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  • Robert Taylor
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  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 31 minute ago

    🕊💔🕊💙🕊Great. 🌟🌹

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 34 minutes ago

    Yup...simply beaitiful. 🕊😇🕊

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    Robert Taylor 38 minutes ago

    From her heart.🕊💖🕊💖🕊

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    Robert Taylor 40 minutes ago

    Simply great. 🕊🌟🕊🌟🕊🌟

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    Robert Taylor 47 minutes ago

    WELL DONE! 🕊🏁🕊

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    Robert Taylor 51 minute ago

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

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    Robert Taylor 52 minutes ago

    Compelling song, compelling voice. 🕊🌹🕊🌹🕊🌹🕊

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    Robert Taylor 55 minutes ago

    Yes Grace, you ARE so beautiful in so many ways. 🕊😇🕊🌟🕊😜🕊

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    Robert Taylor 58 minutes ago

    🕊🌟🕊 Great as usual.

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor Hour ago

    What a fantastic singer/performer. 🕊🌟🕊🌹🕊

    • james thomas
      james thomas 6 minutes ago

      @Robert Taylor she is just a once in a generation talent for sure

    • Robert Taylor
      Robert Taylor 22 minutes ago

      @james thomas yup, you are so right. 👍

    • james thomas
      james thomas 27 minutes ago

      Dont forget songwriter/ model and actress

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor Hour ago

    So beautifully sung. 🕊💓🕊

  • Ross Winslow
    Ross Winslow Hour ago

    Not enough people are seeing this.. what a shame!

  • EE
    EE 2 hours ago

    So dis is what happened to the girl on American Idol

    • Ross Winslow
      Ross Winslow 2 hours ago

      Grace is a brilliant singer-songwriter-performer who is currently on her own National Tour and is about to release her 3rd incredible album. Look around her channel here for a truly wonderful experience and search youtube for "grace vanderwaal Ur So Beautiful Tour" for some great video of her amazing Tour performances. I know you will enjoy the ride and become a life-long fan!

  • Worthy Kid
    Worthy Kid 2 hours ago

    I love your smile soo much💕

  • Worthy Kid
    Worthy Kid 2 hours ago

    I love her smile soo much.

  • Tiara syamer
    Tiara syamer 2 hours ago

    I love u grace from Indonesia🇲🇨🇲🇨

  • Isabel Valerio
    Isabel Valerio 3 hours ago

    That voice 😍

  • Nadine !!
    Nadine !! 3 hours ago

    My sister just left for college a few days ago, and it’s been extremely hard for me to cope with her gone most of the time. But this song is what keeps me close to her.

  • Ivy Apelu
    Ivy Apelu 3 hours ago

    She is so amazing and pretty

  • Baja Bongo
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  • Sofia Maciejewski
    Sofia Maciejewski 4 hours ago

    Wow... she is so different from the little 12yearold girl on America got talent

  • Drielle Barros
    Drielle Barros 4 hours ago

    She is the result of sia + taylor swift

  • Winderlis Blanco
    Winderlis Blanco 4 hours ago

    ¿Quién todavía hoy 16 de septiembre del 2019? No la superoo

  • Larissa Zambon
    Larissa Zambon 6 hours ago

    Love you grace

  • Slime asmr by sav and jon :D

    Love it!

  • Estrella Isabel
    Estrella Isabel 8 hours ago

    I really like this song

  • stlgames32 Yt
    stlgames32 Yt 8 hours ago

    The fact that she has a scratchy voice it makes it sound much better say is Taylor swift sang it

  • Estrella Isabel
    Estrella Isabel 8 hours ago

    You sing really good

  • Estrella Isabel
    Estrella Isabel 8 hours ago

    You are a beautiful princess

  • Estrella Isabel
    Estrella Isabel 8 hours ago

    I love you

  • Amir Hosseini
    Amir Hosseini 9 hours ago

    I love you R

  • Anukriti
    Anukriti 9 hours ago

    I want to see you someday ... 🤩🤩 but may be thats not possible bcoz I am from india .. am so far away .. ☹️

  • Anukriti
    Anukriti 9 hours ago

    you r the best .. & I sang a cover of this song plz watch that & giv feedback .. bcoz i luv u so much 🥰❤️❤️😄😄

  • Britt’s Shineee
    Britt’s Shineee 10 hours ago

    OMG it’s that girl who got the golden buzzer. I just noticed!

