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  • Lucy Bickerton
    Lucy Bickerton 3 hours ago

    This is equally as uncanny and terrifying as the shorts.

    XALONICS 17 hours ago

    this is actually hilarious!

  • Me Me
    Me Me 22 hours ago

    Now thats all agree to never be CREATIVE again

  • Mel's Crybaby
    Mel's Crybaby Day ago

    WTF This made me more confused than the DHMIS episodes What is with the finger the hammerring did I just saw maggots? Pirate ship what?

  • -internet Girl-
    -internet Girl- 2 days ago

    That’s a weird show but at the same time it’s amazing

  • omar da cool
    omar da cool 2 days ago

    Sans:do you whant to ave a bad time😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😰😔

  • Stark & Palmer 0-0
    Stark & Palmer 0-0 2 days ago

    Imma bread boi

  • WaddleDeeYT
    WaddleDeeYT 2 days ago

    5:35 Red:What is the Biggest thing in the world? Yellow: *sniffing table*

  • The Real Umbreons
    The Real Umbreons 2 days ago

    When they Make The caracters you see The scene again and again but at 2:27

  • Creator Noelani
    Creator Noelani 3 days ago

    5:24 *What the heck*

  • Scientist Doggo
    Scientist Doggo 3 days ago

    2:37 I imagine the Money Man stabbing all 3 Puppets to the beat of the Song

  • TheDarkNeko117
    TheDarkNeko117 3 days ago


  • xxBrightLady
    xxBrightLady 6 days ago

    I love how the show is nothing about pirates

  • Karlie Stoddard
    Karlie Stoddard 7 days ago

    Yes eventually they find the pirate ship.

  • Potato Powa
    Potato Powa 7 days ago

    Did anyone else notice it said Baker Terrald instead of Baker Terry

  • Comedy Police Department

    Can we have a Series about YALd? Please? Just YALd?

  • Canal Anal
    Canal Anal 8 days ago

    5:05 sombody help manny(yellow guy name)

  • NerdyNeko YT
    NerdyNeko YT 9 days ago

    2:27 Da frick was that! Is that nail actually stuck in their finger!? And are they just hammering it in there!?

  • Zeri Payne
    Zeri Payne 9 days ago

    1:03 is the best part for some reason

  • confuzzled bean
    confuzzled bean 10 days ago

    Roy is watching them at 3:03

  • Wolfie1616
    Wolfie1616 11 days ago

    Omg did anyone else notice 2:28?? 😂

  • Skeleton Slasher Fan AKA Deltarune/Undertale Master

    "They always get big, and then they get small." Me: yeah.....Then they *DIE.*

  • Marsupials of Mars
    Marsupials of Mars 11 days ago

    The repeating making of things got me so good

  • Bobbie Richardson
    Bobbie Richardson 12 days ago

    We as parents teachers and youtube creators are supposed to teach kids about our reality, what's acceptable and what's not. In what human world is eating supposedly human flesh right?

  • cadikill gaming
    cadikill gaming 13 days ago

    i want yalD

  • That’s Pretty. Odd

    6:28 why hasn’t she been in the series!? I would have loved a female character🙃

    • That’s Pretty. Odd
      That’s Pretty. Odd 9 days ago

      confuzzled bean this very reply made me watch over the episodes and yes, I now realize that she actually was in the series and I forgot😂😂😂

    • confuzzled bean
      confuzzled bean 10 days ago

      That’s Pretty. Odd she’s in the series

  • Peepee Poopoo
    Peepee Poopoo 13 days ago

    what type of thread is used for those mouth mechanisms

  • Peepee Poopoo
    Peepee Poopoo 13 days ago

    I need to learn how to make these puppets

  • Gavoker Metal
    Gavoker Metal 14 days ago

    They kinda speaking faxs tho

  • Who Am I
    Who Am I 14 days ago

    I love how red guy just says “oh no we’re all tied up” in the most least frightened voice I’ve ever heard.

  • Asip
    Asip 15 days ago

    even the BTS also in acid.. hahahaah

  • lily ochoa
    lily ochoa 15 days ago

    I love how red guy just sighs before telling yellow guy this isn't his dad's house like "for frick's sake is he serious?"

