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  • Matthew Hayden

    7:59 - Amazon's same day shipping

  • Ph4antom
    Ph4antom 4 days ago

    *nazi aa guns wants to know your location*

  • Midwest Mike
    Midwest Mike 7 days ago

    A few of those look more like farmer artillery lol. A haunted corn maze Halloween farm a county over from me had a pumpkin launcher that would launch 10lbs pumpkins a half mile easy that thing was awesome. Them farm boys have some good backyard engineering skills.

  • Youtube Account
    Youtube Account 8 days ago

    I feel there is a US / Russia rivalry to be had in this

  • SteveLievy
    SteveLievy 10 days ago

    Freebooter scum!

  • Carmine Caster
    Carmine Caster 13 days ago

    3:01 Just imagine driving in pitch darkness- suddenly you see a light pointed towards you and * BOOM * large crack on your windshield with mashed potato wiped across

  • xzysyndrome
    xzysyndrome 22 days ago

    "best spud/potato gun" First video it is a pumpkin. Typical.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 24 days ago

    This is why aliens don't dare visit us, they're afraid to get shot down by them cannons

  • CC33
    CC33 25 days ago

    The one at 1:12 detonated, meaning the flame front went supersonic, not suppose to happen in any projectile system. Probably injured him.

  • Mr.Think Lap
    Mr.Think Lap Month ago

    World war 2 germany perspective colorized

  • Rück Wärter
    Rück Wärter Month ago

    Why is there an eye 4:11

  • Michael Henson
    Michael Henson Month ago no VERA, ffft your list is invalid

  • Paco_bl
    Paco_bl Month ago

    2006 RU-clip edition

  • Brigitte Paris
    Brigitte Paris Month ago

    Do a scwherer gustav gun but with potato.

  • bouyant
    bouyant 2 months ago

    @ 3:00 BEAUTIFUL

  • Mani Wasaki
    Mani Wasaki 2 months ago

    8:03 LEAST impressive

  • Perversia
    Perversia 2 months ago

    So you just steal and compile other peoples videos? Douchey.

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 2 months ago

    Amtrak Wars.

  • Tim Tremblay
    Tim Tremblay 2 months ago

    Load em up with fresh manure and douse the enemy with SHIT~!!! HAHAHAAAh~!

  • snake in the grass
    snake in the grass 2 months ago

    This is how America exports it's produce overseas

  • Bart Ss166
    Bart Ss166 2 months ago

    8:20 song? Please

  • Resna Saputra
    Resna Saputra 2 months ago

    I have cenon same to vidioe chek and tooks cenon from indonesian ( lom )

  • WolfFreind
    WolfFreind 2 months ago

    Recruit: "so how do we reload this thing?" Drill Sergeant: "9:14 you simply slap it with any tool you have"

  • CMDR John Crichton
    CMDR John Crichton 2 months ago

    1:15 This straight up could've killed him.

  • Brice Mauritz
    Brice Mauritz 2 months ago

    Now imagine the day when potatoes start shooting people out of improvised cannons.....

  • AngeliqueKaga
    AngeliqueKaga 2 months ago

    You are definitely nuts

  • Larry Cox
    Larry Cox 2 months ago

    Clear spudgun was the best!

  • jajac82200
    jajac82200 2 months ago


  • Jeison Arley Ortiz Acevedo

    Una mujer disfrazada de hombre ;v

  • Loli4lyf
    Loli4lyf 2 months ago

    Put grenade on it

  • Toy Toy
    Toy Toy 2 months ago

    Public disclaimer. No harm was done to any potato during the making of this video.

  • Mars B
    Mars B 2 months ago


  • Sebastiaan Rijkens
    Sebastiaan Rijkens 2 months ago

    The pinnacle of hillbilly artillery with a patented hay sabot 🤣

  • Passionate Patriot
    Passionate Patriot 3 months ago

    My nephew brought his up to my rural home,and we started shooting potatoes into the heavilly wooded forest. We allowed the aim to drift a little,and the next thing we heard was the boom of the potatoe gun.....then crash of glass breaking. Later that day,I got to pay for a neighbors kitchen window that a potato had bounced into and thru. We weren't"Caught"....we found out,confessed,and paid up like a good neighbor is supposed to in America !!!

