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I ran away from home lol
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What I did on my day off
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Getting my driver's license
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I bleached my hair
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How to Crash a Wedding
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I graduated from high school
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Oops I'm in New York
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I went to prom
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Study with me ft. Senioritis
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Let's talk about school
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WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE
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Come with me to a swim meet
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Meanwhile, in Canada
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Dear Mom, give me a dog
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It is exam season.
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The History of John Cena
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I painted the Mona Lisa
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Brad Mondo, this is for you
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I DIY'd my own Christmas tree
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Playing A Horror Game
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URGENT: Hair Tutorial
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A Jojo Siwa makeover
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  • Helen Luo
    Helen Luo 6 minutes ago

    To the guy who wrote the hate comment: sHe’S cAnADiEn yA iDioT sAnDwICh

  • 「 sky 」
    「 sky 」 26 minutes ago

    Lol this is Joana white dainish (look at the dainish cc) : Hej allesammen sjdhdhzhbdndbbdhdbdbxbdcdhxbxvdbxbxxbxbxddudhd djdbdhd ddbvd djdj jb idnd Lolol

  • Lili Kim
    Lili Kim Hour ago

    Well i guess this girl is still alive *THANKS GOD*

  • pakki
    pakki Hour ago

    Joana: "I hate Riverdale" Me, immediately after, with tears streaming down my face: "SUBSCRIBED FOR LIFE"

  • Жёлтый ребёнок

    почему название на русском, а само видео на английском? Я НЕ БЫЛА ГОТОВА К ТАКОМУ ДЕРЬМОВОМУ ОБМАНУ

  • melis mls
    melis mls Hour ago

    Can we talk about how healthy she is.She goes to gym, eats healthy , have good grades.... and there is me a whole caos.

  • Jdhg Hrgfg
    Jdhg Hrgfg 2 hours ago

    sto ti je naslov na srpskom???

  • Cherky
    Cherky 2 hours ago

    why would you play this horrific game this is 18+ 🥵

  • Nicole A.
    Nicole A. 2 hours ago

    If i put cheese on coffee would u drink it

  • Nicole A.
    Nicole A. 2 hours ago

    But if i put cheese in the coffee Would u?


    I love your glasses 😍😕

  • Annika Kumar
    Annika Kumar 3 hours ago

    My exams are coming too and I have gotten up today and have done nothing productive. I saw this video and I relate a full 1000%

  • Nadezhda Raskina
    Nadezhda Raskina 3 hours ago

    I can’t wait for Joanna to find her Ben and fully morph into Christine

  • pakki
    pakki 4 hours ago

    up until now I thought you were in your 20's or something but no. you're younger than me so you mean to tell me you're still technically in your teens and you're already so fun and bubbly instead of a cringe-and-not-in-the-cute-way kind of mess? what the cheese

  • Lumina zuito
    Lumina zuito 5 hours ago

    Me driveing 2,5 hours to school everyday with trains and the bus .. cant relate honey 😂

  • Kairi
    Kairi 5 hours ago

    the fact that she took a mental note of her mom's water bottle being broken was too angelic like-

  • vvn. shwhyt
    vvn. shwhyt 5 hours ago

    Joana : "because at 3:45 p.m" the phone : *shows 3:42 p.m* ok.

  • dominic Jean-Noel
    dominic Jean-Noel 5 hours ago

    Omg you were so close to my house near the wig store

  • summer breeze
    summer breeze 5 hours ago

    Check yourself before u shrek yourself

  • abii duxkling
    abii duxkling 6 hours ago


  • Mads 1678
    Mads 1678 6 hours ago

    2:22 Voldermort?! Is that you?!😱

  • oh my god sam- -
    oh my god sam- - 6 hours ago

    2:07 am i hallucinating or is there a pink standalone mixer around the bottom left

  • Pentatonix IsMySourceOfHappiness

    You forgot to link it down below :((

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 7 hours ago

    micro microphone

  • tzyumi
    tzyumi 7 hours ago

    excuse me did she say "mus-cels"

  • Keira Kelly Rashid
    Keira Kelly Rashid 7 hours ago

    joanas head lookin like a palm tree

  • Demogorgon
    Demogorgon 7 hours ago

    Joana: *is wearing safety goggles as her only means of protection from watermelon explosions* Also Joana: I could be seriously hurt ALSO Joana: *REMOVES SAFETY GOGGLES*

