The Fumble
The Fumble
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  • Rasta Hornelas
    Rasta Hornelas Minute ago

    if u smock before of the fight, he be to slow!!! or

  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo 2 minutes ago

    Tom Shadys weakness is about to retire

  • Denise Salles
    Denise Salles 6 minutes ago

    Jackie Rae, you're pathetic. The only reason anyone's "listening" to you about Delonte West is because of your cleavage. Why kick him when he's down? Awful.

  • Mark Messina
    Mark Messina 6 minutes ago

    Theres nothing to b happy about with the Knicks... lol

  • Jose Calderon
    Jose Calderon 11 minutes ago

    Join Giannas we need you

  • cammie senpai
    cammie senpai 14 minutes ago

    Dope shirt britt

  • Mark Barrett
    Mark Barrett 16 minutes ago

    Yes he should be fired

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical 17 minutes ago

    Horrendous GM. The person who hired him is the problem.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 18 minutes ago

    As a Panthers' fan, I love Josh Norman, but he was overrated. Don't get me wrong. I'd love to still have him on the team, because he's got that dog in him, and every team needs players with like that, to continuously test teammates and push them to be better. What better way to push a player than lining up beside him, thinking you're better, but he's getting a bigger check. That's motivation.

  • Brent Moore
    Brent Moore 29 minutes ago

    As a huge Giants fan I know four things.. 1.Gettleman has no clue on how to improve your team,and should be fired. 2.Pat Shumar has no idea how to be a good coch,and should be fired. 3.The defense is absolute garbage,they can't stop anyone. 4.Daniel Jones won't make a bit if difference. Well,on to next season...thank God for the Yankees!.

  • Craig Rand
    Craig Rand 36 minutes ago

    Like if Britt Johnson needs to replace Molly on ESPN's FIRST TAKE. 😏 Not saying Molly should lose her job just they need to switch places. 💯

  • Bernard Woods
    Bernard Woods 36 minutes ago

    Man that nigga still get a check from the nba he straight

  • shawn lindsey
    shawn lindsey 39 minutes ago

    Brady is a whiny ahole Put him on the Kardoushian's show.

  • Macadelic Miller
    Macadelic Miller 41 minute ago

    Leave AB tf alone messy mfs

  • dylhan flores
    dylhan flores 42 minutes ago

    Gettleman will be gone by next year.

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 46 minutes ago

    Brit gets it goin

  • Jacques Ingram
    Jacques Ingram 47 minutes ago

    AB not paying people

  • Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera 47 minutes ago

    Ho's gon' be ho's, so I couldn't blame tammy

  • Boned You
    Boned You 55 minutes ago

    Calm down Antonio Brown

  • playaflyJOE27
    playaflyJOE27 59 minutes ago

    Why she reading so slow?

  • Odell Hill
    Odell Hill 59 minutes ago

    Has a panther fan and a home town resident of Josh Norman i would love to see Gettelmen get his face smashed in

    J. DIZZLE Hour ago

    Do you all know this is America? That guilty until proven innocent mess applies to everyone except men with Black skin! And Nike isn’t the Judicial System, it’s a company. And like any partnership, they end.

  • DefenZive 691-YT


  • Mell
    Mell Hour ago

    Landon Collins*

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez Hour ago

    They need to fire him for trading our best players we were a playoff team before he showed up

    • Britt Johnson
      Britt Johnson Hour ago

      I think he's a horrible gm lol u are right

  • Odin Bendiksen
    Odin Bendiksen Hour ago

    The worst part is that the wnba is so poor that the NBA has to help them with money

  • Jean Claude Feliciaggi

    antonella en maillot a croquer !

  • Eleano Rivas Jr
    Eleano Rivas Jr Hour ago

    It’s life...everyone thinks people should be perfect. Smh

  • Saint Militant
    Saint Militant Hour ago

    “I won”

  • Ani Shinki
    Ani Shinki Hour ago

    He is actualli 2017....

