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TORCH TIME with Ivan
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  • Randy bobandy
    Randy bobandy 3 minutes ago

    Not a case study. If they're known for this issue. This is why I unsubscribed

  • Simon Rawle
    Simon Rawle 2 hours ago

    awesome vid ivein . looking at the first wave from i was calling a sticking valve. was it a screeched chain in the end ?

  • John Howell
    John Howell 3 hours ago

    I wonder if there has been any case of a cars computer software having any type of virus?

  • John Howell
    John Howell 3 hours ago

    I wonder what the the inside of the ecu looks like, how about corrosion between the soldering causing a jump between connections?

  • Smitty Smithsonite
    Smitty Smithsonite 3 hours ago

    Waiting for the day this happens to mine ('07, same engine). Looks like I've got about 22k miles to go! 😨

    • Smitty Smithsonite
      Smitty Smithsonite 30 minutes ago

      @Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics - HAHAHA! I know, right? People have been saying that to me since 2010, lol. Between that Ox Locker differential, the twin Viair compressors and the air bags in the back, and all the other accessories, I think I'm stuck with this one for the long haul. I'll just have to see if I can fabricate engine mounts for a tried and true 454 big block when the time comes ... and of course, re-engineer the entire fuel and electrical system, to eliminate every single module. A bolt-on FI system and a transmission controller, and she'll be reliable for once. :)

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
      Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 3 hours ago


  • UncleMarks DIY Automotive Fix it channel

    No parts required! :)

  • Daniel Slaven
    Daniel Slaven 8 hours ago

    Thank you and that just turned my stomach

  • Ford Guy
    Ford Guy 8 hours ago

    sounds like 250K mile engine.

  • Robert Brandywine
    Robert Brandywine 8 hours ago

    If you had sent that nut to MyMechanics it would have come back with chamfered holes, rechased threads, rounded edges, and a mirror finish.

  • mathew C
    mathew C 9 hours ago

    Still on STATEN islamd?

  • Tim R
    Tim R 10 hours ago

    For the diyer couldn't the same conclusion have been reached with a basic code reader and a timing light?

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
      Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 8 hours ago

      Not really as conclusive, since what would you look for on the timing light? There is no distributor, and the PCM is in control of the ignition timing...

    DARLEEN STRATHY 11 hours ago

    Exact same problem I am having it caused my van to glitch out and stall 3 or 4 times and placed in neutral restarted with no problem...pain in the ass.......wish I knew where you guys are located because I would def go to you.......

  • Adam Trombino
    Adam Trombino 11 hours ago

    In a GM of that vintage, you'd be lucky if the PRNDL worked right. It was kinda like, is it charging? Yes or no. Does it have oil pressure? Yes or no. Is there gas? Some, or nope. The tach usually was right since that went directly to the PCM. Speedo? I've seen the same size tires from different manufacturers throw that off.

  • Jose Peixoto
    Jose Peixoto 13 hours ago

    Excellent explanation; Why can't it be used a thick motor oil ,20w-50 or gear oil, 80 or 90, anyone knows? Thanks.

  • ФГБОУ ВО Пензенский ГАУ

    Привет Иван! Интересный и полезный ролик, спасибо! Особенно приятен анализ сигналов и вычисления 3T. Иногда, сталкиваюсь с необходимостью сделать такое же измерение. Коллекция сигналов для автомобилей, распространенных в России (английский или русский): Пожелание 1: сделать отдельный ролик про самодельный датчик давления. В России есть в продаже, но дорогие и не идеальные. Боятся перегрева (на запущенном моторе, не более минуты). Пожелание 2: В описании к видео, сообщать о реальном времени, затраченном на данный автомобиль. Смотрю с интересом, Денис

  • john pappas
    john pappas 17 hours ago

    Nice job a good scope is well worth the investment and understanding how to use it. Gold star for you !🌟

  • New Jersey Bill
    New Jersey Bill 17 hours ago

    Am I missing something, if the cam is advanced by 3 teeth, that means it is getting where it needs to be before the crank? Unless the cam has a flux capacitor and can time travel, how the heck can it skip time ahead, aka advanced time??? I can definitely see skip (slip) a tooth and then be late ( retarded timing).

