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  • YeahWhatOoh
    YeahWhatOoh 2 hours ago

    A Car LOL

  • Dunker from the Freethrowline

    LeBron James against Tacko Fall 🌮🌮

  • Farhan Siddiqui
    Farhan Siddiqui 2 hours ago

    Pels offense is beautiful but they need to work on their defense more but I’m really excited for this team

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 2 hours ago

    Kat was 18-12 and 3 not 5 and 3 boys

  • Kenneth McMillan
    Kenneth McMillan 2 hours ago

    Just wanna ask everyone does he travel at 8:19?


    The thumbnail has him looking like wanda from in living color

  • Sergio Verduzco
    Sergio Verduzco 2 hours ago

    CHECK OUT @nfhsociety on insta for streetwear they are gonna be big 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ocee Bee
    Ocee Bee 2 hours ago

    Man... Zion is like Donovan Mitchell plus 3 inches and 50 lbs.

  • DeTrOiT
    DeTrOiT 2 hours ago

    I’m liking my Pistons...

  • Andreas Oloan Sihotang

    Why don't team don't use this type of player as a secret who's gonna stop him in the paint

  • Mike taerte
    Mike taerte 2 hours ago

    He is laughing while he is dunking like he is playing with kids lol

  • Brand Gadfly
    Brand Gadfly 2 hours ago

    Muuuuch better than last game

  • Dawel Quevedo vargas

    OhHhhHhH taco Tuesday

  • Kim
    Kim 2 hours ago

    Congrats to bulls for winning against Toronto 3rd string players 😂

  • MosNecessaryyy
    MosNecessaryyy 2 hours ago

    Thomas bryant is a beaaasst

  • Jason Ortiz
    Jason Ortiz 2 hours ago

    Last year teams like the Hornets and Cavs were giving the Celtics problems early in the season so its nice to see that they took em down like that

  • Latinos unidos - We ain't goin nowhere

    I love my Lakers but nets Killin it

  • Jack G
    Jack G 2 hours ago

    4 points in 6 minutes is unheard of

  • Leshley Pile
    Leshley Pile 2 hours ago

    This man is a finisher!!!! Strong asf lebron pt 2

  • Ayuub Shire
    Ayuub Shire 2 hours ago


  • KT Don93
    KT Don93 2 hours ago

    Darrick be going off what he wants to happen, as opposed to what’s more logical.

  • Josh Jarrell
    Josh Jarrell 3 hours ago

    Jimmy high roller shoutout by Kenny

  • Sean ToyUnboxings
    Sean ToyUnboxings 3 hours ago

    Girl was like “WoRlD cHaMpIoN gUyS”

  • SmokeSmitty
    SmokeSmitty 3 hours ago


  • ocampbelltx
    ocampbelltx 3 hours ago

    He look like he should be starting lol

  • sranveer Singh
    sranveer Singh 3 hours ago

    I respect sports...... But not that music..

  • James Greenlee
    James Greenlee 3 hours ago

    *If you are considering medical marijuana as a therapy, contact us and talk to our well trained certified therapists:

  • Manae Winterr
    Manae Winterr 3 hours ago

    Steph’s defense looks to have improved a bit

  • mmss713
    mmss713 3 hours ago

    "Look mom I an hit threes" Ben Simmons on how his Legacy Movie will be called

  • kralhacker1
    kralhacker1 3 hours ago

    Lan fetocu arkadan kuran sesi geliyor

  • Jerrad Brown
    Jerrad Brown 3 hours ago

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact they are listening to quran 😭🤧

  • Andryson SS
    Andryson SS 3 hours ago

    Why only point guards are trying to stop him in the paint ?

  • Lazy-Assed Wanderer
    Lazy-Assed Wanderer 3 hours ago

    That's a big ass truck and he makes look like hes driving a toyota Corolla

  • AS - 05JL - Ross Drive PS (1419)

    What If derozen returned to Toronto

  • Serina Savant
    Serina Savant 3 hours ago

    I grew up in the ja rule era!!!! I'm a 84 baby so when he was hot I was listening 👂 he has so many hits! Kids today will never understand😉

  • thedeafgenius
    thedeafgenius 3 hours ago

    Sure beats working in an office like you originally wanted to....right Tacko. Glad hes having fun.

