David Dobrik
David Dobrik
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  • thereal slimshady
    thereal slimshady Minute ago

    0:56 my nigga Cesar looks like Nick Diaz

  • Colton
    Colton 3 minutes ago

    That guys Mexican of course he drinks

  • Donat
    Donat 4 minutes ago

    You are the best

  • free thinker
    free thinker 4 minutes ago

    the face justin make is priceless ! he is like oh so this is what is what ! i think he loved the experience

  • aubrey fernandez
    aubrey fernandez 5 minutes ago

    “where are my glasses?” i feel like Velma.” 💀

  • Epifany Meeks
    Epifany Meeks 12 minutes ago

    Omg the guy that said he didn’t like yummy I TOTALLY AGREEE

  • Ava Flores
    Ava Flores 14 minutes ago

    2020 anyone

  • Ahmed Lalami
    Ahmed Lalami 15 minutes ago


  • Vinnie Moreno
    Vinnie Moreno 19 minutes ago

    Now please do everyone a favor and drive that car off a cliff.

  • hashbow
    hashbow 23 minutes ago

    2020 got this in my recommended still really good even if i watch it 5 years ago...

  • Ava Flores
    Ava Flores 23 minutes ago

    2020 anyone

  • Summer Morris
    Summer Morris 23 minutes ago

    I have been a huge fan of him since he started singing I've always listened to his music! It be a dream come true to every meet him! 🇨🇦

  • Reborn Life
    Reborn Life 24 minutes ago

    Your so funny

  • Ava Flores
    Ava Flores 26 minutes ago

    2020 anyone

  • Jasmine Hunter
    Jasmine Hunter 27 minutes ago

    3:34 Gabbie got stuffed alright 😉🥰

  • Ava Flores
    Ava Flores 28 minutes ago

    2020 anyonw

  • Emily Lawyer
    Emily Lawyer 28 minutes ago

    0:33 um what is that in the background

  • Nayops 19
    Nayops 19 30 minutes ago

    0:44 Drake and Josh

  • The real cisco Kidd
    The real cisco Kidd 31 minute ago

    Big nicks little ass voice

  • cloudysunshine
    cloudysunshine 33 minutes ago

    it’s been a year and you still don’t have the mayonnaise :(

  • mussicaly star
    mussicaly star 34 minutes ago

    David hasn't posted in 6 days should we be worried 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • D Mack
    D Mack 36 minutes ago

    This dude and Jimmy Fallon should have a laugh off

  • Robin
    Robin 37 minutes ago

    You better surprise People with me

  • Mythic Raza.
    Mythic Raza. 38 minutes ago

    1:00 U don’t need to waste ur time tryna for find it

  • Avani Sanchez
    Avani Sanchez 40 minutes ago


  • eden harel
    eden harel 42 minutes ago

    I want to be your friend

  • Daniel Katout
    Daniel Katout 45 minutes ago

    No one gives a fuck about Bieber

  • Malika Serir
    Malika Serir 45 minutes ago

    I love how Matt is always concernd about his friends

  • Bas Edin
    Bas Edin 46 minutes ago

    That slap was amazing

  • Dajjal
    Dajjal 47 minutes ago

    When you understand that people worship not God, but creatures (which he created). The paradox ...

  • male11nov
    male11nov 48 minutes ago

    Guy is anoying as fuck... be more natural, not a real asskiss

  • Spicy Sugar
    Spicy Sugar 49 minutes ago

    Matt is the gayest person in the group other than the gay one

  • Jessica Styles
    Jessica Styles 51 minute ago

    does anyone know what vlog the clip of heath imitating the blue macaw when it tried to bite him is from? Or is it like a bts goodie lmaooo

  • Chris Falzone
    Chris Falzone 56 minutes ago

    Where is the last second asshole lol

  • The Asian
    The Asian 58 minutes ago

    Has a smartphone w/ data, decent clothes, and spends money on weed... Perfectly describes the LA homeless crisis.

  • Milagros Maestas

    Scott- is that my fucking suitcase ? 😂

  • Bahama_ Babe_
    Bahama_ Babe_ Hour ago

    4:15 the lady on the speaker sounds like lisa

  • Randee Battee-Todd

    I have watched this video before but now I have a serious obsession with Mariah & Heath that I had to watch it again & I'm literately crying in my office like a big ass baby now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glorifiedation
    Glorifiedation Hour ago

    "It's as dangerous as acid" ~Covers surrounding lawn etc. in it

  • Theo Febryan
    Theo Febryan Hour ago

    So, i was wondering until now. Who is that girl?

  • maya alyssa
    maya alyssa Hour ago

    Lol sinjin drowning in the vlog

  • L&K Vlogs
    L&K Vlogs Hour ago

    Well I would really be crying David says come here guys get a thumbnail get a thumbnail 😂

  • alayna davis
    alayna davis Hour ago


  • Christina Gray
    Christina Gray Hour ago

    National anthem of David’s vlog: Dancing Queen

  • Nancy Nguyen
    Nancy Nguyen Hour ago


  • quenten
    quenten Hour ago

    David: on three everyone fake laugh like fuck!!

  • Roadto1ksubs with0posts

    I love the totally irrelevant stuff before the actual video

  • Christian Neidige

    I love these vlogs

  • Shaurya Katoch
    Shaurya Katoch Hour ago

    To be fair it’s because of those chicks the people behind got free food. Had they not cut him in line they wouldn’t have paid.

