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Never Doing This Again.
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My Pink VAULT Closet Tour
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  • Little Angel luna

    Yass queen

  • Queen of the Aries

    Happy belated birthday!!!!! 💖🍭🥂🎉🎁

  • Claudia C
    Claudia C Hour ago

    The eyeshadow pallet actually looks nice🤣

  • Cristina Sandor
    Cristina Sandor Hour ago

    Ain’t nobody gonna mention his birthday?!

  • Autumn Usrey
    Autumn Usrey Hour ago


  • veryffff
    veryffff Hour ago

    I wonder if the glosses have plumping ingredients in there? That would make sense if they were supposed to be "spicy" and would feel weird on the hands.

  • Dru Talero
    Dru Talero Hour ago

    Jeffree thank you for saying Latino and not LatinX. ♥️♥️♥️ Love you sis.

  • Gen D.
    Gen D. Hour ago

    Clock it the house.

  • mariia rtg
    mariia rtg Hour ago

    I love jeffree

  • smvodicka
    smvodicka Hour ago

    You have to review the other cheeto pallet when it comes out

  • Kristin Frazee
    Kristin Frazee Hour ago

    I absolutely love you, have all your products,,,,,but if I hear The House" one more time I'm going to poke my eyes out!!!😳😳😳😳😳😆😆😆😆

  • Johnson Ave
    Johnson Ave Hour ago


  • Pennywise LOL
    Pennywise LOL Hour ago

    wow Im quick

  • Kristie Verstelle

    I low key expected the eyeshadow to be bad after hearing it was rushed etc. but it looks so pretty!

  • J W
    J W Hour ago

    What's wrong with made in China? I am tired for gurus keep saying that, stop it!

  • tanwen _234
    tanwen _234 Hour ago


  • jelina ortiz
    jelina ortiz Hour ago

    Watching this while eating Cheetos 👅

  • Harry Murphy
    Harry Murphy Hour ago

    when the room jeffree keeps their shoes is ligit the size of your room

  • Destiny Ranee
    Destiny Ranee Hour ago

    Was just able to buy my first set 💜 so excited

  • alejandra parra
    alejandra parra Hour ago

    Should do a hot Cheeto makeover they have a whole Cheeto line

  • Paula West
    Paula West Hour ago

    I'm waiting for the taco Bell calab!

  • Skincare and Beauty with PerkiPerkins

    Cheeto brand owner is garbage! How dare they do something so shady. I hope GlamLight does the the Cheeto palette and Hers does amazing! Cheetos Fuges your Im stomach lining and I know many people personally which have had emergency surgery due to the hot Cheetos.

  • Alexis Lancaster

    Jeffree: I don’t like Cheetos... Shane’s cat: and I oop-

  • Payman Mustefa
    Payman Mustefa Hour ago

    I’m brainwashed by jeffree if he said something is bad it’s bad that’s it😂💔

  • Rabia Anjum
    Rabia Anjum Hour ago

    I'm so confused

  • Rose Bascom
    Rose Bascom Hour ago

    no one jeffree: Yes miss thiNG

  • candidcait
    candidcait Hour ago

    Is Glamlite still releasing their palette? Looks like they had a full prototype ready to go! I bet a lot of people would prefer to support an indie brand!

  • Jude Mckinnon
    Jude Mckinnon Hour ago


  • Zennen Mori
    Zennen Mori Hour ago

    Is it weird that I want jeffree to do a full face from other continents?

  • Hope Kook
    Hope Kook Hour ago

    Jeffree: "I hate cheetos" Shane's cat: "What about me? 😂

  • Carolina Escalante

    I don’t know why I haven’t seen this video before!!! It was amazing!!! In love with both makeup looks!!! 😍😍😍

  • Bridgett Fisher
    Bridgett Fisher Hour ago

    Me no like cheto

  • Rimz Ghosal
    Rimz Ghosal Hour ago

    Jeffree, you're soooo sweet.❤

  • Ashley Lumpkin
    Ashley Lumpkin Hour ago

    Try at your own risk...yesss Jeffree!!

  • Stephanie LV3
    Stephanie LV3 Hour ago

    It's crazy I had deja by about this product review video - the part where Jeffree is about to apply the eyeshadow

  • lins
    lins Hour ago

    I just ate Cheetos yesterday and this makes me want more ;0;

  • saya x
    saya x Hour ago

    i was actually thinking of buying them but oh well


    Shane Dawson Mirror??

