Chinese bridge
Chinese bridge
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  • dewa khmer
    dewa khmer Hour ago

    CCP amazing

  • Avinash Kumar
    Avinash Kumar 3 hours ago

    Destroying nature for single runaway

    • b Low
      b Low 2 hours ago

      Well looks like there no flat lands there.

  • Shao Guan
    Shao Guan 5 hours ago


  • nd newman
    nd newman 5 hours ago

    China, a great nation trying so hard to develop her rugged interior, i wish those young engineers good health and prosperity, peace be upon china

  • Yu Bunthiam
    Yu Bunthiam 6 hours ago

    Love this one👍👍👍

  • Yu Bunthiam
    Yu Bunthiam 6 hours ago

    Greatest China's technology isn't it. I love it

  • Wensheng San
    Wensheng San 6 hours ago


  • Venkat Ramana Koduri


  • lila 123456789
    lila 123456789 7 hours ago

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone For the guy that idk the name, Anyways i dont think i should argue about things that i cant still understand. Im just concerned about your state of mind.

  • Colin Tan
    Colin Tan 9 hours ago

    China can build but US destroys.

  • Yves-Noël-Marie Gonnet

    Passionnant mais... traduction ou sous titrage en anglais SVP. Merci!

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 9 hours ago


  • Jaime Valencia
    Jaime Valencia 12 hours ago

    How much did it cost?

  • Zuyan Suz
    Zuyan Suz 18 hours ago


  • Qin Wang
    Qin Wang 18 hours ago

    It seems the best way to settle the water stress of desert area and north of China, by constructing this 6000 kilometres long man-made river to transfer the excessive water of the south to the west and north of China.

  • B. Rippy
    B. Rippy 21 hour ago

    Why such a huge facility when there is only one runway?

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 22 hours ago


  • 再續前緣
    再續前緣 Day ago


  • kosannetjk
    kosannetjk Day ago


  • ai WO
    ai WO Day ago


  • Farah Najwa
    Farah Najwa Day ago

    Amazing China Respect from Indonesia

  • Shahadat Hossain

    It's amazing BUT unfortunately some part of the video is BLURRED.

  • yan zhang
    yan zhang Day ago

    就算到南海也有韭菜 哈哈哈

  • 李世
    李世 Day ago


  • Julia Litkei
    Julia Litkei Day ago

    Ancien China, China in present of the best at every time......from Hungary...

  • Ivy Luminhay
    Ivy Luminhay Day ago

    Very smart, and creative construction,

  • Joey Jia
    Joey Jia Day ago

    奈何本人没文化 一句woc走天下

  • 站在月亮上看地球


  • Rombout Versluijs

    Big respect for the people who build this. THink about it, going up and down to supply materials. Probably by manual labor.

  • Peter Wang
    Peter Wang Day ago

    Best wishes to bengladesh, on budget and on schedule.

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 Day ago


  • Adivaldobigao silva

    Brasil não tem obras assim

  • Pika Pika
    Pika Pika Day ago

    India has better roads, hindu number one

    • erling cantik
      erling cantik Day ago


    • Kaovei Everson
      Kaovei Everson Day ago

      🖕🖕🖕fck you black mayang people. Shame on you . Even the biggest cities in India like mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore,Kolkata etc don't have proper roads, so many potholes everywhere.i know it because I live in India and I'm from NE india

  • JEventures
    JEventures Day ago

    This is what annoys Trump..megastructures the west can only wish for.the Chinese people are lucky.they deserve this

  • b Low
    b Low 2 days ago

    The is no landscape China cannot conquer. Magnificent. The Chinese will be the one who will colonize other planets.

  • Junming Wang
    Junming Wang 2 days ago

    Хрени бы догнали!

  • mennazza litaldus
    mennazza litaldus 2 days ago

    please free for ouigours fucking hitler chines

  • lion cub
    lion cub 2 days ago


    • lion cub
      lion cub Day ago


    • jaha chan
      jaha chan Day ago

      呵呵,你是认真的? 茅台酒作为一家企业的产品,然后国家利用纳税人的钱特意修一座大桥为它打广告? 茅台给广告费了没? 还是说这桥是茅台集团出资修建的? 不然茅台酒何德何能可以免费占据一座特大桥的名字?就凭在当地最出名? 如果这样那我家的豆腐在镇里最出名,镇里修的广场我可以用我家豆腐商标命名喽?

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 2 days ago


  • Provianto Wibowo
    Provianto Wibowo 2 days ago

    china is craziest infrastructures builder ever 👍

  • jin
    jin 2 days ago


  • Xue Qin Hu
    Xue Qin Hu 2 days ago

    我的朋友 徐先生大有水平了 爱你?

  • Chandler Bing
    Chandler Bing 2 days ago


  • 妳指尖跳躍的電光是我一生不滅的信仰


  • 老歌听Chinese pop music


  • เฮอร์ไมโอนี่ พอตเตอร์


  • KMozCifras
    KMozCifras 3 days ago


  • Iipinge Thomas
    Iipinge Thomas 3 days ago

    Wow It is true that china had rose up. America now is really behind when is coming to infrastructures.

