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#TheLionKing "Come Home"
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The Formation World Tour
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The Formation World Tour
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Darling Nicki (Minaj)
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BeyGOOD Thanks You
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Behind the Scenes: Vogue
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7/11 Pride
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22 Days Nutrition
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BeyGOOD Haiti
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Yours And Mine
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NCLA For Beyoncé Tutorial
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Beyoncé X10: Walk To Stage
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Beyoncé - 7/11
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BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition
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Happy Halloween!
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Chime For Change Celebrates
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The 2015 Official Calendar
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Thank You!
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BTS: Time 100
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A Year Of #BeyGOOD
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BEYONCÉ on Blu-Ray
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BTS: Jake Nava
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International Women's Day
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"***Flawless" Choreography
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Beyoncé "XO" :30 Preview
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Beyoncé "Blow" :30 Preview
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  • E D U
    E D U 6 hours ago

    Amiga esses dias eu tava perdida no metrô quando fui vê tinha caido aqui d novo!" mana ela me chamo de maldita sendo que sou b,oa tipo cerveja!"

  • Dana Yerlan
    Dana Yerlan 8 hours ago

    3:23 Jay-Z?

  • Dana Yerlan
    Dana Yerlan 8 hours ago

    3:21 Jay-Z?

  • Melissa R
    Melissa R 8 hours ago

    Beyonce is as beautiful as her mum, Tina. Beyonce inspiring me through her good looks and music. Girl power!!

  • Kingcolly official
    Kingcolly official 9 hours ago

    Watch new music videos

  • beenCookingSince7
    beenCookingSince7 12 hours ago

    Yup I could use a slurpy.

  • Tokyo doll
    Tokyo doll 14 hours ago


  • lee스마일테디
    lee스마일테디 15 hours ago

    비욘세 !!!

  • K Lyy
    K Lyy 16 hours ago

    So cute (Thật dễ thương) From Vietnam with love 💜

  • Delores Newkirk
    Delores Newkirk 19 hours ago

    With my daughter

  • Delores Newkirk
    Delores Newkirk 19 hours ago

    Me when I’m home

  • Amiyah Sanders
    Amiyah Sanders 19 hours ago

    My girl Beyoncé don’t know how to zoom in

  • Ja'Metrius B-W
    Ja'Metrius B-W 21 hour ago


  • S S
    S S Day ago

    Sale Vendue

    SARA PLAYS Day ago


  • Солнышко Яркое

    On high heels 👠

  • Солнышко Яркое


  • حسن
    حسن Day ago

    طط يويل امها

  • Amu Luik
    Amu Luik Day ago

    You can see from her eyes that she is overwhelmed. Well, with a crowd like that, who won’t be

  • Barbie Minaj
    Barbie Minaj Day ago

    *Director* : we dont have a strong budget for a clip *Beyoncé* : 😏

  • Chaunsey Billings

    I wont to fuck Beyonce she turn me on

  • Ajna
    Ajna Day ago

    give us the dvddddddddd we know you have it

  • Fahmiakbarz_ _

    U still the best Queen

  • funandlala
    funandlala Day ago

    0:26 Beyonce's "Yeahhhh!" sounds so enthusiastic <3

  • Nakia and leah Brown

    You can't ruin my life

  • Erick Medeiros

    Meus pais 😭

  • Holly Rutherford

  • Paulo Barbosa
    Paulo Barbosa 2 days ago

    Who is here in December 19 ?

  • Kennedy Carmon
    Kennedy Carmon 2 days ago


  • Amazing Amy
    Amazing Amy 2 days ago

    I'll be fresh for your mans.... dont you worry...

  • كرار الكناني


  • Raissa Santos
    Raissa Santos 2 days ago


  • Luna 101
    Luna 101 2 days ago

    Beyoncé being the queen she is for about 4 minutes. iconic

  • E D U
    E D U 2 days ago

    Tardizinha,a) <3

  • Yağmur Yamyam
    Yağmur Yamyam 2 days ago

    Beyoncé is a huge example for a mother’s vision about future. If her moma wasn’t a dreamer bitch on all these stuff; she wouldn’t raise her like that, and beyonce would be just NOTHING today. Family is important people. Btw I hate her bcs in this video u can see her actual vocal while dancing, it’s fucking regular.

  • Aryan Raj
    Aryan Raj 2 days ago

    Beware the BEYGENCY 😬😥😱😱😱

  • Monica Ortiz
    Monica Ortiz 2 days ago

    No one can beat Beyonce's performances!

  • Angela Love
    Angela Love 2 days ago

    I prefer this cover over the original

  • nessie Meyer
    nessie Meyer 2 days ago

    When is practice mr walk on nessie it's hard not smoking weed

  • roj30001
    roj30001 2 days ago

    Those are his adopted kids right

  • Sylvia Lavince
    Sylvia Lavince 2 days ago


  • Gabby Daniel
    Gabby Daniel 2 days ago

    She ways really having fun

  • Hugo Araujo
    Hugo Araujo 3 days ago

    December 2019?

  • Keilah Allen
    Keilah Allen 3 days ago

    I bet she had so much fun making this video I love it

  • Alexandre Ruiz
    Alexandre Ruiz 3 days ago

    04/12/2019 Hiiiiiii 🖒🖒🖒🖒


    3:45....goose bumps😳

  • Samantha
    Samantha 3 days ago

    Happy Birthday Jay

  • totalbabe totalbabe


  • anita elvince
    anita elvince 3 days ago

    I used to think B got hips till I saw this video

    • Chi Non
      Chi Non 6 hours ago

      anita elvince this was 2014, she was slimmer then. Haven’t you seen her now?

  • PB
    PB 3 days ago


    NAD BUCH 3 days ago

    she is just a human no need to worship her.