  • Nate Kyng
    Nate Kyng Hour ago

    lol The females on this show are the reason there's sexism against women in football. "He is not having a good day." Yeah, winning the AFC Championship, heading to the Super Bowl, surely, you were spot on with your assessment. Bet The Fumble is just a bunch of old fat guys with 4 teeth who hire out big titty models to read a teleprompter so people will watch.

  • Dazey Lacey
    Dazey Lacey Hour ago

    I would mind my own business like yo bald headed ass should

  • Crysless Raps
    Crysless Raps Hour ago

    who tf is this i want britt johnson back

  • Nate Kyng
    Nate Kyng Hour ago

    OH! MY! GOD! HE SAID WHAT?! lol He wants to watch the game. Y'all just reaching at this point. We get it. You don't like him cause he stomps your team out or you win one and become irrelevant. But come up with an actual topic to talk about.

  • Gregory Kosins
    Gregory Kosins Hour ago

    Probiotic therapy might be helpful.

  • bob brown
    bob brown Hour ago

    pink dots

  • Aey Phan
    Aey Phan Hour ago

    Aint this the same crew that said Kawhi was gonna sign with lakers

  • Seize 3
    Seize 3 Hour ago

    "The most winning, average qb of all time". Love that line Britt

    • Animelytical
      Animelytical 19 minutes ago

      116-116 says Britt is dead on right

    • Seize 3
      Seize 3 40 minutes ago

      @Britt Johnson Absolutely very average. I mean the guy is 116-116. He played like an elite qb and then have that Eli Manning meme face the next quarter

    • Donnie Deniro
      Donnie Deniro 58 minutes ago

      Britt Johnson I mean let’s be honest and call a spade of spade and let’s be real yes although he may suck at times and he may fuck up but he’s still a goat he’s won some chips so he’s no stranger to winning but he is getting old so I agree with you, but all in all I got respect for him he’s a goat lmao.

    • Britt Johnson
      Britt Johnson Hour ago

      I had to be clear I believe he is still very average ...he is the dr. jekell and mr. hyde of qbs. he's been great and been terrible all in the same game lol

    • Donnie Deniro
      Donnie Deniro Hour ago

      Seize 3 Facts to be honest Manning is still a goat 💯

  • J Car
    J Car Hour ago

    I’m finna shoot my shot...Heyy Britt😍 add me on Snapchat @jcaterseattle3😂

  • Juan Moretime
    Juan Moretime Hour ago

    He left his purse in his locker, "Time Out!!"

  • savage goon
    savage goon Hour ago

    Lebums father being a bum

  • SuperBoy Prime
    SuperBoy Prime Hour ago


  • Josh 97
    Josh 97 Hour ago

    What’s up

  • Alan Poku
    Alan Poku Hour ago

    The thing is as he grows up hes gonna be more at a disadvantage because there are gonna be people who are faster, stronger than him

  • Matt Franklin
    Matt Franklin Hour ago

    A GIANT Mess, I'm a Clemson fan but D Jones is going to have a good career... He can take hits I'll say that

  • MixTapeDrilla9
    MixTapeDrilla9 Hour ago

    Dak smashed his face in

  • JarshyDucks
    JarshyDucks Hour ago

    lol hey 🙈

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith Hour ago

    You truly never know about these things until you yourself are up close and verifying the actual authenticity of the watch.

  • Donovan Yazzie
    Donovan Yazzie Hour ago


  • I'm wrong because,

    I’m buying that hoe and never wearing it

  • Lee  Wilson
    Lee Wilson 2 hours ago

    chill lol

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 2 hours ago

    Alimony done takled a nigga

  • Eric Olivera
    Eric Olivera 2 hours ago

    Nah giannis even said he don’t wanna leave the bucks even if he gotta Carry dem

  • The super Ostrich
    The super Ostrich 2 hours ago

    Nothing funny about poverty , it is always looming for many

  • Lord Rothschild
    Lord Rothschild 2 hours ago

    Let's talk about.. Hoes.

