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Chris Brown - Cheetah (Audio)
Views 746K2 months ago
Chris Brown - Red (Audio)
Views 1.3M2 months ago
Chris Brown - Juice (Audio)
Views 1.2M2 months ago


  • YaniBaby93
    YaniBaby93 3 minutes ago

    Lmao I can’t, this shit toooo funny lmao 😂. Drake DBZ and ran out of air lol hahaha

  • Tyler Key
    Tyler Key 4 minutes ago

    Like if we finally need a joint album with Breezy n Drizzy

  • Dariel Salcedo
    Dariel Salcedo 6 minutes ago

    Lmao drake is corny af

  • Allen N
    Allen N 12 minutes ago

    Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this movies: 123moviestoday net Avengers Endgame Step 3. Enjoy! Chris Brown - No Guidance (Official Video) ft. Drake times when reality is nothing but pain, and to escape that pain the mind must leave reality behind. Last is the door of death. The final resort. Nothing can hurt us after we are dead, or so we have been told. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. “Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good. “I have learned now that while those who speak about one’s miseries usually hurt, those who

  • Yumiki Yamada
    Yumiki Yamada 13 minutes ago


  • YLL CiMiS
    YLL CiMiS 16 minutes ago

    Chris brown: it’s all good take your time we all acting I put on a mean face but I ain’t really mean Chris to Rihanna: 👩🏽👏🏽🤕

    FN-RXW STX 16 minutes ago

    this how many times yall have good like (Click It) ⬇⬇⬇

  • Hernando Cole
    Hernando Cole 17 minutes ago

    Two yard man carnate in a some American

  • So_RebellionQuan
    So_RebellionQuan 19 minutes ago

    Here from mk.slat

  • LOreal C
    LOreal C 21 minute ago


  • Ava Tindell
    Ava Tindell 22 minutes ago

    Me: *trys to do one pull up* Drake: *you got it girl you got it*

    BLOOP 23 minutes ago

    0:07 was that white guy Diplo? tf

  • Buck Teef
    Buck Teef 24 minutes ago

    It sounds so good if u play it in max speed starting from 0:12

  • SpaceX Invader
    SpaceX Invader 29 minutes ago

    Why give a bitch your heart, when she rather have a purse 🔥

    VENUS STARR 31 minute ago


  • Alexandria & Daisy
    Alexandria & Daisy 31 minute ago

    Tbh he’s not wrong 😅

  • Celio Pina
    Celio Pina 34 minutes ago

    100M viewss🔮

  • Lil Bando
    Lil Bando 35 minutes ago

    Oh wow drake so funny who agree 😂

  • Chiniqua Milligan
    Chiniqua Milligan 37 minutes ago

    Bro I hate when he does that two part song bc everyone always agree that the second song should be a full song like idc if there is 80songs on his album I will take my time to listen to it🔥😩‼️

  • Javadric Kelly
    Javadric Kelly 43 minutes ago

    The only thing I didn’t like was the fact the song was short. I didn’t even wanted it to end!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️😤

