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  • jimmy chizzel
    jimmy chizzel 5 minutes ago

    That screen, if it's going to have one, is going to suck. Think about how small the text and icons will be.

  • kenneth mortu
    kenneth mortu 12 minutes ago

    Wasted my time watching this video. CRAP

  • Ghostokardo
    Ghostokardo 14 minutes ago

    Introducing the new Sony ps5 controller... For 200$ only :D

  • Declan Wood
    Declan Wood 21 minute ago

    Insta: declan_927 Twitter: DeclanW55365575

  • Russ Eagle
    Russ Eagle 21 minute ago

    Valve or volve?

  • M Rusli
    M Rusli 27 minutes ago

    Do let us know if there is problems with Apple T2 chip crashes in the 16 inch MacBook Pro!!!! Alright?

  • Fandy Irawan
    Fandy Irawan 32 minutes ago

    I hope not like that, imagine how much i spend to buy new one if broken.. 😂

  • Luke MYT
    Luke MYT 44 minutes ago

    Golden play button is smelling 🙂🙂🙂

  • Onep Onepablo
    Onep Onepablo 47 minutes ago


  • Bo Fahed
    Bo Fahed 54 minutes ago


  • Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf Hour ago

    Hope the ps5 controller looks that way. Insta arct1cw0lfy Twitter ArcticWolfy.

  • Igor Smelov
    Igor Smelov Hour ago

    why did you use iphone clone for this reference?

  • albert almonte
    albert almonte Hour ago

    Twitter: albert_almonte IG: _albert_almonte_

  • Stoynov666
    Stoynov666 Hour ago

    MOUSE is superior mate.

  • Yash Kumar
    Yash Kumar Hour ago

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  • Yash Kumar
    Yash Kumar Hour ago

    Great work man 👍🏻 Instagram - @yashk1041 Twitter - @yashk1041

  • Yash Kumar
    Yash Kumar Hour ago

    Great work man 👍🏻 Instagram - @yashk1041 Twitter - @yashk1041

  • Yash Kumar
    Yash Kumar Hour ago

    Great work man 👍🏻 Instagram - @yashk1041 Twitter - @yashk1041

  • Ollie Hall
    Ollie Hall Hour ago

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  • Riccardo Nurcis
    Riccardo Nurcis Hour ago

    Yeah and if new ps4 controller could cost 70$ this will be cost 150$ . if controller broke I stop to play . Who pay the price of a console for a joypad

  • Mohammad Imthiaz

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  • Adarius Moore
    Adarius Moore Hour ago

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    Arya Tripathi Hour ago

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  • David Piedade
    David Piedade 2 hours ago

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    hafis idris 2 hours ago

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  • Valerie Medina
    Valerie Medina 2 hours ago

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  • Lekha Pratap
    Lekha Pratap 2 hours ago

    Fucking Raid Shadow, man! I can’t even...lolz 3:00

  • Gholamreza Karimaghai

    Will be success if does the Mobile phone job too !!!

  • bobbobolo
    bobbobolo 2 hours ago

    Looks trash... no bumper beneath?

  • Ratanang Rabalago
    Ratanang Rabalago 2 hours ago

    I can imagine the Apple presentation already.. Immediately we would want them like we need oxygen to live. IG: ratanangrabalago Twitter: RRabalago

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz 2 hours ago

    danzillamos is my instagram and infidiaz is my Twitter and I’m stoked about the glasses yes

  • Tabor Farrett
    Tabor Farrett 2 hours ago

    Instagram: taborfarrett Twitter: tabzzzzz24 Would love the AirPod pros🙏🏽 I love your vids and I have been showing all my friends your great informative content. We all love your video’s!!!

  • Stevewoh
    Stevewoh 2 hours ago

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    Stevewoh 2 hours ago

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  • CerandoX
    CerandoX 2 hours ago

    We had the SixAxis-controller before DualShock 3. ;-)

  • Loay Tork
    Loay Tork 2 hours ago

    Man I love this game 😀

  • Andrei Mariuțeac
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  • Stevewoh
    Stevewoh 2 hours ago

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  • Josh Gomes
    Josh Gomes 2 hours ago

    Years behind*

  • Georg
    Georg 2 hours ago

    Hey Daniel! My IG: Georgmazzati Twitter: @Georg96Tech I’ve watched you since Iphone 6 rumors video. You’ve come a looong way! I really wish to win, it is my biggest dream and it would make me so happy. Regardless of who you choose I will always support you, the best channel on youtube ❤️👌🏻

  • Rrza Rafiee
    Rrza Rafiee 3 hours ago

    Man I'm so hyped for the new ps4 I can't wait for it to be announced...

    ERRORFACE1 3 hours ago

    Nothing beats the x controller imho

  • Tr Li
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  • land of misfits
    land of misfits 3 hours ago

    I want a phone please!!!

  • John Dearing
    John Dearing 3 hours ago

    @jdearing46 twitter jdearing46 instagram handles as requested thank you for the chance to win an awesome prize good luck everyone. The whole package will awesome I'm sure. I have heard there will a 3tb removable hard drive with this version of the console.

