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$1 Street Food In Taiwan
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Teachers Eat School Lunches
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Teachers Guess Teen Slang
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$11 Salad Vs. $95 Salad
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  • Sujatmiko Wicaksono
    Sujatmiko Wicaksono 2 hours ago

    Im not into cursing in this show, think is a family friendly show

  • fero x arbenita
    fero x arbenita 2 hours ago

    This is like slytherin vs hufflepuff 😂

  • Mish Mish Afroj
    Mish Mish Afroj 2 hours ago

    Today only I was thinking about this show and here they are. :')

  • Nikki October
    Nikki October 2 hours ago

    for everyone trying to dunk on jonni, go look @ her instagram or twitter - she does some rlly cool stuff. i get that her style may not be for everyone but personally i love her work and would love to see her takes on more characters!

  • Dumbodore Lee
    Dumbodore Lee 2 hours ago

    Permission to give you permission to like my comment, Sergeant? Plz like

  • Watermelon Music
    Watermelon Music 2 hours ago

    Kevin is actually starting to draw characters that don't look like him

  • Jinni Moo
    Jinni Moo 2 hours ago

    We all know a Jonni.

  • Maddox Dodd
    Maddox Dodd 2 hours ago

    Cathy: listing the different pepero flavours Also Cathy: says cookies and cream Ryann: why didn’t we get the cookies and cream one? Ryann kinda reminds me of cavali from hi ho kids for some reason

  • Terri Lo
    Terri Lo 2 hours ago

    I actually really enjoy watching how they draw the characters in their styles. I think it's more fun that way haha

  • Indigo
    Indigo 2 hours ago

    Yes! More! And more "worth it" too :D You should totally do a Q & A for this series!!! If you do end up doing this, one of my my questions would be, as the series went along was it always just the 3 of you? And when did rie, annie and such tag along (internally), and to add to that what were each of your roles throughout the series?

  • fero x arbenita
    fero x arbenita 2 hours ago

    Can you pleaseee bring these videos back

  • Yalelow
    Yalelow 2 hours ago

    Hannah: What's your favorite part about makeup? Wyatt: Cereal!

  • Dumbodore Lee
    Dumbodore Lee 2 hours ago

    100 comments? Nah lemme ruin that 4 ya

  • Mirtel Ots
    Mirtel Ots 2 hours ago


  • Kimberley Chou
    Kimberley Chou 2 hours ago

    Chocopie a.k.a Moonpie.

  • maddie mc
    maddie mc 2 hours ago

    imagine being a toddler and being taken to aushawitz and seeing them take away your familys items.

  • Bluy
    Bluy 2 hours ago

    Donovan DUCK!

  • MisterReckless
    MisterReckless 2 hours ago

    Porra* cost 20 cent , is like 0'20€ no 1€ . ( 1€ is so high)

  • Trangy
    Trangy 2 hours ago

    Even the boys have to eat something whilst watching... I'm hungry and it's 1.30am lol I don't know why I always do this to myself

    ZIA PAZ 2 hours ago

    I dont even like that Jonni dude

  • Insta _
    Insta _ 2 hours ago

    Bruh he looks like Bigdawstv

  • miaslifestyle
    miaslifestyle 2 hours ago

    he reminds me of hopper

  • Hoyoon Kim
    Hoyoon Kim 2 hours ago

    So proud to see how far they have come 👌🏼

  • Vertowy
    Vertowy 2 hours ago

    Okay. Enough with the most white, lets first confirm Eugene is most Asian.

  • Anele
    Anele 2 hours ago

    As soon as she opened her mouth a screamed, she’s Australian! 😂

  • Kymberlyn Reed
    Kymberlyn Reed 2 hours ago

    Here for Yoshi...stayed for Richardson...decided the two of them belong in my harem.

  • Alka Rawat
    Alka Rawat 2 hours ago

    Slayy point

  • My Venus
    My Venus 2 hours ago

    Please dont invite jonni again

  • TheDobrevic
    TheDobrevic 2 hours ago

    Jonni's drawing skills doesnt match his ego. Remove him from the show.

  • 2WheelForte
    2WheelForte 2 hours ago

    I don’t know why, but this show helps with my anxiety. I just wish the videos were longer and there were more episodes.

