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  • Harsha G
    Harsha G 7 hours ago

    who else searched for tu tu tu tutu tuttutu without knowing the song for days and found it randomly on youtube

  • Nakamura matt
    Nakamura matt 7 hours ago

    Essa música tocava no bomba patch kskskksks

  • Bailey Angus
    Bailey Angus 7 hours ago


  • Cesar Manuel Cantillo Medina

    She: Says that she likes me Me: :0 Also me: 0:23

  • quốc trí
    quốc trí 7 hours ago

    Love this song, love this MV

  • Beimar Andrés Orozco

    Un tic

  • Finndust
    Finndust 7 hours ago

    I heard "la la la" from La la la- Naughty Boi

  • Sergi 'Healingday' Casas

    Before the release, it was already killing it in tomorrowland

  • Sztojka Roland
    Sztojka Roland 7 hours ago

    Best of 2k20! I love that! 🇭🇺

  • Ross Knodel
    Ross Knodel 7 hours ago

    If he was going to wear and skinnier Jean's hed have to have them sewn onto him custom

  • Mouna Liza
    Mouna Liza 7 hours ago

    dislike !!! are you f.. crayzi...just wowww i love it

  • Shakha Family
    Shakha Family 7 hours ago


  • Kristina R
    Kristina R 7 hours ago

    Drags are mood 🤣🤣 Love em

  • AntoNinja 06
    AntoNinja 06 7 hours ago


  • Ha Tem
    Ha Tem 7 hours ago

    Love it 😍

  • Ibrahim Hamdi
    Ibrahim Hamdi 7 hours ago

    Kiss me out before you go kiss me out before you GOGO ?

  • Hugo de Heer
    Hugo de Heer 7 hours ago

    Lol is dat delfse hout?

  • Michael Van xanten
    Michael Van xanten 7 hours ago

    That is my favoriet song is stereo love Edwarda maya This song is for you esmeralda Johnson i miss you esmeralda

  • Deogratias Phoebe
    Deogratias Phoebe 7 hours ago

    2020 24 january

    TRANCE KID 7 hours ago


  • 꼬맹
    꼬맹 7 hours ago


  • Hasan Bassari
    Hasan Bassari 8 hours ago

    Testing newly installed 4DCinema resources belike...

  • Prawdziwy Polak
    Prawdziwy Polak 8 hours ago

    POLACZKI WON I NIE POLONIZOWAĆ TEJ PIOSENKI! Pewnie dzieci(bo tutaj większość komentujących to właśnie dzieciarnia) usłyszeli tą piosenkę w żałosnym radiu dla ameb umysłowych i teraz spamują tymi debilnymi komentarzami pt: "Kto od radia Eska", "Polska przejmuje". Żałosne i tylko polaczki takie coś piszą. Zawsze musicie się wpierydalać między wódkę, a zakąske, nawet nie proszeni!

  • Abhimalek Ajay
    Abhimalek Ajay 8 hours ago

    Kuriachira edm

  • 私はあきらめます


  • Leide Luiza
    Leide Luiza 8 hours ago


  • Gustavo Muniz
    Gustavo Muniz 8 hours ago


  • Jonathan Marquez
    Jonathan Marquez 8 hours ago

    master piece, old time when i was messing around with fl studio and some mixers😅

  • Daniel Klaus
    Daniel Klaus 8 hours ago

    Best Song ever

  • yashodhan sagane
    yashodhan sagane 8 hours ago

    What the hopeless guy is this..??

  • E D
    E D 8 hours ago


  • Eigirdas Mil
    Eigirdas Mil 8 hours ago

    still best one <3

  • J.P Truckfotografie
    J.P Truckfotografie 8 hours ago

    2 0 2 0 ?

  • Xuan Lin Eng
    Xuan Lin Eng 8 hours ago

    i listen this song in 2020, who also? 😂😂

  • niki johnson
    niki johnson 8 hours ago

    So. Cute we look forward to getting old

  • Lorenzo Fossi
    Lorenzo Fossi 8 hours ago

    is it all that botox and fillers complimentary?

  • Löw
    Löw 8 hours ago


  • anandu അനന്തു


  • Maciek Trepka
    Maciek Trepka 8 hours ago


    SUBIN LUCIFER 666 8 hours ago

    മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ pooi 😁

  • Vaibhav Jain
    Vaibhav Jain 8 hours ago

    1:34 for those who came to this song for real purpose...

  • Milano Martins
    Milano Martins 9 hours ago

    Ke pena

  • Milano Martins
    Milano Martins 9 hours ago

    Muit bom o vidio muit bom obiserva aaaaaaa não tô nei um pouco preocupado rrrrrrrssss talves alguei gosta de obiserva estou bei abrs a todos

    UTKARSH GUPTA 9 hours ago

    2020 listeners where are you?