  • Graciella Madrigal

    Jeffree:I DONT LIKE CHEETOS Shane's cat:Am I a joke to you?!?!?

  • diana
    diana Hour ago

    t h e h O U S E

  • Yadhu 03
    Yadhu 03 Hour ago

    I looks so similar to TATI's pallet.

  • Alexis Lancaster


  • Porscha Harris
    Porscha Harris Hour ago

    Saw you on my Instagram and I've never clicked so fast 😂

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Hour ago

    That highlighter looks like actual shit

  • meezergurl
    meezergurl Hour ago

    It genuinely looks like kids make-up - the size and the packaging. SO GLAD you didn't put the gloss on your lips. Nothing that smells like gasoline should go on the skin.

  • Amanda Viera
    Amanda Viera Hour ago

    You don't like Cheetos what I thought you probably liked them

  • Luisa Moreno
    Luisa Moreno Hour ago

    No que no hacía reseñas a mierda?

  • Stephanie Loughran

    Jeffree star did you film this video in your new make-up room

  • ashlyn
    ashlyn Hour ago

    cheetos smell like ass

  • Kris Marie
    Kris Marie Hour ago

    a bronzer highlight? uhm i’m not trying to glow underneath my cheekbone😭

  • Sireph Lyrrian
    Sireph Lyrrian Hour ago

    this entire video and the collab were inspired by Garrett

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life Hour ago

    What were the first three shades?

  • Usman
    Usman Hour ago

    I love how jeffree tells us about the tea

  • Mohal Mama
    Mohal Mama Hour ago

    Why you don't have eyebrows po?

  • Winter_ Leaves
    Winter_ Leaves Hour ago

    jeffree: we’re moving! the vault: am i a joke to you

  • kimberly x
    kimberly x Hour ago

    this was lowkey biased lmaoo

  • Molly Packer
    Molly Packer Hour ago

    I hope the other one gets reviewed here

  • rEn XocaRol
    rEn XocaRol Hour ago

    I like the eyeshadow palette but I find the gold is boring like it's been done so many times already...

  • Taylor Malouin
    Taylor Malouin Hour ago

    I’m not going to lie... I never ate Cheetos growing up, I have never gone out of my way to buy Cheetos, I bought a small bag at work once during the jeffreexshane launch, but I didn’t even finish them. So, I’m not so appalled by jeffree when he says he doesn’t like Cheetos.

  • Chase gordon
    Chase gordon Hour ago

    one word : embarrassing

  • Ao Rin
    Ao Rin Hour ago

    When Jeffree said the words "ever so slightly" and "seamless", my spirit went to the darkest and deepest corners this Earth because that's a reference to our Dark Lord, John Mclean 👑

  • Kitty Estes
    Kitty Estes Hour ago

    You know damn well thought the Glamlite one is going to be better she shouldn't even worry about it I have every single one of their palettes since the pizza one.

  • MaureenMango1
    MaureenMango1 Hour ago

    It’s shady, not approved. ✋🏼👋🏼

  • Courtney Cooper
    Courtney Cooper Hour ago

    Jeffree don’t even feel bad I hate Cheetos and cheese puffs. Gross the house girl.

  • Amelia Oliva
    Amelia Oliva Hour ago

    take a shot every time jeffree days “the house”

  • Sha Har
    Sha Har Hour ago

    I thought you were going to say: I’m not talking Donald trump

  • denizen52
    denizen52 Hour ago

    Please review Tati Beauty

  • TheSaltyandSad
    TheSaltyandSad Hour ago

    Teeaaaaaa ☕️

  • Gregory Peters
    Gregory Peters Hour ago

    Missed you. Thank you for posting. My partner/spouse of 21 years died two days ago and watching you let’s me escape the pain for a moment. Love you.

  • Layla W
    Layla W Hour ago

    Jeffree: “I don’t like Cheetos shhh” Also Jeffree: (posts it for his 16.6 million followers to see)

  • bitch
    bitch Hour ago

    anyone else kinda hate jeffrees hair

  • Simbas Edits TTea

    Jeffrey Star: I don’t like Cheeto Shane Dawson: Oh no **throws Cheeto out the window** Jeffrey Star: except Shane’s cat Shane Dawson: oh, my bad...

