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  • Leslie Royal T
    Leslie Royal T 10 minutes ago

    Omari’s (Ghost) wife irks so much. When they stayed in our hotel for a few weeks every time she had to interact with us (everyday) she had to make sure to say “my husband is a celebrity”. Heffa we know who he is! Like damn you need to say that to feel important.

  • Droslay YC
    Droslay YC 21 minute ago

    It is September 2019 no season 2 one punch man for netflix

  • Francisco Alexandre

    Axo k nao vai sai mas serie ne e muito.q pena to na 10 agora

  • Splitzy Entertainment

    This shit making me want to get back in shape 🤣😂🤣 all these men in their 40s having a better body than me nah man need to step my game up 🤔

  • Melinda Fleming
    Melinda Fleming Hour ago

    Love it!! Can't wait for more

  • Fox'i
    Fox'i Hour ago

    Finally xD

  • Jo Serrano
    Jo Serrano 2 hours ago

    No men Mina es una mujer preciosisima

  • Jo Serrano
    Jo Serrano 2 hours ago

    Ester es menor que mi y ella parece diosa y yo papa

  • Marina Gonzalez
    Marina Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    The picture of Cayetana when she was younger... it s not her, the name of the girl in the photo is Nona Cardoner!

  • Norma jean Evans
    Norma jean Evans 2 hours ago

    I watches this for 3weeks thru session 11, I got tired of all the kissing between Ty and Amy, over and over, I quit it then.same thing over and over.good story line , but too redunnit.

  • Darryl Clark
    Darryl Clark 3 hours ago

    1:04 that is not LaLa 😂

  • withNofnerea
    withNofnerea 3 hours ago

    Pasar por mi canal 🙏‼️

  • Butterfly kisses
    Butterfly kisses 3 hours ago

    nature is married... false info bro

  • Lern Jergay
    Lern Jergay 3 hours ago

    I thought Ester is bi or smthn hahhahs I just stalked her ig and she kissed her bestfriend? Wow,they're very close huh

  • cicarter01
    cicarter01 3 hours ago

    I thought this feature was awesome! I love this show

  • Soraia Ramos
    Soraia Ramos 4 hours ago

    Ester and Álvaro aren’t together anymore.

    UPTOPVSXC 4 hours ago

    Tommy is married to one of the make up ladies on Power

  • c h e s c a
    c h e s c a 4 hours ago

    at first i kinda ship carmen and detective devinough, i still do though but i ship carmen and gray more

  • Issa Boma
    Issa Boma 4 hours ago

    I literally fall in love with the chilling of adventures with Sabrina at first sight😍

  • Steve
    Steve 4 hours ago

    Wow Joey protector does not age at all

  • Steve
    Steve 4 hours ago

    Lala ass looks super fake in the show lol

  • CherylJ 64
    CherylJ 64 4 hours ago

    Lynn Whitfield is my Birthday 🎂 buddy

  • Rip SKY
    Rip SKY 5 hours ago

    Tommy, is there a reason you're relationship is kept secret. Maybe it's a relationship that will affect his character.

  • Rip SKY
    Rip SKY 5 hours ago

    Why I feel like Tariq about to come out any moment now.

  • scorpio 1
    scorpio 1 5 hours ago

    lauren is 40??? wait wtf. she looks 25 lol

  • Dulce Garcete
    Dulce Garcete 5 hours ago

    Doing the 4 season!!!! Please!!!

  • Vic Van Lier
    Vic Van Lier 5 hours ago

    Y'all make videos for anything.

  • bobpeh Brasil
    bobpeh Brasil 6 hours ago

    Uma série fantástica, com todos os valores desejáveis e decentes. Assentirei enquanto a produzirem.

  • Soumy Sweet Home
    Soumy Sweet Home 6 hours ago

    What about Berlin and mosko

  • Paola Rossy
    Paola Rossy 7 hours ago

    Mario esta con blanca Suárez ahora!

  • Chatrin Tsang
    Chatrin Tsang 7 hours ago

    Like for season 2

  • Chatrin Tsang
    Chatrin Tsang 7 hours ago

    Please give a second chance in Netflix!.. just dying to watch!... thank you Netflix...