  • Phyrinx
    Phyrinx 15 days ago

    This video is scarier than the actual series.

  • Bailey H
    Bailey H 15 days ago

    5:12 wait....those are real? I thought it was stop motion...

  • The_Beef Boss Films
    The_Beef Boss Films 16 days ago

    Legend still has it the guy is still hitting the nail

  • the islam ANIMATOR
    the islam ANIMATOR 16 days ago

    19 June 1914?? MATPATPLSHELP-

  • lan D on
    lan D on 16 days ago

    1:07 *bill nye never tought me to pack meat of puppets properly. Ok i guess i will watch an instructional video on youtube*

  • ttg edits UwU
    ttg edits UwU 16 days ago

    I didn’t know they used an actual duck lmaoo

  • SleepingSkiesEntertainment

    I like how Duck is the only one with Auto-Tune in his voice. Because he is sounding *f r e s h*

  • Ravenna McIan
    Ravenna McIan 17 days ago

    I WANT IT!!!!!

  • WelshBrit
    WelshBrit 17 days ago

    If I have to watch that sewing sequence ONE MORE TIME, AHHHHHH!!!!

    ABIGAIL CARROLL 19 days ago

    React to amazing world of gumball puppets

  • MagmaLogic
    MagmaLogic 20 days ago

    This is as unsettling as an actual episode

  • Dave The minion
    Dave The minion 22 days ago

    Duck quacking makes your teeth go gray

  • Vladimir Bakula
    Vladimir Bakula 22 days ago

    I love you, DHMIS! Come back

  • Samuel Hampala
    Samuel Hampala 23 days ago

    Ou shitt, this cartoon is like extract of all my worst bad trips

    SEE_N_CLIPPZ 23 days ago

    Why are they putting happy music while they're trying to create a nightmare

  • Kill All Reptiles
    Kill All Reptiles 24 days ago

    Is it me or does that guy looks like that guy who made No Man's Sky and lied to everybody?

  • Gween Tea
    Gween Tea 24 days ago

    I knew there was a problem.

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 25 days ago


  • ღ ʟëåʜ ღ ツ

    It doesn't make it serious with the *dab* at the last second of that scene- 1:57

  • Laura and her Gacha stuff Gacha fan

    6:19 Hello if you're Reading this DON'T STOP! Anyway this machine thing is my nightmare. I once seen that thing at night. I was sleeping and then i heard this Music (6:19) i Woke up and There it was. Staring at me and still Playing that creepy Tune. I was confused so i got up.....i shouldn't have done that because it started bleeding out of its eyes and hands. Then it started Playing that Tune in a Demonic Sound. O it got closer to me..... And Gave me cookies :D

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim 27 days ago

    This video is just as scary as the other videos

  • Kristian Gonzales
    Kristian Gonzales 28 days ago


  • Meme Sun
    Meme Sun 29 days ago

    2:45 I wonder how long that took

  • Something Stories
    Something Stories 29 days ago

    We need money Me someone made My life in a nutshell

  • Sienna Suncloud
    Sienna Suncloud 29 days ago

    *V E R Y N I C E*


    5:10 What the fuck?

  • Mythes the human cat


  • SuperRobloxMan777

    1:07 well that is disturbing

  • Laesty Castro
    Laesty Castro Month ago

    Esses caras são doentes

  • The Red X
    The Red X Month ago

    Oh what have you got there? A nice piece of tape- MMmMMMmmmMmMmmmM

  • CodingKatie
    CodingKatie Month ago

    bruh I was on acid like that's not cool man

    • Grecu Marian
      Grecu Marian Month ago

      try being on shrooms and watch that, i almost shat myself

  • Balloony Boi
    Balloony Boi Month ago

    Tick Tock Tick Tock

  • Duck On YouTube
    Duck On YouTube Month ago

    I was born because of them.

  • Jamie Clark
    Jamie Clark Month ago

    What the.

  • Amikoナンデレ

    the end... just perfect

  • chloco chloco
    chloco chloco Month ago

    Pirate sorry wot?