  • present mic
    present mic 7 hours ago

    The description though-

  • Check Creeper
    Check Creeper 7 hours ago

    What if she did it then realized the video wasn’t playing

  • Nevaeh Berntson
    Nevaeh Berntson 7 hours ago


  • xKiroBear
    xKiroBear 8 hours ago

    1:35 dont worry we have the same fear sistahhhh

  • Michele Sandoval
    Michele Sandoval 8 hours ago

    so another emma chamberlain copycat🙄

  • summer breeze
    summer breeze 8 hours ago

    Gurl yaaaaaaassssssss😜

  • Emma Anne
    Emma Anne 8 hours ago

    no one: john cena: cOlDeR tHeN tHe YeTiS bUtThOlE

  • Moira Maggini
    Moira Maggini 8 hours ago

    Te ganaste una suscriptora ♡

  • Chelsy Lee Ordonez De Cross

    it happens at 7:06

  • LittleTheives02
    LittleTheives02 8 hours ago

    Joanna: has never been on public transportation Me: has flown across the world and back as a 9 year old

  • Allie Super Sallie
    Allie Super Sallie 9 hours ago

    i like chicken

  • Sunday 32
    Sunday 32 9 hours ago

    im also scared of the dark (but im not even 13 yet so it doesnt rlly matter yet) I was trying to fall asleep once while my aunt was sleeping in the same room and i heard walking then i opened my eyes and i saw a person stand and i didnt care at first thinking it was a weird shaped light until it starts MOVING and my heart dropped and i was so scared then they turn off the heater and then i realize it was my aunt =~= (i found it a lil funny but i wasnt happy sometimes)

  • Orla G
    Orla G 9 hours ago

    I had to take public transit for the first time this year and I felt sooo proud of myself afterwards lol

  • Tortilla Pronounce The illa

    “Yesterday I went for a run and I saw a fox, it didn’t attack me UnFoRtUnAtEly” I love Joanna 5:53

  • ღмเýμкเ chลи ღ

    You ok? ;-;

  • Akie Fairé
    Akie Fairé 9 hours ago

    i need someone like joanna who you can actually talk to not even asking

  • Blood Skies Animations

    y u m m y

  • Sweet_NightmaresGacha
    Sweet_NightmaresGacha 10 hours ago

    Can we just also take a second to realize that this whole thing happened because of a dang avocado 🥑 but like okay mood. MOOD. DANG MOOD.

  • lunarxeclipse
    lunarxeclipse 10 hours ago

    i miss this video.

  • carson
    carson 11 hours ago


  • Silent Murmur
    Silent Murmur 11 hours ago

    *Joana says hungry instead of ravenous* Me: *WHAT*

  • Gina Jolie
    Gina Jolie 11 hours ago

    How does she not like flinch or cry or scream while waxing. She's strong..

    • Gina Jolie
      Gina Jolie 11 hours ago

      And i gotta say that song (purple rain) Was just the bomb 👌

  • Tweek Tweaker
    Tweek Tweaker 11 hours ago

    It would be better if you had wet hair

  • Julieta Paz
    Julieta Paz 11 hours ago

    i cant stop watching your videos, kisses from argentina <3

  • Ellen Araujo
    Ellen Araujo 12 hours ago

    Hopefully you said "jungle" as a joke... :(

  • Space dodo 83
    Space dodo 83 12 hours ago

    joana, how, what, when in the candy land were you at my station???? like, its s o u t h of the west east bound thinigy thing thing like what???? when did you get there??? did you teleport there???? is this real life??? or is it just fantasy???

  • KatieMay
    KatieMay 12 hours ago

    I have a flight to Canada 12 hours to Canada THEN 12 BACK HELP

  • Alyssa's Vlogs
    Alyssa's Vlogs 12 hours ago

    Joana spills the vanilla 0.2 seconds later: clip of the vanilla top still off

  • Sammy Hoyt
    Sammy Hoyt 12 hours ago

    “. But be careful pay your taxes”

  • Lydia Waters
    Lydia Waters 12 hours ago

    Just realised she sounds like Entrapta-

  • Ally C
    Ally C 12 hours ago

    2 minutes in and I’m already dying🤣

  • Funny Yes Funny LIVE
    Funny Yes Funny LIVE 12 hours ago

    She looks like sernandoe

  • Itz_Ricky
    Itz_Ricky 12 hours ago

    love ya john cena

  • Annelise Melo
    Annelise Melo 12 hours ago

    What am I watching?