    • New Jersey Bill
      New Jersey Bill 17 hours ago

      @Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics Ahh, didn't think of valve springs popping it fwd.

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
      Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 17 hours ago

      Great question! Engine dynamics can be quite complicated. Remember that the cam is also affected by the valve springs, so it can "push" and "pull" on the camchain. Imagine a bunch of extra slack on the tensioner side, and the cam suddenly wants to "pass" the crank, so it may skip ahead a tooth due to the loose chain. Rinse and repeat. This cam jumped 3 teeth ahead by the time I did the diag. I suspect one more tooth, and it would be a non-runner.

  • papa bits
    papa bits 18 hours ago

    Ctv has taken Nissan down

  • HouseCallAutoRepair
    HouseCallAutoRepair 18 hours ago

    In the world of "Brokeville", this is common practice. "See if you can repair it before replacing it." Half of the people I do work for PREFER these attempts. I did the same thing with a purge valve... But cracking the seal on the plastic bond takes some skill with a screw drive handle, and striking it 'just right' to crack the bond can be tricky! I've had to flow the plastic back together with my butane RADIO SHACK soldering iron... (Had for over 10 years now)

  • Tim Ramich
    Tim Ramich 18 hours ago

    At that rate I'd recommend her an aftermarket radio. It can be done. There are bezel kits that have all that HVAC stuff but with a hole for a normal DIN radio. That's a lot of money, as well.

    • Tim Ramich
      Tim Ramich 18 hours ago

      Oh nevermind. I just saw the service bulletin comment.

  • Bobi
    Bobi 18 hours ago

    That was a fun one I had fun watching it. I have a 70cc quad idle needle fully clogged, been soaking it for 3 days no luck getting it unclogged. Cannot find another carburetor for it not sure what to do. Thanks for the video awesome job

  • Luke P
    Luke P 18 hours ago

    Love your videos. You are the real deal comrade. Sometimes you get a brain workout...... Surprised it's a Lexus and not a bmw

  • Paul Mann
    Paul Mann 19 hours ago


  • Tim Ramich
    Tim Ramich 19 hours ago

    This made me very nervous. The unfolding events of hearing the horn was stuck on, so the fuse was removed, to then the SRS code being that the squib was shorted to B+...I was waiting for the airbag to deploy once you put the horn fuse back in. It made me less nervous when it was figured out that the fuse was under the hood, instead of somewhere near an airbag that could blow up on you.

  • Md Ibrahim
    Md Ibrahim 20 hours ago

    Bro i stuck in mercidese the car is missing to much i change ecm i shange spark plugs and timing also but it still missing what should i do

    • Tim R
      Tim R 9 hours ago

      @Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics Scotty would be proud! 😁

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
      Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 19 hours ago

      Get rid of the money pit and trade it for a Toyota!

  • Luke P
    Luke P 20 hours ago

    Excellent job comrade. That's how you fix it my friend.

  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores 21 hour ago

    How much you charge me to fix my Yukon Suburban 99 in Florida please, NO crank NO start , only 61000 ml. Originals. GOD BLESS YOU.

    WLD MHD 21 hour ago

    Short story.. Don’t buy Ford ever..

  • S King
    S King 21 hour ago

    math is fun.

  • stigonutube
    stigonutube 22 hours ago

    Good old pico wins again ,well done Ivan.maan 9hours on the books can they get any more badly engineered for fixing..the Engine in that beast looked soo innocent and tons of work room..yikes

  • Steve Mazzarella
    Steve Mazzarella 22 hours ago

    That was cool

  • Vincent Crnich
    Vincent Crnich 23 hours ago

    thank you good info mine was on and i put in seafoam, filled the tank and drove a good 50 mi the light went out

  • SGDeGalvez
    SGDeGalvez 23 hours ago

    wow...10 hr job and a 3 cent piece of plastic at the center of it. wow...they dont make em like they used to.

