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I'm in NBA 2K19
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WARNING for Xbox One in 2019?
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WARNING for PS4 Gamers!!
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  • Darren Hardy
    Darren Hardy 53 minutes ago

    Everyone follow me around...........loooool quality bk fire dude

  • Checkems
    Checkems 5 hours ago

    turns ps4 on at 6:00

    GTM TEAM 6 hours ago

    Ps4 its best

  • 5p33d5t3r
    5p33d5t3r 7 hours ago

    I pay $15 for it

  • Aditya Parmar
    Aditya Parmar 8 hours ago

    I can even pay a 100$

  • x STiCKFiGA x
    x STiCKFiGA x 8 hours ago

    This guy was good enough of a person to go on our podcast. RU-clip badge deserved.

  • Daniel Ayers
    Daniel Ayers 9 hours ago

    Xbox and stadia will win

  • noah_rides82
    noah_rides82 10 hours ago

    Don’t update it and jailbreak it and use it as a home brew console shits so cool with what u can do with a jailbreak

  • Tom Tly
    Tom Tly 10 hours ago

    Its true your people idiots if u like it

  • Blind Carnage
    Blind Carnage 11 hours ago


    KABIR SINGH 11 hours ago

    I will give you 9 dollars for it

  • Brevard Smith
    Brevard Smith 12 hours ago

    Word on the street VR for the Playstation 5 is going able to produce the same experience that the Samsung Apex produces.

  • Brevard Smith
    Brevard Smith 12 hours ago

    This design could be a new Playstation TV.

  • Brevard Smith
    Brevard Smith 12 hours ago

    Looks like a futuristic harmonica.

  • Brevard Smith
    Brevard Smith 12 hours ago

    Those are actually photos of the new Vita.

  • Fearless Frogcatcher
    Fearless Frogcatcher 12 hours ago

    I love my xbox 360 .. eff you guys

  • 2vain4u
    2vain4u 13 hours ago

    my guess is that the seller is a parent and thats their kid's ps4, and they just wanted to get rid of it quickly, it doesn't make sense if it was stolen because why not make money off of it? so either its their kid's ps4 or its cursed lol one or the other

  • Red hacker
    Red hacker 13 hours ago


  • Alan 370Z
    Alan 370Z 14 hours ago

    So you got a ps4 with gta san andreas for a price lower than that of san andreas

  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 14 hours ago

    I hope they get rid of the stupid light bar

  • ShadowDMG Daniel Davis


  • Clips 4Roblox
    Clips 4Roblox 15 hours ago

    Apr 1, 2014 lol

  • A - Fyz
    A - Fyz 16 hours ago

    *Sponsored by gumtree*

  • Theo Davis
    Theo Davis 17 hours ago

    What you plan on doing put it in the living room as decoration

  • Angel Belieu
    Angel Belieu 17 hours ago

    the design is kind of weird but it is still worth buying

  • Angel Belieu
    Angel Belieu 17 hours ago

    i really neeed some money

  • seth the wolf
    seth the wolf 17 hours ago

    I got a free PS4 500gb with a big stack of games, two flat screen 24 inch tvs and a Xbox 360 from my therapist

  • Raul Almanzar
    Raul Almanzar 17 hours ago

    Champ Chong, your a moron and very negative.

  • Raul Almanzar
    Raul Almanzar 17 hours ago


  • Uncle Shark
    Uncle Shark 17 hours ago

    11:25 wierd flex but ok

  • josh b
    josh b 18 hours ago

    Actually it's not said news but would be says if we got another stupid square or rectangle box you know the same shape of console with pads since the Atari 2600 I for one welcome a change also yeah it's going to be more expensive than the Scarlet because a developer that the science games for multiple platforms said that it is better looking than the next Xbox in fact the next Xbox and even going to be a huge graphical leap over the One X but what said that the PS5 looks better than anything they've ever seen even on PC so put that in your pipe and smoke it

  • Dolly Rose
    Dolly Rose 18 hours ago

    If the guy who listed it as free I doubt to think he would of gave it to him. He would of had 100s of people messaging him about it. He Defo payed more for it than 7 dollars

  • Matt Protheroe
    Matt Protheroe 18 hours ago

    This is fake

  • Dinamite
    Dinamite 19 hours ago

    I haven’t watched one of your videos in a long time, I knew there was something missing

  • Gecko Gamer
    Gecko Gamer 20 hours ago

    That bag is worth $7 by itself 😄 EDIT:he got a PS4 for $7 and he’s complaining about how dirty it is....

  • A C
    A C 21 hour ago

    You’re an idiot. This dev kit looks amazing.

  • Know10
    Know10 21 hour ago

    How you know 🤔?

  • Alexathekiddo FOE
    Alexathekiddo FOE 22 hours ago

    Ouuuu Big throw back !

  • quake _
    quake _ 23 hours ago


  • BE-vali024
    BE-vali024 Day ago

    Yeah i think it's jailbroken

  • MR Smoor
    MR Smoor Day ago


  • girls love dirty peepee

    Fortnite is no more

  • joker batman
    joker batman Day ago

    What is a 50 dollar note

  • Issy -Duz-It
    Issy -Duz-It Day ago

    Which holiday in 2020? 🤔 Asking for a friend...