    • NAD BUCH
      NAD BUCH 2 days ago

      @leandro silva to everybodies videos, their are all just human beings, only god is worth it to be worshipped

    • leandro silva
      leandro silva 2 days ago

      do u go to michael jackson's videos and say that too ? or just to beyoncé ?

  • Ray Carvalho
    Ray Carvalho 3 days ago

    Esses dois 😍

  • { AšhBloôm }
    { AšhBloôm } 3 days ago

    Literally The song i play on Women’s day

  • Sss Dds
    Sss Dds 3 days ago

    Now u know what girls be doing in the bathroom

  • Wangari Njeri
    Wangari Njeri 3 days ago

    I don't know why i cry watching this perfomance..perfection,happy birthday Jay

  • The Illest Papi
    The Illest Papi 3 days ago

    7/11 = 9/11 September = 9th But SEP = 7 When this song came out I didn’t know what it meant but I kinda do now. She recently ceremonially sacrificed one of the girls in this video. 9/11 is symbolic for a faked event with hidden evil intent.

  • Sean O.
    Sean O. 3 days ago

    I remember going to see them live on this tour in Miami ..and when they got to the ending and sang this song everyone was just fixated ..nobody was watching anything other than these two performing was a moment to remember.

  • Pro Rock
    Pro Rock 3 days ago

    The girl version of the drunken master

  • Nhe ry
    Nhe ry 3 days ago

    What a time to be alive to have witnessed this and live same time as beyonce. Amaaaazing artist

    LETICIA MARQUES 3 days ago

    This nutrition is perfect

  • Brela Carter
    Brela Carter 3 days ago

    Beyoncé face expression on 4:12 😩💕.... anyone else noticed??

  • kg baby
    kg baby 3 days ago

    I feel like this video should have more views than it has right now

  • Ramon Manabat
    Ramon Manabat 3 days ago

    Beyonce is from Africa and she loves fried chicken and bananas!

  • Arslan Manzoor
    Arslan Manzoor 3 days ago

    Majhah kol gi ayey

  • roodjina Charles
    roodjina Charles 3 days ago

    she went to haiti omg i wished i saw her

  • ひFendiglo
    ひFendiglo 3 days ago

    Lmfaoooo I used to play this music video and try to copy the dance moves !

  • Sabrina St juste
    Sabrina St juste 4 days ago

    December 2019

  • Tana D'Amico
    Tana D'Amico 4 days ago

    Those shoes are unforgivable.

  • Dez Metas
    Dez Metas 4 days ago

    um cara poooooooooooooooooooooooodre de ser fake te chigou oque fária com ele é com elas as piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hehehe!"

  • Kenedee Gray
    Kenedee Gray 4 days ago


  • Melinda Vargas
    Melinda Vargas 4 days ago

    This song there’s alot of girls dancing in there quince 😍💕

  • # Raamii
    # Raamii 4 days ago

    R these two boz les twins in the vedio.. I m ryt?

  • Radames Boscolo
    Radames Boscolo 4 days ago

    It is.

  • born strong
    born strong 4 days ago

    Beyoncé is The Beyoncé for a reason 💖

  • Global Beauty and Barber Institute

    “Strong enough to bare the children and then get back to business!” Drops Mic!

  • RmxManOfficial
    RmxManOfficial 4 days ago

    If it's only about losing weights it's about calories intake.

  • Zarina Kelehsaeva
    Zarina Kelehsaeva 4 days ago

    😍 ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏Класс

  • Tama Slick
    Tama Slick 4 days ago

    Him* What's she doing? Meanwhile...

  • ilaina dean
    ilaina dean 4 days ago

    u antr

  • HtcAnimationsXD
    HtcAnimationsXD 4 days ago

    Who went to 7/11 and had this in their recommendation?

  • Jeremy Bynum
    Jeremy Bynum 4 days ago


  • amanda francis
    amanda francis 4 days ago

    go girl

  • Thiago Araújo Cunha


  • Theprokiller0220
    Theprokiller0220 5 days ago

    Who came here after nigahiga’s vidéo about lemonade

  • kathrine kathrine
    kathrine kathrine 5 days ago

    Kold som is

  • Jeremias Lopes
    Jeremias Lopes 5 days ago

    Sorry so good

  • Anthony Di-Perini
    Anthony Di-Perini 5 days ago


  • Anthony Di-Perini
    Anthony Di-Perini 5 days ago

    Also mood 😏

  • God Bey
    God Bey 5 days ago

    The best performance ever ❤️

  • Aaron
    Aaron 5 days ago

    Queen Beyoncé!

    DAVID G 5 days ago

    Who is listening and watching this song in Mars...2060?

  • Arslan Manzoor
    Arslan Manzoor 5 days ago

    Dil tey kardaeyey banda vuch pa ke hi sota rawey

  • Jamilla Nagel
    Jamilla Nagel 5 days ago


  • Anghel Ienciu
    Anghel Ienciu 5 days ago

    To share love is free. Merry Christmas 2019

  • #BEY 4EVER
    #BEY 4EVER 5 days ago

    Eu fico pensando, a qualquer momento a dona Bey pode lançar esse dvd,seria meu sonho

  • chid oudou
    chid oudou 5 days ago

    Luv thé feelings that that song bring me, luv U yoncé <3

  • Meraklı Ali
    Meraklı Ali 5 days ago

    Great dance.

  • Ja'Mari Newell
    Ja'Mari Newell 5 days ago

    0:58 omg Blue Ivy is on the bed watching her mom go crazy😂

  • Marianna Lopes
    Marianna Lopes 5 days ago

    É o vídeo mais aleatório e o mais legal de ver kkkk AMOOOOOO ♥️

  • Karolayne Gomes
    Karolayne Gomes 5 days ago