  • Mike Pratali
    Mike Pratali Day ago

    boo boo ... we want a solution!

  • Vaughn C
    Vaughn C Day ago

    Great info for 3.8 owners!

  • Michael Cordero

    Are you on trenbolone?

  • logical canuck

    FINALLY, @ 13:30 tower (54 PSI) numbers that make sense for an idling engine, full manifold vacuum!

    • logical canuck
      logical canuck 19 hours ago

      @Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics - I think it is, Yvan:) As you may be aware, I've ruffled a few feathers with this issue. I maintain that tower PSI much higher than the ones you've captured here are to be questioned, no matter how expensive the equipment that measured it. Thanks for the reply!

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
      Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 19 hours ago

      Seems logical :)

  • Gary Peatling
    Gary Peatling Day ago

    Belt could be mounted on outside with tin cover like the old automatic austin princess undo easy change

  • Gary Peatling
    Gary Peatling Day ago

    Renault probably involved it's like poison why cant Renault and fiat combine and just make a complete peice of junk an award currently held by yugo

  • Mark Ferraro
    Mark Ferraro Day ago

    Ivan the GM uses a magnetic actuator on the end of the cam shaft front the pcm duty cycles it even a little at idle to phase it retarded if its electrically disconnected it will default to advance the cam possibly scope the duty cycle on the pcm controlled sol to see where its at GREAT VIDEO man enjoyed it thanks

  • Baxrok2
    Baxrok2 Day ago

    46 degrees advanced, wow. 9 hours by the book so around 5ish hours real time which isn't too bad. Haha, yeah, I routinely use RockAuto for pictures and part verification. Thanks Ivan!

  • R A
    R A Day ago

    You kind of sound like chris fix.

  • Serafin Silva
    Serafin Silva Day ago

    Will we get to see the repair?

  • JustAnother IrishMan

    The bonus math was sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  • Garth Clark
    Garth Clark Day ago

    Most newer engines with single or multiple camshafts suffer too greatly with tensioner failures, be design and/or poor part quality. This is all too common and shouldn't be occurring on $50,000+ vehicles !

  • L J
    L J Day ago

    How many miles were on the truck? My guess, timing did not jump, timing chain is worn out, thus advancing. Because, my truck went to 280,000 miles and developed simular symptoms, discovered timing chain and sprockets were worn out. All these components wearing will cause timing to advance.

  • Joshua C
    Joshua C Day ago

    Doesn't your known good black Chevy pickup have VVT? Not sure if that would matter in your comparison.

  • Beatsxx Family

    This is happening to my 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT I gotta unplug something to go again because when I drive it will randomly go out out and my truck is shaking like a mofo I can’t even go over 5mph

    TEXAS Day ago

    Well did you clean the oil spill on the parking lot ?

  • Ed Bolam
    Ed Bolam Day ago

    This engine is the biggest pc of shit i have ever worked on the engineers should be shot the timing chain blunder is ridiculous it should have been gear driven .your better off dropping an HO engine in

  • jdtractor man
    jdtractor man Day ago

    Is this a zero clearance motor? Maybe being off those few teeth isn't enough for valve/piston contact? I'd be curious about oil condition and most important, oil pressure. It seems some manufacturers lately have trouble building robust oil pumps. Heck, it's probably the most important part in the engine, why build it for longevity?

  • Roxanne Abbott

    Awww are you gonna do a part2?

  • Paul1958R
    Paul1958R Day ago

    Ivan, Great case study, diagnosis, and video - thank you! Id love to see you do a video on the tear down and repair of this engine. God bless Paul (in MA)

  • James Fox
    James Fox Day ago

    Same problem here. It looks like the PICO comes out today. Superb diagnostics, great narration plus nice video work. Glad I watched this! p.s. Double Bonus covered my remaining questions. Thanks!