  • Yazmin Cruz
    Yazmin Cruz Hour ago


  • fk40
    fk40 Hour ago

    Every morning I like to wake up and make a big cup of di**

  • Nilson Piana
    Nilson Piana Hour ago

    All we need to do with Billie Eilish

  • Nilson Piana
    Nilson Piana Hour ago

    Very Insane!!!

  • Cesar Ayala
    Cesar Ayala Hour ago

    get chief keef in your next vlog

  • Lexie Hopkins-Hastie

    God looked at the world and said I’m going to bless everyone with David Dobrik and he did.

  • Baby_Gurl 123
    Baby_Gurl 123 Hour ago


  • lead voodoo
    lead voodoo Hour ago

    why does natalie have to be SO HOT

  • Moises Jp
    Moises Jp Hour ago


  • Garek Dohrendorf

    Is it bad I knew bachelor #2 from SP7 before this

  • Ivy Mastrud
    Ivy Mastrud Hour ago


  • Baby_Gurl 123
    Baby_Gurl 123 Hour ago

    I honestly feel bad for them, but love the vlogs🥰

  • Anita Ortiz
    Anita Ortiz Hour ago


  • Big Man
    Big Man Hour ago

    What a life.

  • william valle
    william valle Hour ago

    What's the song at 2:06

  • Teaa teaa
    Teaa teaa Hour ago

    Its been almost 2 years....

  • Sam Shelley
    Sam Shelley Hour ago

    Everyone here seems drunk

  • unicorn jam
    unicorn jam Hour ago

    People pay 2,000 to go to prom with dom just so they can make it on the vlog.

  • LyfeAsCam
    LyfeAsCam Hour ago

    bruh i love justin

  • Pol Saturne
    Pol Saturne Hour ago


  • Sam Shelley
    Sam Shelley Hour ago

    1:35 Ur welcome

  • Jose terriquez
    Jose terriquez Hour ago

    David Next time Get J.Cole to do this and if you do invite me over pls i think i would have an actual spasm attack

  • Mas Liberato
    Mas Liberato Hour ago

    Jeff’s penny wise laugh 1:56?

  • Sophia Castorena

    3:21 when she said “ I hope he cries like this at our wedding “ the way he looked back 😭😂

  • Esther Gutierrez

    His car back then and now a Tesla

  • Rube Richgal
    Rube Richgal Hour ago


  • Franchesca Mendeng

    the ending montage of david was , so cutteeeee🧑🏽‍🦯🤍.

  • Gabriela Prieto
    Gabriela Prieto Hour ago

    Mataron of David? FOR SURE

  • Baby_Gurl 123
    Baby_Gurl 123 Hour ago

    I’ve never seen porn like that in my life

  • Benthe van den Dungen

    Okay this is so creepy I got an advertisement about a RED dress

  • Catherine Vento
    Catherine Vento Hour ago

    How is davids family tan and blonde and then there’s him. I love him though

  • LordofYumYum
    LordofYumYum 2 hours ago

    New idea, shaving foam with built in aftershave.

  • Cole Aiston
    Cole Aiston 2 hours ago

    Did you see the girl flash the camera at Jason’s show😂

  • Arody Ndena
    Arody Ndena 2 hours ago

    The last dude 💖💖❣️😝

  • Ella M
    Ella M 2 hours ago

    That’s not him

  • succinds
    succinds 2 hours ago

    Her ass is shaped like an air pod.

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray 2 hours ago

    “CALL AN UBER!” Legit made me laugh

  • Monc Chen
    Monc Chen 2 hours ago

    No one talking about how adorable it was when David rolled on the floor giggling like a baby

  • Brooklynn Howard
    Brooklynn Howard 2 hours ago

    Ok but yummy isn’t it 😂, like I love his old songs but as soon as he turned 18 he went south 😂. *turns around and Justin is behind me* 😂

  • Ismat Lifo
    Ismat Lifo 2 hours ago

    How are his car seats still white?

  • TDashNoAkaTno
    TDashNoAkaTno 2 hours ago

    Why is this video so short?

  • Eleman Hillary Barnabas

    i have eyes that are sharp but cant still locate strings on a guitor

  • Ismat Lifo
    Ismat Lifo 2 hours ago

    How the inside of my brain looks like

  • jack minter
    jack minter 2 hours ago

    i went cold watching this

  • Danger Brown
    Danger Brown 2 hours ago

    Omg at 2:10 the guy on the left is Andrew who works for Shane Dawson!!!!!!!!!

  • Carsten Ellingson
    Carsten Ellingson 2 hours ago

    David Dobrik you Are the best RU-clipr in the world I love Justin Bieber

  • knoblauch dittrich
    knoblauch dittrich 2 hours ago

    Fucking hilarious

  • vie en rose
    vie en rose 2 hours ago

    Here from Danny lol

  • Bridgett Catron
    Bridgett Catron 2 hours ago

    Literally Christmas with my family

  • Lexie Banuelos
    Lexie Banuelos 2 hours ago

    David, fly me to LA and I will cook for you!!! The best fucking food you'll ever have!! :)

  • Telisa
    Telisa 2 hours ago

    Do y'all have room for another 40 year old in the Friend Group? 😂