    • Ross Winslow
      Ross Winslow 9 hours ago

      Grace VanderWaal - currently on her own National Tour and about to release her 3rd album. Look around her channel here and be swept away by pure genius and the Worlds most endearing voice and personality. She has some recent videos that you will absolutely fall in love with! And search youtube for :"grace vanderwaal Ur So Beautiful Tour" for some wonderful video of Grace's incredible Tour performances. Have fun!

  • Pantelis Michael
    Pantelis Michael 11 hours ago

    Simon is always right!!!

  • Danielaispurom
    Danielaispurom 11 hours ago

    You’re amazing 💓💓💓

    BLACK WHITE 11 hours ago


  • Gracious Grace
    Gracious Grace 12 hours ago

    I just got a newphone, the older one is broken cz i use the calculator app to calculate how much i love you grace

  • Ángela moon emoji pop

    Me encanta canción de felíz 😍😘☺️

  • Karl Avanzini
    Karl Avanzini 12 hours ago

    Love this new single

  • Ayah Qutub
    Ayah Qutub 13 hours ago


  • jack dheb
    jack dheb 13 hours ago

    It sounds Grace, isn't it ??? !!!

  • Black Spade
    Black Spade 14 hours ago

    The song make my day❤

  • SnoW
    SnoW 14 hours ago

    If i could say one thing to Grace it would be just keep doing what your doing there is enough bad girls in their world we need a couple of good girls to ooh and keep listening to your parents they just want the best for you even when it doesn't feel like it some times i cant wait to see whats next for Grace hopefully only good things.

  • Dila , como eu sou!
    Dila , como eu sou! 14 hours ago

    Que voz linda!!

  • nina8 fatina
    nina8 fatina 15 hours ago

    I like her good song

  • Christina Ashby
    Christina Ashby 16 hours ago

    Love that little lady

  • Bigbanksbri
    Bigbanksbri 16 hours ago

    1.7k people who disliked know damn well they like this song

  • gabrielbenedict gigato

    this is the best song of grace vanderwaal i herd!!!,<3

  • Clent Burkins
    Clent Burkins 17 hours ago

    was just a matter of time before she went pop with electronic beats

    • Ross Winslow
      Ross Winslow Hour ago

      Erfedwe Yeh, it is curious and bizarre, if they would just appreciate what they are listening to and keep coming back Grace would have no trouble capturing them. It seems to me that there are people who just resent great success by a young person and maybe feel - I don't know - threatened by it or something, we see them all the time. To call it jealousy is probably an over simplification... but accurate.

    • Erfedwe
      Erfedwe 7 hours ago

      Ross Winslow I am curious if people think this is an insult or a finally gotcha moment, where they think the artist has failed some test and the person is seeing this as a win for themselves somehow. Quite bizarre.

    • Ross Winslow
      Ross Winslow 9 hours ago

      @Erfedwe Yup, or when she picked up a ukulele for the first time, sat on her bed at age 11 and began writing brilliant, timeless songs that have no need to be somehow fit into a certain genre. btw, John Lennon wrote on a uke much of the time. wonder if this guy can fit "Yesterday" and I Wanna Hold Your Hand" into the same genre!

    • Erfedwe
      Erfedwe 14 hours ago

      That time must have been 3 years ago when Gossip Girl was released on her EP, Perfectly Imperfect. And then again 2 years ago when So Much More Than This and other pop songs were release on her LP, Just The Beginning.