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 3 days ago


  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 3 days ago


  • 九夕
    九夕 3 days ago


  • Thapa Magar
    Thapa Magar 4 days ago

    💯 💯 💯 %%%%Good China 🇨🇳 🇳🇵 🇳🇵 🇳🇵 🇳🇵 🇳🇵 🇳🇵 Nepal like

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 4 days ago


  • leo huang
    leo huang 4 days ago


  • Poul Lee
    Poul Lee 4 days ago


  • Ch_k
    Ch_k 4 days ago


  • lila 123456789
    lila 123456789 5 days ago

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone For the guy that idk the name, You married her.

  • Thapa Magar
    Thapa Magar 5 days ago

    💯 💯 💯 💯 %%%👍 Good China 🇨🇳

  • Allard Eesinge
    Allard Eesinge 5 days ago

    Twin Towers are back!

  • Thapa Magar
    Thapa Magar 5 days ago

    Really Chinese

  • One World
    One World 5 days ago

    Shock and Awe for mankind , salute 🏆😗

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 5 days ago


  • David tom Cai
    David tom Cai 5 days ago


  • 欧阳晓峰
    欧阳晓峰 5 days ago


  • liu Julie
    liu Julie 5 days ago

    Awesome, when I travel overseas years ago, western asked me about : Does China has railway, road..blabla..I go: no, we still ride donkey.... western media fool them, well, we really don’t care about them, stay fool, stay behind..

  • YJ zhang
    YJ zhang 5 days ago


  • Versa Trade
    Versa Trade 5 days ago

    Salute to you China for modern construction. Let the people of the world enjoy your success.

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 5 days ago


  • gao yuan
    gao yuan 6 days ago


  • vinood kumar
    vinood kumar 6 days ago


  • 张雨辰
    张雨辰 6 days ago


  • Colin Tan
    Colin Tan 6 days ago

    Amazing builders

  • Le Dinh Rolling In 9


  • black spider j f thunder 17

    Amazing 👌 Weldon china

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 6 days ago


  • 龍永昌
    龍永昌 6 days ago


  • Mirza Khan
    Mirza Khan 6 days ago

    Congratulations from Pakistan

  • T. Suchen
    T. Suchen 6 days ago

    I love China From India

  • xu xuke
    xu xuke 6 days ago


  • Denis Cortes
    Denis Cortes 6 days ago

    Why so many toll gates for almost no traffic?. That's what we called A WHITE ELEPHANT.

  • Redlines Editor
    Redlines Editor 6 days ago

    On my list of places to visit. True engineering marvels.

  • 林琳
    林琳 7 days ago


  • Md Kalimullah
    Md Kalimullah 7 days ago

    Salute big salute to the worker engineer 👍👍👍u people r best

  • Akash karnuk
    Akash karnuk 7 days ago

    Love chinese infrastructure from india

  • Manny Wang
    Manny Wang 7 days ago


  • lila 123456789
    lila 123456789 7 days ago

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone For the guy that idk the name, Its not fair for you to put your anger towards me. Its obvious that im not the one to blame. The more i come near u, the more ill be putting ur life in danger. I cant even understand if u truly have no feelings for her or u have So stop putting it all on me cuz im not the one to blame

  • Denis Cortes
    Denis Cortes 7 days ago

    I may be nearsighted, but I couldn't see a reasonable amount of traffic for such a gigantic ghost , sorry, I meant road construction ... I got it . It's Sunday morning and nobody go to church in China .

  • mountain ocean
    mountain ocean 7 days ago


    • mountain ocean
      mountain ocean 6 days ago

      其实我这里小县城有点秀丽风景也有4个亿的项目在开发,70户农村老房子都赔了8000多万,现在城市规划都是发债,有现金流支付不起昂贵的基础建设@trip road

    • trip road
      trip road 6 days ago

      边去产能,边调结构,寻找新动能,比如大飞机和芯片都是,估计以后还会有自己的pc 操作系统和 手机 操作系统。这就是我们这代中国年轻人要做的。

  • 异生君
    异生君 7 days ago


  • Colin Tan
    Colin Tan 7 days ago

    Water conservation is the key to both solving water shortage and elean energy.

  • 婷婷黄
    婷婷黄 7 days ago


  • B. Rippy
    B. Rippy 7 days ago

    I don't get it... what a pointless waste of time and money.

    • 德瑞翡翠
      德瑞翡翠 Day ago

      It will attract many tourists

    • Arxienne Romanova
      Arxienne Romanova 7 days ago

      B. Rippy You dont get it because you're dumbed down

    • mountain ocean
      mountain ocean 7 days ago

      If no construction,our engineer no job.

    • Finn Hansen
      Finn Hansen 7 days ago

      Having tourists. Makes people travel around the country also so makes money for high speed train infrastructure. Why did they build the Eiffel tower ?

  • Ratna IL
    Ratna IL 8 days ago

    pembangunan china selalu tidak masuk akal tp bikin WOW

  • jacek
    jacek 8 days ago

    Czy przypadkiem nie jest to zniszczeniem pieknego srodowiska naturalnego? Wtopione w srodowisko Viewing Platform byloby super natomiast ten cosik jest wrecz przestepstwem.

  • pat pat
    pat pat 8 days ago


  • futebolarte3
    futebolarte3 8 days ago

    1:07-1:20 - best part

  • solerhongkong
    solerhongkong 8 days ago

    But it's really like a toilet seat😂

  • 小宇樂園
    小宇樂園 8 days ago

    Thank you for sharing

  • zq he
    zq he 8 days ago