  • Pinkbobba !
    Pinkbobba ! 12 hours ago

    Its her mom Btw no hate i love her

  • [XxBooxX ]
    [XxBooxX ] 13 hours ago

    I’m very bad at butterfly and breast stroke I’m decent at back and I’m ok in free so watching other people doing it is so cool

  • Ahmet Yiğit Özkoca
    Ahmet Yiğit Özkoca 13 hours ago

    Get some help from a personal trainer

  • Jada Anderson
    Jada Anderson 13 hours ago

    And now we get to experience Joana being utterly insane for the first time. (It’s not a bad thing)

  • Melissa Roe
    Melissa Roe 13 hours ago

    Your ugly

  • Julia Wood
    Julia Wood 13 hours ago

    this is pure chaos

  • suga kookie
    suga kookie 13 hours ago

    yall....stay funky stay spunky and stay spicy......

  • pickle dust
    pickle dust 13 hours ago

    Joana: *is 18* Also Joana: *looks 13*

  • Star Script
    Star Script 13 hours ago

    if i shine a flashlight at your boots will the aliens see us

  • Maureen Tesmer
    Maureen Tesmer 13 hours ago

    Joana is life, Joana is love, Joana is an avocado.

  • IDK studios
    IDK studios 13 hours ago

    clickbait or is this meant to be funny?

  • ツ•LazyMii •
    ツ•LazyMii • 13 hours ago

    Last time i saw your channel you had 100k subs..

  • Indi Murgatroyd
    Indi Murgatroyd 14 hours ago

    I love how she said she doesn’t swear and like 2minuets earlier she said bs

  • Gina Jolie
    Gina Jolie 14 hours ago

    Did anyone else see that hello kitty cup??

  • 80s reject
    80s reject 14 hours ago

    Very cool joana

  • Indi Murgatroyd
    Indi Murgatroyd 14 hours ago

    Yep the Dolan twins are rlly ugly tho

  • Indi Murgatroyd
    Indi Murgatroyd 14 hours ago

    I hate bacon too

  • Camm Maal
    Camm Maal 14 hours ago

    что? мне ютуб название перевел?

  • Cats3to2
    Cats3to2 14 hours ago

    No, this is exactly this mom's fear she warned her son about. My mom gave me a suitcase and told me how to pack. She knew I'd run away. I never thought my son would. I've wasted a lot of money by bus drivers lying to me about which bus this is. Did I warn my dragon? OH no! In 2 years he'll be this age!

  • Cierra Nervo
    Cierra Nervo 14 hours ago

    What we think happens at Area 51: Nuclear weapons and alien cover-ups What really happens: Do WatterMELLOOOONS exPlode?

  • Audrey McNamara
    Audrey McNamara 15 hours ago


  • Honey Villagomez
    Honey Villagomez 15 hours ago

    “And a peach” .....😂😂😂 it’s a pear 🍐 😂😂

  • FanFiction Queen
    FanFiction Queen 15 hours ago

    the train bit messed me up, im glad i live in wales. i think its so much easier

  • Parag Lokhande
    Parag Lokhande 15 hours ago

    You look like Kristen Bell

  • Whoa Those edits
    Whoa Those edits 15 hours ago

    “I’m going to put a fashion show now...And ur going to watch it.”

  • Madina Ibrahim
    Madina Ibrahim 15 hours ago

    Purple rain was made by prince

  • Yes Sir!
    Yes Sir! 16 hours ago

    Clued Monett?

  • Najú Barros
    Najú Barros 16 hours ago

    Ok, pensei que era uma Br pq o título tá em PT, AMEI QUE TEM LEGENDA, amo

  • Will_Cdc
    Will_Cdc 16 hours ago

    bruh that manspreading joke got her up like 100 levels in my consideration

  • egss coke
    egss coke 16 hours ago

    Joana: *do you hear that* Me: *gets sprite cranberry ad* Me: you foolish mortal

  • Romashka Bulat
    Romashka Bulat 16 hours ago


  • summer breeze
    summer breeze 16 hours ago

    Those hate comments in the beginning were wrong U be u If they cant handle that then they can eat a moldy, rotten avocado that came out of my gym socks Yes I said that U r awesome And I laugh at all your vids I love them

  • Syia Studio
    Syia Studio 16 hours ago


  • ariel shen
    ariel shen 16 hours ago

    its over an avocado *an avocado*

  • Victoria Gunther mateus

    And ur pronation is great

  • Victoria Gunther mateus

    I'm from Brazil but I agree with u its delicious both I've been addicted

  • summer breeze
    summer breeze 16 hours ago

    I mean technically u have cause you've been on an airplane but ok lol

  • Kristiana Tu
    Kristiana Tu 16 hours ago

    why is your hair a bit pink on the left side?

  • Ashley Bostick
    Ashley Bostick 16 hours ago

    Literally I wanna do this