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10 RICHEST People In Dubai
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The TRUE Cost of An iPhone
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Top 10 RICHEST World Leaders
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  • Verjo Leon
    Verjo Leon 29 minutes ago

    120 millions black peoples lives welfare???

  • Mya Kinard
    Mya Kinard 49 minutes ago

    Also I don’t think home gurl Sombra has an age I don’t think she was released yet. But considering that he put her art in there. I’m just gonna assume you forgot

  • Josh Glover
    Josh Glover 56 minutes ago

    Scott Kelly is a Necromorph! 😳

  • Jester Joseph
    Jester Joseph 57 minutes ago


  • Bradley Cossette

    What exactly is a v12 horsepower car?

  • James Gurung
    James Gurung Hour ago

    Bruh the first two girls got only 4 years an da ten year old kills baby and gets life

  • Shimmy H
    Shimmy H Hour ago

    Let me guess, bought by my tax dollars.

  • fungoorstitch
    fungoorstitch Hour ago

    Yeah, Honus was opposed to kids using tobacco and went out of his way to have the cards recalled. I tracked down the actual building where the cards were made thinking I could find a discarded proof or unsold card or something stashed somewhere in a crook or cranny. Struck out, of course. Yeah. Struck out.

  • Finley Welch
    Finley Welch Hour ago

    Where’s saint laurent

  • Meshach Nicholas

    Is it me alone who got click bate thinking they would see who requested an apple🤔

  • Joel Silverman
    Joel Silverman Hour ago

    I think King Solomon was the richest person in the History as his wealth could not be identified until today. Also, I can mention the King from Travencore province in old India had wealth which still counting on after the Supreme Court of India ordered to open the underground secret rooms. I think after 6 or 7 years, still they couldn't finish counting.. Also, British stole billions of gold and diamonds before they left India in 1947.

  • fungoorstitch
    fungoorstitch Hour ago

    I don't know about most valuable, but the single most expensive thing money can buy on Earth is something that used to be on Earth, left Earth, and then came back to Earth. Genuine moon rocks.

  • Joel Silverman
    Joel Silverman Hour ago

    I don't think you got it right on this video as many arab King's families worth more than the amounts mentioned in this video.. Who else agrees with me?

  • Leo Paul Bravo
    Leo Paul Bravo Hour ago

    Sorry. Amazing Fantasy 15 is not the most valuable Comic Book. Action Comics 1 (First Superman) and Detective Comics 27 (First Batman) are more valuable and rarer. It is true that Spiderman is very popular today but it is still dwarfed by both the Superman and Batman franchises. Batman is actually the biggest and most valuable franchise based on a solo comic book character.

  • I'm Slim Hounon the real Slim Hounon

    Isn't the Royal Fams lifestyle funded by taxpayers, even though they're nothing more than a tourist attraction?

  • I’m a furry
    I’m a furry 2 hours ago

    I’m happy but scared too ok no hate

  • Anklez_2k
    Anklez_2k 2 hours ago

    Rich da kid ran frm lil uzi😂😂

  • Zazaplaysroblox 4
    Zazaplaysroblox 4 2 hours ago

    The trails evolution secret gunna say " your mom gay" lol

  • Metree320
    Metree320 2 hours ago

    Ja Rule.

  • Richard-Anthony Gilbey

    $2600 dollars for a superbowl ring worth $100 grand, watch out for patriots fans rick.

  • X-gamer Pro
    X-gamer Pro 2 hours ago

    1 billion Wtffffffff

  • mosiah priego
    mosiah priego 2 hours ago


  • Kate Bigelow
    Kate Bigelow 3 hours ago

    Katie Holmes went to my school and my parents are friends with her parents.

  • Rihana Rogers
    Rihana Rogers 3 hours ago

    Mom and daughter both ugly after the surgery ewwwwww

  • Abby
    Abby 3 hours ago

    What happens with the narrator’s voice/the audio at the end of EVERY sentence?

  • CD Fest
    CD Fest 3 hours ago

    Basically go to Dubai

  • Eclipse Solar 83
    Eclipse Solar 83 3 hours ago

    1 -Spiderman is NOT the most beloved superhero ( lol, just lol) 2 - Spiderman book us NOT the most valuable ( lol, just lol )

  • Brendan Berney
    Brendan Berney 3 hours ago

    Bezos is the richest man in the world because he keeps all of it to himself. Meanwhile Gates pour literal billions into aids research and vaccines

  • yellow bat
    yellow bat 3 hours ago

    "Meredith is the kind of person we all wished we could be" NO

  • Ben Costelloe O Brien

    7:56 " It has a V12 horsepower engine" Wtf

  • Jennifer Santillana
    Jennifer Santillana 4 hours ago

    Don't mess with Texas

  • Cakes
    Cakes 4 hours ago

    Americans eat so much food

  • Kevin Kurz
    Kevin Kurz 4 hours ago

    The most torturous thing I can think about is, having your balls crushed my a huge heavy sledgehammer

  • Mc YZeroSHI
    Mc YZeroSHI 4 hours ago

    John Wayne Gacy was the first man to be sentenced to death by lethal injection in Illinois before lethal injection cannot be used in Illinois forever.