  • Luis Rojas
    Luis Rojas 2 hours ago

    ...and now they've lost me forever smh

  • Peace and Justice
    Peace and Justice 2 hours ago

    Keith is probably watching this thinking that he made the biggest mistake in his life leaving Worth-It

  • ananya samarasinghe
    ananya samarasinghe 2 hours ago

    Worth it is honestly one of BuzzFeed's best shows and Steven and Andrew and Adam just go really well together and they're really fun

  • Newt the Frog
    Newt the Frog 2 hours ago

    i love this rivalry with the unsolved folks

  • jaqen H'ghar
    jaqen H'ghar 2 hours ago

    could have been a great video if that jonni guy wasn’t there

  • wildwideweb
    wildwideweb 2 hours ago

    at least theyre eating beef patties. thats what a real toronto guy does.

  • siga Stalin
    siga Stalin 2 hours ago


  • Prettylittle Thing
    Prettylittle Thing 2 hours ago

    I dont want children anymore

  • Michael🇺🇸
    Michael🇺🇸 2 hours ago

    My reaction was to roll my eyes and make a comment then leave and scroll on

  • Sam Rose
    Sam Rose 2 hours ago

    I do miss the really really cheap stuff

  • Anthony Moore
    Anthony Moore 2 hours ago

    So are they trying pizza that is made in California if that's the case there opinions are so not valid

  • Olivia Beatham
    Olivia Beatham 2 hours ago

    94th comment

  • Heydy Perez
    Heydy Perez 2 hours ago

    I wanna see Peruvian street food

  • yaboiyas
    yaboiyas 2 hours ago

    That jonni thing should just be banned from ever doing this again 🙄

  • mr will i am kim
    mr will i am kim 2 hours ago

    Try eating green food for 24 hours

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason 2 hours ago

    I know Jonni is bad. But keep him anyway. It helps remind me I am not as bad at drawing as I think I am because I can clearly see someone is worse.

  • Sara Carr
    Sara Carr 2 hours ago

    I gotta say, I'm LOVING this Worth It, Unsolved feud

  • Abby Tsen
    Abby Tsen 2 hours ago

    The side eye Andrew gave Steven when he was trying to catch the popcorn 🤣

  • Mia Erbe
    Mia Erbe 2 hours ago


  • Mohammed Abu
    Mohammed Abu 2 hours ago

    It’s crazy how this would have been Keith and Steven not Andrew and Steven.. it’s also so satisfying seeing the bond between the pair develop throughout the course of the series, like even cheering food at the beginning Andrew was like ‘😑😑😒😒😒’, now Andrew is like ‘🤑🤩🙄😊😁’, cheers to the dynamic trio (I gotchu Adam) we never knew we needed 🍷

  • Hassan Mahone
    Hassan Mahone 2 hours ago

    *Who else is a true fan of BuzzFeed?* 😍 👇🏽 _I’m gifting my next 100 subs!_ 😌

  • My Perspective
    My Perspective 2 hours ago


  • 。孤独なキュウリ

    I love taiyaki! On My birthday its a tradition that I eat in for breakfast! My grandma always made her own but now i don’t thinks she has the energy to do that.

  • Kari Davis
    Kari Davis 2 hours ago

    Kevin’s getting really good at his drawings not looking like him

  • IveAlreadyWon
    IveAlreadyWon 2 hours ago

    Oh goodness. No more Jonni please. That person is horrendous & even seemed to make Hae Joon uncomfortable

  • fold D
    fold D 2 hours ago

    hi Jackie...

  • Live laugh Love
    Live laugh Love 2 hours ago


  • Aleksandra Abrahamowicz

    I love rats <333

  • Keo Benice Marie Albano

    Fave Pairs, I keep looking for...and should be in the next episode. Kevin and Jackie (always) Jason and Brent Hae-Joon and Kyra

  • future youtuber
    future youtuber 2 hours ago

    not only was jonni bad at drawing he was super negative and annoying 😖

    • Al Bee
      Al Bee 2 hours ago

      future youtuber Exactly. I watch these for the light hearted banter not that.

  • Tuesday Calder
    Tuesday Calder 2 hours ago

    I am laughing so hard... yall and those Unsolved boys 🤣🤣

  • Ian
    Ian 2 hours ago

    Jonnis drawing was terrible. And his personality was rather abrasive.....Please don't have him back on.

  • Keystone Devil
    Keystone Devil 2 hours ago

    Frustrating how people still think Barry Allen is the Flash. Most of the concepts they are talking about where introduced by Wally.