  • Saif Ali Kalyar
    Saif Ali Kalyar 3 hours ago

    Thanks for great info about ps5 and my Instagram is saif ali kalyar and Twitter is saif ali kalyar. thanks

  • Blood Sweat Steel
    Blood Sweat Steel 3 hours ago

    Take your MacBook back with a lawyer and demand they test it in front of you while connected via thunderbolt. Would get views aplenty and change apple’s bs attitude

  • D C
    D C 3 hours ago

    Ps5 is ugly asf I'm staying with my pro fukk tht

  • Grrrehhh
    Grrrehhh 3 hours ago

    Hi, t: @grzehott. ; i :grrrehhh Wish me luck :)

  • Jensen
    Jensen 3 hours ago

    I literally bought my PS4 for the DS4.

  • Abigail Williams
    Abigail Williams 3 hours ago

    They are so ugly but I plan to use them😂

  • Atif Mumtaz
    Atif Mumtaz 3 hours ago

    Andrew Garfield reviewing the leak.

  • dennis rwandy
    dennis rwandy 3 hours ago

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    dennis rwandy 3 hours ago

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  • Nader Yehya
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    IG: nader_yehya Twitter: @NaderYehya1 Looking forward for that watch

  • Team Disaster Junior

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  • John Le
    John Le 3 hours ago

    love this camera comparison and my favourite is the iphone 11 pro because it's too good. btw my IG is pancake_buddies4lyf

  • Zion Kimura
    Zion Kimura 3 hours ago

    CoT_Kimchi twitter and zion.kimura insta I really would like the AirPods pro please.

  • KingMidasTTV
    KingMidasTTV 3 hours ago

    Love the new design of the ps5 controller if they stick with it Twitter is @MidasTtv and IG is Kingmidasttv

  • Peter Rasa Viviani
    Peter Rasa Viviani 3 hours ago

    Will be nice to not need my macbook one day, just the glasses and my smartphone. Eventually maybe just the glasses... then just the contacts. Hope the mirror isn't too black...

  • Berk BUDAKER
    Berk BUDAKER 3 hours ago

    I don’t know how Ps5 controller will be but I know ps6 are gonna be played by stones and sticks.

  • Aaron Lozano
    Aaron Lozano 3 hours ago

    Wow. I like your idea about that controller. I hope they make it like your idea

  • Mohamed Jinah
    Mohamed Jinah 4 hours ago

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  • Beno Australia
    Beno Australia 4 hours ago

    Psgay new release

  • Shyamu Kumar
    Shyamu Kumar 4 hours ago

    Future looks definitely awesome!! My Insta: @shykr My Tweet: @IamSKRai

  • ash285632
    ash285632 4 hours ago

    One problem with the water cooling system is that you have to clean it and that would be hard

  • JoeDaBro
    JoeDaBro 4 hours ago

    They should call this iSight

  • Mutsa Michelle
    Mutsa Michelle 4 hours ago

    Okay you all are commenting on some serious stuff, me im interested only on the pixel 4...bro throw this dog a bone hey!!! @mutsa07 Instagram @mutsa1231 Twitter

  • Shahzad Waris
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  • Young Evo
    Young Evo 4 hours ago

    Twitter: Rambo (@youngevo777) Instagram: young_evo I think the controller might not be the way we're expecting but I honestly can't wait till the real deal pops out

  • Agilen Vlogs
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  • Greatness 564
    Greatness 564 4 hours ago

    Good to know ZoneTech isn't a dumbass Xbox fan

    TOP BTW 5 hours ago


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    John Blanco 5 hours ago

    Twitter: jcb123abc Instagram jcbpower2... I always do these and never win so slide one my way 😭

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  • Victor M Pinedo
    Victor M Pinedo 5 hours ago

    Not a bad idea, I've seen many tech gurus trying to emulate this for years now. About time, finally a stylish one. IG: yagsknowsbest T: visual1one1

  • Eero Hillo
    Eero Hillo 5 hours ago

    didn’t we friking do a screen on a controller with wii u... and that worked?

  • Droid Himself
    Droid Himself 5 hours ago

    If that's a ps5 controller...goodbye to 2nd player..looks like its going to be a 400$ for the controller only

  • Felix Bakke
    Felix Bakke 5 hours ago

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  • Kawaii Otaku
    Kawaii Otaku 5 hours ago

    11:45 be weird if that's the console that will be the final pattern just not open to public to say

  • Prashan Subba
    Prashan Subba 5 hours ago

    IG je_suis_shaan Twi @justprashan I like the design of the console 😊

  • Aaron Wise
    Aaron Wise 5 hours ago

    Just say Dreams is compatible with PlayStation 5 and I am sold, considering I already have bought Dreams on my PlayStation 4 can I carry it over to PlayStation 5 for free? Also yes I bought Dreams digitally. So, can I carry all my PlayStation 4 data to my PlayStation 5?

    HESHAM MOHAMED 5 hours ago

    I would like to win😍

  • MrReddington 77
    MrReddington 77 5 hours ago

    Way to stretch a video out that could've just been 3 minutes long.

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