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  • Arizenzei
    Arizenzei 30 seconds ago

    i believe the english translation for BALAT is birth mark. usually looking like patches of darker colored skin. it is taken as a bad omen when one gets a birth mark on one's buttocks. a jinx. its just superstition though. cool adventure with boy p. ride safe guys!

  • Dante Gulapa
    Dante Gulapa 7 minutes ago

    Its a miracle, daniel is early bird than kulas😂

  • Juliet Diaz
    Juliet Diaz 15 minutes ago

    Kulas ur lady friend she's cool..

  • Bong Bong
    Bong Bong 26 minutes ago

    I prefer don’t include ur gf

  • Certified Lakwatsero
    Certified Lakwatsero 40 minutes ago

    Hoping to meet you soon idol kulas... and it would be my pleasure to tour you around mindanao that you've never been to since I've been travelling to different places here in mindanao 🙂🙏

  • Danilyn Kito
    Danilyn Kito 56 minutes ago

    Awww namiss ko tuloy hometown ko...from maria aurora here😁

  • JAJA Call
    JAJA Call Hour ago

    Im so proud of u KULAS 😊

  • Lyn San Andres
    Lyn San Andres Hour ago

    Im from bukidnon proud n proud kaau ko sa lugar nmo di gyud mbangbang ang katugnaw sa bukidnon

  • Darryl Fallen
    Darryl Fallen Hour ago

    Enjoy every moment. Mao na Importante sir kulas. 👍

  • LTM 19
    LTM 19 Hour ago

    nice shirt bro.Kulas.

  • Rico Shaye
    Rico Shaye Hour ago

    I love this video man it's so refreshing, from the cool music to the presentation. Can't help but sub!

  • francis tadifa
    francis tadifa 2 hours ago

    kulas, please try to visit Nagtipunan, Quirino Province... Mactol Falls, Masog Falls, Junuan Falls, Gawagan River and Cave, Diamond Cave... all 3 waterfalls just in Nagtipunan, Quirino

  • Dante Gulapa
    Dante Gulapa 2 hours ago

    Can’t imagine #bretMaverick doing this😂

  • Antonio Arnel Palma Gil

    Nahirapan ako sa kalisod magtagalog dugoens ang ilongens ko 😂

    MY DOMAIN 2 hours ago


  • Jeck Lazona
    Jeck Lazona 2 hours ago

    hi bro, another word for balat is birth Mark, "ba-Lat" im following most of your videos,shout out from Lazona family Ciudad nuevo Naic Cavite,God Bless you

  • Jared E.
    Jared E. 2 hours ago

    wazzup Kulas.. Actually the highest peak in North Cotabato is the Mt Apo.. so ur still not at the peak of North Cot.. 😊😊😊

    • Toffee Coronel
      Toffee Coronel Hour ago

      Yes you're precise, but Kyle/Kulas mentioned (at 14:09) "at the top" of NoCot. He didn't say "peak", if we are to be specific. Anyway, good education. We appreciate it.

  • Classic Bee
    Classic Bee 3 hours ago

    Is it a fog due to weather or fog from burning forests in Indonesia? We are currently suffering from fog created by Indonesia. It’s a yearly problem of Singapore. I remember last year, Mindanao was hit too.

  • Mr. Pan D. man
    Mr. Pan D. man 3 hours ago

    Correction kyle, balat has two meaning, skin and birthmark. Balat sa pwet means birthmark sa pwet.

  • Julie Groves
    Julie Groves 3 hours ago

    I'm from Tapaz Capiz but i never been anywhere to all this places in the Philippines. I currently leave in the US.

  • Rezaka Alkarizna
    Rezaka Alkarizna 3 hours ago

    I from Indonesian ..I still look for jobs in Canada ..but . I not understand Apply. For working House keeping a Canada .. please Help me I want come to Canada.🙏

    BOY SAYOTE CHANNEL 3 hours ago

    Thankyou very much for this video about Igorots. eto naman mga igorots noong WWII

  • Bryce Ansell
    Bryce Ansell 3 hours ago

    I love spider fight cuz i'ma Filipino Like the comment if you like spider fight 👇

  • July Misajon
    July Misajon 3 hours ago

    Mga media lang po ang nagpapasama sa imahe ng bansa natin kaya tayo minamaliit ng ibang bansa, Hoy media magising kayo mga balita nyo puro kabulukan ng bansa natin wala kayong kwenta mabuti pa si kulas kay sa inyo.

