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The Towers of Hovenweep
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Old Tucson
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Lowry Pueblo
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Canyon de Chelly
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The Schooner Argia
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Cattle Drive Sculpture
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Where the Buffalo Roam
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Bents Old Fort
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  • Falcon Nine
    Falcon Nine 2 days ago

    Hollywood style oh that work for a little blast 🤭👍🔺🔺🔺

  • Joe Silva
    Joe Silva 6 days ago

    Nothing but evil. Yes go read your bible.

  • nogginthefroggin
    nogginthefroggin 6 days ago

    Can't they just get a normal bird-scarer!

  • Charles Lan caster
    Charles Lan caster 7 days ago

    well.......where is the boom

  • Scotchgod
    Scotchgod 7 days ago

    These morons were so slow at loading the cannon, and still they forgot the shell 😂

  • mac
    mac 13 days ago

    the friggin war would be over by the time these men had reloaded!!!!!!!!!

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  • Evan Swinford
    Evan Swinford 17 days ago

    The rate of fire on that ain’t very impressive. Does the video show a simulation of combat operations???

    • Stagecoacher
      Stagecoacher 17 days ago

      Well, sort of a bunch of amateurs demonstrating their idea of how it goes. In real combat the gun crew would have been really hustling. But the audience loved it on this day. They liked the loud BOOM! Much louder than sounds in the video. Gave the gun crew a good round of applause.

  • Jace Jacobs - Jar of Poetry

    Beautiful Hike. I'm probably headed out there today. Good times. Namaste

  • aesthetic frequency
    aesthetic frequency 22 days ago

    pathetic display

  • BallistikMnky
    BallistikMnky 27 days ago

    Me: I bet that guy thinks he's so cool not covering his ears Also Me: He's deaf.

  • Bichoni Electrico
    Bichoni Electrico 29 days ago

    Fomentar el armamentismo es causa de guerras de muerte dolor por seres amados hay miles de formas de entretenimientos sanos

  • NRALifer1
    NRALifer1 Month ago

    Dang, my smoke pole is louder than that, looks like it's got a bigger wallop too? If you're going to go to all that trouble, dress up & act the part, at least get all the goodie you can out of it! Max load that puppy, let the BIG STICK GO BOOOOOOM, make Savannah think a nuke hit Tybee Island!

    • NRALifer1
      NRALifer1 17 days ago

      @Stagecoacher I thought it should have been much louder, I bet it was in person. Didn't know if it was loaded light for Insurance purposes? But it sure didn't do justice to artillery! The Booms I remember from my days in the Army, made that seem like a cap gun? Wasn't trying to jerk your chain, just thought the croud should get a GOOD show and a true example of what it was like. Glad it was and Thanks for sharing, I did enjoy your video!

    • Stagecoacher
      Stagecoacher 17 days ago

      The actual report was MUCH louder than it sounds in my video. My camera gagged on a noise that loud.

  • Наумов Своими Руками

    эт надо столько дрочились...

  • Robert Cornelius
    Robert Cornelius Month ago

    Not a practical cannon to use back in the day, because it needed a large crew to operate it. But it was one of the most feared cannons do to the barrel being riffled, which made it extremely accurate.

  • Ven
    Ven Month ago

    Это просто пиздец клоуны...

  • Iam Noob
    Iam Noob Month ago

    That was loud

  • Area00
    Area00 Month ago

    Surely the soldiers in the civil war did not do all this "color guard" type of ceremony to fire the fucking cannon.

  • UQ 12
    UQ 12 Month ago

    I wanna see a 42 Pound ship cannon

  • Jor Mac
    Jor Mac Month ago

    Ahhhh! Where’s the cannon ball? Whats the fun in that? I wanted to see it demolish something. What a tees

  • Revolver Ocelot
    Revolver Ocelot 2 months ago

    At that speed in an actual battle they would’ve been dead before they’ve loaded the gunpowder in

  • Sinister Shenanigans
    Sinister Shenanigans 2 months ago

    What was the point!👎👎👎

  • Donald Gorth
    Donald Gorth 2 months ago

    Take that you REBEL BASTARDS....

  • The Adventures of Mr. & Mrs. B.

    Nice video! We went this year and loved it. Mr. B.

  • Battle Park West
    Battle Park West 2 months ago

    Is this actual Civil War footage because I just spent like 155 years waiting for them to load it.

    • Robert Cornelius
      Robert Cornelius Month ago

      And they didn't even roll in a cannon ball. Geesh.

