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●Lo Fi●BEAT●
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  • ЭндорЛайк
    ЭндорЛайк 9 hours ago

    Братишка. Нет слов. Классно

  • ЭндорЛайк
    ЭндорЛайк 9 hours ago

    Мощно. Так держать братик. Классно получается.

  • Leila Utarova
    Leila Utarova 13 hours ago

    Продолжай в том же духе 💕

  • Dizi Media
    Dizi Media 14 hours ago


  • Jshseh Dwayne
    Jshseh Dwayne 14 hours ago

    Оуу классно😮

  • Dizi Media
    Dizi Media 14 hours ago

    я так давно ждал

  • Dizi Media
    Dizi Media 14 hours ago

    я так давно ждал

    SLOW MOVE 9 days ago

    This is fire🔥🔥 keep it up And check out my music if u want

  • Zukhanye Trillo
    Zukhanye Trillo 10 days ago

    ohhh My God!! mannn please please please please don't stop making these beats.. i beg you!! i subscribed, i liked i did everything... i want you to know man there is somebody out there who who supports you with everything they have, with every love man.. damn

  • Zukhanye Trillo
    Zukhanye Trillo 10 days ago

    XXX Beats are for me man.. damn!! i love you DUde!! i Love you mANnnnn

  • Zukhanye Trillo
    Zukhanye Trillo 10 days ago

    OHHH LOrddd!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS SOUL... I REALYY like listening to beats man and your beats are soothing, they are my life. Thanks you so much

  • chris adams
    chris adams 11 days ago

    how much?

  • Morin
    Morin 13 days ago


  • Jshseh Dwayne
    Jshseh Dwayne 13 days ago


  • Beatz Vip
    Beatz Vip 14 days ago

    wow this is very good bro, keep it up, nice work +1🔔 , super liked 😎

  • Nicenike Gbost
    Nicenike Gbost 14 days ago


  • garmvnbeats
    garmvnbeats 14 days ago

    lmao that voice fye ash

    HASHKIT 15 days ago

    Top notch! Dope guitar 🔥

  • Playboytae 2k
    Playboytae 2k 16 days ago

    Bro i wanna use this 💯🔥😴 . How much bro😤💯 but this for my girlfriend that’s dead now 💔😫

    • Joey Curfs
      Joey Curfs 7 days ago

      Playboytae 2k broo that’s sad 🥺

  • XOX Skrappy
    XOX Skrappy 17 days ago

    black sheep among sheeple i feel im alone trust not one soul i can read motives all the love and the falls never break through i dont wanna love anymore they dont stay true

  • SME beats
    SME beats 18 days ago

    Fire melody

  • mr knight
    mr knight 18 days ago

    hey can i use this beat?

  • LMP
    LMP 20 days ago


  • Prodigy_Of_Nero
    Prodigy_Of_Nero 25 days ago

    May I use this? I'll send back the finished link :))))

  • Billie tentacion
    Billie tentacion 27 days ago


  • stanic beats
    stanic beats 27 days ago

    Dope beat

  • Fifteen!
    Fifteen! 28 days ago

    perfect type beat g!

  • Magiiik
    Magiiik 28 days ago

    Good work man! Keep it up <3

  • Nicenike Gbost
    Nicenike Gbost 28 days ago


  • A V
    A V 29 days ago

    I be going through depression, every fucking day im stessin, i guess i never learn my lesson

  • Jacob Higdon
    Jacob Higdon 29 days ago


  • skybluebeats
    skybluebeats Month ago


  • Stackin ENT
    Stackin ENT Month ago

    could I make a song to this beat?

  • Billie tentacion
    Billie tentacion Month ago


  • Aties FREE BEATS production

    Perfect nf type beat SUBBED yo

  • westsidexo
    westsidexo Month ago

    How much do you charge for your beats?

    • ME ALONE
      ME ALONE 28 days ago


    • westsidexo
      westsidexo 29 days ago

      @ME ALONE Do you have social media I can contact you on to discuss further.