  • Todd m
    Todd m Day ago

    What a great job though man. Even if u grenade this tranny who cares tbh. She should get a filter n new fluid in the next couple days n sell that baby or just keep on keepin on.

  • Todd m
    Todd m Day ago

    Its sad how u could think dodge in its infinite wisdom wouldnt use plastic in a spot that gets retardly hot, they all do this now. Its like a way to ensure something eventually breaks n will not last (not that dodge needs to try any harder in this dept).

  • John Seymour
    John Seymour Day ago

    My 2007 Town & Country had a broken wire going to the transmission range control switch , gear selector was reading R and would not start .it was a pain in the ass with the wire diagram and tiipm to find.

  • Alesky Finis
    Alesky Finis Day ago

    Dude that sounds like right now oh thank God I’m not yeah that’s right now but I did that’s not healthy at all from Aleskyfinis

  • michael taylor

    What scan tool is that?

  • Shake’r Up Garage

    Great video Ivan!

  • ekim955yt
    ekim955yt Day ago

    Yes we need transparency. I am retired and started hanging around the junkyard and also get parts from Rock Auto and Amazon. I love doing $50 4 wheel brake jobs. I am shocked about all the questionable repairs dishonest shops have done for my family over the years. Now at least I can better judge if a shop is trying to rip me off. Maybe the biggest help is your RU-clip channel as well as South Main Auto. Thanks for the education and integrity.

  • Irais Diaz
    Irais Diaz Day ago

    I just did an electric window conversion oem style on my 2003 silverado single cab. I changed out the dash harness and bcm as well as the fuse box. Got the door harness and all. Everything is hooked up but only my driver side works. On the passenger side my window does go up or down. Only the lock works on the passenger side and the mirror. Any help will be appreciated. Already been trouble shooting on my free time and i cant get to the bottom of it. Motor works when it gets direct power.

  • Dwayne Chaulk
    Dwayne Chaulk Day ago

    Are you fixing this truck, if you are, I hope you do a video on it. I know I have watch all of your videos at least twice. Keep up the great work and have a great Christmas and New Year!

  • animalcorvair
    animalcorvair Day ago

    why i kept my 92 cars an trucks are junk ,,an mine does not have the plastic cam gear..

  • Anonymous98
    Anonymous98 Day ago

    Nice improvisation. Hope HF still sells them. Can you get a nylon or other tip for the air hammer that would let it be used for a little PDR in places where you can get behind a dent, and pulling is not doing the job? Thanks for this practical tip.

  • Serge Simonov
    Serge Simonov Day ago

  • Mista Lee
    Mista Lee Day ago

    First cold snap- astrovan had no problem w start... but started and stalled... I pressed the gas to keep it going..flooded it and it won't start up now. engine light is on... Any thoughts... Ugg.

  • stiefbeen22
    stiefbeen22 Day ago shows to measure from first rising crank signal to first of cam after that. Why did you use the falling crank edge?

  • richard cranium

    i could tell by the sound right away it was a jumped timing but its real nice to use the scope tp prove it. in the old days just pop the distributor cap off and roll #1 to tdc it was easy to tell. also you could roll #1 up to tdc in direction of rotation, then go opposite direction until the distributor moved. 1 inch on the balancer on a small block chevy (or most anything?) you better get a chain and gears in it.

  • wyattoneable
    wyattoneable Day ago

    I enjoyed that. Going the extra step to find a known good pattern was key in this diagnosis. It sure made sense once that was available. Wow, that's going to be a costly job and lots of work too. The extra footage of the actual parts and the math was interesting as well. I like your passion to always learn.

  • Shaun Adams
    Shaun Adams Day ago

    So maybe poor design by engineering not figuring in the possibility of failure while hitting the rev limiter trying to get out of the mud? May never know, but one thing is a fact. Having the knowledge, tools and the drive to always advance, will keep you on top of the automotive industry. Thanks again Ivan for helping us stay informed with the the most productive techniques to get straight to the proof and also the good and bad waveforms.

