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Hero Of 71
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  • Bibek Kumar
    Bibek Kumar 4 days ago

    Movie name

  • Mr Feel
    Mr Feel 8 days ago

    This all is another dimension of bull shit.

  • عَلِّمني Teach me

    This is called the sale of illusion.

  • Akbar Ali
    Akbar Ali 17 days ago


  • David Korgan
    David Korgan 17 days ago

    Yeah right. The human race is too greedy to evolve technology to such great heights. They'd rather make shitty tech that breaks in a few months so people will have to buy more and more often. For example my old Sony Discman still works and on 2AA batteries for three months! while all of the Apple I have bought is all mostly dead, and the ones that do work work for like 4 hours until they need charges and battery replacements. It's pathetic to think we live in a technological age. People are as clever and noble as horses asses; nothing like this video.

  • yakubu fari
    yakubu fari 18 days ago


  • Saiqa kanwal Kanwal
    Saiqa kanwal Kanwal 27 days ago

    I worried about new technology 😣😔😫😫😫

  • shazia bibi
    shazia bibi Month ago


  • Piano Triple
    Piano Triple Month ago

    It's just a dream for us because this type of evolution is gonna take a millions of years later.😁😀

  • Imdad techtube
    Imdad techtube Month ago

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  • A-Rahul
    A-Rahul Month ago

    Really appreciate technology guys

  • Gurpreet kaur Virdi

    This world is like heaven on the earth

  • Daily life taste
    Daily life taste Month ago

    Awesome. Thanks dear friend

  • Lutkhochon Vaiphei

    I will one day become one of them who develop this technology in the near future now I'm 18 yrs old 2019, my dream is to developed or create new technology

  • Remix hits
    Remix hits Month ago


  • Gurbinder Randhawa

    Nice 👌👌

  • Nishanisha55 Nishanisha55

    XLENT future goal

  • Rosa Susana Castaneda
    Rosa Susana Castaneda 2 months ago

    It's so sad how life passis so fast😔

  • Tip Race
    Tip Race 2 months ago

    unbeliveable Technology

  • Keshav Yadav
    Keshav Yadav 2 months ago

    We don't need technology we need our old ages

  • Rajooo Bhai
    Rajooo Bhai 2 months ago

    What A Nice to world should be proud such as you well done Sir Well done😍👍👏👏

  • Sapan213 Chaudhary
    Sapan213 Chaudhary 2 months ago

    Amazing science

  • Abdallah Mohamed
    Abdallah Mohamed 2 months ago

    Technology is more harm than Good.

    HARSH MISHRA 2 months ago

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  • Chester Loverboy Official

    Wow 😢😢😢I'm so intrigued I love this video to death

  • Ramchandra Singh
    Ramchandra Singh 3 months ago

    ATDCM MACHINE for the future I m reading

  • Md Miraz Hossain
    Md Miraz Hossain 3 months ago


  • Real Yukthivadhi
    Real Yukthivadhi 3 months ago

    This is stupid. No need of car. Need a teleporter

  • Maha Lakshmi
    Maha Lakshmi 3 months ago

    Oh my god really superb

  • friendly gangsta
    friendly gangsta 3 months ago

    They don't care about nature the truth is they just want money

    • Peter Veer
      Peter Veer 2 months ago

      Like the Rothchilds and the bilderberg group

  • Benard O.K
    Benard O.K 4 months ago

    good presentation for arts class.