  • Demetri Land
    Demetri Land 3 hours ago


  • hhh
    hhh 3 hours ago

    I like how the defenders just give up in the post when tacko gets it

  • Politics and Sports
    Politics and Sports 3 hours ago

    Where they heading to? Music from a James Bond movie. Bond in talabib!

  • mr brownstone
    mr brownstone 3 hours ago

    taco cannot even play 40 min.. weak knees catching his breath super slow.. the greek freak will murder that chocolate...

  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah Thomas 3 hours ago

    And any team I have will have Giannis on it

  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah Thomas 3 hours ago

    Come on let's be real LeBron win this game but Stephen is getting better

  • eric terrado
    eric terrado 3 hours ago

    Make him healthy like being active in the court such as moving around. He looks lax inside of it. He just receives the ball and make easy 2

  • CocoChris13
    CocoChris13 3 hours ago

    shows up with 4 points ....OMG IMPRESSIVE PERFOMANCE!!!

  • Νικόλαος Μακρής

    Mvp 🇬🇷 🇳🇬🥇🏆

  • Reformed Doomer
    Reformed Doomer 3 hours ago

    Not a hot take but the Raptors will be going to the ECF.

  • Lil-CJ Deo criz
    Lil-CJ Deo criz 3 hours ago

    Damn the bulls won

  • FitchKiddz
    FitchKiddz 3 hours ago

    Lol we need to start him

  • Sofaking Raw
    Sofaking Raw 3 hours ago

    Playing like a point guard

  • Олег Ефремов

    4 pts - 😂😂😂

  • Ben Tate
    Ben Tate 4 hours ago

    Finally, some people that know what's going on all around the league! Love that my favorite player Thomas Bryant's getting some well-deserved recognition

  • Hamilton Massey II
    Hamilton Massey II 4 hours ago

    Was he made for the NBA?

    KTKL OFFICIAL 4 hours ago plz check it out

    KTKL OFFICIAL 4 hours ago plz check it out

  • Nathanael Gion
    Nathanael Gion 4 hours ago

    0:27 The GOAT Brian Scalabrine with the big smile behind Tacko😂

  • Tetaloach Diew
    Tetaloach Diew 4 hours ago

    #TeamAfrica it’s very impossible not to love this man.

  • Drew Peacock
    Drew Peacock 4 hours ago

    Dude makes a truck seem like a smart car

  • Dylan
    Dylan 4 hours ago

    I was a doubter but this Rockets team is gonna be scary

  • Mustapha C
    Mustapha C 4 hours ago

    They both Muslim ayyy that’s wassup 🤲🏾

  • pr
    pr 4 hours ago

    How is it that Jeremy Lin could not find a role with the Cavaliers playing like this?

  • Geometric Temples
    Geometric Temples 4 hours ago


  • martynas bonifacas
    martynas bonifacas 4 hours ago

    Nice music xD

  • Geometric Temples
    Geometric Temples 4 hours ago


  • Eureka Opium
    Eureka Opium 4 hours ago

    Why didn't he score more, he was superahletic?

  • 522336miguel
    522336miguel 4 hours ago

  • Chase Barker-Davis
    Chase Barker-Davis 4 hours ago

    Tacko could use some more minutes

  • Bienyam Fiseha
    Bienyam Fiseha 4 hours ago

    Why are they only talking bout Zion I get it he’s good but the pelicans aren’t making the conference finals they’ll be luck to even make the playoffs

  • Aditya Shah
    Aditya Shah 4 hours ago

    I went to the pacers bulls game and I didn't know all the starters were resting until game time. It was so depressing

  • Casual Gameplays
    Casual Gameplays 4 hours ago

    Here because I drafted this kid in my fantasy roster

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis 4 hours ago

    Those 4 3s was on 12 attempts. Dude really gotta get others involved more and make plays for teammates. He don't gotta be Chris Paul but only 1 assist in a game isn't gonna cut it.