    • Scotti p
      Scotti p Month ago

      I think it takes about that long to become declassified info. Then they can release it to the public. I wonder what version of the apple iPhone union troops used back then and was it compatible with telegraph?

    • Stagecoacher
      Stagecoacher 2 months ago


  • Mike Shelton
    Mike Shelton 2 months ago

    Fire a solid spherical round instead of a blank

  • Sean Harris
    Sean Harris 2 months ago

    Very disappointing to watch these guys take 3 years to load a cannon only to fire a blank.

  • Jill Mitchell
    Jill Mitchell 2 months ago

    Great history lesson! Used to live in Yuma and love the beauty and history of Arizona's wonderful deserts. Keep sharing...

  • James Miller
    James Miller 2 months ago

    A 240p cannon for a 640p war. Nowadays the cannons are loaded with the building behind them and it shoots the building 20 miles.

  • preben hansen
    preben hansen 2 months ago


  • Adrian_ Zombturtle
    Adrian_ Zombturtle 2 months ago

    Interesting but fake

  • Robatman
    Robatman 2 months ago

    A disappointing pop

    • Robatman
      Robatman 2 months ago

      Guess I’ve watched too many action packed Hollywood films

    • Stagecoacher
      Stagecoacher 2 months ago

      The actual report was much louder than it sounds on the video. I was pleased that I didn't flinch when the gun went off. The audience gasped and applauded. Much louder than the howitzer they had fired before the 30-pounder.

  • luis angel galarraga
    luis angel galarraga 2 months ago

    QUE ESCUADRA DE PELOTUDOS,,,algo mas insignificante que armar un cañon y ver como dispara A USA lo tendrian que fundar de vuelta haci le cambian esa mentalidad por tirar tiros y el olor a polvora.........

  • bmb6
    bmb6 2 months ago

    Ok everybody go home now

  • N'doí Bíkéh WarReady

    Americans - meaning murder

  • N'doí Bíkéh WarReady

    Wow just didn't really say shit about my chiricahua. Just all about the soldiers. And your history is so fuckin backwards

  • Old Fashioned
    Old Fashioned 3 months ago


  • scott mary
    scott mary 3 months ago

    Muito obrigado! Ótimo trabalho! Continue...mais videos.

  • donna hall
    donna hall 3 months ago

    The horse that Randolph Scott always rode is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen!!

  • riheg
    riheg 3 months ago

    Fake! Theres no recoil.

  • Walter dario Jaimez
    Walter dario Jaimez 3 months ago

    Asta que terminen de cargar el cañón el enemigo los mató 10 veces 😂

    • Pablo Delacruz
      Pablo Delacruz Month ago

      Si hermano lo malo es que el enemigo tenía la misma desventaja o peor ni siquiera tenían armas hoy opinamos diferente porque el dinero nos representa muchas fantasías

  • robertg305
    robertg305 3 months ago

    I’d love to go to this

  • Kevin Ball
    Kevin Ball 3 months ago

    Well that told me a lot

  • Michael Studer
    Michael Studer 4 months ago

    Zero recoil ^^ fucking joke ^^

  • Frank Lyons
    Frank Lyons 4 months ago

    It's not a 30 pounder if there isn't a 30 pounder.

  • Emeron Jackson
    Emeron Jackson 4 months ago

    Mo Milla... strongman dance.... rhaaaaaak

  • window creek
    window creek 4 months ago

    all that and a lil pop....

    • Michael Caplin
      Michael Caplin 2 months ago

      I've been to medieval reenactment battles where they used a cannon almost the size of this one, and some medieval hand-cannons and personal firearms, and I was inside, 200 metres away from the action, and even the hand cannons made me think lightning had struck fucking INSIDE the house was in (and I've actually had lightning strike right outside my bedroom window, so I know how loud that is). This made me wander out towards the action, and when I got 100 metres away, with a large hill shielding me from the battle and the noises, I heard the most uncomfortably and earth shatteringly loud noises I've ever heard. I felt it vibrate in my lungs (which is not a pleasant experience), and it made me shield my ears. I got on the ridge and saw that the main cannon was firing, and the hand cannons fired in between, and made the sound I'd heard inside the house. This noise in this video sounds pretty much exactly like that of the main cannon I heard, and I can imagine how loud it must have been to be there. It probably was profoundly uncomfortable for everyone watching if they didn't shield their ears.