  • Ali La Pointe
    Ali La Pointe 4 hours ago

    sad to see he became a bully

  • Billy Kimmel
    Billy Kimmel 4 hours ago

    1 of the best videos I've seen on utube

  • Rachel’s hub
    Rachel’s hub 4 hours ago

    i wanna be a 911 operator just so i can help people survive other then asking them "wHat" "whO hAs a GUn" "WhAt dId yOu sAY"

  • Santiago Gutierrez
    Santiago Gutierrez 4 hours ago

    The ugly chick case LMAO HAHAHA fucked up lol

  • Andrew Delgado
    Andrew Delgado 4 hours ago

    The best part of the video was Pam’s cans at the beginning

  • Junkie Sock
    Junkie Sock 4 hours ago

    Dr. Phil: your high righ- Girls: *y e a*

  • Athul raj
    Athul raj 5 hours ago

    I want to make 1000$ a month online. Any ideas???🎂

  • Tetsura Zoldyck
    Tetsura Zoldyck 5 hours ago

    Even when a little Kid punches you lightly it Hurts as hell.

  • Aesthetic Gacha
    Aesthetic Gacha 5 hours ago

    Lmao I already know what I would get. My mum’s favourite meal And my dad’s favourite meal

  • Cairo Burnside
    Cairo Burnside 5 hours ago

    Number 9 look like a bootleg tim Allen

  • D'Juan Stanziola
    D'Juan Stanziola 5 hours ago

    evry thing was goon, until the last part where a nest became food,,,, wdf!!

  • Sky Alien
    Sky Alien 5 hours ago

    Disgusting nasty man. One day you will go down to wont bring all these...mother fucker

  • M E
    M E 5 hours ago

    fuck off with your shit video

  • Green Sky
    Green Sky 5 hours ago

    If a friend does a homework for me in my birthday, I will be happy af

  • Green Sky
    Green Sky 5 hours ago

    I heard that a Beverly Brat doesn’t have any friends

  • MLT
    MLT 5 hours ago

    You forgot the best 1 Hit Wonder of all time... Gitchee Gitchee Goo from Phineas and Ferb

  • Parzival
    Parzival 5 hours ago

    Plaudite, amici, commedia finita est.

  • Maya Ash
    Maya Ash 5 hours ago


  • Lorrayn Rodriguez
    Lorrayn Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    Scooby doo I watched as a kid and I loved it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • salekiosk
    salekiosk 6 hours ago

    Don Omar says Daddy Yankee is a 1 hit wunduh. Ella le gusta la gasolina...Dale mas gasolina. True or not true?

  • Michael Bay
    Michael Bay 6 hours ago

    Most gangster president ever

  • Amadeus Hellequin
    Amadeus Hellequin 6 hours ago

    CarRera, Es-pirit??? Learn to pronounce them correctly you cringe-inducing, hoof-wanking bumblecunt

  • giggleberry juice
    giggleberry juice 6 hours ago

    Kids get away with too much. This is why they feel entitled. Parents aren’t allowed to be parents anymore. Kids have too many rights.

  • salekiosk
    salekiosk 6 hours ago

    I only clicked because the thumbnail looked like Biggie 😑

  • Seamus McAnulty
    Seamus McAnulty 6 hours ago

    He’s really exploiting these people issues for his own gain.. it’s disgusting

  • Fitness Fanatic
    Fitness Fanatic 6 hours ago

    The only 8 division world champion in history. The only 5 division "Lineal" champion in history. The "Oldest" Welterweight world champion in history. The only elected "Congressman / Senator" and a World Champion in history. 3x Fighter of the Year Fighter of the Decade Defeated 22 World champions (As of July 20, 2019).

  • Parimal ,
    Parimal , 6 hours ago

    Strange, you missed Indian PM Narendra Modi.

  • Parimal ,
    Parimal , 6 hours ago

    Strange, you missed Indian PM Narendra Modi.

  • Parimal ,
    Parimal , 6 hours ago

    Strange, you missed Indian PM Narendra Modi.

  • Parimal ,
    Parimal , 6 hours ago

    Strange, you missed Indian PM Narendra Modi.

  • Dr. William Jarvis
    Dr. William Jarvis 6 hours ago

    A superb video and very informative! Thanks for sharing.

  • Aware Zefpy
    Aware Zefpy 6 hours ago

    Fuck elon

  • Bruce Farley
    Bruce Farley 6 hours ago

    All of these were before the James Bulger's murder?? Wow these are old.

  • Luca Bertato
    Luca Bertato 6 hours ago

    Hiter had reason...

