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Never Doing This Again.
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My Pink VAULT Closet Tour
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  • Scythenwolf !
    Scythenwolf ! 2 hours ago

    Of course Jeffree makes dollar store make up look fabulous.

  • Ansel Prak
    Ansel Prak 2 hours ago

    Been following along on every platform possible since MySpace days❤️❤️🇿🇦

  • Jenn Nichols
    Jenn Nichols 2 hours ago

    I love you and Nathan together. Your life is goals ❤️

  • Saga
    Saga 2 hours ago

    Wow, a Birkin😱😍

  • Alexis Hose
    Alexis Hose 2 hours ago

    kind of a funny story! My boyfriend the other day goes “how much is a Birkin?” and I go “like $30,000” and he goes “WHAT! I thought they were like $800, I was gonna buy you one for your birthday.” guess I’m not getting a birkin, but it’s the thought that counts I guess 😂😂😂

  • Hannah Langdon
    Hannah Langdon 2 hours ago

    "And I OPPP"

  • Amy Kessinger-Harlan

    Omg!!!!!! This is so exciting! IG @amychaoticbeauty Love you! 💖💖💖

  • Aaaa FOODY
    Aaaa FOODY 2 hours ago

    Ohhhhhh YEAH!!!!! YOU Jeffree star are the absolute best!!!! Luckily I’m following and subscribed to all! Boom

  • Bong Queen
    Bong Queen 2 hours ago

    Try lush cosmetics new skincare stuff !!! You won’t be disappointed

  • Sara Harris
    Sara Harris 2 hours ago

    That TEAL omg I'm in love

  • Jose’s toes
    Jose’s toes 2 hours ago


  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 2 hours ago

    I would probably have a heart attack if I won 😭😭

  • Hailey Bealonis
    Hailey Bealonis 2 hours ago

    that lagoon color is so pretty

  • Deborah Moylan
    Deborah Moylan 2 hours ago

    Absolutely love the friendship jeffree and Shane have its brill just the banter between them is brilliant

  • Seily Zamudio
    Seily Zamudio 2 hours ago

    When he said formulur I just thought about him as mr Krabs

  • Bea Nerer Anläggning Gemensam Personal NA3C

    Getting your Morphe pallet or the pallet AND a Birkin!! I already couldn’t love you more but like what?!

  • Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams 2 hours ago

    Omg those bags 😩 I’d DIE. Also brb, going to dollar general right now.

  • Skylar Hanson
    Skylar Hanson 2 hours ago

    😍😍😍 perfection

  • Leelu Daigle
    Leelu Daigle 2 hours ago

    The PR package is fireee

  • Scythenwolf !
    Scythenwolf ! 2 hours ago

    Video: Dollar store Jeffree: Lets do a give away

  • Shanandra Dupuis
    Shanandra Dupuis 2 hours ago


  • Bertha Harris
    Bertha Harris 2 hours ago

    Hello Satan, if you’re out there, if you ever loved me let me win a Birkin. 😈

  • deaf sniper
    deaf sniper 2 hours ago

    (Jeffree doesn't giveaway internationally, right? Or u do queen? 🙈)

  • Laura Moniz
    Laura Moniz 2 hours ago

    I Just Learned About Dollar General Like Two Years Ago When They Put What In The Town I Live In Now. I’m From Boston, Mass But Live About An Hour Outside Of Boston Now. Truthfully I Like Dollar General. Never Tried Their Beauty Line Though, UNTIL TOMORROW! Lmao

  • il se
    il se 2 hours ago

    i love you Jeffree :)

  • zelena harris
    zelena harris 2 hours ago


  • Emma Cline
    Emma Cline 2 hours ago


  • tonia barrientos
    tonia barrientos 2 hours ago

    Im ready to be bless for hermes bag ✨👜

  • xxmissnicolexx
    xxmissnicolexx 2 hours ago

    I‘m livinnngggg hahaha that Video made my day 🔥🔥😂😂😂

  • virginia brooks
    virginia brooks 2 hours ago

    help me a make up hoarder please

  • zelena harris
    zelena harris 2 hours ago

    i love you 🥺🥺🥺

  • Juleette Stuckey
    Juleette Stuckey 2 hours ago

    a bunch of the concealers are back fyi even c5 lol

  • Savanah Moss
    Savanah Moss 2 hours ago

    Those bags omg😍😍

  • MUA chloej
    MUA chloej 2 hours ago

    question, how do they check to see if somebody is subscribed and following him on two different platforms? i feel like that’s gotta be super complicated to cross check

  • zelena harris
    zelena harris 2 hours ago


  • Joe H
    Joe H 2 hours ago

    Hey can I win

  • Lesha Bowler
    Lesha Bowler 2 hours ago

    The eye shadow looked like it stayed on pretty good and pigmented...