  • dublin talk
    dublin talk 7 hours ago

    Only found this show yesterday finished them both in work 👌😂

  • Fiao'o Lito
    Fiao'o Lito 8 hours ago

    u didnt tell us how old annette hannah is

  • miki mi
    miki mi 8 hours ago

    Dang did they purposely search for a black cast who dates outside their race...geesh. I can't with "black" hollywood....

  • cleia Lima Brito Lima Brito

    Eu me pergunto cadê os brasileiros deste vidío

  • Ms. Memi
    Ms. Memi 8 hours ago

    What in the nation mixing is this

  • Show Runner
    Show Runner 9 hours ago

    If you listen to the Premium Pete Show Joseph mentions his wife and who she is

  • isa alvarez
    isa alvarez 13 hours ago

    Me encanta estas series los quiero 😍👏👍

  • Mãe e Filha Wanderlust


  • Abigaël Sévère
    Abigaël Sévère 15 hours ago

    Ester (Carla) is only 19!!!???? Whattttttttttt

  • Abigaël Sévère
    Abigaël Sévère 15 hours ago

    Omgggg the actor that plays Valerio is 27!!!!!! Whattttt he looks sooo youngggggg, I thought he would be the youngest

  • Brooke Morrow
    Brooke Morrow 15 hours ago

    No doubt that Caitriona Balfe is a Libran as the Director required an intelligent, emotionally and mentally gifted actor to play Claire. 💕🙏

  • Roger Ferreira Lima
    Roger Ferreira Lima 15 hours ago

    Eu queria ver os dentes da Tere, ( marta aledo ) se são normais e limpos ou se são feios igual na série 🤣🤣

  • Thais Oliveira
    Thais Oliveira 16 hours ago

    Esther has same day birthday as me,oh my god wht a coincidence 💕

  • michel bautista
    michel bautista 17 hours ago

    Quiero ver temporada 13

  • Theparkster15
    Theparkster15 17 hours ago

    I thought Grace left

  • Noelle Wescott
    Noelle Wescott 17 hours ago

    being born a day after sabrina is a blessing 🙌🏻

  • Calleigh simon
    Calleigh simon 18 hours ago

    Who is Samantha it's Louise AKA LU

    • Calleigh simon
      Calleigh simon 6 hours ago

      Either way why would they call her Samantha everyone now's her by Louise

    • N. Johnson
      N. Johnson 14 hours ago

      No, her name on the show is Samantha Louise....AKA Lou.

  • Larissa Silva
    Larissa Silva 18 hours ago

    Não acredito que a Ester tá me chifrando!!!

  • rosangela gabriel
    rosangela gabriel 18 hours ago

    Agente assiste as séries parece tudo tão real que pessoal parece, parente amigo da gente ,e que agente sente tanta saudade,parece família,imagino elas depois que acaba as gravações dos episódios ,a série,acho que fica muitas amizades,amigas amigos de verdade,porem um grande e belo trabalho que fica pra sempre...sofri muito mas amei a serie muito sofrimento.Morro de medo Anabel e zulema até hj kkk

  • The_Man_WhoWas Blessed


  • Chloe H
    Chloe H 18 hours ago

    Some people are really going to die without the reveal huh?

  • Dora Pérez
    Dora Pérez 19 hours ago


  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams 19 hours ago

    Omar recently said in a video of them playing never have I ever that he’s NEVER had a boyfriend or girlfriend. So this is false.

  • Stefan Moultrie
    Stefan Moultrie 19 hours ago

    Of course they with white men

  • Unfamous_ _Sierra
    Unfamous_ _Sierra 19 hours ago

    2ed !!!!!!

  • Fabio Sousa
    Fabio Sousa 20 hours ago

    Watch ! Halloween 2019


    nano fuck them all bro

  • Karissa Fowler
    Karissa Fowler 20 hours ago

    Ty and Amy should be in LOVE

  • michaela villiers-kendall

    Actually, I thought it got a bit soft and soapy towards the end of the last series, so maybe it's for the best. Unless they want to hire my son who's an actor, of course; he'd be perfect in it!

  • charina rijo montero

    So sad...

  • Núria Mestre
    Núria Mestre 22 hours ago

    Rebeka con K

  • Mia Carrington
    Mia Carrington 22 hours ago

    How the FUCK can they cancel it at the end of the third season...Jesus Christos bring it Back!!!