  • Mr Grumpy
    Mr Grumpy Day ago

    maybe it has roaches inside of it lol

  • Sea Wagon
    Sea Wagon Day ago

    Can't wait for the day the announcer is the graphics presentation and you can't tell the difference between real and the animation

  • IKH TV
    IKH TV Day ago

    Maybe its stolen... Or a father tired of kids playing ps4 all day One of the two... More likely the second one cause who would steal a ps4 and sell it for only $7 i mean c'mon

  • Angel Mare
    Angel Mare Day ago

    Parents should monitor their children if not the parents must pay the consequences because they are the guardians children need discipline and stability and love and without that you're going to have a problem child and thats all on the parents

  • Steven Linklater

    We had a lot of chunky movies. Now ps10 Just make a new device. Better be like a movie when you play

  • Alex Ellis
    Alex Ellis Day ago

    Straight up pussies

  • Alex Ellis
    Alex Ellis Day ago

    Yall motherfuckers always find something to complain about.

  • Alex Ellis
    Alex Ellis Day ago

    You get a console to fucking play on. Who cares about what it fucking looks like.

  • Sabine U
    Sabine U Day ago

    Gta 5 in real live, realy cool

  • Hadz The greatest of all times

    Every one please complain about this and he will get shut down

  • Jonmaicol López

    Like for Minecraft

  • Shane Anderson


  • Paul Pierce
    Paul Pierce Day ago

    Horrid design if that is truly it ! That design would certainly make older PSX players defect to XBox.

  • Human torch
    Human torch Day ago

    If brocks interviewing him he will choke to death lol

  • Haito Live
    Haito Live Day ago

    When it comes out can I use my ps4 games

  • Peter Burnett
    Peter Burnett Day ago

    Wierd shape console just to help not overheat. Having a cheaper option for ps4 is good. For people who dont have as much doe. Don't get why y'all think is a bad thing..

  • Steven Elston
    Steven Elston Day ago

    Click bait!!

  • play Dagoat
    play Dagoat Day ago

    Shut up they told everyone thinks for the money bitches

  • Anthony Arodes

    Asshole looking for views, putting a ps5 controller up smh fake advertising

  • heavyrain4485
    heavyrain4485 Day ago

    Horseshoe 5 *sigh* Ahh shit...

  • David Schoenrock

    "Holiday 2020" is not a release date, it's a guess

  • Kurtis Laliberte

    Probably it is BROKEN STUPID

  • Solar Heavy
    Solar Heavy Day ago

    Why do you think it's free?


    Give it to me

  • Paul Levine
    Paul Levine Day ago

    Honestly love Jon Moxley Wade was good too

  • Waya Nathaniel

    Nice work bro

  • Zaid Ahmad Sultani

    Your a layer

  • ewil3122
    ewil3122 Day ago

    The Google will be better

  • Joshua Dzidrums


  • SXExpressDantheman

    The kid is the blame maybe the parents need take away his systems and fortnite can get the laws involve and put him in juvenile he is a bad example for other players! Good job epic games keep up the good work!

  • Eetu Ahola
    Eetu Ahola Day ago

    Screen (sending messages?)

  • football girl
    football girl Day ago

    He is an idiot

  • beneficialtax
    beneficialtax Day ago

    Xbox 360 god of all consoles he has gave us a Xbox 360 is better.

  • Ognjen Kuzmanović

    How is that so cheap,in my country it is like 100 bucks

  • Zaroth Mayka
    Zaroth Mayka 2 days ago

    Give it to me can you cuz i dont have ps4 and also its too expensive to buy😢

  • Darren Surendorff
    Darren Surendorff 2 days ago

    That is an old xbox 360

  • Orb_NoScope Yt
    Orb_NoScope Yt 2 days ago


  • Orb_NoScope Yt
    Orb_NoScope Yt 2 days ago

    Your Australian

  • pezu
    pezu 2 days ago

    It’s the design

  • SYlhEti SWAGS
    SYlhEti SWAGS 2 days ago

    Liked subscribed

  • The black goat of the woods

    Best they can do is do add some emulation for the old systems but add a disclaimer that they cant say that all games will work

  • Eight Zero's
    Eight Zero's 2 days ago

    Unsubscribed from this channel ages ago. Don’t know why it keeps coming up in my recommendations. :(

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 2 days ago

    I accidentally punched the DISLIKE👎 *ACCIDENT *

  • Bloxyguy
    Bloxyguy 2 days ago

    People are explicit nowadays

  • 21buchholz
    21buchholz 2 days ago

    Nov 5

  • Carlos Rodarte
    Carlos Rodarte 2 days ago

    I don't care about the outside, I'll I care is about the inside lol.

  • Alexi Pizarro Muranda

    I have an xbox 360 from 2015 or 2014 and i still use it till this day

  • Luke Thompson
    Luke Thompson 2 days ago

    I’m buying a 360 for NCAA football

  • Husky Type
    Husky Type 2 days ago

    I’m soo tired of people pissing and moaning about the dev kit design, if you want a boring rectangle get a cable box, if you want an actual optimized modernized gaming console, then you know where to get one!

  • ivi
    ivi 2 days ago

    why would they dislike this vid who got time for that

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 2 days ago

    If the PS5 design stays like this, how can they incorporate limited editions. I am sure the final version must be flat in some way, shape or form.

  • Abdullah Basim
    Abdullah Basim 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who likes the design ?

  • Fahim Ahmed
    Fahim Ahmed 2 days ago

    Now the ps5 controller is leaked

  • destroyer82 Clone
    destroyer82 Clone 2 days ago

    It’s popular because it’s cartoonish and there’s no blood no Dip they need to get their act together

  • jose beyond
    jose beyond 2 days ago

    Expensive and is not backwards compatible ps1 ps2 ps3 🤦‍♂️.

  • DJZmade
    DJZmade 2 days ago

    Who gives af what it looks like as long as it works good