  • Esperanza Librado De Lopez

    Omg i love you so much jefree 💚💚💚👽

  • Leah
    Leah 2 hours ago

    I’m scared someone will steal the bag from someone who wins it, because there are terrible people out there... on another note.. jeffree driving on the way to DG, I’m dead 😂 he was so hype

  • Itsgeni70
    Itsgeni70 2 hours ago

    Hopefully I can win! 😭

  • Caitlyn Harrigill
    Caitlyn Harrigill 2 hours ago


  • Caitlin Mortimer
    Caitlin Mortimer 2 hours ago

    Meeeeeeee OMG plzzzzzzzzzz

  • nicolewry
    nicolewry 2 hours ago

    omg love the bags!

  • 夜空
    夜空 2 hours ago

    OMGGGGGGG please pick me That is just so gorgeous

  • MUA chloej
    MUA chloej 2 hours ago

    omg i would die if i won 😵😬

  • michaelene reyes
    michaelene reyes 2 hours ago

    Does anybody say welcome back to my channel every time Jeffree says it?🖤

  • Kimmy Salazar
    Kimmy Salazar 2 hours ago

    I literally admire that jeffree star is a business person and he came from the bottom to the top and he still so humble and he still has makes the time to make videos for his fans and love that he keeps up with us!

  • Kimberly Costello
    Kimberly Costello 2 hours ago

    Omg I dieeee that 70’s custard yellow Birkin is life! You are fire as always!!

  • Michael Juarez
    Michael Juarez 2 hours ago


  • Bug Lady
    Bug Lady 2 hours ago

    Also they have a dollar general in California and it’s a DISASTER!

  • Allison Czap
    Allison Czap 2 hours ago

    shade the houseeeeeee i love it

  • Jenna Jo
    Jenna Jo 2 hours ago

    Yess such an amazing giveaway 😭 thank you 🙏🏼

  • Skiiy Ootori
    Skiiy Ootori 2 hours ago

    Honestly this was tge best thing because I worked at a Dollar General and used to LIVE on the makeup and nail polish and that's how I got into makeup.

  • E P.
    E P. 2 hours ago

    Does it matter if your username is different on RU-clip and insta for the contest?

  • Kylie Tulley
    Kylie Tulley 2 hours ago

    if I got a birkin bag i wouldn’t know what to do with myself

  • Shelbylynn Drake
    Shelbylynn Drake 2 hours ago

    Lmao I love the shade in this video😂😂😂Been watching your videos for such a long time and you are such a inspiration to the beauty community. Keep shining :)

  • Megan Little
    Megan Little 2 hours ago

    "enough about birkins let's talk about dollar general" I AM WEAK

  • Julia Ferranti
    Julia Ferranti 2 hours ago

    I followed morphe brushes! I was already following you and subscribed! Hope you see this, id die if I won a birkin and your palette!

  • Kristie Lynn
    Kristie Lynn 2 hours ago

    Im so excited about your collection giveaway !!! 8 winners thats so awesome and 2 get a birkin !?!? So generous ❤❤🙏💅💋😍😘

  • Cool like a cucumber Good days

    Doesn’t start the makeup application until almost half the video.... anyone else skip/fast forward?

  • Jackie Lopez
    Jackie Lopez 2 hours ago

    O.M.G dollar general has their own makeup line? I didnt know that! I never go there I love Dollar tree though! I'm following you, and morphebrushes on IG and of course I'm subscribed! I Hope I winnn!! I've never won anything ever!

  • Savannah Mclay
    Savannah Mclay 2 hours ago

    I just LOOOVVVVEEE your videos!!! I actually use the eyeliner from DG and I love it! But as always, you made it all look FABULOUS!!

  • Lauren Kelly
    Lauren Kelly 2 hours ago

    Sis you need to come to Canada and try Dollarama makeup 😂😂😂

  • Lauren Cheney
    Lauren Cheney 2 hours ago

    That robin's egg blue though.. <3

  • Destiny Ramsey
    Destiny Ramsey 2 hours ago

    Excited for the winners to be announced !