  • Lukas LoopyLukas
    Lukas LoopyLukas 4 months ago

    We have Forts similar to this in the example I'm from Portsmouth United Kingdom we have forts on the hills one I go to for archery practice Fort Purbrook

  • Сергей UB8AAQ
    Сергей UB8AAQ 4 months ago

    И в бою такие понты?

  • Zoes Dada
    Zoes Dada 4 months ago

    This is not "firing" the weapon. It's nothing but a quarter load with no projectile.

  • yuweryu uewebwbewecb
    yuweryu uewebwbewecb 4 months ago

    Весёлые Индийские Артиллеристы

  • Крутой Каменьщик

    что за клоунада...

  • Alan Thomas
    Alan Thomas 4 months ago

    Powder only?

    • Stagecoacher
      Stagecoacher 4 months ago

      Yes. No projectile, so there was no recoil. The actual report was much louder than it sounds in the video.

  • Jeremy Gleave
    Jeremy Gleave 4 months ago

    Thank heavens there was no war!

  • IM Boss
    IM Boss 4 months ago

    Fabulous. Just fabulous.

  • heidi Holiday
    heidi Holiday 4 months ago

    Not a military charge.

  • Teej Andres
    Teej Andres 5 months ago

    Powder charge..? How sad.

  • Donny Kong
    Donny Kong 5 months ago

    Thanks for the video. Civil war history is always interesting.

  • Ron Wylie
    Ron Wylie 5 months ago

    Ben was a real cowboy in every way, he didnt think he could ever act but won the Oscar for the last picture show , just shows you

  • Don Embrey
    Don Embrey 5 months ago

    Looks like a City crew😂😂

  • jonkka3
    jonkka3 5 months ago

    2min 49sec wasted

  • Sonia Fajardo
    Sonia Fajardo 5 months ago

    Nice actor Randolph 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👑👑🎭🎭🎭💎💎💎🤪

  • Kb Calib
    Kb Calib 5 months ago

    How did the Union win the war with those slow-firing cannons?

    • Unsoundrook
      Unsoundrook 2 months ago

      Cause the British were gay lol

  • carpe diem
    carpe diem 5 months ago

    Hey, you forgot the projectile!!!

  • RoscoPeco Train
    RoscoPeco Train 5 months ago

    that was essentially a blank. Powder only, (can't tell if it was a reduced load) and no projectile. If it was a live round she woulda jumped. That was the whole sticks thing. They were faking rolling it back up to position after it jumped back from a previous shot. Still fun to watch tho. Thanks for sharing.

  • HALO studioz
    HALO studioz 6 months ago


  • Marshall Kuehl
    Marshall Kuehl 6 months ago

    Ben Johnson, a man's man.

  • Grand Pasha
    Grand Pasha 6 months ago

    It takes 3 hours to prepare for God sake

  • icelineman
    icelineman 6 months ago

    Drummer Hoff fired it off!!

  • Julie Jenkins
    Julie Jenkins 6 months ago

    Nice, just a correction: cattle wrestling isn't a military issue, but Cochise was accused of kidnapping a 12 yr old boy and that's why Bascom came in.

    • Tai Juan
      Tai Juan Month ago

      Bascom invited Cochise in for a talk, then demanded he release the boy. Cochise told Bascom he didn't know where the boy was (truthfully) but offered to find out. Bascom then tried to arrest Cochise but Cochise slit open the back of the tent and escaped. Bascom ordered his troops to fire on Cochise and captured some of his friends and family who had come along, including his wife and 6 year old son. Cochise had been an advocate of peace with the whites (though he still raided into Mexico), but now went to war against them. This was the start of the Apache Wars. Before this incident, Cochise supplied hay and wood to the Butterfield station at Apache Pass and forbid his braves to attack the stage coaches.

  • Clint Walker
    Clint Walker 6 months ago

    Here's a comment from an old blog: "I forgot to tell you, no they were not attached to the Horses, but they did have on Black Rubber Sole Tennis Shoes. But if you look Close the next time that you watch the film you might see that the Horses have "Trace Staps" holding them together so they would not Go In Different Directions. The day that they shot this Scene the Total Cast and Crew were there to watch this Big Scene, even Us Lowly Extras."

  • Bob Stixck
    Bob Stixck 6 months ago


  • Shakespere Zen
    Shakespere Zen 6 months ago

    Excellent classic film😊💜

  • Theodore Bennett
    Theodore Bennett 6 months ago

    Visited there in 1984 during my stay at Fort Stewart,GA.