  • Kodi
    Kodi Month ago

    After watching the whole serie i am not terrified anymore... Its actually fun

  • Trex
    Trex Month ago

    *t h e y o f t e n g e t i n a f e w t r i c k y s i t u a t i o n s* like getting their insides eaten by a fricking can

  • Currin McElroy
    Currin McElroy Month ago

    all of the colors of the balloons were there creative colors. and it was always July 19 like in the episodes

  • Ucup Ucup
    Ucup Ucup Month ago

    back then when SDVX patterns not so obvious

  • em.ily_
    em.ily_ Month ago

    The way they Always blend the Same Videos of The Working process has me quacking

  • IICathi XOXO
    IICathi XOXO Month ago

    “Don’t hug me I’m scared is about three best friends who go on an adventure to find a magic pirate ship and save the day.” Well, things certainly didn’t go as planned.....

  • IICathi XOXO
    IICathi XOXO Month ago

    Yup this is very educational!

  • Érica Da Vinci
    Érica Da Vinci Month ago

    4:41 Omg what happened to Colin-

  • Eden Paul
    Eden Paul Month ago

    Don’t hug me I’m Scared is the best I ever seen

  • Galaxymoon
    Galaxymoon Month ago

    Save the p

  • Maggie Poo
    Maggie Poo Month ago

    This is about a pirate?

  • ella Gallardo
    ella Gallardo Month ago


  • C H R I S G A M E R T M

    when someone likes you and trys to kiss you Me: 3:55

  • Sexy🔥 Høt🔥 Archer🔥

    U guys minds are fun & dark ;👀

  • Addrriendlyredz Roblox

    The note pad is in there but it goes by quickly

  • raposagames400
    raposagames400 Month ago

    3:54 now i am happy

  • Leafeon Fan
    Leafeon Fan Month ago

    2:43 this is master typing.

  • Mar Ga
    Mar Ga Month ago


  • Kallie Biesecker
    Kallie Biesecker Month ago

    so, seeing the people in the same scenes as the puppets is really weird

  • Nathan Weatherly
    Nathan Weatherly Month ago

    This is ∞ years old!

  • Daniel Galipo
    Daniel Galipo Month ago

    Thanks for recording this interview, guys! Great to see Brad is not only a great singer, but also such a nice guy as well. So sad Konami doesn't hire him anymore... :( As you said, his songs brought so much joy to so many, all around the world. His songs will be remembered by us all until the end of our days.

  • Ko Ramdeo
    Ko Ramdeo Month ago

    not so bad :)

  • Adrian DuMay
    Adrian DuMay Month ago

    I remember Dj Potatoe interviewing Thomas Howard Lichtenstein. Does anyone have that file? I would love to listen to it.

  • LeaH
    LeaH Month ago

    21:55 island in the sun ~GFdm Ver.~ 22:43 SUMMER SUN 30:35 AFTER A HARD DAY 32:38 CRASH! 43:23 Football (Menu BGM) 54:31 USED TO ROCK'N ROLL 57:14 Let me Go 1:04:03 J.A.B (his son's) 1:07:19 We Are Outlaws 1:10:47 The virgin child makes her wish without feeling anything

    • xybur
      xybur Month ago

      Thanks for this. If you'd like, you can add Highway Star at 12:10 and Robin Hood at 13:32 also.

  • 冷蔵庫
    冷蔵庫 Month ago

    この2人って5話の肉と缶の声の人だよね 興奮する

  • ShrigKat OwO
    ShrigKat OwO Month ago

    Manny: Why are we at my dad's house? Me: *WHERE DO YOU LIVE!!?!??!!!*

  • ShrigKat OwO
    ShrigKat OwO Month ago

    Well... now it's *Duck* tape....

  • Lachlan Pitman
    Lachlan Pitman Month ago

    Computer:DONT TOUCH MEEEE!!!!!

  • Oxana Piastopoulou

    Red guy Yellow guy and Duck

  • Violet 101
    Violet 101 Month ago

    5:22 ok now IM ITCHY