  • droidica dd
    droidica dd 4 months ago

    This is why we should lean to Science and Technology. And not Fantasy,religion and more not real stuff! I mean look at the tech that science has brought us NOW! we have smartphones,laptops,glasses,BETTER HEALTHCARE! That's why i think Science is the best class. It can put us in a better future and home. It can make our lives easier for our children and us! But believing in fictional thinngs is only slowing science down! Sure some of the scientist create HORRIBLE things. But it's curiousity. So let me ask you a question. Would you let the betterment of humanity be stumped by you're own selfish desires? Or would you support Science and let humanity PROSPARE! See you might have chosen science because you want to have a better life, you want you're kids to have a better life, you want everyone to have a better life where everyone! And i mean EVERYONE countries,people,islamics,christianity,europe,asia,north america,south america. Is at peace! There is no wars, there is no terrorist, there is no bacteria,viruses,fungi and etc. That we are afraid of because MEDICAL healthcare is sooooo advanced that Cancer is just a mere common cold. Polio is just coughing. The common cold isnt gonna be so common, and it may be eradicated! This is my point thx for reading

    SIVOLEE PAUL 4 months ago

    my question is 'How do inventors find good and suitable materials to make things like cars? and how do they know that... that material is good to use to build that invention??'

  • iqbal athar
    iqbal athar 4 months ago


  • Yashu Hada
    Yashu Hada 4 months ago

    One thing is wrong in this video and that is nature in future the nature and tress will not leaved

  • Bibula.khatei Khatei
    Bibula.khatei Khatei 4 months ago


  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar 4 months ago


  • TiNNi Durres
    TiNNi Durres 4 months ago

    Future: more race mixture - Thank you illuminati !

  • Cindy Del Rosario
    Cindy Del Rosario 4 months ago


  • Azur2000
    Azur2000 4 months ago

    Welcome to the future is a poem by l p wing published in 1977 in haloes in darkness and in 1980 in "where sun rain and wind say I love you" and later in other publications.

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge 5 months ago


  • Mohd Ghufran
    Mohd Ghufran 5 months ago

    jada bharmao mat

  • Immanueal .G
    Immanueal .G 5 months ago

    I a future in which we can levitate

  • Sharvesh Rajesh
    Sharvesh Rajesh 5 months ago

    Cool future

    RIYA SINGH 5 months ago


  • Maira Kalipa
    Maira Kalipa 6 months ago


  • Maira Kalipa
    Maira Kalipa 6 months ago

    i dont believe

  • Hashim sial
    Hashim sial 6 months ago

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  • nilesh rao english guru

    I wish to live the life before I dead🤞😇

    RAHUL KUMAR 6 months ago

    Glass pe itni smart technology but India me ye car mat lana Nahi to patthar mar ke phod denge tumhara Car ka glass fir badalwate rahna

  • Jesus Mares
    Jesus Mares 6 months ago

    this is what I call distraccion, pure entertainment.

  • Sivolee Paul
    Sivolee Paul 6 months ago


  • Sivolee Paul
    Sivolee Paul 6 months ago

    its dead easy to think or imagine something like...... In your head: I have just invented a car that can carry a segway (or sumting) in the wheels..... i have also invented a self driving flying car that can never run out of fuel.... *in reality: how the heck do i make those vehicles??? how on EARTH CAN I MAKE A FLYING CAR?!?!?!?!* ....... but hard to make it reality...... which is why its better to think about the materials that are better to use to make a new invention useful for future lives (people of the next generation)..... science is dead important when it comes to future inventions as we try to make hover boards, we try to defy the laws of physics (Sir Newtons rules)....... so think about the materials that are better to make the quality of the invention useful and use those other materials that make it work then its not good enough for your users......

  • smellydog10 sqidward
    smellydog10 sqidward 6 months ago

    Oh I thought people would have darea every day :( srsly everyone’s typing I want NaTurE

  • BlueLove !
    BlueLove ! 6 months ago

    I want this future but I want more forest or some tree (in city) :/

  • Darrin Funk
    Darrin Funk 6 months ago

    I watched that whole video. But only because I was eating crispy baked chicken and my fingers were too greasy to touch the mouse.

  • chkamran ali
    chkamran ali 6 months ago


  • Dark Pal
    Dark Pal 6 months ago

    The future is more of a technological future

  • Tristan Gaming
    Tristan Gaming 6 months ago

    Some day technology will surpass Welcome to that day🙁

  • Nilesh Suryavanshi
    Nilesh Suryavanshi 7 months ago


  • Farooqnausheen Syedfarooq

    Japan is a mirachalstate

  • adrian smith
    adrian smith 7 months ago

    The innovation required for humans to reach and survive on mars will propel another leapfrog in technology. I think Elon Musk know this as well all his company's are technology's we would need to achieve this. Lot of the tech we have today has come in some way from the early space race.