  • IzRedGuy
    IzRedGuy 9 hours ago

    I dont want this happened in WW3😔

  • Official Aulon
    Official Aulon 9 hours ago

    This song is crazy

  • Nowa
    Nowa 9 hours ago

    Irgendwie klingt es in fack ju göhte bisschen besser lol

  • Mick .V8.
    Mick .V8. 9 hours ago

    The best song for me 🔥🔥🔥

  • Syed Muhammad9
    Syed Muhammad9 9 hours ago

    Malay instinct, In the Ground

  • Hoopla Doopla
    Hoopla Doopla 9 hours ago

    She's a whole new gender in herself!

  • Martin Matko
    Martin Matko 9 hours ago

    Corona virus hit her hard.

  • nuclear assault
    nuclear assault 9 hours ago

    Well that's fcked up

  • Susan soto
    Susan soto 9 hours ago

    1.360.773.239 billion views 💖😰

  • Adam
    Adam 9 hours ago

    is this some kind of a ghost story with a photo machine that takes souls, and the girls are the banshees ?

  • Jake Gallager
    Jake Gallager 9 hours ago

    0:38 when your dad tried to be cool and did 'the shuffle' in front of everyone

  • Cristi Macovei
    Cristi Macovei 9 hours ago

    GTA Romania... :))

  • twojnajgorszy koszmar


  • Christian Kelly
    Christian Kelly 9 hours ago

    Pickles the drummers does the solo's

  • Salman sal
    Salman sal 9 hours ago

    My fave song 😍❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Jan Gorgoń
    Jan Gorgoń 9 hours ago

    fajne fajne zajebiste

  • Kassiper Pro
    Kassiper Pro 9 hours ago

    best track of 2020 so far!! Love it, olly james is awesome

  • G.MARQUES 75
    G.MARQUES 75 9 hours ago


  • l.a. man
    l.a. man 9 hours ago


  • l.a. man
    l.a. man 9 hours ago

    happy 2020

  • Ramzi Judouka
    Ramzi Judouka 10 hours ago

    nice ❤❤❤❤ a love this music 😍😍

  • Midnight Insanity
    Midnight Insanity 10 hours ago


  • Nick Yates
    Nick Yates 10 hours ago

    2020 anyone

  • filou carnel
    filou carnel 10 hours ago

    best song history

  • suhas kelkar
    suhas kelkar 10 hours ago

    2020 huh ?? still great !

  • katarzyna opatowska
    katarzyna opatowska 10 hours ago

    Like best music😊😊

  • M R
    M R 10 hours ago

    simply incredible! Zafrir combines worlds and always surprises with something new ... one of the artists who have a great future in the edm industry no doubt 👌👌👏👏

  • JC Instrella
    JC Instrella 10 hours ago

    Who's here in 2020?!!! Make some noise!

  • MINH
    MINH 10 hours ago

    Actress name pls?

  • PlaY SiLLent.
    PlaY SiLLent. 10 hours ago


  • traitle87
    traitle87 10 hours ago

    well for something different this song gets a like

  • Javier Pérez Ramírez

    Crash Bandicoot?

  • xie强
    xie强 10 hours ago


  • Krystek Gregor
    Krystek Gregor 11 hours ago


  • Suhail Moh'd
    Suhail Moh'd 11 hours ago

    മലയാളി പൊളി അല്ലെ 😅♥️

  • Jannat Ara Sharna
    Jannat Ara Sharna 11 hours ago


  • The real Boj
    The real Boj 11 hours ago

    0:16 the council will decide your fate

  • Sajan Satheesan
    Sajan Satheesan 11 hours ago


  • لوفي 515
    لوفي 515 11 hours ago


  • Sandip Thakor
    Sandip Thakor 11 hours ago

    I want to download this music in full kbps....???

  • Eliad Sapir Official
    Eliad Sapir Official 11 hours ago


  • print bersama
    print bersama 11 hours ago

    I love this music

  • damla şans
    damla şans 11 hours ago


  • Stephanie xd
    Stephanie xd 11 hours ago

    El personaje Guapo de free fire :v

  • Hannah Scovell
    Hannah Scovell 11 hours ago

    This song should be covered by The Darkness lead singer Justin Hawkins, pop singer Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque, 80's rock duo Tears For Fears.

  • Deportes Extremos
    Deportes Extremos 12 hours ago


  • Arolov
    Arolov 12 hours ago

    Great Of The King 🙏❤😎

  • Alive Again
    Alive Again 12 hours ago

    9 years later, i found this song. Thanks your recommended, RU-clip 😁

  • Mihnea pcg797ツ
    Mihnea pcg797ツ 12 hours ago


  • Görkem Zengin
    Görkem Zengin 12 hours ago

    Does anyone know the girl's name?

  • Priya Mishra
    Priya Mishra 12 hours ago

    Song starts 1:20 and it’s a Fab! 🐸🐷🦁🦊

  • Sandor Farkas
    Sandor Farkas 12 hours ago

    Tök jó Csajok vannak benne.🌹🌹

  • Milli Hakimiyet
    Milli Hakimiyet 12 hours ago


  • ItsTheAshik BS
    ItsTheAshik BS 12 hours ago

    I came here cause i see this song on a meme🤣

  • stan bruce
    stan bruce 12 hours ago

    Hot shots for all

  • Shustrik LP
    Shustrik LP 12 hours ago

    Asphalt 8