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    ORISHA PHOTOS Year ago

    bro did you buy it or is it a sponsored gift? how much total?

  • Adam Richards
    Adam Richards 2 years ago

    50,000 dollars. 240p.

  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 years ago

    Nutella is kinda like cleanex.....😂

  • Roney Cezário
    Roney Cezário 2 years ago

    Valeu Breno! Abraço

  • Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen 2 years ago

    LOL Why does this guy insit on giving MKBHD's locations?! Not only in this video!

  • MUFLIH Muhammed
    MUFLIH Muhammed 2 years ago

    good job

  • FriendFilmsTheWorld
    FriendFilmsTheWorld 2 years ago

    Way to crush it and give yourself the ability to get awesome tech like this. A lot of people probably hate on content creators and assume that they have rich parents or sponsors or blah blah blah. Just want to say, good job. Way to work hard and show that it does pay off.

  • Calvin Hicks
    Calvin Hicks 3 years ago

    I this camera really $80,000.00? Seriously? Where did you get the money to purchase it? And you said you're updating from the Red One...does that mean you own two of these? Dude...what's the secret? Where are you getting the bank for these awesome catchers?

  • Fazendo_Justiça A_Verdade

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  • Jason Wells
    Jason Wells 3 years ago

    What is the size of this Terra Air Pro desk? You mentioned 96" wide, which would make it a custom size as their standard size is 63". I'm about to order one and want to know if I should spring for a custom larger size or not.

  • angelsayshi1
    angelsayshi1 3 years ago

    quick question for mkbhd. How much data do you have?

  • Rohit K
    Rohit K 3 years ago

    did MKBHD ever live in a dorm or is this a dorm room ?

  • Rohit K
    Rohit K 3 years ago

    was it a two bedroom flat ? He never shot any videos in the hall !

  • Gen Salvacion
    Gen Salvacion 3 years ago


  • Gideon Tonkinson
    Gideon Tonkinson 3 years ago

    Yo his friends name is Austin

  • Varun Sarathy
    Varun Sarathy 3 years ago

    Hey, can you upload MKBHD's new Periscopes, please? Thanks!

  • Nakul Hedao
    Nakul Hedao 3 years ago

    so Dumb Lol

  • Tucker Smith
    Tucker Smith 3 years ago

    the irony of recording a 50,000 dollar camera on a iphone selfie cam, lol

  • tayfooon
    tayfooon 3 years ago

    An hour long vertical video? Are you serious?

  • NikWillOrStuff
    NikWillOrStuff 3 years ago

    why's the video repeat 5 times? lol

  • Nils Empen
    Nils Empen 3 years ago


  • RedsTech
    RedsTech 3 years ago


  • Varun Sarathy
    Varun Sarathy 3 years ago

    NOOO! I'm gonna miss this place.

  • Rk4K
    Rk4K 3 years ago

    mkbhd,please esnd this desk to me~!-pleaseeeee

  • NikWillOrStuff
    NikWillOrStuff 3 years ago

    thank you mr. periscope history. these logs are really freaking awesome.

  • Aditya
    Aditya 3 years ago

    sir, please do a proper desk setup tour 2016

    • Aditya
      Aditya 3 years ago

      +Aditya Saili its:)*

    • Aditya
      Aditya 3 years ago

      And please reply if you can :(

  • G Bharadwaj Sreekar
    G Bharadwaj Sreekar 3 years ago

    hey ask marques to upload in 4k on RU-clip bcoz the quality sucks

  • SyDiko
    SyDiko 3 years ago

    Why are there so many jelly comments?! He didn't buy the weapon for himself, he bought the weapon to bring YOU better videos.

  • Paul Dela Peña
    Paul Dela Peña 3 years ago

    my internet speed is just 300ms 2.12mbps. 0.98upload

  • David Sciortino
    David Sciortino 3 years ago

    drugs are bad

  • Pyramid Never
    Pyramid Never 3 years ago

    Is the Asian dude drunk??

  • Fashizy
    Fashizy 3 years ago

    "and don't stalk me either" and I'm not living here" 😂😂

  • Abubakr Olorunlambe
    Abubakr Olorunlambe 3 years ago

    What was the video you guys were watching?????

    • Raveendar reddy
      Raveendar reddy 3 years ago

      Abubakr Olorunlambe go and search mkbhd on RU-clip and you will see everything

  • HowToEveryGaming
    HowToEveryGaming 3 years ago

    It was about 1am here when he streamed this, thank you!

