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Top 9 Best Gun Safes 2019
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  • Ahmed Eid
    Ahmed Eid 10 days ago

    The 8 Best Bench Grinders Reviews

  • Ace Ramone
    Ace Ramone 11 days ago


  • Chris's Tech
    Chris's Tech 12 days ago

    I like Bomber Jacket 1 and 4. Here are some more nice Bomber Jackets.

  • The0neonly_ Tik
    The0neonly_ Tik 15 days ago

    ѕoмe people мaĸe тнeιr own ѕĸaтeѕ

  • Kingsley Alberto
    Kingsley Alberto 17 days ago

    How can I get?

  • Who Me Bry ???
    Who Me Bry ??? 26 days ago

    I got #2 and its no good. So idk what yall base it off. #rezboywelder

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Omar Rodriguez Month ago

    I do prefer the milwaukee

  • Dana Asher
    Dana Asher Month ago


  • Lad Pus
    Lad Pus Month ago

    Hahaha 😂

  • Duke
    Duke Month ago

    Definitely love this video

  • Yakov-israel musheyev

    Hey please recommend German scissors

  • Discovery China
    Discovery China Month ago

    Your video is awesome,please give me advice,this my first Grow Lights reviews.I have subscribed your channel :)

  • Christian Fredrickson

    hate this robot voice

  • Paris Lady
    Paris Lady Month ago

    Interesting - Vremi is an ice machine not an ice cream machine. How did that make it in the video?

  • Ahmed Bouali
    Ahmed Bouali Month ago

    Thank you for that great review!! (Ps : How you make and Edit those videos pls? Which program do you use?)

    • Best Reviews
      Best Reviews Month ago

      I used VideoMaker FX software to make this video.

  • Pee Pee Poo Poo ASMR

    thanks this helped me out alot. the fireplace grate had much purpose ibrations thank you. bless u

  • santana jackson
    santana jackson 2 months ago

    I have the kota 3000/8000 grit stone and im happy with it . just need to get a nagura stone for it to keep it primed and ready

  • IslandBoy Slot
    IslandBoy Slot 2 months ago

    What!! No explanation of how they compare or why specific features are more desirable

    • Best Reviews
      Best Reviews Month ago

      We will try to explain in next time. Thank You

  • Bruce Wright
    Bruce Wright 3 months ago

    *These seem to a great set of fishing pliers>>>**** so much so that I just ordered a second set for the wife. I have not had the chance to use them for an extended period but they work very well. just what I was expecting.*

  • jenish gadhiya
    jenish gadhiya 3 months ago

    Nice editor Keep it bro.......

  • Disorganised.Organiser

    What the fuck even is this. This is NOT a review. All you did was list the features which anyone can find. Reviews are you, actually using the item and giving your view of how it works compared to what the maker says it can do. Additionally your intro is far too long and the music sooooooo annoying. Epic fail.

  • Captain Horror
    Captain Horror 3 months ago

    Dog will hunt lol

  • John Malibu2 188
    John Malibu2 188 3 months ago

    Congrats on stealing a video from another site then making it yours . Look , I'm not calling you a dumbass , but the video YOU stole was done in 2017 , YOU have claimed this is for 2019 . My Apple Watch 4 is better than ALL these devices combined , more accurate too . Heres a tip , Be original , oh and do something else with your time , you sux at this !

  • jp4942
    jp4942 3 months ago

    I’ve used a couple of these but I’m surprised that the Ace of Spades from Hunt&Hustle are not on this list. For barbering I haven’t found anything better

    • Best Reviews
      Best Reviews Month ago

      Thanks for your opinion. We will try to add the item you said in next time.

  • P Schmied
    P Schmied 3 months ago

    Bosch BP series and Wagner QC and ACDellco 14D series should have equal ratings for each of the manufacturers, all models at the level of the lowest rated ones. That puts Bosch last at number 4, Wagner at #3 , Raybestos at #2 and ACDelco at #1. A really dumb "review".

  • Bailey Boy
    Bailey Boy 3 months ago

    Was going to buy NuWave until I read DOZENS of reviews saying Nu waves customer service is NON EXISTENT. Even commercial review sites mention this. I'll buy from a company that cares about the customer, which obviously Nu Wave does not.

  • Steven Anja
    Steven Anja 4 months ago

    I am looking for a new cutting board Do you think any on this list are worth the price?