  • LaToya Pitt
    LaToya Pitt 46 minutes ago

    I love it

  • Andre Gittens
    Andre Gittens 47 minutes ago


  • Ask Ayden
    Ask Ayden 48 minutes ago

    Hi king

  • Luis Hidalgo
    Luis Hidalgo 49 minutes ago

    Whos the better dancer in the video

  • Corey Jordan
    Corey Jordan 49 minutes ago


  • Roberto Dinkins
    Roberto Dinkins 49 minutes ago

    Dis Song Got You And Heat...😎

  • Lucksandra Jean
    Lucksandra Jean 52 minutes ago

    Wow I love it😍😍😍

  • R The best
    R The best 54 minutes ago

    This song makes me wanna Marry somebody Christmas spirit

  • Cody s
    Cody s 55 minutes ago

    Chris Brown is the best puerto rican singer out right now

  • R The best
    R The best 55 minutes ago

    Favorite rapper Christmas song

  • Shaheed Miller
    Shaheed Miller 56 minutes ago

    whatch out for da snake move😜🤣

  • true light
    true light 57 minutes ago

    His voice magic heyy👌🔥

  • true light
    true light 57 minutes ago

    still listening 2019🔥🔥🔥

  • gualter gualtinho

    Eu sou brasileiro

  • gualter gualtinho


  • Natalie Lassche
    Natalie Lassche Hour ago

    Man America’s sweet heart. Imagine how much more success he would’ve had if the Rihanna incident didn’t happen.

  • Sadiyah Nagessar

    only came for niki..

  • Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war

    These soldiers aint loyal

  • imalone
    imalone Hour ago

    1:38 but wii shop music

  • Maroonkitty:3
    Maroonkitty:3 Hour ago

    I can’t even. How is he so famous after beating Rihanna like wtf?!

  • Moranda
    Moranda Hour ago

    Lmaaooo this shit it funny af😭😭 and Soo fucking 🔥

  • Abraham Innocent

    Keep up the good work breezy 👌👍

  • Darnez Thomas
    Darnez Thomas Hour ago

    Lol smh its crazy after all these years since day 1 this nigga still got Michael Jackson dance moves down pack heavy and on point 🔥🔥🔥 plus his moves that go with it lol thats wassup tho💯 no wonder they call him the New Michael Jackson/Prince Of R&B

  • Abraham Innocent

    I love this song ❤️Chris

  • Ed Maluwag
    Ed Maluwag Hour ago


  • M1DN1T3 JAWS
    M1DN1T3 JAWS Hour ago

    I can hit a high note

  • hooven08
    hooven08 Hour ago

    wasn't a Drake fan till this video lol

  • Niyaa Monet
    Niyaa Monet Hour ago

    Okayyy the guy dancers is sexy with them suits on 😩💓💓 I love this video

  • Rey Pangilinan
    Rey Pangilinan Hour ago

  • Abraham Innocent

    God hear Chris 🙏

  • Nichelle M.
    Nichelle M. Hour ago

    Sometimes I forget Drake was an actor 🤣 he is a fool!! But he did wtf needed to be done on this song! I loveeee their collab!

  • Hyyaa Angelica
    Hyyaa Angelica Hour ago

    Whew 😍😍😍

  • Anthonio Kemp
    Anthonio Kemp Hour ago

    Who's here before 100 mill Press Like

  • Nanndo for 21
    Nanndo for 21 Hour ago

    2019 e eu aqui

  • Nick WRLD 70
    Nick WRLD 70 Hour ago

    100 M views = hit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    JAY & KAY SHOW Hour ago


  • beautiettes and glam


  • Jxsh L2
    Jxsh L2 Hour ago

    1:17 - 1:31

  • Alakhnanda Entertainment

    Love this song

  • Niyla Douglas
    Niyla Douglas Hour ago

    Y he always gotta do extra shit n his videos

  • tammy cropper
    tammy cropper Hour ago

    I think we're so focused on busts rhymes crazy verse that we're forgetting that this is one of the rare occasions that Chris brown actually raps

  • Wypsotor Nyloff
    Wypsotor Nyloff Hour ago

    Five and a half years and these hoes still aint loyal

  • Ashley Acklin
    Ashley Acklin Hour ago

    Dont check on me if we're not together!!! 😒😔

  • Red W.
    Red W. Hour ago

    I seen Kida the great all up in that choreograph

  • Dandy Steve
    Dandy Steve Hour ago

    i the foreign man okay here goes WHO 2019 STILl watching the YES??!!