  • ALvin Martin
    ALvin Martin 6 hours ago

    Watching this vid makes me hungry

  • itchydiscoman
    itchydiscoman 6 hours ago


  • christi land
    christi land 6 hours ago

    Man i remember that Zachary documentary, so sad 😪. Idk how people can kill their own kids. I cant even yell at my child because i don't want to hurt her feelings lol. If satan told me to kill my child i'd tell him to ask me to do something else cuz that would definitely not be happening lol

  • Matthew Colyer
    Matthew Colyer 6 hours ago

    I kept a straight face the first time I went on it

  • COokies & cReAM
    COokies & cReAM 7 hours ago

    A list of popular bums who couldent get a real job and think they are in a REAL sport lol

  • Aidan Coffman
    Aidan Coffman 7 hours ago

    That’s why Kanye forhed so big

  • ARKAWI Productions
    ARKAWI Productions 7 hours ago

    Reverse snobbery

  • Elias Schneider
    Elias Schneider 7 hours ago

    Batman is da best and there are other risons why batman schuld win ,he was (my opinion) in more movies , in batman v super douche (superman) he (almost won if super douche die not say martha, batmans kriptonite ) won and his rap was (my opinion ) oviously better and at least he (batman) has got my vote. I love u batman😍😁

  • Theo Bhebe
    Theo Bhebe 7 hours ago

    Imagine this guy strength trained and boxed then became a fighter

  • Elias Schneider
    Elias Schneider 7 hours ago

    Batman won

  • Eri Rytt Monsen
    Eri Rytt Monsen 8 hours ago

    Now i feel like killing someone to get food😂😂 (btw its a joke so dont report me)

  • Oracle X
    Oracle X 8 hours ago

    Correction: Not "president", but DICTATOR.

  • Robert Struder
    Robert Struder 8 hours ago

    Hey, it's the Giggly-Giggly Guy again. Rapid-fire wet wad sound

  • Elaine Snow
    Elaine Snow 8 hours ago

    What a joke this list is. Basically, nothing pre-1990, except “Kung Fu Fighting.” What about some great one hit wonders from the 1960s: “Wipe Out” by the Surfaris, “Incense and Peppermint,” by the Strawberry Alarm Clock, “My Green Tambourine,” by the Lemon Pipers, and “Sugar, Sugar,” by the Archies, among many others. The 1970s had plenty of one hit wonders: “Brandy,” by Looking Glass, “Magic:” by Pilot, and “Rock Your Baby,” by George McRae. I could go on and on about other 1970 one hit wonders... The 1980s featured “I Melt with You,” by Modern English (not a huge hit, but I dare anyone who hasn’t heard it); “Come on, Eileen,” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners; “Pass the Dutchie,” by Musical Youth; “99 Luftballons,” by Nena; and oh, so much more. What are you, 20 years old?

  • Rajvardhan Shinde
    Rajvardhan Shinde 8 hours ago

    Fedrar is the only gentleman among them

  • shahru khan
    shahru khan 8 hours ago

    6:32 what! Musa barrowed money with high interest.I believe as a white man you can't digest how a black Muslim man can be the richest human being ever, without conquering, slaving people, and dealing with interest. come-on man you know that isn't the history, have some integrity and stop lying

  • el do
    el do 8 hours ago

    Stupid rapper with fake money.. wonder why this dumb rapper likes to flex ?

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 8 hours ago

    6 ribs removed? Just to look *pretty* in your words? You gotta be kidding me?

  • W. Kamara Njoku
    W. Kamara Njoku 9 hours ago

    Is this a failed channel?

  • Angel Collazo
    Angel Collazo 9 hours ago

    Hey everyone. Currently working on an inspiration/guidance talk RU-clip to help other individuals around the world get the help they may need to get inspired. The world is a better place when we’re all chasing our dreams and winning, so I’m just looking to contribute to other people’s lives . Thank you.

  • Solace Huntsman Studios

    *me taking a giant hit from my Horizontech Falcon King tank on my Aegis Legend while watching this*

  • doper doggo
    doper doggo 9 hours ago

    Imagine being rich😭😍

  • Thunder 17
    Thunder 17 9 hours ago

    wait the flying spur my dad bought the 2017 last year it was around £100000 and here it jumped to 300,000 and when did the phantom go under the spur this is incorrect

  • Jack Fahy
    Jack Fahy 9 hours ago

    It sickens me that people auction off his work

  •  9 hours ago

    Wait New York have houses?

  • Sanjana zara
    Sanjana zara 9 hours ago

    Imagine remembering their names😲

    • Sanjana zara
      Sanjana zara 4 hours ago

      A total hassle.😵😵 Imagine the line to the bathroom in the morning.😁

    • Weird human thingy
      Weird human thingy 8 hours ago

      That must be a hassle

  • Jane Booth
    Jane Booth 9 hours ago


  • Honkeynuts
    Honkeynuts 9 hours ago

    They're all nothing to the families that own the monetary system. They create the wealth that all these meagre people are the endebted temporary holders of.

  • Yuno_Susu
    Yuno_Susu 9 hours ago

    14:30 husband is proud

  • Albert live Rockets
    Albert live Rockets 9 hours ago

    His spoiled

  • The Dr. Kurt Show
    The Dr. Kurt Show 10 hours ago


  • Wayne Que
    Wayne Que 10 hours ago

    That asshole can go fuck himself 🍆🤡