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  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Month ago

    Nice effects but still no the wiser what it does.

    • Manvel Saroyan
      Manvel Saroyan Month ago

      Thanks for your comment. I have just realized that I'm missing link to the Extension in the video description. The video is meant to be a promo, you can find detailed information here where you can also install it. I don't have a website yet, but it's under development.

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 3 months ago

    Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store. Plus,the state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms automatically analyzes videos to locate and pull the precise location of key points of interest like - topics, scenes, people, sentiments, brands, expressions, labels and much more. Allowing you to rapidly gain intelligent insights from any video.

  • Jose Palomares
    Jose Palomares 4 months ago

    Another video full of great info and resources. Great job and thanks a lot, Manvel.

    • Manvel Saroyan
      Manvel Saroyan 4 months ago

      Happy that you like it. Thanks for the nice feedback.

  • Jose Palomares
    Jose Palomares 4 months ago

    Thanks a lot for sharing this, Manvel. It is great to see actual solutions to some of the classic scenarios. It looks like Python has a lot of built-in capabilities to make i18n work much easier, pretty cool!

    • Manvel Saroyan
      Manvel Saroyan 4 months ago

      Thanks a lot Jose, glad that you find the video helpful.

  • Anna Su
    Anna Su 4 months ago

    super helpful!

  • Natali Bochkova
    Natali Bochkova 4 months ago

    Thank you! Very interesting :)

  • Scott Lei
    Scott Lei 8 months ago

    Hi, What about the functions on timer and update?

  • Khaled Merhin
    Khaled Merhin 9 months ago


  • Luke Kelly
    Luke Kelly Year ago

    how do i play until i see an element on the page and then i can break/stop the loop? I want it to run infinite times. or max times until if sees something on a page and then stops playing no matter what loop im on.

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee Year ago

    This plugin doesn't work. I add an action the same as your tutorial which say hello on console but it doesn't work.

  • Daniel Saber
    Daniel Saber Year ago

    Hey, so where are the functions for this? I dont have it on my CBA

  • Daniel Saber
    Daniel Saber Year ago

    Hey, so where can I find those facebook functions? I downloaded it but i cant seem to find them!

  • lqd tin10
    lqd tin10 Year ago

    Can I have a list of syntax or code rule to edit and customize my recorded project? Thank you so much!

  • Fatih Aygün
    Fatih Aygün Year ago

    Do u have a timer that it runs for example every 15 minutes?

  • Jonny Hughes
    Jonny Hughes 2 years ago

    WTF is this , i just want to create an automoation to delete the photos in my mobile uploads on facebook one by one,. do i need ot know c++ or java to do this?

    • Sava Russkiy
      Sava Russkiy Year ago

      hah me too, i found this

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez 2 years ago

    @manvel is there a way to put in a timer so it runs once every 24 hours?

  • Janus Hansen
    Janus Hansen 2 years ago

    this tool do not work anymore.... ;(

  • ISKCON Kanpur - Sri Sri Radha Madhav Mandir

    bro "submit click" this function is not working for me

  • Alexandros Pappas
    Alexandros Pappas 3 years ago

    how do you loop playing a whole duration of a facebook video so that you can increase the views?

  • Christopher griffin
    Christopher griffin 3 years ago

    What is mystery code you are adding yet not telling us?

  • Carl Marinschek
    Carl Marinschek 3 years ago

    Unfortunately I am still in the dark regarding chrominum and chrome browsers. As a basic user of the internet in general, ie: Kijiji, Craigslist, some demo game software downloads, and general info. As a Chrome browser user with a little wi-fi thrown in for good measure ( and unfortunately still a Vista business user) Should I leave well enough alone by using the Chrome browser. Or are there substantial perks by switching to chromium. Any info I could possibly glean from my ``short`` of silly question regarding the matter would be appreciated. Carl at rockymtn02131958 at

  • Sarath T
    Sarath T 3 years ago

    Hello Manvel, Good Job! I have a problem, in the html content I have the same "div" and there are two child elements. I want to set different values in these two different boxes. Everytime it is clicking on the both the child elements and setting the values at a time. There is only one unique identity for each child that is "Name" property. Can you tell how to update the control recording?

  • Kamal Sengar
    Kamal Sengar 3 years ago

    Is there any way so that I can share or post in multiple groups at once?

    • shibashis dutta
      shibashis dutta 2 years ago

      Hi Kamal, did you find anything for your question. please share.

  • azeem anwer
    azeem anwer 3 years ago

    Not good presentation , I know you word hard but keep it in simple. So a common person can understand how to use it basically.

  • Parkour Rangers Official Channel

    What <$unique=3> Meaning ? . You made an amazing programm dude.

  • Pranit Kothari
    Pranit Kothari 4 years ago

    Nice extension, big fan.

  • wlit
    wlit 5 years ago

    Can I use that for flash game? Such as click a button and wait 5 mins and click the same button again?

  • Timur Sulaymanov
    Timur Sulaymanov 5 years ago

    hello, I can't use it, cause it not possible to add project, how canI add prject?

    • Manvel Saroyan
      Manvel Saroyan 5 years ago

      Please use "+" button to add project, Project should be added into the group, use "G+" button to add group in project datagrid: In case you still facing issue please use current contact form: And provide me more information - Chrome browser version, version of CBA. Thanks.

  • Manvel Saroyan
    Manvel Saroyan 5 years ago

    Yes CBA does work with Chromebook.

  • Stephen Hodgkiss
    Stephen Hodgkiss 5 years ago

    Does this work with a Chromebook?

  • florin flo
    florin flo 5 years ago

    hi, I installed your extension CBA but, basically, when I open it I see that it does not recognize my activity on the browser window as I saw in your tutorial / / I wanted to know what happens! / / Framework and Java are all up to date . thanks

    • Manvel Saroyan
      Manvel Saroyan 5 years ago

      Hi Florin, Can you please send detailed information, about the steps you are doing using current form: I'll have a look ASAP. I'm don't having that much time to update the extension, but will do that as soon I'll have free time, so please write me through the form and I'll come back to you.

  • Manvel Saroyan
    Manvel Saroyan 7 years ago

    Obshiic videon nra hamar cher vor cuyc tam vor ubuntuyum em ;)

  • Gevorg Hindoyan
    Gevorg Hindoyan 7 years ago

    ha ha, es ubuntuyumes, et momentov apres!!!!

  • Manvel Saroyan
    Manvel Saroyan 7 years ago

    Shat mardkanc hamar stexcvel a funcions datagrid@, Isk npatak inchvor ban anelu mishtel petka ;) Shnorhakalutyun ashxatanq@ ev irakanacum@ gnahatelu hamar.