    • james thomas
      james thomas 14 hours ago

      Guess you missed stray from February as well as her just the beginning album it has pop and not pop songs she does many types of music look her up before you judge on one song

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva 17 hours ago


  • Il mondo di Federica
    Il mondo di Federica 19 hours ago

    Beatuful. Wow Grace

  • Ernest Sarsah
    Ernest Sarsah 21 hour ago

    Beautiful song

  • Bean and KDog
    Bean and KDog 21 hour ago

    Moonlight is one of my favorites but I think all of them are amazing ❤️

  • Ross Winslow
    Ross Winslow 22 hours ago

    Auto tune or no - and yes I know it's no - I still find it remarkable that Grace can sound EXACTLY the same in a live performance as she does in the studio with all the best technology, technicians, controlled environment, and etc. To me her voice has a decidedly different it in "Waste My Time" than any of her other songs and yet she does it exactly the same live sandwiched between 2 other songs that she sounds totally different in...... just remarkable to me! btw, I love.... LOVE.... that different ....something... that I hear in her voice in this song... it totally melts me!

  • Iron Bars Jeb
    Iron Bars Jeb 23 hours ago

    I thought this was Johnny Nash The adaptation is beautiful but at least give some credit to the original

    • james thomas
      james thomas 14 hours ago

      She always gives him credit for the few lines that was used this was not on her just the beginning album because they could not get his permission in time due to a hurricane but she has always mentioned him and in the Netflix movie this song was in he is mentioned in the credits

    • alan hebburn
      alan hebburn 20 hours ago

      Johnny Nash has been credited elsewhere ..

  • Duckie3390
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  • Alexandra Goldfinch
    Alexandra Goldfinch 23 hours ago

    How old is she?

  • IX Aro
    IX Aro Day ago

    Moonlight spotlight, oh wait wrong song?

    • james thomas
      james thomas Day ago

      Yes she released this a year before xxx so go on his video and quote her lyrics

  • Wayne Fraser
    Wayne Fraser Day ago

    Oh she is just feeling it. What a great song and performance for Grace and her band. Well done.

  • Candy Gamer2241

    Even on 1.75 speed she still sounds great

  • jules wins
    jules wins Day ago

    I’m beginning to like her stuff ... finally.

    • james thomas
      james thomas Day ago

      You didn't like her last album just the beginning and her other new songs she released this year stray and ur so beautiful from her upcoming album

  • AuburnAdventures

    Wow!!! I love that Im basically watching you grow up you’re beautiful! I love the outfit your voice the song you look and sound amazing!! Xoxo

  • JandRoss
    JandRoss Day ago

    I love it! It sounds great! Keep up the good work Grace! Your Awesome!

  • Lps girl X Roblox

    I loe your boyfriend

  • Kat F
    Kat F Day ago

    growing up Grace!!!

  • Isabel Isabel
    Isabel Isabel Day ago

    I'Don't my name Good

  • JJM
    JJM Day ago

    Oops, wrong song

  • Horty Design
    Horty Design Day ago

    se ve incomoda haciendo el video

  • Ben Hettinger
    Ben Hettinger Day ago

    Come Back To missouri Grace !!!!!!

  • Angel Salazar
    Angel Salazar Day ago

    Published on my birthday

  • Barbara Tiekenheinrich

    Wow she’s grown up face 🇨🇦

  • kanaya salsabila

    Rajelas tulisannya kek gitu

  • TheTraffic247
    TheTraffic247 Day ago

    Timeless vocals.

  • its Gacha cookie

    I was bullied and the Bullie told liers about me so it turned all my friends to hate me but proved her wrong by me singing in the park with my true friend and the Bully was there and tada bully bye bye

  • 1337Eliite
    1337Eliite Day ago

    Just me or Jawline be like -

  • Sidney Lancaster

    lol her cell phone in her back pocket.... it'd be funny and just like her if it rang! Love you Grace!

    • alan hebburn
      alan hebburn 21 hour ago

      That's not her cell phone, I believe its the earphone control/ feed..

  • PJE
    PJE Day ago

    Wow, you just get better and better!