    • Shaun Adams
      Shaun Adams 12 hours ago

      @Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics in this industry where time is money, especially working for someone else, I have to do my research when I get home and finish cooking and cleaning and getting my little girl ready for bed and school the next day. I don't get paid for that. And you know as well as I do that finding the right information on some vehicles especially a newer one "they" are still gathering information. So knowing circuit design and common failure points all come with experience. I am thankful that I found all of y'all's channels and for the knowledge y'all share. Y'all have made me a better tech. So thanks again and keep the videos rolling.

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
      Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 19 hours ago

      Thanks for the kind words Shaun, you are absolutely right about this industry. If you are not advancing, you are quickly falling behind!

  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S. Day ago

    Do gm pushrod engines have a form of vvt?

  • John Schoeller

    How about you bring #1 cylinder to TDC on the compression stroke and then pop the distributor cap and see if the rotor is pointing to the #1 spark plug terminal. In a pinch if the rotor points to the next cylinder just rotate all the distributor wires by one cylinder to get you running and home again. Those where the days my friend.

  • Shawn Bauman
    Shawn Bauman Day ago

    I wonder what an old school vacuum gauge would do on this? I bet that needle would be jumping all over the place.

  • محمد حسن

    Ok ok ok ok ok ok

  • ACH Automotive

    Awesome information. Curious, how would you have proceeded if you did not have a known good truck to compare?

  • Vince Scalise
    Vince Scalise Day ago

    Fantastic video Ivan you certainly can’t doubt the value of a scope Great detective work

  • Billy R
    Billy R Day ago

    Nice ! Ivan, possible plugged cat too ?

  • Kro- Man
    Kro- Man Day ago

    You said things were packed with mud. Does the truck have an external crank sensor? Could the computer be getting bad input?

  • Alexandru Grigoras

    Always love the bonus footage at the end of a timing diagnosis. I guessed 2 teeth advanced while watching, was a bit lazy to do the math, thanks for doing it for us 😁

  • Eric Corse
    Eric Corse Day ago

    Ivan to the rescue.

  • Bosted Tap
    Bosted Tap Day ago

    Excellent diagnosis and prognosis. Full house. Thanks for sharing and best regards from the UK.

  • Feliz Ramo
    Feliz Ramo Day ago

    Buen trabajo

  • Anonymous98
    Anonymous98 Day ago

    What if the new cam had been installed under the proverbial shade tree, and someone forgot to pull the pin on the new chain tensioner, or just left the old one in without resetting it. . Could either of those small mistakes have caused the problem you found? Great job in interpreting the data from the SnapOn scanner. Seems to work very well.

  • zx8401ztv
    zx8401ztv Day ago

    Super diagnostic ivan :-D, the scope is indeed a handy tool. Hopefully you have saved all the past timings from other vehicles on to a sd card or usb stick, very handy resource :-D

  • Nero Katana
    Nero Katana Day ago

    You are great Ivan!

  • John Howell
    John Howell Day ago

    I wonder if this unit has an US version, and Asian copy version?

  • Josh Benney
    Josh Benney Day ago

    Ivan, great video. I have done so many timing chains in GM engines. It's so easy to do and it's a piece of cake lol!! Will you be releasing any outcome of that truck with 3T advanced? Wondered!!! :) great Pico and known and bad comparison! Shows a lot how they do. Awesome!

    • Josh Benney
      Josh Benney 19 hours ago

      @Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics Ivan, I'm sure Mitchell has information on how the sprockets line up each other.

    • Josh Benney
      Josh Benney 19 hours ago

      @Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics I've worked on 5.7, 4.3 and 5.3 Vortec and 5.7 LS1 and LS3 engines. 4.3 has balance shaft part of the timing chain. The sprockets has to be 6:00 (big) and 12:00 (small) facing each other position. As for LS engines, there's 2 bolt (tensioner) holding the chain between the big and small sprocket. Just be sure they're at 6 and 12 facing each other. They're really simple design. I've worked on Ford 5.4 3 valve engines. 12 hour (book time) to do complete timing chain with phasers. Not hard either. Just some moderate difficulty with the wiring looms moving out of the way when valve covers off.