  • 1 ova kind
    1 ova kind 2 hours ago

    How come he never bought one when nippsie was alive lol Nigga gotta get killed. So are we promoting his death as if he does for a cause? He has multiple color shirt that read Crenshaw, where he died just as a gang member dies

  • Corey Thompson
    Corey Thompson 2 hours ago

    Funniest comment that started my day "looking high on something other than life" that classic joke never gets old because folks will always get high on something other than life

  • Yrn Trenton2
    Yrn Trenton2 3 hours ago

    Because of Kawhi this is gonna be a very entertaining season to watch, I'm not mad at all. 😂 I love the roster w/ or w/o Kawhi.

  • Michael
    Michael 3 hours ago

    "Human type things" like threatening to put a bullet in your kids moms head? Talk about classless... and to think I was a die-hard fan of his

  • Lilpun09 Colon
    Lilpun09 Colon 3 hours ago

    Honestly kd is just a selfish player he wants rings only wants money on a team that has at least one all star

  • benz trucks
    benz trucks 3 hours ago

    he might be homeless but at least he piped lebrons mom

  • Al Mcnutt
    Al Mcnutt 3 hours ago

    He should've stayed with LeBrons mom He's LeBrons stepdad so LeBron should help him

  • J.C. Donnell
    J.C. Donnell 3 hours ago

    Maybe he got bored

  • Ayishah Morris
    Ayishah Morris 3 hours ago

    No he don't love kendall the curse off him so bad lucky off him get way from him dirty dog . Don't break his heart don't mess with his career

  • Thunder Buddy
    Thunder Buddy 3 hours ago

    Kawhi made the NBA Free Agent process work for him. Some changes need to be made. If not, the roster moves will continue to be a joke

  • Klem Banal
    Klem Banal 3 hours ago

    Father and Son

  • me is me
    me is me 3 hours ago

    Seeing kourtney Kardashians boring as playhouse brought ms here.. this one is way better.

  • kuro chan
    kuro chan 3 hours ago

    Steve Kerr will not sacrifice the whole team just to make kd happy. They have 2 trips to the finals without kd with this system. There is no reason to change it if its working. You join them you must learn to adapt. KD has no right to talk to warrios like that. This team kick his ass to western finals, he cant beat them so he join them.

  • kay s
    kay s 3 hours ago

    This was such a heartbreaking moment when his face got screwed knowing this could even cost his career. How this tv show make this one kind of entertainment? “Who’s gonna be the next one, your thought”? Girl you are tripping.

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis 3 hours ago

    People are acting like the relation between Kawhi and his sister makes her entitled to his success. I doubt they were at all close, obviously because she is going out, robbing and killing somebody. He's probably estranged to some of his family, and I don't blame him. It's not HIS responsibility to provide for others. People try to make it an obligation for others to provide for them when they have much. Of course, if I make it big, I will provide for my family. But, if an old friend comes up all of a sudden and asks for money, I may not oblige. It's not heartless, but having integrity is important with stuff like this.

  • Johnboy
    Johnboy 4 hours ago

    Lost out on dam near $100 million , to only take $40 million and lose

  • Mike Lindbergh
    Mike Lindbergh 4 hours ago

    The lakers should never were that jersey

  • Best guy Alive
    Best guy Alive 4 hours ago


  • Dennis Burke
    Dennis Burke 4 hours ago

    Absurd, all a woman has to do to ruin a man is a simple accusation. Nike you're such a piece of shit to drop Brown. Unless it was PROVEN as a FACT that he did something then you should have stuck with him

  • Ceasar Ramirez
    Ceasar Ramirez 4 hours ago

    A’s suck ass at baseball he should focus on winning lol

  • Ezio77 Himura
    Ezio77 Himura 4 hours ago

    Tf we know that already, u guys playing candy crush again..

