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  • Spectra Nyte
    Spectra Nyte 29 days ago

    Umm....number 6 & 2 are not adult scooters...

    JAY AREA 9 months ago

    Sub for a sub ? #1

  • OT OnlyTrue
    OT OnlyTrue 9 months ago

    ha :) dont lie, best kayak are wildernees,oceankayak,austinkayak,hobiekayak in the world

  • SDFcommander
    SDFcommander 10 months ago

    Thanks for the video! With the legal issues, and increased injuries from shared e-scooters going out of control, I think more and more people are rediscovering adult kick scooters. I just picked up a Xootr MG with a carry strap as my daily commuter to work. I also believe it is the best adult scooter on the market and with a weight limit of up to 800 pounds it is perfect for a big guy like myself. Now I don't have to worry about going light on my weight lifting routine just so I can be light enough to ride my kick scooter. Now I can continue to weight lift and get some cardio with this scooter :) Also Xootr sells spare parts on their website and posts youtube videos on how to repair their scooters. They offer all this with great customer service.