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  • Bhumika Shah
    Bhumika Shah Hour ago

    Toordal Unpolished. Use ki he Usse protein jyada milty he

  • Maaz Sam
    Maaz Sam 2 hours ago

    Why you cook rice in so much salt

  • sridevi Venkatesan
    sridevi Venkatesan 2 hours ago

    Sanjeev bro If it's mug means u have to give Measurement for a single mug

  • Anuradha Somani
    Anuradha Somani 2 hours ago

    Nice pictures

  • Cobra Bhai
    Cobra Bhai 2 hours ago

    Proud to be Hyderabadi chanchalguda

  • Tasmin Anam
    Tasmin Anam 2 hours ago

    Khub valo laglo

  • Hasna Begum
    Hasna Begum 2 hours ago

    Nice recipe

  • Rupeshshingare123 Shingare


  • ak yadav12345
    ak yadav12345 2 hours ago

    Mai roj khata hu bhoot accha lgta h

  • K K
    K K 2 hours ago

    This is a very common dish in Godavari district in AP we use green chillies instead of red and chana dal instead of urad dal.

  • Laddon Ali
    Laddon Ali 2 hours ago

    Apka jawab nahi h Sanjeev ji

  • suvasini devi
    suvasini devi 2 hours ago

    Yummy Yummy😋😋Tasty Tasty

  • Poonam smart kitchen


  • Gitesh Kothari
    Gitesh Kothari 3 hours ago

    For protein salad is it ok to boil sprouted Chana and moong?

  • ISAR Qureshi
    ISAR Qureshi 4 hours ago

    Nyc recipy or bohot hi easy h sir

  • Sharif Samir
    Sharif Samir 4 hours ago

    I will try it😉

  • Dev Mahar
    Dev Mahar 4 hours ago

    Sir I want to purchase fry pan u are using I liked it very much,please let me know the site

  • Nasima Sayeed
    Nasima Sayeed 4 hours ago

    Simple and easy to make .. thanks

  • ريما ا
    ريما ا 4 hours ago

    I love Indian kitchen🤯💜

  • ريما ا
    ريما ا 4 hours ago


  • Shaik Kareem
    Shaik Kareem 4 hours ago

    Interesting recipe Let's do this Thank you for sharing

  • Bobita Hazarika
    Bobita Hazarika 5 hours ago


  • Foos Cooking
    Foos Cooking 5 hours ago

    Yumm love ot

  • Abhishek Bhandari
    Abhishek Bhandari 5 hours ago

    Isma Salt or chilli use nhi hoti ???????

  • Neelam G.
    Neelam G. 5 hours ago

    😋😋😋 Yummy,Delicious Sir ham v bnayenge I love too much your all recipe

  • Amar Kachare
    Amar Kachare 5 hours ago

    Tata sampann turmeric powder: the colour of this turmeric is a deep orange because it is from salem which has the best also has a lot of curcumin

  • Shilpa Premani
    Shilpa Premani 5 hours ago

    Extremely fast video... I feel ! Also do we not need to refridgrate after pouring the chocolate mix into the tray... Cos when you dug out a spoon the mix was quite settled... So in that case how much time to cool it ?Also is there any replacement of Mava(khoya) ,in case if we don't have and have sudden plan of making it ?

  • Vaishali Desai
    Vaishali Desai 5 hours ago

    Just... Wow!! 😍😍 Amazing Mam!

  • Syed Abbas Hussaini
    Syed Abbas Hussaini 5 hours ago

    Kuch bhi ho ye Awadhi biryani nahi ho sakti

  • WASEEM azmi
    WASEEM azmi 6 hours ago

    Thanks for ur information sir

  • Maulik Mehta
    Maulik Mehta 6 hours ago

    Sir you mentioned that we can add khoya but what should br its proportion in regards to the cottage cheese (paneer) proportion. Hope to receive prompt reply. Thanking you, Regards... Maulik Mehta

  • Basariya Begam
    Basariya Begam 6 hours ago

    Upma hater😐

  • sachin madhavi
    sachin madhavi 6 hours ago

    Sir plz share a recipe of veg maratha

  • Parmar himanee
    Parmar himanee 6 hours ago

    Nice 😍😋

  • Bhaswati Chakraborty

    Ufff!kya baat kya baat! 😍 🤤🤤🤤

  • appu thunduvila
    appu thunduvila 7 hours ago

    Hi...would u suggest me.....simple breakfast recipes....

