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  • Jessica
    Jessica Minute ago

    Thanks for the effort biss

  • Kelly Cooks
    Kelly Cooks 4 minutes ago

    The one chip to wreck it all

  • Baher Eisa
    Baher Eisa 8 minutes ago

    Stephanie: runs around me: bitch you just ran a marathon!

  • Ari
    Ari 9 minutes ago

    No one: Chip: “ I’m about to end this couples whole life”

  • Catherine Taylor
    Catherine Taylor 10 minutes ago

    “CarolEna reaper” 😂

  • Kylie Sparrow
    Kylie Sparrow 15 minutes ago

    Canadian money is def the best money, out is translucent, holographic and colourful

  • Anto theja
    Anto theja 23 minutes ago

    Pounds and Euros

  • Tanya Medina
    Tanya Medina 24 minutes ago

    11:36 I like Stephiance Thoughts on the sex, he could’ve practiced safe sex or not had sex at all to not have the chance of risking a child being without their father their whole life...Love that for Stephanie❤️

  • Audrey Tang
    Audrey Tang 27 minutes ago

    Hmmmmm who’s Stephanie pretending? MORGZZZZ

  • Amanda
    Amanda 28 minutes ago

    i feel bad for laughing but i laughed😭😂

  • Jhin Song
    Jhin Song 29 minutes ago

    Hey are y'all having relationship problems, like I feel bad energies y'know

  • Yanz Mhsy
    Yanz Mhsy 40 minutes ago

    Can you talk about Kate Yup?

  • Helen Anton
    Helen Anton 45 minutes ago

    It hurts to watch knowing she made it worst by drinking water and (well idk if popsicles are bad but) not just going straight to actual milk and ice cream. 😂

  • Yurkella Hunt ASMR
    Yurkella Hunt ASMR 52 minutes ago

    *Wow! A lot of food*

  • hangry_ and_sarcastic
    hangry_ and_sarcastic 52 minutes ago

    Only 17 minutes?! Holy shit what's happeningggggg?????

  • Kelly
    Kelly Hour ago

    i was looking forward to hear the story :(

  • Life Balance
    Life Balance Hour ago

    Its like pickels- ;-; what do pickles taste like?

  • wassup we 2NE1XBIGBANG BTSXBP

    I feel bad for laughing at their suffering😂😔

  • Kember Jay
    Kember Jay Hour ago

    Why he doesn’t talk lol

  • Anto theja
    Anto theja Hour ago

    I would have loved to see Stephiance struggle Also, i was sad that you did speed it up :( I wanted to hear what you were saying And the fact that the popsicle was still stuck to the stick at the end- wow

  • Sophia Dawn
    Sophia Dawn Hour ago


  • Caitlyn Hennessy

    12:30 Fun fact: The police force in Ireland is called the Garda Síochana which translates to guardians of peace 👀

  • Nona Kptkwa
    Nona Kptkwa Hour ago

    hei i recently watched a similar movie called goodnight mommy ....u should check it out if you liked this movie


    they way she talks when she says something sensitive 43:52 💀

  • Ta Ry
    Ta Ry 2 hours ago

    You should have milk or white bread to help with the heat.. next time try that :)

  • Ian Gellatly
    Ian Gellatly 2 hours ago

    TT was my nickname

  • Malek Ehab
    Malek Ehab 2 hours ago

    الله ما اني سيم

  • Lily Galindo
    Lily Galindo 2 hours ago

    OMG!! some serious LMFAO!!!😂😂😅😅.. That fast forward trying to calm down that Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😨😨😱😱

  • 20999038
    20999038 2 hours ago

    This was a hilarious video but also, I hope you guys are ok 🥺

  • shysubscriber LY
    shysubscriber LY 2 hours ago

    I am Korean and tbh i've never heard of this story. And this story made me feel really sad. I dont think a majority of the koreans know about this....