  • Not Perfect
    Not Perfect 3 months ago

    The one that 2 dudes are shooting fire out, by the trees. Are soooooo fucking stupid. Way to go idiots. Best way to catch tress on fire. Then catching the land on fire. And I wonder why there are wild fire! Because of y'all fuck asses.

  • Pixelated Mushroom
    Pixelated Mushroom 3 months ago

    8:00 what exactly is that thing?

  • आर आर
    आर आर 3 months ago

    with us you get for such a shit an advertisement because of unauthorized weapon gesitz and if you have bad luck still one year jail and are criminal record

  • आर आर
    आर आर 3 months ago

    Es ist in Deutschland illegal und daher verboten

  • ArPhi Lolkanal
    ArPhi Lolkanal 3 months ago

    check our super DIY spud gun instruction in german

    ANDROID GAMEPLAY 3 months ago


  • Austin T.
    Austin T. 3 months ago

    Holy fuck that last song is annoying

  • tom conner
    tom conner 3 months ago

    Thats a punkin chunkin launcher, not a spud gun!

  • Обними славян

    4:24 put it at the slowest speed and that plus him slowing it down you still can't see it fly through the air!!!

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 4 months ago

    nöthing ´smells like´ tube pötato v v ´GR8 növv wän möhR even ^ ^

  • Myk Streja
    Myk Streja 4 months ago

    Interesting in a historical way, but this is not as advertised. Disappointed.

  • Peter Clarke
    Peter Clarke 4 months ago

    Yep, a real serious attempt to entertain/educate/illuminate/whatever .......... yokel with floppy-hay holding a lil gal of 2 or 3 years old.

  • Abhishek yadav shakti vines

    Abhishek Yadav Shakti vines Subscribe now

  • MOMO
    MOMO 4 months ago


  • Some Speedbike Freak
    Some Speedbike Freak 4 months ago


  • Hugo Blanchette
    Hugo Blanchette 4 months ago

    WHAT if we could contain a nuclear blast into a potatato gun … wouldent it be great ?

  • One-Shot Railgun
    One-Shot Railgun 4 months ago

    Imagine seeing DIY functioning cannons powerful enough to penatrate tanks. It would be illegal to own one or make one and will be seeing poor military forces making these cannons and rename them HHIPC, IPH, IPATG or just IPC depending on their use. Smart protesters might make and use them. *(Hand Held Improvised Projectile Cannon) (Improvised Projectile Howziter) (Improvised Projectile Anti-Tank Gun) (Improvised Projectile Cannon.)*

  • Biff Bufflington
    Biff Bufflington 4 months ago

    3:04 is really what you came for....That's potato gun porn right there.

    PRASHANT SINGH 4 months ago


  • Hozzá szólok
    Hozzá szólok 4 months ago

    Van sok idióta...

  • Paul,kazimierz Danisz
    Paul,kazimierz Danisz 4 months ago

    Improvise not needing while you are building 🐾😎🐾try keep it safe 😨😁so easy to get it wrong 👻

  • Piechowski Kamil
    Piechowski Kamil 4 months ago

    1:15 the future of anti-tank weapons

  • CUBETechie
    CUBETechie 5 months ago

    2:25 need the original video of this

  • CUBETechie
    CUBETechie 5 months ago

    2:26 Amazing

  • Colton Faulks
    Colton Faulks 5 months ago

    1:14 is basically me and my h.s. friends or me at work now

  • jamie knowles
    jamie knowles 5 months ago

    Wouldn't like to be the person who it hits 😂😂😂

  • Reyhan S
    Reyhan S 5 months ago

    Punya rakyat +62 lebih bar bar

  • vanadiumV
    vanadiumV 5 months ago

    what is the name of music at : 8:11 pls ?

    • Yufeng Liu
      Yufeng Liu 5 months ago

      vanadiumV look up the lyrics ‘

  • irishguy13
    irishguy13 5 months ago

    I knew a guy named Art Hillary. He was a couch potato.

  • Marcin Gołombniak
    Marcin Gołombniak 5 months ago

    Polskie działa

  • Wheat Harvester
    Wheat Harvester 5 months ago

    Irish artillery unit bombarding some losers colorized

  • Tab Creedence
    Tab Creedence 5 months ago

    I made a 5 foot potato gun with a 4" PVC chamber, was at a friend's house one weekend for a party, friend decided to hop up the fuel by using white coleman gas and spraying oxygen into the chamber from the oxyacetylene torch. It was shooting big dents in the side of a guy's old truck with apples from their apple tree, before the chamber exploded. Nobody was seriously hurt and many lols were had.