  • Sherwin Berte
    Sherwin Berte 3 hours ago

    Wwoowwww! My birth place North Cotabato..i mis u N.cotabato especially my beloved Midsayap...diko nasulit bakasyon ko jan last april kz 1 week lng ehh..

  • Julie'Dn Tagupa - J.D.

    Yow Boy Perstaym in the house! xD Welcome to Northern Mindanao!

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 3 hours ago

    Si Boyperstaym ba, ky awkward kaayo permi hahahahaha relax lng dong.

  • arly etu
    arly etu 3 hours ago

    Mabuti pa sa bukidnun may nagawa an mayor sa public or wet market nila ang subrang linis. SA CEBU EWAN! NAKAKA....

    ROSIE COHEN 4 hours ago

    hi kulas magkita unta ta diha this coming november sa davao

  • J Wahine
    J Wahine 4 hours ago

    Haha only in the Philippines 😁❤️

  • Abi Heck
    Abi Heck 4 hours ago

    Hi Kulas I'm retiring there in 15 months. I watch you all the time your positive energy is contagious. My question is: you use borcotta alot I cant find d a definition for that. Can you help me?😎

  • Kesa Marie Donque
    Kesa Marie Donque 4 hours ago

    Nice to see in my place North Cotabato. Happy your show casing our province. Take care kulas. Love lots🥰🥰🥰

  • Clark Isidro
    Clark Isidro 4 hours ago

    Hi Kulas, your Samar & Leyte adventure with fighter boys is bitin (short) lots of spots you missed there particularly Leyte and Biliran.

  • Jhon Moryl
    Jhon Moryl 4 hours ago

    Sir adto sa amo ba barangay apo unahan aglayan akyat kayo sa mt capistrano hahahha

  • Pangs 8
    Pangs 8 4 hours ago

    balat is actually birth mark hahaha

  • Ferlyn Mediario
    Ferlyn Mediario 4 hours ago

    I love your videos Kuya❤❤

  • fawkes 320
    fawkes 320 4 hours ago

    Beautiful, amazing,wonderful and gorgeous North Cotabato.....

  • Mike Rekcam
    Mike Rekcam 5 hours ago

    Thank you so much! For the amazing video kulas! Ramdam ko enjoy kaau sa roadtrip with BP! SALAMAT KYLE. SUBS MO NA TO SINCE 1K KA PA LANG....

  • Alvinne Coles
    Alvinne Coles 5 hours ago


  • Nyle Oaj
    Nyle Oaj 5 hours ago

    Amping mu kanunay..God bless..

  • JD Sapmart
    JD Sapmart 5 hours ago

    Tagalog is the national language of the Filipinos..Foreigners must learn it first before living here in the Philippine. (Just saying)

  • Alvinne Coles
    Alvinne Coles 5 hours ago

    Bilat wahahahahahag

  • J Wahine
    J Wahine 5 hours ago


  • nivlem United Kingdom

    Thanks for editing. I was surprised of that “ weird part”, i have watched all (almost) your videos and you are always discreet of what you post.

  • madrigal c
    madrigal c 6 hours ago

    sarap bagong kuha isda ihawin sawsawan suka sili asin tapos slice onion tomato sarap

  • Ong Kimberley
    Ong Kimberley 6 hours ago

    Wow I see Palm oil plantation

  • Captain M
    Captain M 6 hours ago

    Yung foreigner na ang nag tuturo ng bisaya sa pilipino

  • Yatshiro Xhydome
    Yatshiro Xhydome 6 hours ago

    Kidapawan next 😊

  • dokJune apache
    dokJune apache 6 hours ago

    your not only a good man but you are a person with a big heart man,thank you for sharing your life for my country. keep safe always..

  • HimoNiBry
    HimoNiBry 6 hours ago

    What a peaceful place. Will surely calm you and re-organize your mind. Once again thank you Kulas for sharing the POSITIVITY and ADVENTURE 😁🙏

  • yuchi-niq
    yuchi-niq 6 hours ago

    Watching this makes me miss home more 😭♥️

  • Alma B.
    Alma B. 6 hours ago

    What a happy day with BP👏😍😍.. Love you both😍.. watching from Thailand👏👏

  • Mel Orocio
    Mel Orocio 6 hours ago


  • penguinoffunk
    penguinoffunk 6 hours ago

    What a troll. 😂😂😂 Filipinos love jokes like that. Usually I find it really corny. Hahaha but kuya's delivery was perfect!!