  • Elishamaram0105121315


  • Vasil Getov
    Vasil Getov 2 hours ago

    Add curry, garlic, ghost pepper sauce, lemon juice and a touch of milk. Some chicken too if you have it!

  • Maurice Buren
    Maurice Buren 2 hours ago

    the editor made this seem quite boring

  • SuckerKiss
    SuckerKiss 2 hours ago

    0:51 " Hi my name is Elise and Crickey Oi Mate issat an Alligaterr"

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason 2 hours ago

    Never stop pairing Kevin and Jackie. That is the gold combo for this series.

  • Andres Salazar
    Andres Salazar 2 hours ago

    Me a 12 year old Guatemalan can label all of Europe all of America, all of Africa and most of asia

  • ghost rider
    ghost rider 2 hours ago

    What about these beans? (Beans drop) Nah

  • Basket Case
    Basket Case 2 hours ago

    I grew up on all of this, their reactions confuse me Edit: how dare they disrespect the potato salad

  • duckcluck123
    duckcluck123 2 hours ago

    The last 3 sounded 100% american to me

  • Apryl Canales
    Apryl Canales 2 hours ago

    I'm on the side of enjoying the slow mo and classical music for the high end price point.

  • Tyler lothem
    Tyler lothem 2 hours ago

    this aint the first ep of worth it but i see pizza so i let it slide.. So this is where the legendary trio was born :D

  • abhay pratap singh
    abhay pratap singh 2 hours ago

    ill prefer with cat

  • SuckerKiss
    SuckerKiss 2 hours ago

    I knew it the moment she opened her mouth lol

  • Johnny Taylor
    Johnny Taylor 2 hours ago

    1st one looked the best by far

  • Julie MB Crow
    Julie MB Crow 2 hours ago

    5 years later - A react video, to this first react video 😂👍

  • Caleb
    Caleb 2 hours ago

    90% of the comments = Something about Jonni 🤣. Jonni gave me hope in my art career.

  • Sam Poulin
    Sam Poulin 2 hours ago

    Please do a worth it in italy or france

  • Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming

    Jackie is Annoying AF

  • Linny
    Linny 2 hours ago

    The Unsolved music at the end lmao

  • Jess Z
    Jess Z 2 hours ago

    😭😭R.I.P at least you get to see your family x

  • Si dannial
    Si dannial 2 hours ago

    why you guys hate jonni’s drawing so much. I kinda like his interpretation of superman. It doesn’t have to mimic the figure exactly as it is. He encapsulates his art styles which to some people might not have favored it but there are many artists with each pf their own intricate details and artstyles of their own.

  • Ahri / Not the Main
    Ahri / Not the Main 2 hours ago

    I don't think anyone cared about your sunglasses, Steven 😅

  • Mike Arnaldo
    Mike Arnaldo 2 hours ago

    Yesssss...I can't get enough of these.

  • Bazil Faulty Jnr.
    Bazil Faulty Jnr. 2 hours ago

    “I feel like a mommy” 🤣

  • Adam Hassi
    Adam Hassi 2 hours ago


  • BubbleTeaCat
    BubbleTeaCat 3 hours ago

    I kinda hate people who hate cats....I dont understand how???...Even my name contains cat

  • that general guy from full metal jacket

    Can I ask you though why did you guys go to the barber before you shave because jesus why

  • Ayo Fabricio
    Ayo Fabricio 3 hours ago

    guys you should all help me become a meme by watching my video 🙏🏽

  • NMProspect
    NMProspect 3 hours ago

    I forgot edgy, definitely a lot of cringe edgy vibes out of this dude. Please don’t bring jonni back

  • Novaura Autism
    Novaura Autism 3 hours ago

    How far they have come. This was definitely one of the best BuzzFeed series ever done.

  • Hym
    Hym 3 hours ago

    2:48 "Is this all Europe?! That's not part of the Europe I know! That's not my Europe." Not her Europe: *cries in European*

  • isobel hi
    isobel hi 3 hours ago

    i love just. andrew and steven being themselves. this is honestly making my day

  • Clarissa Audreylia
    Clarissa Audreylia 3 hours ago


  • Umut Er
    Umut Er 3 hours ago


  • ProXtion Games
    ProXtion Games 3 hours ago


  • hola
    hola 3 hours ago

    Missed u guys

  • Christoph Zwingel
    Christoph Zwingel 3 hours ago

    Ireland plz