  • Megan Brown
    Megan Brown 2 hours ago

    I can’t believe he has never been lol 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Sara D1710
    Sara D1710 2 hours ago

    What a dream it would be to win! Already following everybody :)

  • Faith Jiron
    Faith Jiron 2 hours ago

    I am so excited to meet you in person! One more month!!!! 😭

  • Rick Asencio
    Rick Asencio 2 hours ago

    Omg ... great job...❤️

  • Cescafied
    Cescafied 2 hours ago

    Can we do make up tutorials through the decades?? Next up 70s tutorial.

  • Wenzheng Neng
    Wenzheng Neng 2 hours ago


  • lets be friends.
    lets be friends. 2 hours ago

    What if our insta user and our RU-clip user are different names? How do you go about connecting who is who? ): I just tried to change it but can’t figure it out lol really want to win though!! 😭 **i made this account as a tween obvi lmao “let’s be friends” like wtf ☠️**

  • KevinLG1990
    KevinLG1990 2 hours ago

    Mental illness gets a lot of views

  • Red taehyung hixtape

    Yay I entered

  • Alyssa Cook
    Alyssa Cook 2 hours ago

    the pigmentation for the eye shadow is crazy!!

  • Hmmm Mmmm
    Hmmm Mmmm 2 hours ago

    absolutely brings it every video 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Ed Olson-Hulls
    Ed Olson-Hulls 2 hours ago

    Make my YEAR!!! Would love the bag!

  • Kristin Saylor
    Kristin Saylor 2 hours ago

    Oh I want one of those bags so bad....loooooooove!!!!!

    KAYLEE WATSON 2 hours ago


  • Kelly Kanicsar
    Kelly Kanicsar 2 hours ago

    Hoping to win this giveaway!!!! I would love to try the Jeffree Starr palette and lip gloss!♡

  • Emmybear999
    Emmybear999 2 hours ago

    Love the lagoon one!

  • Helena Harmony
    Helena Harmony 2 hours ago

    I’m obsessed with this video 😩😍 slaaaaaaaay

  • Kendra Dickinson
    Kendra Dickinson 2 hours ago

    In missouri we have family dollar too? Anyone else have that lol

  • Hasminah Asari
    Hasminah Asari 2 hours ago

    i cant afford, i want a gift for myself

  • Megan Little
    Megan Little 2 hours ago

    I don't think commenting does anything to increase my chances, but I'll do it anyways

  • Torm EcHo
    Torm EcHo 2 hours ago

    lol I was like that oh I'll watch it looks cool! OH GOD WHO İS THİS THİS İSNT JEFFREE MATTEL AAAAAAH oh its him .-.

  • lyssa m
    lyssa m 2 hours ago

    I don’t use purses but I’d definitely would of got one of them bags

  • Lana Stewart
    Lana Stewart 2 hours ago

    Entered 😍😍

  • Lady Grace
    Lady Grace 2 hours ago

    15grace1605 is my Instagram 😁 That'd be so cool if I won!

  • Jasmine Smith
    Jasmine Smith 2 hours ago

    Love this!

  • sscherry77
    sscherry77 2 hours ago

    Dollar General and Dollar Tree are the same company lol

  • Arna Dis Kristinsdottir


  • Megan Little
    Megan Little 2 hours ago


  • KeyUnLock 1.2
    KeyUnLock 1.2 2 hours ago

    As always you're killing it

  • Demet Ahmet
    Demet Ahmet 2 hours ago

    Kiz mu bu ya

  • Hasminah Asari
    Hasminah Asari 2 hours ago

    Already done i wish you can pick me! my birthdah is coming i want a gift for myself! Thank youuu

  • Ashley De winter
    Ashley De winter 2 hours ago

    Would love the palet or even the birkin bag :o I wish we could order your make up easier here in belgium, right now even the stores dont even have all shades of liquid lipstick which i love so much. Yass finally have a matte lipstick which stays so well and is kiss proof.💋👌 My fiance loves them too offcourse.

  • Hasminah Asari
    Hasminah Asari 2 hours ago

    Already done i wish you can pick me! my birthdah is coming i want a gift for myself! Thank youuu

  • Sarah Ingram
    Sarah Ingram 2 hours ago

    I want to win!

  • Hasminah Asari
    Hasminah Asari 2 hours ago

    Already done i wish you can pick me! my birthdah is coming i want a gift for myself! Thank youuu