your team .

  • Les Lie
    Les Lie 4 hours ago

    See you around... Happy anniversary❤️

  • Dante Pestaño
    Dante Pestaño 4 hours ago

    No proposal? C’mon, Mike! 😄

  • Jabir Jeff
    Jabir Jeff 4 hours ago

    Carcar is quite funfun, trying to catch up with all the making it juicy vlogs, being busy in school and everything, coffee is life☝️✌🏻🤟🥰❤😍🇵🇭

  • Ma Grace Madarico
    Ma Grace Madarico 4 hours ago

    I fallow your vlog now thanks so much welcome to ilo2 my home town i hope your enjoy Tomorrow dinagyang Hala bira ilo2. Happy 12 aniversarry both

  • Kern TV
    Kern TV 4 hours ago

    Those coconut trees and sunlight makes me miss my country, memories

  • Ma Grace Madarico
    Ma Grace Madarico 4 hours ago

    This is my home town ilo2 batchoy pansit molo sir tinuom manok

  • Mary Rose Macapagal
    Mary Rose Macapagal 4 hours ago

    Congratulations on your 12th Mike & Nelly! You're perfect for each other, so awesome & positive. 🤗. Cheers to more years!!! 🍻🥂. Now we're planning to go to Iloilo soon.

  • George Imperial
    George Imperial 4 hours ago


  • Jelyn Barcenas
    Jelyn Barcenas 4 hours ago

    Wow welcome to my City The City of love.❤❤

  • jun fernandez
    jun fernandez 4 hours ago

    Nelly is very sweet lady!! You’re so lucky mike!!❤️ Happy anniversary both of you!!😍

  • Thirdy Happy-go-lucky

    *Martin clapping and was touched. Mike: Loverboy approved!! 😁😆😅

  • Bing Confiado Manalo

    Happy Anniversary Mike and Nelly! Road to forever! 💖💖💖

  • v v
    v v 4 hours ago

    go Northern part of iloilo the gigantes island

  • Jabir Jeff
    Jabir Jeff 4 hours ago

    I love the sardines, they're hypnotizing. Sunsets by the beach are just mesmerizing. Enjoying your vlogs as always ☝️✌🏻🤟🇵🇭😍❤🥰

  • Isaac Wirepa
    Isaac Wirepa 4 hours ago

    Isaac from Brisbane Australia, love watching your blogs! My mums family hail from Iloilo and I head back often. I love Iloilo and am extremely proud to have had the opportunity to tour my friends from all over the world around this beautiful city full of culture, history and kind people. If you get the chance I can recommenced heading to Guimaras island and head to Alubihod beach, Taklong island marine sanctuary (stunning) & Guisi lighthouse and beach. Head to Casa Mariquit in Iloilo city it’s like a 100+ year house and is like a living museum for the ex Vice President is the Philippines 🇵🇭 Balay nga Bato is also a great place to visit and experience traditional ilonggo food. Check out the Iloilo Esplanade too, walkways along the Iloilo river where you can jog and enjoy the river. Enjoy your time in Iloilo and enjoy Dinagayang. Thank you for sharing your vlogs ;)