  • Bean and KDog
    Bean and KDog Day ago

    Grace you voice is amazing

  • Uglii Unicorn
    Uglii Unicorn Day ago

    I love this song.. Rreeeeeee ugh I’m to addicted to this song 😑🤣

  • Zara Nawabi
    Zara Nawabi Day ago


  • Ellebelle Pratte

    Put the speed on 1.75

  • Maaher Admani
    Maaher Admani Day ago

    I used to be a fan... But then I became an air conditioner😂

  • Kent Aldrich
    Kent Aldrich Day ago

    The other day on tour Grace was hot! She was ON FIRE!! Almost literally as she sang this and her other songs with a temperature of 101! She was sick, but the show still went on!

    • Kent Aldrich
      Kent Aldrich 18 hours ago

      @Ross Winslow New Haven, CT show, Saturday...

    • Ross Winslow
      Ross Winslow Day ago

      Ken - And I'm bettin' she turned in her usual energetic, upbeat, dynamic performance complete with warm sincere smiles to the crowd and her trade mark powerful, melodic, passionate voice! Thanks for sharing this. Which performance was that?

  • Steve Kluver
    Steve Kluver Day ago

    Very good! Thanks for sharing this one with us, Grace. My, have you grown 6" this Summer? Maybe it's just the camera angle, but it sure looks like to me, that you're a fair bit taller, than early Spring time. : - )

    • MR B
      MR B 7 hours ago

      About 5' 6" or 5" 7" tall but wearing heals here.

  • Christi Sizemore Behrend

    I can see Clearly in the Moonlight that I cannot Waste My Time with this Stray.

  • Blair Brown
    Blair Brown Day ago

    The only time she’s allowed to cuss

  • Wtharh Huh
    Wtharh Huh Day ago

    my mom told me to stop repeating this song or else she would smash my head on my keyboard. i don’t think she would tho i think she is jus sjkwkfk skkwxpdirhbe dieodkwhhssdj/&;83irk jdjekwkdosofciciidjwkwkc jsjec jdnekapwrovifuwigobb pwlvlvjwbbegpc jwofobilejwkcjskboptles

  • Jenna Bergthold


  • Jenna Bergthold

    That day she got the golden bozer I fell in love with her songs ever since . It made me cry😢

  • Beth Nelson
    Beth Nelson Day ago

    I have herd of you for a year now and you have improved a lot and your good at singing

  • Samantha Katherine

    Runnin' with you it's like we're in a memory That we'll try to forget when you grow up and leave Walkin' slow because the time's been running far Maybe I should grow up, leave you with a scar You say "I love you" with an accent Then I pretend like nothing happened Tell me, won't you miss Manhattan? And even though this is pointless And even though this is hopeless I just wanna waste my time And I just wanna waste your time We can do anything you like We can talk all night (ooh) I'm unsure of you because I know you'll leave You say you love me but I whisper "I don't believe" Stopping moments cause I can't let it be true This is going nowhere but I love wasting my time with you You say "I love you" with an accent Then I pretend like nothing happened Tell me, won't you miss Manhattan? And even though this is pointless And even though this is hopeless I just wanna waste my time And I just wanna waste your time We can do anything you like We can talk all night (ooh) Just waste My time Waste (ooh) Your time You say "I love you" with an accent And then I look away and act like nothing happened Tell me honestly, will you miss seeing Manhattan? And even though this is pointless And even though this is hopeless I just wanna waste my time And I just wanna waste your time We can do anything you like We can talk all night I'll pretend you're mine Just waste my time Waste (And time will fly so) My time Waste (For you I'd happily waste mine) Your time (You have one life) Waste, waste (And time will fly so) My time Waste (You should be wise) Your time (For you I'd happily waste mine)

  • Christian Harianto

    Amazing art

  • Fan of Billie eilish

    this song is great

  • Fan of Billie eilish

    I like her wastemy time and ur beautiful, but i just dont like that she inveneted the ukelele girls... sitting in a bath tub.... i dont like that paer or this song.

  • K R
    K R Day ago

    Is the girl that invented cursive singing?

    • Cal 99ers
      Cal 99ers Day ago

      No apparently it was invented 100s of years ago in Ireland and England, folk singing