  • Vade
    Vade 5 months ago

    RU-clip wtf are you recommending me... I am not even that American to watch it

  • Jeffery Rightmire
    Jeffery Rightmire 5 months ago

    Golf ball shooter

  • morti271
    morti271 5 months ago

    3:00 thug life

  • Buffalo Man
    Buffalo Man 5 months ago

    0:58 something tells me this guy would'nt change his life for a billion bucks...

  • Lies Bennoui
    Lies Bennoui 5 months ago


  • Laila Leone-Hoffmann
    Laila Leone-Hoffmann 5 months ago

    The Last one is the best😱😍🤣This is a real Howbitze

  • Danny THE Dog
    Danny THE Dog 5 months ago

    1:16 : a way to scramble your eggs..

  • Hal
    Hal 5 months ago

    8:00 when you are both a DIYer and a millionaire

  • Adam Parker-Rich
    Adam Parker-Rich 5 months ago

    IRA wants to know your location

  • Jim Rudo
    Jim Rudo 6 months ago

    cooool!!!! that was funny!))

  • Diji
    Diji 6 months ago

    sHout out to Mr.Teslonian. 3:52

  • tadas blinda
    tadas blinda 6 months ago

    mhmm would be nice to shoot at helicopters with it

  • medvidekmisa
    medvidekmisa 6 months ago

    imagine yourself on a walk with your girl and suddenly her head is gone...

  • TheDeadLinger
    TheDeadLinger 6 months ago

    Holy shit, why would you add custom sounds at the end of the Howitzer video? Didn't it have it's own sound or something?

  • Curious Shaun C
    Curious Shaun C 6 months ago

    Imagine putting this to war Its raining potatosed in northeast 34 injured 2 are down Requesting for arial support

    • WolfFreind
      WolfFreind 2 months ago

      that would be terrifying, deadly potatoes flying through the sky

  • Gio Gabriel
    Gio Gabriel 6 months ago

    Kok nggak ada meriam kaleng sih

  • Arab Thanos
    Arab Thanos 6 months ago

    As someone who has made several potato cannons it makes me so mad when I see someone leave the back open or use a small spark igniter or use thin pipe

  • God of plumbing
    God of plumbing 6 months ago

    No potatoes were hurt in the making of this video. Well maybe some.

  • Brian Ford
    Brian Ford 6 months ago

    2:25 Never piss off a nerd!! He even had that evil laugh at the end bwahahahahahahahaha...

    • Peter Quad
      Peter Quad 2 months ago

      It's Kit Harington few months after GOT.

  • Will Kelly
    Will Kelly 6 months ago

    Multiple potatoes were injured during the filming of this video.

  • Laqkaracza
    Laqkaracza 6 months ago

    imgaine what if.. this barrel blow in 0:30 :o, they should search this kid on the moon imo.

  • Marco
    Marco 6 months ago

    5:16 welcome to Jurassic park

  • Aaron Buckmaster
    Aaron Buckmaster 7 months ago

    I remember getting great results with Aquanet hair spray.

  • GT4SGM
    GT4SGM 7 months ago

    How has nobody made an office reference

  • gregg4164
    gregg4164 7 months ago

    I love watching guys fuck them selves up using PVC pipe to make spud guns and air cannons. Plastic pipe is the very last thing you ever want to pressurize with air or combustible materials.

  • oğuzkaan kesme
    oğuzkaan kesme 7 months ago

    2.33 who is he ? are there any video ?.

  • Caleb
    Caleb 7 months ago

    #stuffwhitepeopledo :D

  • Joseph Patton
    Joseph Patton 7 months ago

    You don't have to use potatos as ammo. A Pringles can filled with .5" ball bearings would be an awsome round of canister .

  • and yes
    and yes 7 months ago


  • Poppyking Gaming
    Poppyking Gaming 7 months ago

    All you need now are tanks

  • Mac Swanton
    Mac Swanton 7 months ago

    Darwin much?

  • Ertuğrul Küçükdağ


  • DX Commander
    DX Commander 8 months ago

    Stealing content and re-uploading it is theft.

  • puterossputeross Bowelly

    Nice post. Thanks.