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Exploding Guts Prank!
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    CjANE VINZX 2 hours ago


  • Lee Hangyul produce 101 x fan

    1:28 who are they ? anyone know their fb, insta or something ?

    IDUIUT 5 hours ago

    2019 anyone? She still is the woman of the decade. Katiesunshine level 100

  • Gottem Pranks
    Gottem Pranks 5 hours ago

    And they wonder why alcohol is a sin lol. Retards

  • Donald Blomdahl
    Donald Blomdahl 7 hours ago

    Really funny content in this one Bro. Really enjoy your videos.

  • Kush Life
    Kush Life 8 hours ago

    3:09 here

  • Mi Niplex143
    Mi Niplex143 8 hours ago

    Meanwhile in Russia....

  • Supreme 4 TV
    Supreme 4 TV 10 hours ago

    Can yall subscribe to my channel now plzz and thx

  • Ray Smith
    Ray Smith 14 hours ago

    This was so funny

  • Roy Zontough
    Roy Zontough 17 hours ago

    I loooove "memem" Its like "dorayaki"

  • GreenPunch Games
    GreenPunch Games 18 hours ago

    You've got to be shitting me..... Yeah you won't be doing that for a while XD

  • Cece Wonderwoman
    Cece Wonderwoman 22 hours ago

    Did all these people AND their teeth survive?

  • dukky fuzz
    dukky fuzz Day ago

    Luv and respect Michelle

  • dukky fuzz
    dukky fuzz Day ago

    Luv and respect michelle

  • mayanking213
    mayanking213 Day ago

    What did Bambi say in the distorted voice when he got a hold of him?

  • Lisa Marbell
    Lisa Marbell Day ago

    The moment you got drunk the first time and probably puked under the you need somebody to be more embarrassing than you

  • Gentmeck
    Gentmeck Day ago

    The new gta game looks good

  • Tammy Coates
    Tammy Coates Day ago

    6:19 me getting out of bed on Monday

  • James Furr
    James Furr Day ago

    If i was at this drive thro. Id probably buy more then i needed to just to hear what he could come up with lol.

  • Missditabomb
    Missditabomb Day ago

    "Son of a Grinch", that's good; I'll have to use it sometime!!

  • Sfynx82
    Sfynx82 Day ago

    The guy looking up @0:48 plays the part perfectly xD

  • Abdi Omari Mohamed

    Am a man and am crying, love Chelsea, she a good person!

  • ModernCicero
    ModernCicero Day ago

    AKA, "Drunken Hoes #121"

  • iah se
    iah se Day ago

    And I realized why alcohol is forbidden in Islam, the human suffering is hard to see

  • Van TARTS
    Van TARTS Day ago


  • GerrySeven 77
    GerrySeven 77 2 days ago

    "Living in America..."

  • Saitama Saitama
    Saitama Saitama 2 days ago

    I injured my head watching this..

  • old school chevy
    old school chevy 2 days ago

    I hate #9 because of that stupid jerk in the red shirt. His stupidity caused that little girl to get hurt.

  • YungWeez
    YungWeez 2 days ago

    3 years after its still god

  • Sworny
    Sworny 2 days ago

    2:50 gotem

  • Ron Schlorman
    Ron Schlorman 2 days ago


  • cross7387
    cross7387 2 days ago

    a tutorial on how to get shot

  • Dont click my profile picture

    Black people start running when they laugh 3:09

  • Dont click my profile picture

    yess been tryna find this dude been so long since i saw this

  • Jacko Tello
    Jacko Tello 2 days ago

    Oh thats so sweet!

  • Nauman Shenwari
    Nauman Shenwari 2 days ago

    Kkk lowkey

  • justin c
    justin c 2 days ago

    How does this channel has almost three mil subs but no views

  • Shotgun Mickey
    Shotgun Mickey 2 days ago

    Theres something about woman fails that does it for me

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez 2 days ago

    The dude just fly away 0:58

  • scott watts
    scott watts 2 days ago

    The best one was the last guy and the cringe one was when the guy hit his stomach on the steel beam

  • Kristin Love
    Kristin Love 2 days ago


  • Ted Striker2112
    Ted Striker2112 2 days ago

    eating disorders!! look where she works and who they serve! eating animals does no one any good.

  • twlepcha
    twlepcha 3 days ago


  • Manoj Malviya
    Manoj Malviya 3 days ago

    Hot ts

  • Truly inFAMOUS Productions

    They should do a whole channel just for these

  • stay positive
    stay positive 3 days ago

    I became emotional because he deserves it and more!!!! Also because he looks like my older brother who is suffering from mental illness :(

  • coco angbao
    coco angbao 3 days ago

    Congratulations John

  • ToxiccPenguinn-Xbox

    Title: People are awesome! The ocean: I don't think the same way.