  • Cw Sayre
    Cw Sayre 4 months ago

    These are NOT the "best" trailer hitch locks by any wild stretch of the imagination, but they are the cheapest.

  • Jonathan Ouellette
    Jonathan Ouellette 4 months ago

    Thanks for using an auto reader to read website and amazom specs out loud in the most annoying way possible

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 4 months ago

    Where is FH Group?

  • Shipper
    Shipper 4 months ago

    Robot voice, FAIL!!

  • Nathan Lahart
    Nathan Lahart 4 months ago

    *My small apartment refrigerator just didn't have enough freezer space>>>**** and this unit solved the problem perfectly. I put it on a small end table in my extra bedroom, to bring it to a better height. I'm very happy with the unit.*

  • Darrin G.
    Darrin G. 5 months ago

    This Video lost all legitimacy when it used a Robotic Voice!

  • Jose Marcos Pena
    Jose Marcos Pena 5 months ago


    • Best Reviews
      Best Reviews 5 months ago

      Please check the price here>

  • Pizza Sutra
    Pizza Sutra 5 months ago

    We need a stone ourselves, thanks for the info!

  • Jordan Zurbruegg
    Jordan Zurbruegg 5 months ago

    Don’t tell me what to buy robot!!!!

  • Billy Frady
    Billy Frady 5 months ago

    In your comparison you are comparing a 1/2 Gloud to a 1 HP Wayne. Just wondering should it be apples for apples? Great video thank you have been trying to decide which to buy.

  • emigrate
    emigrate 6 months ago

    The Fumot Valve often gets clogged, and it takes ages to drain ususally over night and in warm/ hot weather. Due to the long shank within the pan it does not get all the oil out. I uninstalled my sump and saw the amount of rubbish it left behind. I then used a normal sump plug and the oild drained again I removed the sump and it left hadly any rubbish. Waste of time

  • Captain Horror
    Captain Horror 6 months ago

    Modesa is my favorite :) its only $1

  • Don Julio
    Don Julio 6 months ago

    Windex still be the best!!!!!

  • Liam oliver
    Liam oliver 6 months ago Beach Towel *SALE* hurryup

  • Jean Paul Reuland
    Jean Paul Reuland 6 months ago

    I can't focus with this loud music!

  • edward gordon
    edward gordon 6 months ago

    Total waste of time !!!

  • ramen pho
    ramen pho 7 months ago

    Best review with no review at all.

  • ipon70
    ipon70 7 months ago


  • Ulrivon
    Ulrivon 7 months ago

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I'd like to thank the academy...

  • MegaBrorsan
    MegaBrorsan 7 months ago

    What a shitty review video with nonsense comparison ”facts”.

    TOP INVENTIONS 7 months ago

    EPAuto 3/8-Inch Drive Click is best ones

  • s2s_Parrot Fan
    s2s_Parrot Fan 7 months ago

    BULL.... not one mention of CuTech!

  • Matt Seals
    Matt Seals 7 months ago

    You're a really useful internet video; couldn't make it without ya!

  • Sergey Sidorevich
    Sergey Sidorevich 7 months ago

    Here's a link for it -

  • Mark Zanetti
    Mark Zanetti 8 months ago

    near worthless list. no reviews, no opinions. this is why people use Amazon instead.

  • Jack Emerson
    Jack Emerson 8 months ago

    What a joke - this is a few minutes I'll never get back

  • Gazover _
    Gazover _ 9 months ago

    Doomguy like it

  • U N A D O R E D B B Y
    U N A D O R E D B B Y 9 months ago

    What about me

  • Kimberly Snow
    Kimberly Snow 9 months ago

    Bad music, robot voice and no data provided at all.

  • Anand ki vines
    Anand ki vines 9 months ago


  • dirty steve
    dirty steve 9 months ago


  • Elisa Zielinski
    Elisa Zielinski 9 months ago

    I’m gonna get the E300 for Christmas 🎄

  • Mo mo
    Mo mo 9 months ago

    Some of them aren’t felt tip pens

  • inta liepina
    inta liepina 10 months ago

    I am deciding if I should buy this crepe maker The high ratings and reviews are really convincing

  • Hal Reese
    Hal Reese 10 months ago

    better if you will create a tutorial video, but anyway this simply worked good one!

