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  • FoxBoxChaos
    FoxBoxChaos 5 hours ago

    Odom fire looked so satisfied when he was dancing with lolathon

  • Ralkey gaming & toturials

    what is that song on the end of the video. i really need it!

  • Tristan Sim
    Tristan Sim 9 hours ago

    0:44 that was the most violent dab ive ever seen

  • Vap
    Vap 14 hours ago

    3:18 Polish Meme :v

  • WhenToastersAttack
    WhenToastersAttack 18 hours ago

    Is Lolathon roleplaying as a Ginosaji?!

  • Shadow Lee
    Shadow Lee 20 hours ago

    Pardon moi? Excuse moi? (1:52)

  • FuriousMar
    FuriousMar 22 hours ago

    kinda disgusts me how their's so many traps

  • Jack Wolf
    Jack Wolf Day ago

    Shiro appears at 04:20

  • Lộc Lê Bá
    Lộc Lê Bá Day ago

    No and N

  • J Miyabi
    J Miyabi Day ago

    7:36 Gogeta in the background like *Why are we still here just to suffer*

  • Jo jo
    Jo jo Day ago

    Oh ma gooooddd! Kromia has a stand! Oh noooo!

  • IorChief
    IorChief 2 days ago

    I love your videos vrfunny 😄

  • Austin Richardson
    Austin Richardson 2 days ago


  • Badboyred
    Badboyred 2 days ago

    1:32 no Zartik not cute zartik

  • Phoenix King
    Phoenix King 2 days ago

    11:31 ya ever wonder what happens when someone walks in on them doing this? Like their dad or some other family walks in on em stripper style dancing with a vr set on wtf do you do in that situation? 😂

  • Mik Earned
    Mik Earned 2 days ago

    Now that's the real Lolathon's true form!

  • Thailand is my land

    I will tell kromia!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonic_Extreme
    Sonic_Extreme 2 days ago

    0:00 OH FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KROMIA WHY?????????????????????.........(opens a bottle of poison)...well...were we go again....

  • -ˏˋMilitiaˎˊ-
    -ˏˋMilitiaˎˊ- 2 days ago

    0:10 how can I get her avi .,.

  • Orlando Yongco
    Orlando Yongco 2 days ago

    The only way to tell who the real magika is by seeing which one makes your ears bleed more.

  • lord darkes
    lord darkes 2 days ago

    9:36 what song it that?

  • Jakob Howard
    Jakob Howard 2 days ago

    What is that lolathon avatar a reference to at 2:59

  • kim dom
    kim dom 2 days ago

    That was most depressing intro:((((((((((

  • Phoenix King
    Phoenix King 3 days ago

    8:59 the cut out scenes with tiny tina

  • Ferdaire
    Ferdaire 3 days ago

    Weren't there another video where there was the song luda gets funky but an actual meme version? Like, with a full emoji body?

  • Cody Gore
    Cody Gore 3 days ago

    A poor gamer could have used that keyboard.smh

  • Robert The Blacksmith

    i was just going through some of your older videos and saw your tactical fox loli video and was wondering where you got that avatar the one that is in the intro and outro this is the link ru-clip.net/video/IJvtZRc1LlI/video.html

  • Anime Music Xeg
    Anime Music Xeg 3 days ago

    I want to headpat kromia sooo baaaaad

  • Xmanant 03
    Xmanant 03 3 days ago

    Just found this channel I love the Users on VRChat!! It’s awesome

  • Holy Knight Percival

    1:39 .............. UUMMMM!?!?

  • Holy Knight Percival

    Sees a bunch of lolis and chibis meowing ang rawring at eachother, and just stands there..... Terrified

  • TotalSiction
    TotalSiction 4 days ago

    Why are all of your avatars tiny gorls

  • Roblox Sans
    Roblox Sans 4 days ago

    video starts 1:20

  • czriderz
    czriderz 4 days ago

    how long does it take to come up wit this garbage??