  • Femina Shah
    Femina Shah 7 hours ago

    Jain recipe ma Sabudana na vapray...Jain nathi aa

  • Sajida Ch
    Sajida Ch 7 hours ago

    Believe me,I made it nd turned delicious ... but cooking oats destroys its nutritions.....

  • Ranjit Bhuyan
    Ranjit Bhuyan 7 hours ago

    Good nice

  • Prabha Parthan
    Prabha Parthan 7 hours ago

    I made upma for breakfast and it came out like gooey. Wanted to see some video for improving and here we go the notification of upma!

  • Mahiee's magic
    Mahiee's magic 8 hours ago

    May be i am the first who viewed this video 😀

  • Green World
    Green World 8 hours ago

    Love this

  • TravelWith RJ
    TravelWith RJ 8 hours ago

    Tasty 😋😋😋😋

  • Vinita Verma
    Vinita Verma 8 hours ago

    Very nice sir👌👌

  • Dinesh kumar Jaiswal

    Plain chicken curry with less spices. Not stew

  • Diana Richardson
    Diana Richardson 8 hours ago

    Recommend nitrile gloves when handling edible foods instead of latex. Some people have severe latex allergies.

  • Krishnaveni Darla
    Krishnaveni Darla 9 hours ago

    Salt left hand to vesaru

  • Rahul R
    Rahul R 9 hours ago

    Eating Biryani in Hyderabad with spoon/fork is a Crime....😔 Eat with hands please

  • Thubten
    Thubten 9 hours ago

    Uff. Lots of butter and ghee. One piece will give me migraine just after eating for sure. But it is not surprising coming this recipe from Punjab where pple love makkhan and ghee.

  • Alpana Mishra
    Alpana Mishra 9 hours ago

    🔴🔴🔴Thanx🔴🔴 chef🔴🔴🔴 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

  • Alpana Mishra
    Alpana Mishra 9 hours ago

    Aap to10 star chef ho...... hm log kis 5 star me aapki recipies zahe nseeb kr skte hai.🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙☔☔☔☔happy 🌙divalii☔☔☔💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Neha Karna
    Neha Karna 10 hours ago

    Everyone in the comment section are top chefs discussing the authenticity of this sushi.

  • Lucky Kanbarkar
    Lucky Kanbarkar 10 hours ago

    Well thanks for recipe bcoz eating raw sprauts is very challenging to me .

  • Abdul Karim
    Abdul Karim 10 hours ago

    Very nice recipe.mouth watering.thanks.

  • Riza Ashrafi
    Riza Ashrafi 10 hours ago

    Thanks Sir 👌👌

  • balamani murugesan
    balamani murugesan 10 hours ago

    Wow very nice brother

  • Fouziya Begum
    Fouziya Begum 10 hours ago

    Hi Sir...... Macarons without oven kaise bana hai please video upload kariye

  • Truth is Bitter
    Truth is Bitter 11 hours ago

    chicken fry krte huye kon dikhayega...chicken fry nhi krna kacha hi khana hai BC

  • Sumam Naskar
    Sumam Naskar 11 hours ago

    Bakwas Recipe

  • Food Fantasy
    Food Fantasy 11 hours ago

    Nice recipe

  • Brotherz Cafe Patti
    Brotherz Cafe Patti 12 hours ago

    what the fuck off..... chutiya appa hai yeh...yeh kulcha nai ...agar kulcha khana hai ton ranjit avenue a block Amritsar jao ...