  • Richard Young
    Richard Young 6 months ago


  • Otto Allen
    Otto Allen 6 months ago

    Damn yankees!!!!

  • Rudi CooL
    Rudi CooL 6 months ago


  • Gregory Scott Fairbanks Sr.

    Nancy is the name of a cannon they used to fire off at Kennesaw Mt. Ga. Don't recall if it was US or CSA. Loud as a thunder clap! Can't imagine scores of them banging about and echoing off that granite mount. A true killing field. We matched around it after a spell and took Atlanta. Visible from the top 15 or so miles away. Freekin war!!!

  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay 7 months ago

    Why do that use a pig tail ? Be for the powder and ball

  • Elvir Hadzic
    Elvir Hadzic 7 months ago

    These cannons are really stupid in their time, today’s, I can fire about 50 rounds in a minute, while they taking 20 minute for one

    • HostileLemons
      HostileLemons 6 months ago

      No they are just doing it very slowly. Normal reload times are much much quicker

  • Dane Patterson
    Dane Patterson 7 months ago

    Great narration, well done presentation

  • Nerf Elite Army
    Nerf Elite Army 7 months ago

    Sir, the 17-pounder won’t fit! Put it in sideways

  • Newberry church of Christ Newberry, Florida

    what movie was filmed at the fort? I think I saw it in a move a few years back?

  • chevy vett
    chevy vett 7 months ago

    Man that looks so slow to reload

  • xzqzq
    xzqzq 7 months ago

    The reinforcement band at the breach looks like a good idea.

    • MrDrakePrice
      MrDrakePrice Month ago

      Thats why the parrot gun was revolutionary

  • Argyle McGoogin
    Argyle McGoogin 7 months ago

    The piece never moved an inch. I was hoping for a full service load with projectile. Oh well, still better than a kick in the basket.

    • riheg
      riheg 3 months ago

      Argyle McGoogin its fake. Not an actual demonstration.

  • Louis Edwards
    Louis Edwards 7 months ago

    I'll bet if they where talking fier thay would (Get the lead out)😑,,,,,,yes I know,cannon balls are made of iron,

  • Louis Edwards
    Louis Edwards 7 months ago

    What? No Ball,

  • Mark Rowland
    Mark Rowland 7 months ago

    This is a Parrott Rifle. Not a cannon. Rifles use cylindrical projectiles. Many cannon were bored, sleeved with a rifled cylinder for the advantages. As modern ships motor or steam they don't sail anymore. About time we all caught up. We don't reefer to a Barrett 50cal as a musketoon, nor a PPK as a pepper-box. I would like to see a real cannon fired, a 20 inch Rodman. Rodmans didn't rupture, killing all about and their propellant was superior. .

  • Paul Noel
    Paul Noel 7 months ago

    With these big guns, they are so loud you more feel them than hear them. They shake you up inside. I am sure being on the end being shelled was just awful. (Even if you got missed)

  • Christopher Domenichelli


  • Evacuation Earth
    Evacuation Earth 8 months ago

    2:18 smh

  • Olumin
    Olumin 8 months ago


    • Stagecoacher
      Stagecoacher 8 months ago

      Oops. I was thinking of the IX-inch Dahlgren, which I'm using in a novel. The 30-pounder Parrott had a 4.2 inch muzzle, which would be 107 mm.

    • Olumin
      Olumin 8 months ago

      @Stagecoacher thank you.

    • Stagecoacher
      Stagecoacher 8 months ago

      The caliber was 9 inches, but if you want that in mm, it is about 229 mm.

  • rudra pratap singh
    rudra pratap singh 8 months ago

    I have also gone on elephanta. There I saw 2 cannons on the hill but I did not understand that who built it, that cannons are very big

  • John Jones
    John Jones 8 months ago

    You can always tell an old artilleryman, but he won't be able to hear it.

  • Jon Lukens
    Jon Lukens 8 months ago

    Jis fir the dang thun

  • President Turtle
    President Turtle 9 months ago


  • Mountain Months
    Mountain Months 9 months ago

    went there last year it's pretty cool

  • Mountain Months
    Mountain Months 9 months ago

    what are they using 1/30th of a charge? these things were supposed to be loaded with several pounds of gunpowder

    • Stagecoacher
      Stagecoacher 9 months ago

      The actual report was much louder than you hear in the video. The camera overloaded on a sound that loud.

  • Max Palin
    Max Palin 9 months ago

    How they wan the was if they were shooting so slowly? ...Maybe the Alliens helped a little.....