  • saumya Srivastava
    saumya Srivastava 8 months ago

    Itne tree nhi rhe ge tb tk

  • Tripti Dwivedi
    Tripti Dwivedi 8 months ago


  • Anamika Topwal
    Anamika Topwal 8 months ago

    Awesome keep it up make more vedio like this

  • Tech, Education and Motivation

    Really amazing #techeducationandmotivation

  • Golden Bloxy
    Golden Bloxy 8 months ago

    They are rich

  • Sachin Pathania
    Sachin Pathania 8 months ago

    Can you ask me who's technology this is, what's name for this technology...

  • ashok chowdary
    ashok chowdary 8 months ago


  • Md Samir
    Md Samir 8 months ago

    It's impossible I don't think

    • Rupesh Kumar
      Rupesh Kumar 7 months ago

      "Everything seem impossible untill it done....Have you ever thought of smart phone that you are using"

  • prajinS
    prajinS 8 months ago

    its awesome man

  • Francisco Neto
    Francisco Neto 8 months ago

    I fell sick today,I need help. Diabets no good

    NKS LIDE 8 months ago

    Fine but resource conservation is must......

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad 8 months ago


    HEERA LAL 8 months ago

    Who belong 2019

  • Gp thoughts
    Gp thoughts 8 months ago

    I ♥️ it

  • jhoon ac
    jhoon ac 8 months ago

    Nice video....

  • Gangasagar Ransarje
    Gangasagar Ransarje 8 months ago

    Which is the year you are showing about?

    • Peter Veer
      Peter Veer 2 months ago

      Haha thats a good question ! Nobody knows it exactly but you must think at 2060

  • clash gamer
    clash gamer 9 months ago

    Where is my traffic? .....and this car may running with any source of energy still? or via solar energy ..

  • Healthcare study Praphul soni

    Nice h yaar

  • Shanya Aras
    Shanya Aras 9 months ago

    Omg I'm shoked

    DISHOM PERA 9 months ago


  • Mark L
    Mark L 9 months ago

    kid looks

  • Yashobanti Pradhan
    Yashobanti Pradhan 9 months ago

    Is that real

  • Tech with RAJ
    Tech with RAJ 10 months ago

    Best video

  • barasa ronald
    barasa ronald 10 months ago


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  • Harleyart2007
    Harleyart2007 10 months ago

    awesome i hope i live to see the world like this i am still 11 so i might

    • Hoda Momen
      Hoda Momen 9 months ago

      @Ryan Brunker I'm 17 , I am looking forward to seeing this future. ♡♥

    • Ryan Brunker
      Ryan Brunker 10 months ago

      I’m 15. I would love to see this in my lifetime.

  • Hacker Boy Somali
    Hacker Boy Somali 10 months ago

    Is this really or green?

  • Tanmoy watch
    Tanmoy watch 10 months ago

    wow it's very amazing

  • Cruze Van
    Cruze Van 10 months ago

    We supposed to be flying with cars by now!

  • mass soo
    mass soo 10 months ago

    it's very good


    Good.....amazing yaar v.nice

  • Khan Technology Tutorials

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  • Â Çommon Man
    Â Çommon Man 10 months ago

    Some thing wrong because where are the face masks and i saw trees how it is possible

  • Kevin Kurz
    Kevin Kurz 10 months ago

    Welcome to the future = Welcome back to the dark ages

  • القيصر
    القيصر 10 months ago

    عربي إذا جئت إلى المستقبل فإشترك بقناتي 🤣🤣🤣😅

  • القيصر
    القيصر 10 months ago

    عربي إذا جئت إلى المستقبل فإشترك بقناتي 🤣🤣🤣😅