  • Mel Orocio
    Mel Orocio 7 hours ago

    Omg kulas I missed to eat Marang its so sweet and milky

  • Ahrlynne Barbac
    Ahrlynne Barbac 7 hours ago

    when you envy Kulas travelling,power on Kulas👏👏

  • Ronin Molano
    Ronin Molano 7 hours ago

    what i like about you and finn is you guys have no ego which is a great thing because you learn more, friendlier, confidence, and accepting it makes your life better people gravitates around you because you're vibrating contagious positive energy. i know this because i used to have a big ego to cover up my insecurities i learned the hard way too late is better than never. if everyone gets rid of their ego the world would be a better and beautiful place. btw that's a nice shirt if you haven't yet you should sell it make some income and support the locals as well at the same time. stay awesome my friend.

  • mape muskallah
    mape muskallah 7 hours ago

    those are TAMAR trees ( Dates ).. that`s amazing !

  • Leah Janulgue
    Leah Janulgue 7 hours ago

    nakabalik na diay ka ug bukidnon Kulas?

  • Stone Fish
    Stone Fish 7 hours ago

    Your partner says that its his first time eating Marang??? Where this guy came from???? I think your partner is a great pretender or just a plain OA. Is this guy from Tourism???

  • Alexis Want2Know
    Alexis Want2Know 7 hours ago

    Salamat sa pagbisita sa Bato Leyte taga diyan ang asawa ko. Pero ngayon dito na kami naka tira sa Pasay city. Isang taon ako tumira diyan hirap nga ako magbisaya. Naala ko pa unang bumili ako sa palengke sa sabi ng tindira pila akala ko pipila ako kaya pumila ako sa likod ng isang bumibili. Eh yun pala ibigsabihin ng pila eh ilan?

  • Jo Ha
    Jo Ha 7 hours ago

    Kulas, you haven't shown us the pineapple plantation in Mindanao

    • Toffee Coronel
      Toffee Coronel 6 hours ago

      They are on-location at around the 10:00 minute mark of that link

    • Toffee Coronel
      Toffee Coronel 6 hours ago

      Kulas & FighterBoys at a pineapple plantation:

  • Stone Fish
    Stone Fish 7 hours ago

    Kulas, where is your best friend from Cagayan????? Why is it that you have new partner? it seems like your the tour guide of your new partner. This guy doesn't know how to speak bisaya??? Also have no idea about Mindanao? Bad idea Kulas. Ayaw biyae imo best friend ui!!!!

  • Giselle Jacinto
    Giselle Jacinto 7 hours ago

    Nice video kulas

  • Cody Gonzales
    Cody Gonzales 7 hours ago

    Kulas do you know that the “Cotabato song”by ASIN is to blame for why many Filipinos fear cotabato try to listen to it and ask boyp to translate

  • Luzviminda Macz
    Luzviminda Macz 7 hours ago

    thats insane😜😜kuya sacrificed his seat wow! good kids👍👍filipino hospitality!😘😘

  • ariel jenabe
    ariel jenabe 8 hours ago

    Thank you for showing our place kulas

  • NorsGee Ism
    NorsGee Ism 8 hours ago

    I watched this again...This was the one I saw..aahh.. re-uploaded na diay ni 😁

  • Juliet Diaz
    Juliet Diaz 8 hours ago


  • francis Lopez
    francis Lopez 8 hours ago

    Mag agi mo sa Kidapawan Kulas? Mag adto mo davao city?

  • lorie chilson
    lorie chilson 8 hours ago

    It was my niece commenting on your blog but she got so busy. She's back to school full time while working full time too. She likes your attitude enticing foreigners to visit Philippines. My niece got interested watching your blog started when she saw you in Atok - that's where her father is from and she grew up in Mankayan/Lepanto area. For now, I will continue watching your blog.

    • lorie chilson
      lorie chilson 5 hours ago

      @BecomingFilipino I was not happy when I learned that my account was used for commenting blogs but I understand my niece's reason for doing so. She wanted to support your advocacy for the environment and for the Filipino people. She understands the economic aspect of foreigners coming to the country.

    • BecomingFilipino
      BecomingFilipino 6 hours ago

      Atok and Mankayan was awesome!

  • Juliet Diaz
    Juliet Diaz 9 hours ago

    Ur uncle his amazing

  • Jeorry Nash
    Jeorry Nash 9 hours ago

    Mapia mapita kulas...

  • ellen lovell
    ellen lovell 9 hours ago

    Many Thanks Kulas for showing us our old town Pikit, was amazed of the changes in the area lots of happy and terrifying memories ......Still hoping for a better Pikit.....(not a close eyed but an open eye).....Pikit is the oldest town of North Cotabato rich in History... try to climb up the Municipal Hall next time, Before Aleosan was part of Pikit a separate town...Please pay a visit to my old father he has lots of story to tell you about Pikit....