  • Shadow Lee
    Shadow Lee 4 days ago

    My eyes *slowly covering my eyes while Kromia doing on the pole*

  • czriderz
    czriderz 4 days ago

    i have yet to laugh at these comps. no wonder....

  • Esme Belles
    Esme Belles 5 days ago

    3:07 would have been perfect if someone had shot the flying rug down with a VrChat anti-aircraft gun.

  • Spencer Genovese
    Spencer Genovese 5 days ago

    Roflgator is a dick

  • Aussie Gamer505
    Aussie Gamer505 5 days ago

    Less vrfunny more others -.-

  • Bonfá
    Bonfá 5 days ago

    Lmao sick 0:00

  • Sonic Quake 00AD
    Sonic Quake 00AD 5 days ago

    8:14 - Kromia, Odomfire & Patiiiiiiii, in the same vid together - Epic!! =^_^=

  • faith yap
    faith yap 5 days ago

    the first clip was from GreetMoonAroma, go follow his RU-clip channel its pretty fun

  • Nappamon
    Nappamon 5 days ago

    3:00 She forgot washing machine.

  • Renée Roy
    Renée Roy 5 days ago

    3:48 what Is that music

  • uxtalzon
    uxtalzon 5 days ago

    Dat dancing roach.

  • Juuzou Stitches
    Juuzou Stitches 5 days ago

    ending song name?

  • the skull boy
    the skull boy 5 days ago

    6:23 don’t do this furtrap. Don’t bring those memories up again

  • Crafty Gaming
    Crafty Gaming 5 days ago

    1:13 Now that's some next level animations right there

  • NeoWarsXP
    NeoWarsXP 5 days ago

    At the part of Hazord i rally go outside and shake the fu**** Door.... BRUHAAAAA that God my I'm stupid

  • Bonkan
    Bonkan 5 days ago

    I think he need help

  • D3monSavior
    D3monSavior 5 days ago

    I live by myself and i'm in my room.... those knocks legit scared me

  • Shadow Lee
    Shadow Lee 5 days ago

    2:15 The god from FFxv Yes!!!!!!!!

  • MarkGaming
    MarkGaming 5 days ago

    The sad part is there is probably someone somewhere who could have used that keyboard he destroyed

  • WhenToastersAttack
    WhenToastersAttack 5 days ago

    Any chance someone knows the name of the song at 9:10? Sounds rad! Edit: found it myself. It’s called “I keep holding on” by Dr.

  • Spencer Genovese
    Spencer Genovese 5 days ago

    "am I- do I fuck it?" fucking killed me, he had such an intense stare, like he was examining the ass

  • Elijah
    Elijah 6 days ago

    The absolute madlad

  • axel acosta
    axel acosta 6 days ago

    can someone tell me what the joke was in 9:45? knowing references is not my strong suit

  • Lunar vr
    Lunar vr 6 days ago

    I'm friends with gala and Matty death on vrc I was do surprised wen I seen them

  • Kaleb Advent
    Kaleb Advent 6 days ago

    _distant guag_

  • drew gent
    drew gent 6 days ago

    isthisrealvr is so wholesome i love it

  • Olli Split
    Olli Split 6 days ago

    smart bait 1: take a video from a funny vrgamer and tack him in thumbnail 2: put that on the first place 3: after that fill the video with crapvrgamer Done

  • katastrofa02
    katastrofa02 6 days ago

    That lollipai at the end is hot

  • NOD Militia
    NOD Militia 6 days ago

    I liked solely because of the fact that JonTron's cover was in here

  • tetra7billy
    tetra7billy 6 days ago

    Linden has a beautiful laugh ._.

  • Aliekexie
    Aliekexie 6 days ago

    Dont know if its a heavy duty keyboard or Lin is just weak.