  • Maddy Britton
    Maddy Britton Hour ago

    Yo I’m so high rn I kept pausing the video bc I thought somebody else was playing music in my house and it was literally just on the video. I’m dead af

  • funny turkeyflaps

    You should try the Florence by mills makeup

  • Joshua Mueller
    Joshua Mueller Hour ago

    You should do the other one when it comes out. You have to!!!

  • Tammy Mallory
    Tammy Mallory Hour ago

    I am SOOOOOO HAPPY to see your videos again..I missed them. Obviously I love the JeffreexShane too but I live for your reviews 😊❤❤ I know this message will not be seen but I messaged you a few times about my "story" with trying to first time order online and never again. I digress.. WELCOME BACK!! I love these! Have an amazing birthday deserve it ❤❤❤

  • Linda Ski
    Linda Ski Hour ago

    I pissed myself in the first 30 seconds 😂

  • David M.
    David M. Hour ago

    You’re funny , criticizing payoff on a cheap palette, when yours is the triple of the price, and it haves payoff too, special on the black shade. Say what.

  • Study Case
    Study Case Hour ago

    I luv cheetos puffs but NOT the crunchy ones >.<

  • Melissa Taylor
    Melissa Taylor Hour ago

    Still waiting for jeffreexTacoBell lol

  • Flora Tian
    Flora Tian Hour ago

    Love Jeffree but just because something is made in China doesn’t mean it sucks...

  • botdf15963
    botdf15963 Hour ago

    I think this is bigger than James Charle’s announcement 👀

  • Kelli Carroll
    Kelli Carroll Hour ago

    You are exactly right Jeffree you need to always follow your gut feeling. Love your videos and can't wait to see more. Congratulations on everything boo and also happy late bday 🎉🎈😘 hope to meet you one day.

  • Lindsay Kay
    Lindsay Kay Hour ago

    So much respect for not approving it, bc they were sketchy behind the scenes!🖤

  • Doris in Drag
    Doris in Drag Hour ago

    Seriously though The palette was not bad at all Feel kinda bad for all the hate thr getting After all they came up with the idea

  • Denise Gonzalez
    Denise Gonzalez Hour ago

    I love your hair!!!

  • Pasley Price
    Pasley Price Hour ago

    Sage mode from naruto? Eye look

  • lhadie padua
    lhadie padua Hour ago

    I loveeeeeeee.. your hair....😍😍😍😍

  • Amaurëa Kemen
    Amaurëa Kemen Hour ago

    Sorry but... what is cheetos???😅😅😅 Plus, how is it possible that jeffree can make everything work and looks amazing???!!! I really love his nails, I would really like a video about them🤗🤗🤗

  • tim91279
    tim91279 Hour ago

    I don’t like cheese Cheetos but I LOVE flaming hot ones! Anyone else?

  • N u g g e t
    N u g g e t Hour ago

    What has this world come to? From vsco girls to Cheetos makeup....

  • Melvin Lai
    Melvin Lai Hour ago

    Gurl... I thought forever 21 is bankrupt.. lol

  • Rhe Rhe
    Rhe Rhe Hour ago

    Those lipsticks acting like icy hot 🥶 🥵

  • Fereba Rasouli
    Fereba Rasouli Hour ago


  • Asha Vicious
    Asha Vicious Hour ago

    Forever 21 looks like if a homeless blind person put together a store after a night of binge drinking and screaming at light poles.

  • Nicole Welch
    Nicole Welch Hour ago

    The forever 21 in my area closed

  • Marly M
    Marly M Hour ago

    I will buy the glamlite Cheetos collection. Sorry Forever 21 but you lost my business.

  • Karla Fletes
    Karla Fletes Hour ago

    GIRLLLL IDGAFF forever 21 has hella cute ass for good price and those bitches can be poor af but i will not stop buying from there✌✌✌✌😭😭

  • Felisha Kay
    Felisha Kay Hour ago

    I wanna know how much Red Bull and Just Water pay Jeffree lmao.

  • Fanny's life
    Fanny's life Hour ago

    Who's here after daddy died too 😭😭😭😭😭😭