  • Sifuuu Shiii
    Sifuuu Shiii 2 hours ago

    I feel bad for laughing :v

  • Officially Toolen
    Officially Toolen 2 hours ago

    Stephanie had survived an earthquake Literally the chip is the death of her Take care sis

  • Hunter Lee
    Hunter Lee 2 hours ago

    Stephanie not saying the girl is narcissistic but basically defines narcissism

  • Elle h
    Elle h 2 hours ago

    Aparently milk helps better than water

  • chimchim park
    chimchim park 2 hours ago

    Julie is my dogs name 🤣🤣

  • Celeste Winkley
    Celeste Winkley 2 hours ago

    Just googled how many times Sony has been breached or “hacked” and it said 17 TIMES!! What the actual hell Sony?!

  • geniuskidx
    geniuskidx 2 hours ago

    7:42 she smh shades youtuber ... tea

  • Basheer Darbar
    Basheer Darbar 2 hours ago

    Stephanie: "short term loss of speach" Stephiance: (laughs ) (happy) " I need more of those"

  • xAnimu
    xAnimu 3 hours ago

    You know its serious when she doesn't do the arm motion at the beginning of the video.

  • Asenlkr 75
    Asenlkr 75 3 hours ago

    Those people doesn't deserve to be called friends step...I felt so sorry for u the entire video...& This is the reason why I don't have many friends I got a handful of friends & we are like a family...Love u Stephanie 😘

  • vegananddelicious
    vegananddelicious 3 hours ago

    Hey, biss 😉 did you know that Trisha Paytas watches you?!! She just mentioned that in her last video. You should do a collab soon! 😘

  • Usagi Moon.X.O
    Usagi Moon.X.O 3 hours ago

    Loveee you bisss!$

  • BBjo 98
    BBjo 98 3 hours ago

    Leeeets get this video to 10k liiikes go go go

  • Ganat Suliman
    Ganat Suliman 3 hours ago

    I love watching your mukbangs, but I started my diet yesterday.. soOOo Am not sure IF THIS IS A GOOD IDEA 🙄

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  • Wansyrpai Thangkhiew

    Hey Zack Choi you spicy eater man

  • Yasmin Diaz
    Yasmin Diaz 3 hours ago

    Can you talk about the ferry Sewoll that went down in Korea!! And watch the videos cuz BISSSSS they fucked up and 300+ people died (mostly students) 😞

  • Queen x Kwaii
    Queen x Kwaii 3 hours ago

    I'm here with an iPhone 5

  • Caroline
    Caroline 3 hours ago

    First time seeing merch I’d actually wear. Gonna cop the green tee BISS 💚

  • Nammi Nam
    Nammi Nam 3 hours ago

    Hello subscribe

  • Ajati Dewi
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  • mukshook
    mukshook 3 hours ago

    I've eaten the hottest wings in the world and puked.

  • Park Juankook
    Park Juankook 3 hours ago

    So like im never trying this😂😂

  • Tasha
    Tasha 3 hours ago

    You should do a mukbang with the movie when they see us on Netflix

  • mariam nadeem
    mariam nadeem 3 hours ago


  • Alicia Kalayjian
    Alicia Kalayjian 4 hours ago

    Girl don’t drink water with something that spicy! It’ll just spread the capsaicin around, any dairy product will be much better(yogurt, milk...)

  • kaga kenal
    kaga kenal 4 hours ago

    Kebanyakan bacot

  • Bayasgalan Khandaa
    Bayasgalan Khandaa 4 hours ago

    Why you fat

  • tangled
    tangled 4 hours ago

    K2 is not everyone's cup of tea! Sad incident because of lots of mistakes by climbers, they know they are climbing k2 but still they were careless!

  • Aenya Fike
    Aenya Fike 4 hours ago


  • King Jonqin
    King Jonqin 4 hours ago

    I stopped watching your mukbang vids and your vlogs cause if exams but now im back and imma binge watch you cause I missed you soooooo much biss 😭❤

  • J R23
    J R23 4 hours ago

    So sorry you went thru this pain but I have to say so funny 😆

  • spLLASH ME
    spLLASH ME 4 hours ago

    mountainous is a word tho

  • Samantha Jester
    Samantha Jester 4 hours ago

    What ice cream flavor and brand is that

  • Happy Blue Duck
    Happy Blue Duck 4 hours ago

    Bisssssss y’all better have some cows on standby😱😱😱

  • Hulio Hulio2
    Hulio Hulio2 4 hours ago

    You have such a beautiful soul

  • KristinAndJamil
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  • Harika Mahipala
    Harika Mahipala 4 hours ago

    Stephiancé: honey.... Stephanie: wait.....*Grabs a popsicle out of nowhere and runs around like a headless chicken* I love my life.