  • ahmed hasan
    ahmed hasan 12 hours ago

    Sanjeev sir aap kay kismat acchi hi... mahboob sab say tips aur parades taj ka andaz milgay ab tum ko duniya main kohi b beat lah kar sakta... all the best

  • sandra burke
    sandra burke 12 hours ago

    How long does it keep

  • Sudeep Tmg
    Sudeep Tmg 14 hours ago

    Real thukpa soup Aisa Nahin Hota Hai Banane Nahin Aaya Hai chotiya Bana Diya Sab Ko

    PRASHANT UPADHYAY 16 hours ago

    maine banaya sir... perfect bana tha... thnku for sharing 😊

  • Anita Joshi
    Anita Joshi 16 hours ago

    Saurabh great recipe explained to point . Not like others they talk too much . Your instruction well received

  • JL Jain
    JL Jain 16 hours ago

    संजीव सुपर

  • chirag mohanty
    chirag mohanty 16 hours ago

    4:22 se ek v masale k baare mei zindagi mei nhi suna

  • Rishi Saud
    Rishi Saud 17 hours ago

    That wasn't you! start giving credits you can't just do him like that , atleast what you can do is mention his insta. Handle you being selfish Sanjeev .

  • Husna Tamkeen
    Husna Tamkeen 17 hours ago

    Hi Dr.Mickey Mehta I am pregnancy and i am suffering from less blood can u suggest me any juice or any home remdies for increasing my blood level

  • Sonika. Chandaliya chandaliya Chandaliya

    Pcod wale bhi kha sakte he Kya ye salad

  • Zaika E Hindustan
    Zaika E Hindustan 18 hours ago

    Tasty .. #zaikaehindustan

  • Zaika E Hindustan
    Zaika E Hindustan 18 hours ago

    Amazing #zaikaehindustan

  • Sanjoy Ghosh
    Sanjoy Ghosh 18 hours ago

    World Class recipe👍

  • My Cushini
    My Cushini 18 hours ago

    Butter Chicken wo bhi Dilliwala! Yum!

  • Rekha Rani
    Rekha Rani 18 hours ago

    Wow very nice

  • Moh aish
    Moh aish 18 hours ago

    U.p. me Sharifa bolte hai

  • Reshmi Datta Gupta
    Reshmi Datta Gupta 19 hours ago

    Great sir....thanks for your every recipe....god bless you

  • Cooking is my Life
    Cooking is my Life 19 hours ago

    Sanjeev kapoor chef hai bhi

  • Cooking is my Life
    Cooking is my Life 19 hours ago

    Wtf where is black pepper ??

  • Shobitha Fury
    Shobitha Fury 19 hours ago

    Turmeric brought from Salem and crushed, made into powder...😊😊

  • Sarabjeet Kaur wasu
    Sarabjeet Kaur wasu 19 hours ago

    How to prepare sandwich masala

  • Nandini Nandini
    Nandini Nandini 19 hours ago

    U r v handsome

  • farhathullah imran ullah

    I am form hyd now I am in Dubai I mis Sohail hotel Biryani😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Tushar patel
    Tushar patel 19 hours ago

    We can use boil beans or not instead of raw,!!!?

  • K U N D H A D I A
    K U N D H A D I A 19 hours ago

    Wah !!! Even McDonald's doesn't have such recipe

  • Bharat Saud
    Bharat Saud 20 hours ago

    Tandoor me rost karna vae

  • Muazam Aulakh
    Muazam Aulakh 20 hours ago


  • Muazam Aulakh
    Muazam Aulakh 20 hours ago


  • AMOD
    AMOD 20 hours ago

    Ramen has broth and it takes hours to make it and what you made is just maggie😂

  • Shivanya
    Shivanya 20 hours ago

    Channa raw hai ya boiled?

  • Sabeena Jamal
    Sabeena Jamal 20 hours ago


  • Arifa Shaikh
    Arifa Shaikh 21 hour ago

    Cooker me paani kam daal na tha ...acha thik ho jaata

  • kaushik vora
    kaushik vora 21 hour ago

    It's too good just too spicy

  • S K
    S K 21 hour ago

    Sound is low

  • Shivani Rai
    Shivani Rai 21 hour ago

    Khadara in bhojpuri, but that's made with soaked chana dal

  • Akshada Salve
    Akshada Salve 21 hour ago

    No need to add water in pohe

  • Best Indian Food Blog

    joker recipe.

  • Sunil Baurai
    Sunil Baurai 22 hours ago

    Bhai...dum lagana bhi bata deta saath saath....