  • Chanel Harper
    Chanel Harper 22 hours ago

    I’m glad the series is almost over bc I can’t stand another season of Keisha. Lala is trash 😭😭

  • Aliya
    Aliya 23 hours ago

    Aurore has such a baby face! XD Remember that scene where they summon the witch with the detective? Emma checks the surrounding, suddenly cute Aurore face appear. I find it funny..XD

  • Razvan Vlad
    Razvan Vlad 23 hours ago


  • BigOlWorm
    BigOlWorm 23 hours ago


  • Sharon
    Sharon Day ago


  • Sharon
    Sharon Day ago

    OMG is Jade 26? they look younger in free rein

  • Binttu Td
    Binttu Td Day ago

    This bitch Aitana stole my boyfriend 😂

  • Jäger Main
    Jäger Main Day ago


  • xk si
    xk si Day ago


  • Marcelo Penna
    Marcelo Penna Day ago

    No se como alguien tan hermoso como Ander y Rebeka están solteros..

  • Marcelo Penna
    Marcelo Penna Day ago

    Omar no era gay en la vida real igual?

  • Marcelo Penna
    Marcelo Penna Day ago

    Álvaro y Ester ya no están juntos..

  • nate montie
    nate montie Day ago

    fuck off netflix it was on ABC in australia before it was on your fucking stupid tv program i hope you got permission by australia to put that show on netflix and also with the young girl maybe they should throw holy water on her before they kill her her parents are fucking psychos!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayela Oribiana

    Aron piper looks like a young ryan philippe

  • Sean Akridge
    Sean Akridge Day ago

    Tariq nice KC hat

  • Imperial 562
    Imperial 562 Day ago

    Yes can wait 2 see season 3 wow its so good n the music is awesome.

  • Mary Bolanle
    Mary Bolanle Day ago

    Lovely crew..I love them alot

  • Jazmine Wildflower

    Wow ALL swirling🤔🤔😒😒

    • Jazmine Wildflower
      Jazmine Wildflower 4 hours ago

      @CherylJ 64 facts

    • CherylJ 64
      CherylJ 64 4 hours ago

      Jazmine Wildflower Except Keith David...his wife is too young for him looks like she could be his Daughter 🙄

  • Stacy I
    Stacy I Day ago

    Words can not Express the love I have for this show. Best cast! Can't get enough of Heartland.

  • Tamara GA
    Tamara GA Day ago

    Que major me acabo de sentir......😭

  • Evika hey
    Evika hey Day ago

    Wait i can see videos from season 3 on youtube. Why its not on Netflix?

  • Mirac Yazar
    Mirac Yazar Day ago

    This Series is Phenomenal !!!

  • Jagruti Gaware

    Just finished watching the season 1....amazing series...blown away... eagerly waiting for season 2

  • Carla Farrar
    Carla Farrar Day ago

    I think Netflix could produce a season 6

  • ItsYassine
    ItsYassine Day ago

    Netflix don't be HBO and make the last season like got worse than pig poop 😪

  • maria vergara
    maria vergara Day ago


  • Osiris Osiris
    Osiris Osiris Day ago

    Very slow and very authentic show. Can't wait for MH season 3

  • Queen Mercy
    Queen Mercy Day ago

    Rotimi whooosh Joe 😍 Tommy 😍 Tate

  • M.Uxair Khan
    M.Uxair Khan Day ago

    Best drama serial

  • Ms. H
    Ms. H Day ago

    I would NEVER bed a pale caveman inhumane beast.

  • Anjel G.
    Anjel G. Day ago

    I'm Lamman Ruckers wife.. We've been married all my life, and we have 2 kids 12 and 2 yrs old!! That Di-💦 OOP! 😯 NVM I forgot he don't like me talking bout ish! We keep erry thang on the DL! 🤫😫😏😝😚🤗🤭😭

  • Sophie E.
    Sophie E. Day ago

    I love this show so much that that I've watched it 3 times already

  • Lily Gerbitz
    Lily Gerbitz Day ago

    I thought Jorge was dating danna?

  • Blake Wilsey
    Blake Wilsey Day ago

    Omg Clara is my sister

  • pool c.a.b.j
    pool c.a.b.j Day ago

    Mi morocha hermosa , mi preferida berta vazquez 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕y la mejor de todo vis a vis ?? la puta ama (ZULEMA ) 🤗💪

  • Destiny Bernard

    Quit playin’ with Nina😭