  • Bangtan Shoyondan
    Bangtan Shoyondan 4 hours ago

    Manny paqui🤣🤣🤣

  • richa gunthey
    richa gunthey 4 hours ago

    Steph... you are the cutest person alive after my kids 😁😘🥰

  • Melissa Recalde
    Melissa Recalde 4 hours ago

    Omg I love David

  • Tanaylih
    Tanaylih 4 hours ago

    5:40 nice plug biss

  • Dahlia Chavez
    Dahlia Chavez 4 hours ago

    The Winchester house and H.H. HOLMES! Also what’s that book called?

  • iamjmae 143
    iamjmae 143 5 hours ago

    Skinwalker story pleaseeee 🤪

  • Ivonne Alvarado
    Ivonne Alvarado 5 hours ago

    Please go back to talking about true crime :^( I'm still gonna watch all your videos of you don't but please do

  • Жизнь Прекрасна

    Drink milk)

  • Karen Agra
    Karen Agra 5 hours ago

    when ur shook that steph's vid is only 17 mins tonight 💀

  • Robert Craddock
    Robert Craddock 5 hours ago

    17min i had 15 one chip and I beat it in 2mins i give you some tips how to beat the heat who wants to know

  • Hollandfan 2018
    Hollandfan 2018 5 hours ago

    2:30 am biss ... but idc ❤️

  • Slumpshawty
    Slumpshawty 5 hours ago

    When she said “The queen of the sea” I lost it🤣🤣💀they bond is so cute tho wth😩🥺

  • ThisAccountIsNotImportant

    Milk Stephanie soo drink milk

  • Winter Lemon
    Winter Lemon 5 hours ago

    Steph: "Do you guys remember limewire?" Me: *Vietnam war flashback* I feel so attacked right now

  • RoyalKimchi
    RoyalKimchi 5 hours ago

    Wait, recipe video for this?!! Pleaseeeeee 💥

  • Robynne Lopez
    Robynne Lopez 5 hours ago

    Stephiance is just dying in the background

  • Khai
    Khai 5 hours ago

    The only video biss is not excited about hashhssba

  • AverageGirlHere {Zhane Tines}

    She said Caroleena instead of Carolina lol I love her

  • Ella Preena
    Ella Preena 5 hours ago

    Stephanie: That’s iNsAnE Stephanie’s husband: It’s bEauTiFuL 😍 😂A biss just died😂

  • Shantelle R.R
    Shantelle R.R 5 hours ago

    You were so clam, I seen so many videos and they go crazy

  • Bear asmr
    Bear asmr 5 hours ago

    And your so quiet at your vidoe.☹

  • Wendy Young
    Wendy Young 5 hours ago

    Why can’t I stop laughing? You guys are crazy...and I love it!

  • Bear asmr
    Bear asmr 5 hours ago

    Zach why you domt want to talk.

  • Ella Preena
    Ella Preena 5 hours ago

    Can we all please thank Stephanie’s husband for those amazing chicken nugget and honeycomb scenes 😂

  • PS Inc
    PS Inc 5 hours ago

    I knew it was real by the way she said dun dun mukbang woo 😂

  • Capri White
    Capri White 6 hours ago


  • Park Noah
    Park Noah 6 hours ago

    So is it lumerit or unbound?

  • Sammy Brown
    Sammy Brown 6 hours ago

    If a man insisting asking me out, I'll probably would cussed his a$$ out and pressed charges for harassing. Get a strain order to keep him far away from me. Poor Brittany. Hope she haunt their asses in jail. Crazy people in this world.

  • Orbex 435
    Orbex 435 6 hours ago

    What does snow sauce taste like?

  • Lady J gaviola
    Lady J gaviola 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who were listening to the hackers story?🤔

  • Alongdi S.T.M
    Alongdi S.T.M 6 hours ago

    Hey who's that behind shooting camera, haha🤣🤣looks hungry