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ANNOYING Things we ALL do
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I Went To Area 51
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People Having the WORST YEAR
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FUNNIEST Kid Test Answers
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Allergic Reaction GONE WRONG
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  • Paul McGhee
    Paul McGhee 4 hours ago

    But the good news is you don't have to stay after the Bell Rings if you don't want to the teacher has no Authority at all to take any of your personal time when the school day ends that teacher is nobody they're not police officers they're not truant officers they are teachers they have no legal authority to detain you for one second

  • Bindi Xeven
    Bindi Xeven 4 hours ago

    2:45 WhAt’S tHe PH fOr A vAgInA??😂

  • Stefanos Michalakis
    Stefanos Michalakis 4 hours ago

    I would never eat icecream again if I found a frog on it

  • Maddie Herbst
    Maddie Herbst 4 hours ago


  • Happy Hunny
    Happy Hunny 4 hours ago

    I can wriggle my ears

  • denise julia pahel
    denise julia pahel 4 hours ago

    You are so beautiful

  • Brooke McCormack
    Brooke McCormack 4 hours ago

    I still have 8 years left😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • ike crambell
    ike crambell 4 hours ago

    Well I like their pizza at my ma’s work

  • ike crambell
    ike crambell 4 hours ago

    I live in Michigan and once you have Detroit style pizza you can’t have it any other way but my mom eats all kinds of pizza but that’s cuz she works at a good pizza joint

  • Cola Coca
    Cola Coca 4 hours ago

    8:43 well I don't like pickles

  • Humphries van Schalkwyk

    I actually did that to my siblings

  • Carli Beach
    Carli Beach 4 hours ago

    Well I found out how I’m gonna life my life

  • -the gacha girl-
    -the gacha girl- 4 hours ago


  • Stefan Gjorgieski
    Stefan Gjorgieski 4 hours ago

    Do draw my life

  • Billie Eilish Fan
    Billie Eilish Fan 4 hours ago

    I feel so mush smarter....THOSE PEOPLE SO STUPID

  • Koala Kubz
    Koala Kubz 4 hours ago


  • Koala Kubz
    Koala Kubz 4 hours ago

    It's called the hypnotist

  • you always lose two
    you always lose two 4 hours ago

    damn she’s sexy af

  • lordmckenzy belila
    lordmckenzy belila 4 hours ago

    Can't But i can twist my tongue

  • craz_ playz
    craz_ playz 4 hours ago

    There lucky they got a gift and me just giving 100php or idk

  • Emily Bullet
    Emily Bullet 4 hours ago

    If she's running how is she texting?

  • Jose Beltran
    Jose Beltran 4 hours ago

    "If only they parked normally" 4:08 😂😂😂

  • Vidhi Shah
    Vidhi Shah 4 hours ago

    Who else wants a very where she prank calls people

  • SHALINI YADAV student


  • -the gacha girl-
    -the gacha girl- 4 hours ago

    That tonix bottle I thought it's bee's honey

  • i love gacha wew
    i love gacha wew 4 hours ago

    lia didn't commented

  • Annie Rose
    Annie Rose 4 hours ago

    Your right adout the disk

  • Sherylee Bovey
    Sherylee Bovey 4 hours ago


  • Emily Bullet
    Emily Bullet 4 hours ago

    First red flag. Goodbye creepy camp site

  • gacha elleXD
    gacha elleXD 4 hours ago

    5:50 the village I'm not sure but I am SURE that's India I live in India I know what they r speaking and that style the snake charmer is wearing it's an indian style that they wear in a village yw

  • Dusty Bun
    Dusty Bun 4 hours ago

    4:44 Omg I feel so bad don’t even ask why! Poor doggo

  • homeygal
    homeygal 4 hours ago

    It looks cute on your

  • homeygal
    homeygal 4 hours ago

    Keep the pinky hair colour

  • Hell Death
    Hell Death 4 hours ago

    If I was Brenna mom I will smack the shit out of her and use duck tape to make her quiet

  • Jessica Hubbard
    Jessica Hubbard 4 hours ago

    If u can see my name is jessica are they going to eat my family

  • Jassmin Kwan
    Jassmin Kwan 4 hours ago


  • Shabana Geraghty
    Shabana Geraghty 4 hours ago

    Im 10 and i can move my eyebrows and Raise one :)

  • Febe Vierneza
    Febe Vierneza 4 hours ago

    Callie:when i was babie fresh out of the womb the doctor said u should put her in a contest!

  • Kids Aers
    Kids Aers 4 hours ago

    omg yugu oh

  • Aniya Anderson
    Aniya Anderson 4 hours ago


  • Sarah Oneil
    Sarah Oneil 4 hours ago

    All joking aside, The part with the spoiled little girl in the store... It actually does show that when there is a horrible customer And they're causing problems that it can make the store lose out on a whole lot of business. You see how many people are leaving just because they're so angry and disgusted by the actions of the mother and how she raised her Child. Some people are so self centered And they don't care about anybody but themselves. I mean of course yes everybody is more important to themselves and their family is as well but some people expect other people to put them 1st as well. Anyways, I know this is just a acting thing but that was something I just noticed.