    • ME ALONE
      ME ALONE 29 days ago

      @westsidexo All rights reserved, If you buy it, I will give all rights

    • westsidexo
      westsidexo 29 days ago

      ME ALONE hard to say, especially since i’m the one interested in buying it because I don’t want to offer any bias towards your decision, but it would depend on a couple of factors. 1. The quality of your work, which creatively speaking I personally think is there. 2. The amount of time put into your beats, at least on average. 3. The production of the beat itself, I know a handful about production and one of the key things to consider in my opinion is your sample usage. Is the artist at risk legally in any way if they purchase a beat for profit usage? On the off chance they blow up could there be lawyers chasing them down for their clients due to sample usage? Are the samples cleared? Or are they altered enough from their original state? Plenty of producers sell beats with samples that could be legally binding for artists who purchase them and I think if you do do that there should be a line of integrity you never cross & by taking into account the artist as well and clearly communicating these details to them before any deal is agreed upon. And if it comes to be that the samples are not able cleared, then that should effect the price as well.

    • ME ALONE
      ME ALONE 29 days ago

      @westsidexo Thank you very much, If you were in my place for how much would you sell?

  • Arrow Produktion
    Arrow Produktion Month ago

    Amazing keep going 🔥🔥🔥

  • stanic beats
    stanic beats Month ago

    Sad vibes

  • inSazy
    inSazy Month ago

    Such beautiful textures. Good job man.

  • Young Harper
    Young Harper Month ago

    i made a song using this beat (prod. by me alone) i would really appreciate it if you guys/girls would support my music i hope y'all make it somewhere and thanks to who ever took the time to read this

  • marti garaughty
    marti garaughty Month ago

    Such an addictive groove... nicely produced bro !

  • Dizi Media
    Dizi Media Month ago


  • Native Community Project

    you should put the lyrics in the description

  • Young Harper
    Young Harper Month ago

    you should put the background lyrics in the description

  • Young Harper
    Young Harper Month ago

    the beats fire

  • Lizbeth Mora
    Lizbeth Mora Month ago

    Lyrics please?

  • Bob Beatz Gachi
    Bob Beatz Gachi Month ago

    This shits hella fire, Is this free for profit broski ?

    ZIRONTA Month ago

    Very cold vibe bro love the emotional feelin❤️

    HIDENSICK Month ago

    *Holy this shit actually hard🔥🔥🔥🔥*

  • WavyGoldenBoy
    WavyGoldenBoy Month ago

    This is so good Manh❤️😭😭

  • Kid Goku
    Kid Goku Month ago

    I need to get in contact wit you ASAP

  • Legacy Productions

    nice x beat. Subbed and liked

  • Dizi Media
    Dizi Media Month ago


  • Dizi Media
    Dizi Media Month ago


  • Billie tentacion
    Billie tentacion Month ago

    5 000🎉🎉🎉

  • Dedondiaz
    Dedondiaz Month ago


  • inSazy
    inSazy Month ago

    Fucking love you for this one. Hope you blow tf up on god. #JahsehForever #MEALONE 🔥🖤

  • chris adams
    chris adams Month ago

    how much for lease?

  • MNViper Gaming
    MNViper Gaming Month ago

    I really love ur beats but with this hook all around the beat, no one can use it cuz we don't have enough space to rap on it

  • Legacy Productions

    bro with x could hear this ) :

  • LLB
    LLB Month ago

    aye this goes har m an, like that dark trappy vibe to the melody, drums are clean too!

  • Dizi Media
    Dizi Media Month ago


  • Spolo
    Spolo Month ago

    fire 🙏🙏

  • Tavien SG
    Tavien SG Month ago

    in my mental i dont feel ok she say she love me but i dont feel that way been in my mind for some time its just a different day people talking they asking"you ok" i say"im fine, yea im good just was working on some shit under the hood" go back to old me? i wish i could well if i were to think about sipping up on this drank popping all these pills and rolling up all this dank doing all these drugs to get away from the pain how tf would i feel , what would go through my brain listening to myself im thinking i am insane go to all the limits to numb me of all this pain ive been through the struggle and all i see is the rain harness all the darkness and push it out of my brain negativity was all inside my head knife inside my hand demons wanna see the red fighting with the devil cause he never made me beg so instead i suffer

  • Dead Boy Beats
    Dead Boy Beats Month ago


  • Billie tentacion
    Billie tentacion Month ago


  • inSazy
    inSazy Month ago

    The beat is amazing. And the cover art is aesthetically pleasing. Nice x vibes man. Fr. I’m subbing you for this hard work. Man if you could peep my newest X beat, it would mean a million. Keep it up vro, much love. <3

  • Gold Kidd
    Gold Kidd Month ago

    The melody and artwork are crazy! is there a reason you left out a bassline?