  • Rin27 Inso
    Rin27 Inso 9 hours ago

    Sir kulas laag sa malaybaly ba!!

  • flatlinershots
    flatlinershots 9 hours ago

    great content as always , Its annoying how "Muslim" creates so much fear due to media. the guy who took the pic was a human...his faith Muslim. stereotyping and how people use religion for acts of violence is crazy. in Ireland with catholic and protestants fighting in recent times but dont get the crazy fear that happens when u say Muslim. glad when u show how its nothing to fear. I happened to be in Indonesia on Ramadan on 1 holiday and can say I was shown nothing but kindness. the lovely Filipina with her honest and wise words was moving to. so jealous of the interactions u have and life u live there as PH and Filipino are amazing

  • Violeta Hanisch
    Violeta Hanisch 9 hours ago

    Hello kyle Ayos 👐👐👐👌👌👌😍😍😍💙💙💙

  • Rin27 Inso
    Rin27 Inso 9 hours ago

    Ikaw njud sir kulas😊😍 that is my hometown

  • John tv
    John tv 9 hours ago

    Bulol talaga si kulas sa tagalog😅😅😅

  • John tv
    John tv 9 hours ago

    Bahlat means something brown or black patches in your skin.

  • Jisa youtubers
    Jisa youtubers 9 hours ago

    Missed this place so much my hometown😄😄

  • Juliet Diaz
    Juliet Diaz 9 hours ago

    Kulas love ur uncle

  • Rin27 Inso
    Rin27 Inso 9 hours ago

    Wow sir kulas na miss ko toloy ang pinas..😍

  • Maia Katrina Espejo
    Maia Katrina Espejo 9 hours ago

    Kulas, will u be bringing boyperstym in kidapawan? more power kulas!!!

  • wingikz TV
    wingikz TV 9 hours ago

    Yabag.... Singing out of tune 😝

  • Juliet Diaz
    Juliet Diaz 10 hours ago

    Beautiful wedding congrats..

  • A gentleman in manila
    A gentleman in manila 10 hours ago

    Erase our ignorance about mindanao kulas. Astig !

  • Al Mahasnas
    Al Mahasnas 10 hours ago

    YTC ko: Al Mahasnas Sundan mo ko ha?

  • Xcaliber Trekker
    Xcaliber Trekker 10 hours ago

    If that us considered clean then that country must be filthy. :-( That floor was gross how could you miss it.

  • Gina Stokes
    Gina Stokes 10 hours ago

    Love your shirt Kulas very colorful. Looks good on you...

  • Elsa Kimura
    Elsa Kimura 10 hours ago

    so proud of our kabayans..yes Kulas..anywhere you go..people always offer their last food on the table to all strangers..and we fell good about it...

  • Jill Yan
    Jill Yan 11 hours ago

    And I qoute; Huwag maging banyaga sa sariling bansa. Banyaga ang nag tour sa Pinoy😄Nice video.. Take care always Kulas. ❤️

  • madrigal c
    madrigal c 11 hours ago

    grave naman yan champo tigas hindi masabaw kahit konti dapat may gata para masarap sorry po choco rice yan

  • Mahatier Akmad
    Mahatier Akmad 11 hours ago

    Im always watching your video and i enjoy it...anyway pikit is near in my home town is poblacion ampatuan maguindanaon...i watched ur video from greece and i miss my home town...always take care and my allah bless u!!!

  • ikaw lang sapat na
    ikaw lang sapat na 11 hours ago

    Ka laagan ba nimo kulas naka abot paka diha sa mga sodlonon nga lugar i love my province North Cotabato next destination nyo sana kulas is ma visit ang Tent City Alamada north Cotabato kasi bagong opening plang at sikat na

  • Diomedes Jr Babao
    Diomedes Jr Babao 12 hours ago

    Hi from midsayap north regards from ur place here in BC canada.

  • Bernard Alung
    Bernard Alung 12 hours ago

    Komedya---joke Binuang --kalokohan

  • Alma Sarol
    Alma Sarol 12 hours ago

    There was no negativity and need for a negative reaction on the previous vlog.. it is actually a learning curve for everybody when it comes to travelling and food.. my fellow followers, don't be too negative please. Always look at the good that comes out from things u think is not good.✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  • Mike
    Mike 12 hours ago

    Kulas why you never collaborate with Caloy?

  • Joel Fernandez
    Joel Fernandez 12 hours ago