  • Stephanie Maharaj


  • Starbby
    Starbby Hour ago

    I'm High And Rolling Up Again So Excuse My Ratchet Comment BUT DAMN!!!! I Cannot Stop Watching This Video I Swear Chris Knew Exactly What He Was Doing With This Video.... Men In Suites SEXY ASFUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK That's What They Don't Understand... My lil Coochie Wet Watching These Men Dance In SUITESSSSSSSSSS Lmao

  • Henry Fonseca
    Henry Fonseca Hour ago

    Chk *. Jay. VSo legit FYI. J? (“ o79uy/m6

  • okra •
    okra • Hour ago

    chris brown looks fucking retarded when he dances

  • Jaiden Perry
    Jaiden Perry Hour ago

    3 05 clean

    SAIYAN BLOOD Hour ago

    Anyone September 2019???????

  • Annika Smith
    Annika Smith Hour ago

    I love this song

  • lovelle lemon
    lovelle lemon 2 hours ago


  • TAYLOR Johnson
    TAYLOR Johnson 2 hours ago

    Chris brown need to teach Drake how to Dance Because Drake don’t no how to dance for shit

  • Larry Makie
    Larry Makie 2 hours ago

    Drake so embarassing smh

  • Leander Bonner
    Leander Bonner 2 hours ago

    Is that part of the Kappa stroll- I 🕵 spy?

  • Flavio Henrique
    Flavio Henrique 2 hours ago

    👏🏻👏🏻Brasil 🇺🇸👍🏻???

  • wellington oliveira
    wellington oliveira 2 hours ago

    Top meu ídolo

  • SportSquad
    SportSquad 2 hours ago

    Why Chris dance so gay at 2:27

  • tee k
    tee k 2 hours ago

    man i would always sit real close to my desk top wishin i was up there with him 😂

  • nazer lumasag
    nazer lumasag 2 hours ago

    nice dance idol drake hahaha..Chris Breezy..the best .

  • Jxsh L2
    Jxsh L2 2 hours ago

    *i don’t even wanna go back home..*

  • emilio4677
    emilio4677 2 hours ago

    Das my boy drakke

  • Precious Ogben
    Precious Ogben 2 hours ago

    My mannnn😔😭❣❣

  • Precious Ogben
    Precious Ogben 2 hours ago

    My mannnn😔😭❣❣

  • Zed Francis
    Zed Francis 2 hours ago

    this going to be one of my forever bops

  • You Can Heal
    You Can Heal 2 hours ago

    I usually hate songs that have a beat taken from another song but I LOVE THIS!

  • Yazmin Alba Galindo
    Yazmin Alba Galindo 2 hours ago

    Drake es como el típico tío en las bodas! Jajaja.🕺 Si eres latino@ entenderás mi referencia 😂😂😂💁

  • Santana Valdillez
    Santana Valdillez 2 hours ago


  • Kc Jones
    Kc Jones 2 hours ago

    You can't Please a Wman... God tried & Failed 💯💯💪

  • Danica Davis
    Danica Davis 2 hours ago

    This is the best

  • TheARTistic7
    TheARTistic7 2 hours ago

    Love Chris Brown... Not a fan of this video though.

  • Alyssa Jordan
    Alyssa Jordan 2 hours ago

    All the shade breezy killed this shit🔥🔥🔥

  • Antonio EL R
    Antonio EL R 2 hours ago

    Fck it I'm moving on. Divorcing and keep it moving sick of fighting for rejection

  • Tiondrea Laddy
    Tiondrea Laddy 2 hours ago


  • Neolou Meyo
    Neolou Meyo 2 hours ago

    .One of my best hit song . Any one 2 0 1 9.september

  • Patrick Gonzales
    Patrick Gonzales 2 hours ago

    This song hits different now

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 2 hours ago

    Who seeing Chris Brown?👀

    • Mark Jones
      Mark Jones 2 hours ago

      Pls dress in red team and red tie

  • Megan Evans
    Megan Evans 2 hours ago

    Retirement who is here🤒🤒

  • Jabstyle Productions

    Hats off to you and Drake for this one !