  • Jell Work
    Jell Work 4 hours ago

    7:55 look at ja morant and the bench reaction😂😂

  • Casey Young
    Casey Young 4 hours ago

    celtics fourth string looking better than cavs first :/

  • Marc in NA
    Marc in NA 4 hours ago

    There was some very weird incident a week or so ago when Tacko and Kanter were leaving a mosque in the Boston area and some Turkish guys started threatening Kanter because he is a critic of the Turkish President. So Kanter videoed it and put in on the internet. I saw this on one site and was very dismayed at the comments, almost all of which were simply anti-Muslim rants from Americans, complete with references to ISIS, etc. The irony there is that Kanter got into trouble with the Turkish President over Democracy and free speech issues. I didn't know much about Kanter before he came to Boston, but he turns out to be a very intelligent and articulate guy and he attracted the ire of President Erdogan because he criticized the suppression of free speech, dismissal of judges, jailing of reporters and shutting down news outlets that didn't support Erdogan. Now Kanter's family has been harassed (his Dad is a university professor), Kanter's Turkish passport was rendered invalid and Erdogan put out an international warrant for his arrest. The very dumb folks criticizing Kanter for being a Muslim appear not to know anything else about him, including the fact that he supports the values that we as Americans want to promote around the world. Tacko also is a very smart guy, had a 4.0 GPA in high school and scored in the top 5% on his SATs. These are two unusual and talented guys.

  • JuicyMcnamus
    JuicyMcnamus 4 hours ago

    Rj hampton is supposed to be a senior in hs right now.. calm down everyone

  • tf. RIO
    tf. RIO 4 hours ago

    A slipped message from his video, Wherever u go, don't forget the Quran

  • smoove Savv
    smoove Savv 5 hours ago

    lol hes an offensive threat with 99 speed 😲😂

  • poosht
    poosht 5 hours ago

    That music in the background tho.. 😂

  • Dr. Droopy
    Dr. Droopy 5 hours ago

    Is he wearing a durag or something?

  • madatgravity187
    madatgravity187 5 hours ago

    Watchout! pocket-size Shaq on da prowl!!!

  • Vaibhav Jadhav
    Vaibhav Jadhav 5 hours ago

    DO NBA count the stat or Scores from any pre-season games and considers towards players or Team Profiles?

  • Manuel Sanchez
    Manuel Sanchez 5 hours ago

    Carmelo haters wya?

  • madatgravity187
    madatgravity187 5 hours ago

    did my guy ZW put back his own shot?? Yo this dude is legit

  • EJeezy530
    EJeezy530 5 hours ago

    Damn james young

  • Ken k
    Ken k 5 hours ago

    They traded jj and Jimmy buckets someone at front office is smokin the pipe

  • Oye ShazZy
    Oye ShazZy 5 hours ago

    Love Respect For These Heroes ❤ from pakistan

  • 陳冠名
    陳冠名 5 hours ago

    oh my god he looks like a tank

  • Pineapplez
    Pineapplez 5 hours ago

    “Tacko Mobile”😂😂

  • Marvin's Reviews ETC.

    Treating pros like babies

  • Briefklammer1
    Briefklammer1 5 hours ago

    On this day, a legend was Born !

  • Wizzard Mane
    Wizzard Mane 5 hours ago

    I NEED the Hornets to bomb, tank season let’s gooooo lol

  • 764 Play
    764 Play 5 hours ago

    0:57 Great Leadership by Ben here communicating the lapse on defense by his teammate.(his teammate looks stupid btw he is an nba player how do you not know how to drop back defensively smh so sad😥)

  • Rata Paga
    Rata Paga 5 hours ago

    Fun Boys are at it again!

  • Saadat Hashmi
    Saadat Hashmi 5 hours ago

    It is beautiful that they are listening to the Quran 👌🏽 Mashallah

  • donovan hasboro
    donovan hasboro 5 hours ago

    hell nawl 1:06 lmao

  • brandon
    brandon 5 hours ago

    tbh this dude a whole cheat code

  • Sean Farnham
    Sean Farnham 5 hours ago

    Tf they listening to lmao

  • donovan hasboro
    donovan hasboro 5 hours ago

    left handed Paul Pierce

  • J M
    J M 5 hours ago

    That scoreline though, how bad the Cavs have become 😮

  • CJ Nour
    CJ Nour 5 hours ago

    They're basically all raptors highlights

  • DabCityBitch
    DabCityBitch 5 hours ago

    Free Hong Kong