  • Vvsjsjwkowehrjej Jajjahehehejej

    What is the instrumental beat in the begin of the video pleassseee

  • Cameron Winders
    Cameron Winders 3 days ago

    There reactions are absolutely hilarious

  • old school chevy
    old school chevy 3 days ago

    Does the guy with the camera have Parkinson's? The girls are great

  • HousBinPhartiin
    HousBinPhartiin 3 days ago

    Was lard @$$ at 1:33 drunk, or was he dying of a heart attack from one too many Big Macs?

  • ARocketScientist
    ARocketScientist 3 days ago


  • Victor Jeffers
    Victor Jeffers 3 days ago

    Awesome ! Videos like this puts a big smile on my face !

  • that one kid with chicken nuggets

    This is the best joke I've ever seen

  • seeya205
    seeya205 3 days ago

    What a way to die, with your head in a pig's a$$!

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 4 days ago

    Insert minecraft you died meme

  • S花
    S花 4 days ago

    I think he clenched LMAOOOO

  • Connor Nelson
    Connor Nelson 4 days ago

    Ummmm yeet

  • MAGNUM05
    MAGNUM05 4 days ago

    That Laugh X'D 1:49

  • Shawn T
    Shawn T 4 days ago

    Females show their funny side when they are drunk

  • Anna - I love S*X : * TAP ON MY PHOTO

    like, bro )))

  • Tom My
    Tom My 4 days ago

    Why this guy making his voice like Don Lafontaine???? Make your own voice dont try to be like someone else

  • ShockWavys
    ShockWavys 4 days ago

    1:25 when you only jump off four blocks in Minecraft

  • Name Here
    Name Here 4 days ago

    Wouldve been jokes if it was a black man under it

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones 4 days ago

    Hahahaha DAMM.!.!. Ain't no other worst way to be pranked than to have your buddies being responsible for making you think you're about to lose your life in the hands of couple of wanna be gangsters..

  • Soungalo Konate
    Soungalo Konate 4 days ago

    I love it

  • Devin Ponce
    Devin Ponce 4 days ago

    The people in the hood take everything so serious they always mad they can never accept a joke smh

  • Stephen Fletcher
    Stephen Fletcher 4 days ago

    Bird bites dog, and the dog is hurting.

  • Jack Papenburg
    Jack Papenburg 4 days ago

    theres something special about seeing a man turn completely upside down on a chair before falling off XD

  • vrom vrom
    vrom vrom 4 days ago

    Every white girl supporting by black women..Just like a cinderella movie

  • Keith Kumpa
    Keith Kumpa 4 days ago

    You give heart attack

  • 拍
     4 days ago

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  • Augustyn stan
    Augustyn stan 4 days ago


  • MR Sandman
    MR Sandman 4 days ago

    Leave a like in this coment

  • The Future Meme
    The Future Meme 4 days ago

    Who else clicked the noti super fast? I am uing to the people that this and us to me

  • dragon3621
    dragon3621 5 days ago

    Jak mo髒na by tak gupi!!!

  • papillon
    papillon 5 days ago

    Once he gets to zero in the countdown, he just up and leaves! Dude was left

  • 1986 OmegaTribe
    1986 OmegaTribe 5 days ago

    0:29 she look like on conveyor belt. very great!

  • drew
    drew 5 days ago


  • JC
    JC 5 days ago

    These are pranks. Notice how no one or nothing is hurt or damaged?

  • JC
    JC 5 days ago

    1:34 that was just mean...

  • Amateur Sucking Banana - TAP ON MY PHOTO

    like, subscribe bro ;)

  • VidKris
    VidKris 5 days ago

    7:07 should have been order 66!

  • Steven Everman
    Steven Everman 5 days ago

    Folk are just too uptight these days.

  • Caleb Stephens
    Caleb Stephens 5 days ago

    This is why I hate people

  • Holden308
    Holden308 6 days ago

    In what universe is jumping over the railing of a 10 foot bridge onto the concrete below....while wearing roller blades a good idea? I mean.....why? That is never going to end with anything but broken bones.

  • Serj S
    Serj S 6 days ago

    The people in the video are stupid cause they're doing all of these stupid actions

  • saladin 媯塈堶 塈堹 塈堧堥

    That was painful to watch

  • p304 679
    p304 679 6 days ago

    pretty crappy

  • mariana sucuqui
    mariana sucuqui 6 days ago


  • Jason Ingram
    Jason Ingram 6 days ago

    Very Funny Prank

  • TumiliuM
    TumiliuM 6 days ago

    2:45 - you're welcome.

  • fetB
    fetB 6 days ago

    7:48 whats he saying?

  • fetB
    fetB 6 days ago

    0:29 hes alright, lol

  • Pathetic Panda
    Pathetic Panda 6 days ago

    1:46 why is one womans face blurred ? Did she see the camera

  • Maison Toussaint
    Maison Toussaint 6 days ago