  • Ghostoil
    Ghostoil 3 years ago

    It really sounds like Austin is saying his favorite cereal is Salmon Toe Scratch.

  • Shelton 1211 scott
    Shelton 1211 scott 3 years ago

    good job

  • 1,000 subscribers with 1 video before Christmas

    MKBHD NNew studio setup

  • Shelton 1211 scott
    Shelton 1211 scott 3 years ago

    when is the next Nexus phone to be released

  • Aditya Mhatre
    Aditya Mhatre 3 years ago

    LOL @17:48

  • Ninja Turtle
    Ninja Turtle 3 years ago

    yo MKBHD

  • BehrBob
    BehrBob 3 years ago


  • Sairam pinjarla
    Sairam pinjarla 3 years ago


  • Sairam pinjarla
    Sairam pinjarla 3 years ago


  • Sairam pinjarla
    Sairam pinjarla 3 years ago


  • Sairam pinjarla
    Sairam pinjarla 3 years ago


  • Sairam pinjarla
    Sairam pinjarla 3 years ago


  • Sairam pinjarla
    Sairam pinjarla 3 years ago


  • Sairam pinjarla
    Sairam pinjarla 3 years ago


  • Sairam pinjarla
    Sairam pinjarla 3 years ago


  • Sairam pinjarla
    Sairam pinjarla 3 years ago

    second :D

  • Tech Volt
    Tech Volt 3 years ago

    First :D

  • Love Nordahl
    Love Nordahl 3 years ago

    got a 50.000 dollar camera, use a phone to record. "no i didnt steal that red camera"

  • pofrani
    pofrani 3 years ago

    portrait mode video??? I don't think so!

  • bent540
    bent540 3 years ago

    lol vertical fool

  • TechPash
    TechPash 3 years ago

    android nectar

  • zach hall
    zach hall 3 years ago

    how has nobody commented.

  • Neil Mason
    Neil Mason 3 years ago

    This is one rich dude. Going to school and having gear like that...lucky guy.

  • Corbin Gotelli
    Corbin Gotelli 3 years ago

    Hey could you start doing Ralph Cervantes @Manray300?

  • Mr. Bond
    Mr. Bond 3 years ago

    A lot of hateration going on in the comment section i wonder why. Lol

  • Jeroen D.
    Jeroen D. 3 years ago

    You buy a fuckin RED Weapon and you record the unboxing vertically.. You don't deserve a RED. Please sell it or bring it back and never make any more videos...

  • Sammy Sam
    Sammy Sam 3 years ago

    Good idea. Hope you're listening, RU-clip

  • Rudra Newaz
    Rudra Newaz 3 years ago

    why this bad quality

    • Patrick Mullaney
      Patrick Mullaney 3 years ago

      +Rudra Newaz Because the recording is in landscape HD, but the broadcast doesn't usually tap into that range while in portrait so that it streams in a more consistent quality.

  • DivineTek
    DivineTek 3 years ago

    Nope, no body stole this camera xD

  • Joey Finch
    Joey Finch 3 years ago

    fuck periscope

  • Moai
    Moai 3 years ago

    "It's overkill...but I don't care" Translation : "I'm rich, fuck you and your feelings and your opinions, I'm rubbing my wealth in your face" Fans "Omg, I love him, I love his videos.....please, make us feel inadequate and poor ! Fuck those haters !! We love you" Gotta love the sheep on youtube.

    VISHAL SARKAR 3 years ago

    no one know about this channel annyway peace out 4k :D

  • Sairam pinjarla
    Sairam pinjarla 3 years ago

    what kind of channel ias this

  • nextstar55
    nextstar55 3 years ago

    You people hate on this guy because he got a red camera and yall don't got shit.. maybe yall to can get whatever camera you want if you stop the hate.

  • Kennedi Harris
    Kennedi Harris 3 years ago

    Do dedtiney cox

  • Rudra Newaz
    Rudra Newaz 3 years ago


  • Avtar Singh
    Avtar Singh 3 years ago

    his palm is so white...

  • Avtar Singh
    Avtar Singh 3 years ago

    his palm is so white...