  • NØVÎS 88
    NØVÎS 88 Month ago

    Good man 💪🏼

  • Decoy XXX
    Decoy XXX Month ago

    Gotta song

  • Uzamakii
    Uzamakii Month ago

    Hoe hard af

  • Danokoo
    Danokoo Month ago


    • devinsavage tbg
      devinsavage tbg Month ago

      You've show me what I hate, Ive should you what you loved, you promised not to break my heart you lied, to me i love you too, so much, God I'm such a fool

  • Adam De Aling Stevenson

    Dude do you have a instagram? This is beautiful!

  • Cad Beatz
    Cad Beatz Month ago

    Love the reverb on this one, amazing work buddy! Keep it up!

  • 77 baygoz
    77 baygoz Month ago

    Fuck em im gone Fuck all The shit that i saw Fuck All them shots that i shot in The dark Fuck All them thots i cant trust anyone Fuck do you mean my love we were just fucking one month Fuck All them fake hoes imma just kill em for fun Pick up The saw and drill IT trought your vagina Im fuckin up all im so fucking numb i cannot feel none i cannot see dark i only see scars They all on her troath i flexing My diamonds im gone Fuck All this rap game Fuck all this fame Im killin My brain For the lyrics im drepressed and manic I feel all The panic when i walk The hood Im smoking My meds i feel im just fine I crate off your face just to eat it and feel im alive Seal IT and bind i deal with The devil just Time Im selling My Soul for them lyrics I should feel the spikes Im sticking The deagle right down from their troaths And im Pullin em triggers just feed em The load

  • Legacy Productions

    nice beat. Defiantly xxx vibes. lets keep supporting each other

  • Danokoo
    Danokoo Month ago


  • WavyGoldenBoy
    WavyGoldenBoy Month ago

    Goes hard!!

  • N I N A
    N I N A Month ago

    This is 🔥🔥🔥

  • YoungCris
    YoungCris Month ago

    Very nice beat, made a song with it...

  • Flaming Dragon
    Flaming Dragon Month ago

    Didnt ocean beats make a beat like this? Hol' up, yes.

  • Zyr0
    Zyr0 Month ago

    Wanna work on this how do i contact u?

  • Xander Beatz
    Xander Beatz Month ago

    Love the emotion on that melody, the strings are beautiful bro!

  • ColdSteeze
    ColdSteeze Month ago

    Dhan 🔥🔥

  • R0RY Z0NED
    R0RY Z0NED Month ago


  • Legacy Productions

    defiantly a good x beat. Keep up the good work

    ITSJVATO 2 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥id love to work with you

  • Asian BJ
    Asian BJ 2 months ago

    Can u be my producer 😂

  • J LIB Beats
    J LIB Beats 2 months ago

    Love this one bro super chill 💯🔥🔥

  • LLB
    LLB 2 months ago

    aye this goes har m an, like that dark trappy vibe to the melody, drums are clean too!

  • Emo Records
    Emo Records 2 months ago

    ♥ TOP

  • Dizi Media
    Dizi Media 2 months ago


  • Artist Bxtch
    Artist Bxtch 2 months ago🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Check Out This Hot New Arizona Artist

  • officialdjaaron
    officialdjaaron 2 months ago

    BRO , what’s your Instagram ?

  • XOX Skrappy
    XOX Skrappy 2 months ago

    Smile so No one sees Inside my head Insecurities Security Pls save me From myself When I blow smoke Numb I’m high now X2 Wtf happened I’m spose to be happy Off of probation My fam and friends clapping My Girl hella bad But idk what’s gon happen We ain’t talk in two days In some months She’ll have classes I was kicked out my pop house My family lost faith Thank god for my sister My one Savin grace But even she’s tired If seein my face When the goin gets Rough I’m a easy replace

  • theproductof94
    theproductof94 2 months ago


  • Dizi Media
    Dizi Media 2 months ago

    sagray lezgiyar

  • LLB
    LLB 2 months ago

    aye this is clean man, like that dark trappy vibe to the melody, drum shave got a nice bounce to them too, keep em coming G

  • Cad Beatz
    Cad Beatz 2 months ago

    Really digging the xxx feel of this track, the vocals are simply put amazing! The drum pattern is very fitting, definitely got my like!