  • Elray Rivero
    Elray Rivero 6 days ago

    I'm scared

  • Bao Xiaotu
    Bao Xiaotu 6 days ago

    Was wondering furtrap is a guy or a girl? :/

  • Mukoto Sanada 01
    Mukoto Sanada 01 6 days ago

    Me : *watching Kromia pole dancing* Me : DAMN BROO... MY D*CK IS HARD AS F*CK!!!! #justkidding

  • Astrid Nipflake
    Astrid Nipflake 6 days ago

    Oh no..I hear myself in the video. Fuck.

  • Fredrick Rourk
    Fredrick Rourk 6 days ago

    Ladle RIP Such a cruel world all she ever wanted was banana

  • Gassed Games
    Gassed Games 6 days ago

    0:00 kids when their fortnite goes sour

  • Scott Burns
    Scott Burns 6 days ago

    I wanted that keyboard and he broke it.

  • Michael Lara
    Michael Lara 6 days ago

    The dude in the beginning of the video... seems like a good guys, but that was so much enjoyment for smashing a keyboard

  • Jok er
    Jok er 6 days ago

    0:00-0:12 LindenHD go insane xD

  • Vstrike 44
    Vstrike 44 6 days ago

    9:55 wrong name

  • Zak Bloodstone
    Zak Bloodstone 6 days ago

    SUCK MY ROBO DICK.😂😂😂😂😂😂

    DiGe THE MADHOUSE 6 days ago

    I like the commentary of Masterbismuth

  • Zak Bloodstone
    Zak Bloodstone 6 days ago


  • b5riang TC
    b5riang TC 6 days ago

    0:36 INSANITY

  • Mr. Hole
    Mr. Hole 6 days ago

    What happened to this poor young soul... 0:00

  • one thousand likez and i punch my self in the balls

    I geuss you could say this video was smashing?

  • Pedro Paulo
    Pedro Paulo 7 days ago

    9:55 If this remix is on RU-clip, could someone tell me the name of it?

  • Justifier
    Justifier 7 days ago

    **Smashes keyboard into a keyless board** **Angry that he spilt coffee while doing so**

  • Steven Pappas
    Steven Pappas 7 days ago

    Mom I think there’s a FurTrap under my bed or in the house or something, it said it was watching me, help😨

  • Alex Hocking
    Alex Hocking 7 days ago

    I don't think Linden is ok

  • R Doozy
    R Doozy 7 days ago

    4:44 I legit recognized the song playing in the background immediately- Can't be erased by JT music - but it took me several seconds until I figured out what the discord joke was

  • ExtraShifty
    ExtraShifty 7 days ago

    When Matty is almost the tallest in the room we are all going to jail

  • GAMER x PRO Gaming
    GAMER x PRO Gaming 7 days ago

    9:57 lollipai???

  • Shankmeyster
    Shankmeyster 7 days ago

    A VRFunny video without VRFunny.... *cries*

  • Agora2021
    Agora2021 7 days ago

    1:55 was a fantastically choreographed slap.

  • The Peppernator
    The Peppernator 7 days ago

    What's the song that starts at 8:13 I've heard it before but forgot the name

  • KaiserKai
    KaiserKai 7 days ago

    Oh, Greatmoonaroma is Korean? Is this the first non-English speaking VRchat person that VRFunny put into a video?

  • Guess My Name
    Guess My Name 7 days ago

    You make me spin more than meth and cockaine.

  • CyberChimp
    CyberChimp 7 days ago

    I’m in the description but there’s no clip of me, huh????

  • Powder Physics
    Powder Physics 7 days ago

    2:15 GreatMoonAroma got absolutley f u c k e d lmao

  • Anton Herbert FederationThunderbolt

    XD Blanky be like "i have seen bad things... take it away i want my cute things back D'X"

  • AlphieVR
    AlphieVR 7 days ago

    Linden makes me laugh so much hahahahahahaha

  • Xerxes A. Blake
    Xerxes A. Blake 7 days ago

    Isthirealvr is perfect wifu

    BULLDOG SOLDIER 7 days ago

    Thanks for getting sweet dreams are made of weebs stuck in my head, I keep wanting to listen too it now.

  • Red
    Red 7 days ago

    0:01 Linden destroy his last braincells