  • yuh!
    yuh! 3 years ago

    Buys $50000 camera Records on portrait on iPhone

    • Fauzan A.
      Fauzan A. 3 years ago

      +johnniedehuff Comments on RU-clip. Has bad grammar. JK.

  • alpen huhn
    alpen huhn 3 years ago

    I don't understand: why is it filmed vertically?

  • Analog Nomad
    Analog Nomad 3 years ago

    A Red Weapon for YT about lipstick on a pig!.

  • John Rowley
    John Rowley 3 years ago

    I do not understand this portrait mode video that periscope produces - intentionally shit?

  • Gr8Success
    Gr8Success 3 years ago

    and you filmed this with a dildo camera

  • Abdullah Jimmy
    Abdullah Jimmy 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for this made my day

  • brianminkc
    brianminkc 3 years ago

    did you buy that or did some idiot trust you with it?

  • Alonzo Lombardi
    Alonzo Lombardi 3 years ago

    SO... you are a poor man, aren't you?

  • Uthu Santuhan
    Uthu Santuhan 3 years ago

    What is the camera to go for the poor people that want to make a youtube video? Any advice besides "just jump" is welcome.

  • Irun Mon
    Irun Mon 3 years ago

    He must got sponsor or something, that's like most of youtubers income per year, I mean he gets more but $80k? that's just too much

  • nextstar55
    nextstar55 3 years ago

    Congratulations on getting your camera

  • man Steel
    man Steel 3 years ago

    and now you need a new Camcorder

  • AirsoftWarfareHD
    AirsoftWarfareHD 4 years ago

    Buys a 50k+ camera to shoot videos in his room... Yeahhhhh. I would rather buy the Blackmagic Ursa or Sony A7sM2 to get the similar video quality for the types of shoots he does. If he did short films like FreddieW then I would understand him buying this but for in home use it makes no sense since he doesn't need that much dynamic range and he can easily grade the footage from a Sony for the same quality

  • Brian Burrous
    Brian Burrous 4 years ago

    was this in 6k? cause it looked really high res

  • Rishab S
    Rishab S 4 years ago

    Dude, enable horizontal viewing. It benefits both - users on comp and phone. If you turn on auto-rotate on phone you're set.

  • Carlton JacksonSr
    Carlton JacksonSr 4 years ago

    What was the cost of this ?

  • Fabian Gort
    Fabian Gort 4 years ago

    serious. this guy has a red but films vertical???!!

    • Andrew Perez
      Andrew Perez 4 years ago

      its periscope you couldn't record horizontal before

  • HalJo Dav
    HalJo Dav 4 years ago

    Has an $80,000 camera. Shoots the unboxing video with a phone camera vertically. XD

  • Workenesh Woldmariam

    I think very interested you work I' like Marques Brownlee (mkbhd)Thank you U See video

  • Jason Lindquist
    Jason Lindquist 4 years ago

    so what ? you use a red weapon to film youtube videos??

    • Mr. Bond
      Mr. Bond 3 years ago

      Why the hell does it matter what he uses his weapon for?? Do you ask a person that owns a Lamborghini a question like that?? So you have a lambo just to drive to the beach? Shut up he has it because he can fucking have it thats all you need to know!

    • Blu3raNger88
      Blu3raNger88 3 years ago

      @JLfilms it really is though, why i didnt buy a gh4 for a 1000$ when there are much better cameras for video so close it it.

    • Jason Lindquist
      Jason Lindquist 3 years ago

      +Blu3raNger88 nah not rly

    • Blu3raNger88
      Blu3raNger88 3 years ago

      +JLfilms no its not, gh4 4k without an external recorder is so compressed its gross

    • Jason Lindquist
      Jason Lindquist 3 years ago

      lol i got a gh4, 4k is real as it can get ! lollll

  • Yakov Ioffe
    Yakov Ioffe 4 years ago

    Накрути лайки и подписчиков в Periscope!

  • T Black
    T Black 4 years ago

    You must have a beast of a computer to edit 6k !

  • Clayton Taylor
    Clayton Taylor 4 years ago

    So I'm guessing every dime in the budget for production value in this video went to buy the Weapon? lol... it's insulting to the RED to shoot it on a phone.

  • K Will
    K Will 4 years ago

    nice vid. whats your snapchat name

  • FTS x GSD / Stolen Pictures

    This is a waste of such a nice camera for youtube videos smh

  • Victor Lucas
    Victor Lucas 4 years ago

    Muito caro