  • Oliver Rowlands
    Oliver Rowlands 4 hours ago

    She is dumb


    Am I not human? Cuz I didn't cry :/

  • Annie Rose
    Annie Rose 4 hours ago

    Can you do more vlogs

  • {Firebella's} {CHANNEL}

    9:12 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aniya Anderson
    Aniya Anderson 4 hours ago

    The mose i love them when it was in the can i dont eat my vejeys so i wood keep it ;-; 😂

  • samin rahman
    samin rahman 4 hours ago

    Woah my fav french youtuber looked lot diffrent 5 years ago

  • mhina gail
    mhina gail 4 hours ago

    yu so nood it was 2nd

  • Varsha Ramanesh
    Varsha Ramanesh 4 hours ago

    Who else understood 9:27 Where is my India peeps at?

  • Emily Bullet
    Emily Bullet 4 hours ago

    My mom always told me and my brothers "Don't give homeless people or beggars money, give them clothes or food but no money because you never know what they are using it for.

  • Jammie Playz
    Jammie Playz 4 hours ago

    👩🏼‍🦱 👗 🦵🏻 This is Jaysen she is Zero now but how many likes she is is how old she is goal:20 👇🏻

  • Sylvia Africa
    Sylvia Africa 4 hours ago

    Who else got mad cause she left the gold pump behind

  • Deepshikha Sharma
    Deepshikha Sharma 4 hours ago

    Does she have something against Billies and Ashleys lol 😂 love it 😍

  • mhina gail
    mhina gail 4 hours ago


  • The Australian Poet
    The Australian Poet 4 hours ago

    youre a terrible vsco girl -_-

  • Varsha Ramanesh
    Varsha Ramanesh 4 hours ago

    9:27 that’s all India stuff I’m from India and I knew it all 😂😂😂😂

  • yugg bobo yeezy
    yugg bobo yeezy 4 hours ago

    Hell yeah I would have thought every I would have bought me a book back to this is still some more money

  • Radical Rainbow
    Radical Rainbow 4 hours ago

    Meanwhile, at my school the internet won’t even work

  • ayush chauhan
    ayush chauhan 4 hours ago

    I feel like I am a billionaire now

  • Beau Cameron
    Beau Cameron 4 hours ago

    Yes there church and night =3

  • Sammy Lucas
    Sammy Lucas 4 hours ago

    There’s only one thing different about you your a female

  • Bloxburg_master_33
    Bloxburg_master_33 4 hours ago

    Did anyone else think that she was watching a video

  • Jash Winy Capundag
    Jash Winy Capundag 4 hours ago


  • hound art josh 2
    hound art josh 2 4 hours ago

    The wife is b

  • Wai Leong Woo
    Wai Leong Woo 4 hours ago

    I can do the clover

  • Gracinator 101
    Gracinator 101 4 hours ago

    Apple 🍎 juice is better

  • Philip Cabiles
    Philip Cabiles 4 hours ago

    Hi 👋 how are you

  • Dwi Adriana
    Dwi Adriana 4 hours ago

    Instead of Ash its gonna be Ashley BTW she's so cute!!

  • skate killer 10
    skate killer 10 4 hours ago

    Apple juice is the best

  • samarth singh
    samarth singh 4 hours ago

    her mike is turned off

  • Tauni Duncan
    Tauni Duncan 4 hours ago

    My dogs breathe smells like poop

  • Sadeta Hadzic
    Sadeta Hadzic 4 hours ago

    Oranges of eyes the

  • CPK Grownup
    CPK Grownup 4 hours ago

    Only scumbags fill their water cup with soda 😂

  • ayush chauhan
    ayush chauhan 4 hours ago

    I am allowed to take a shower 20 times a day but I take it 2 times a weak. Like if you do this too.

  • Annie Isabelle
    Annie Isabelle 4 hours ago

    For the first quiz I got 14.. I’m only 10

  • Alex Holl
    Alex Holl 4 hours ago

    All I have to say is: *F*

  • Bunvech Chee
    Bunvech Chee 4 hours ago

    The dude that did the Chinese thing was pretty good I’m chinese

  • MrBobinater
    MrBobinater 4 hours ago

    Lol Lia low key hella roasting that girl in the drive thru McDonald's "her face just ruined chocolate chip cookies for me.". Fucking gold right there lmao.

  • TheVlogging _Pangit90


  • Dante Keller
    Dante Keller 4 hours ago

    Is there a part2??? Lol hell ill go and explore it with your crew SSSniperWolf!!!