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
      Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 19 hours ago

      Hi Josh! Which engines have you done timing chains on? The LS family looks to be quite a step up in complexity compared to the old school small block 5.0, 5.7, and 4.3 V6...

  • saranpaafamily

    Never seen this myself, but I remember hearing about a crankshaft reluctor wheel slipping. I work on many of these LS powered vehicles but never have to open them up for any work. Just the regular water pumps, etc... very interesting.

    • saranpaafamily
      saranpaafamily Day ago

      Most likely is the timing chain tensioner let go and the chain jumped.

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans Day ago

    As always i think i know,but going to wait till Ivan gets it right...

  • marty
    marty Day ago

    Nice haircut Ivan!! Didn't chevy have those available on line?????? lol

  • محمد حسن

    Ok ok ok ok ok ok

  • Willis Power
    Willis Power Day ago

    Chevy used plastic teeth on the cam gear for several years. They would wear or break over time and the chain would jump. Not sure if they continued the same setup on this engine or not.

    • Willis Power
      Willis Power 6 hours ago

      @Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics Yeah it was actually nylon teeth over an aluminum core. They would last for several thousand miles but eventually the chain would jump and strip the nylon teeth. Chevy wasn't the only one that used this type of gear either, good for business if you were a mechanic but not so good if you were the vehicle owner.

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
      Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 19 hours ago

      Yikes!! Plastic TEETH? Sounds like dentures haha

  • Marcel
    Marcel Day ago

    CVT fluid had to be changed every 30k, that caused the damage.

  • turtleh
    turtleh Day ago

    Useless transmissions

  • Varian Styles
    Varian Styles Day ago

    Ahh, Bonus Footage! Like an old friend! PHAD without Bonus Footage = Koolaid without sugar

  • Cuba's Automotive

    Love, love, loved the in cylinder & correlation captures! From the start, it looked as if it was advanced from the incylinder capture. My daughter was looking at me like I was crazy.. as I was trying to decide between 2 or 3 teeth had jumped. Lol. I'm so glad you added the bonus footage at the end to put my mind at ease! 😅😂 Would love to know what was found when the cover was removed. ... I also swore this engine had the AFM (which I think you confirmed when you said you can disable 4 of the 8 cylinders), which are also known to have so many issues.

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
      Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 19 hours ago

      lol Cuba I couldn't resist a little math at the end ;) Now as far as the AFM goes, the scanner showed those PIDs, but I didn't spot any oil feed lines for those smart collapsible valve lifters, so I'm not sure if it had that silly system at all!

  • /dev /null
    /dev /null Day ago

    Hello again Ivan! You were wondering why you were seeing the pressure spike near the end of the exhaust stroke. Your reasoning was that the intake valve opening should have bled off that pressure. The reason why that was not the case, was because if remember correctly, most of the OEM cams in LS series engines have negative overlap. Meaning the exhaust valve closes, then there are a number of degrees of crankshaft rotation before the intake valve begins to open. Also I would like to say that I really liked your desire to do the calculations and determine how many teeth off the timing chain moved. That’s the type of thing I always like to do too. But I can tell you from my own experience counting the teeth and figuring the degree per tooth on a number of engines, 15-18 degrees per tooth on the crank sprocket seems to be the average range, if my memory is correct. I was quite surprised that the cam timing advanced however, especially on a pushrod V8 with only one cam. I would have expected it to retard. 49 degrees advanced is crazy, I’m surprised the intake valves didn’t hit the pistons.

    • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
      Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 19 hours ago

      Ah that is some fantastic info on the "negative valve overlap"! Totally explains the data. Thank you for that tidbit :)

  • محمد حسن

    Ok ok ok ok ok ok

  • Adam Trombino
    Adam Trombino Day ago

    Never saw 1 jump and ADVANCE.. but hey, your numbers don't lie!