  • S Barton
    S Barton 4 hours ago

    Baaahaha f@^/ the Lakers

  • Gmo Morales
    Gmo Morales 4 hours ago

    Shoooot Can’t Trust No Players Now A Days💯😂, Kyrie: “ i would like to resign here if yall welcomed me back” to Boston. KD: “ Ima have fun scoring in here” in the new Warriors arena. Westbrook: Requested A Trade Kawhi: Requested a Trade Paul George: Requested A Trade Basically all the Star Players Said: “Ight ima head out”. So as of rn we are 50/50 if Giannis goes to the Warriors He may or may not🤷🏻‍♂️ we’ll be back in 2 years for the results😂

  • Dontavion Walker
    Dontavion Walker 4 hours ago


  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez 4 hours ago

    good job Nike Antonio Brown ant worth it

  • NBD Gabe
    NBD Gabe 5 hours ago

    they rly sorry for making a story outta this

  • Dar Eus
    Dar Eus 5 hours ago

    Crazy how one man took a small brand like under armour which I honestly paid no attention to and propelled to compete with tha likes of Nike.......all other players ran to Nike which was already the dominant brand but he went to under armour and immediately lifted their value.........this man is just above the rest Steph changed the style of play in the NBA his shooting ability literally influenced and forced the entire NBA to adapt because he is just that dominant of a shooter that they had to change the style of play in order to compete with the Warriors.....I've got so much respect for this man and how humble he is...........

  • State Of mind
    State Of mind 5 hours ago

    Snitch stripper

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 5 hours ago

    Ummmm the boy can get over it no one is entitled to get a autograph

  • Erik Hernandez
    Erik Hernandez 5 hours ago

    It’s his first time losing to the Browns I would cry too

  • Boxeo4Real #BoxingIsRigged

    I bet if he was still in the NBA shed let him bust her cheeks

  • Td Brown
    Td Brown 5 hours ago

    You put so many words in curry's mouth. He didnt say all that about KD. That's why I hate the fumble. You guys are not accurate.

  • QsLz geek
    QsLz geek 5 hours ago

    Nah g he comin to Toronto

  • slim Lou
    slim Lou 5 hours ago

    She bangs

  • xtscarface M
    xtscarface M 5 hours ago

    Yup another guy being accused and receiving the consequences. I cant imagine anyone have over 15 accusations and still hold office!

  • John Vargas
    John Vargas 5 hours ago

    You dont see NFL players making demands just comes to show you how the NBA is soft..

  • Jason Strom
    Jason Strom 5 hours ago

    Ummmmm, does this happen alot in Buffalo?😂🤔

  • Victor Aird
    Victor Aird 6 hours ago

    This doesn't make sense

  • Marcus Williams
    Marcus Williams 6 hours ago

    Let's go Clippers LA Clippers for 2020 Kawhi Leonard for MVP in 2020

  • Dam Hill
    Dam Hill 6 hours ago

    That jersey is crimped blue!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙 pull up....I would buy that. That icey !!!!!!!

  • Jay Wavy
    Jay Wavy 6 hours ago

    This dude just made me look 79 and I’m actually 15😭

  • Luke Kramer
    Luke Kramer 6 hours ago

    Wow, what a b!+<£! I guess everyone with a mental illness should just buck up and get over it, ie Robin Williams. Please know what you are talking about before opening you mouth. Who gives you a platform?

  • Antonio Jenkins
    Antonio Jenkins 6 hours ago

    People are sensitive asf these days!! ITS OK TO SAY NO!!

  • Renegade LC
    Renegade LC 6 hours ago

    Delonte west still a legend in the game IMO , I still look at him as a superstar I dont look down on him cause that could easily be me , he still get my upmost respect on & off da court ☝🏾

  • P Pumpkin
    P Pumpkin 6 hours ago

    The second complaint though, she came forward after the first and copied the same M.O. about jerking off. And I hear she's hired a lawyer. Typical case when one woman comes forward other woman think they can make something up too. There's nothin saying he's involved with Le'veons ex.