  • Bill Wieworka
    Bill Wieworka 10 months ago

    Review appears to be heavily weighted toward lowest cost rather than quality and usability. In general Stanley consumer tools should only be considered do it yourselfer tools, that are easily replaceable! Slightly better quality than Chinese standard import grade tools. For quality minded a consumer Channel lock pliers are excellent tools at a very reasonable price. They are US MADE with the exception of their screwdrivers and socket sets which are unfortunately imported from Asia. They are guaranteed it will probably be passed on for Generations in your family. Most Professional users of pliers will recommend the high quality and more costly german manufacturers such as KNIPEX/ORBIS WILL, NWS, GEDORE . All three are unmatched in quality and utility.

  • SurvivalAustria
    SurvivalAustria 10 months ago

    Great video SurvivalAustria

  • Matt TOTH
    Matt TOTH 10 months ago

    its not 16 grams/ its 16 gauge

  • Sir Dingus
    Sir Dingus 10 months ago

    which of these toasters would you recommend for pancakes?

  • Wallace LaCroix
    Wallace LaCroix 10 months ago

    The music has destroyed your video, well done.

  • joshua carl
    joshua carl 10 months ago

    my Innovate MTX-L has been junk since 3 months old. new sensor, recalibrated, nothing works.

  • Painter D
    Painter D 10 months ago

    Stay away from Shark and buy a Boss system instead. They are a lot better.

  • Taylor Adams
    Taylor Adams 11 months ago

    When explaining the tape and functions, should have the name of the tape measure still visual because it’s a pain to rewind and forward multiple times to get the right one

  • Fusty Food Reviews
    Fusty Food Reviews 11 months ago

    Can I get 2 spicy chiken sandwiches please.

  • marywendill revaldo
    marywendill revaldo 11 months ago

    *So many uses for this pot!>>>**** Love the quick, efficient way it Cooks. Even tougher cuts of meats come out so nice and tender.*

  • vingadores da zuera
    vingadores da zuera 11 months ago

    *These mats are the best. at Febcar . Com in my honda clarity fuel cell, great mats*

  • valerie campo
    valerie campo 11 months ago

    these mats are the best. by *Febcar . Com* for my mercedes-benz e?class, they fit nice.

  • L.A. Lopez
    L.A. Lopez 11 months ago

    *very happy with new floor mats at Febcar . Com in my buick regal sportback, the fit is flawless, the appearance is great*

  • Carolina Ocampo
    Carolina Ocampo 11 months ago

    *Love this air compressor!>>>**** I had the same one years ago that I ended up giving to my dad because I didn’t think I needed anymore, but realized I needed another one. It’s quiet and very efficient and a great price!*

    MMNHYDRA Year ago

    I have a E100 power core

  • Hysteria F.
    Hysteria F. Year ago

    Needs a different voice

  • Alexander King
    Alexander King Year ago

    Worst video I have ever seen

  • Bradley Wise
    Bradley Wise Year ago

    This guys list is a joke,hurcaliner sucks

  • Tech Teach
    Tech Teach Year ago

    Getting in the habit of always putting a helmet on your baby or toddler could literally save your child’s life. And with plenty of comfortable, cute, and affordable options to choose from, there’s really no reason not to wear a helmet! Based on performance, quality of construction, and factoring in price, here are Top 5 Best #Helmets for toddlers Bikers, for general #bike_riding for toddlers, and for use in bike trailers or bike seats for #babies and #toddlers.

  • Tardisius
    Tardisius Year ago

    Black fenders on a Black background ?? Not well thought out =)

  • brianreynolds188

    Mix thunderbar is much better!

  • brianreynolds188

    The boss system amp burned out in 60 days of use don’t buy your wasting your money!

    • Joe R
      Joe R 9 months ago

      Did you have it mounted in a well ventilated area?

  • MrEye4get
    MrEye4get Year ago

    Change the title to, "Best Junk Locks"

  • ArchV1
    ArchV1 Year ago

    Raptor/custom coat is better than herculiner because it has uv protection painted my f250 with it

  • Kasquaskannaché Hukapapánski

    I just started dancing!

  • Sedated By life
    Sedated By life Year ago

    A video touting the top 7 with images of the features listed on each of the products own labels. You really worked hard to make this crappy video. How about actual testing? Click bait alert

  • Larry Blackwell
    Larry Blackwell Year ago

    Fucking Asshole and the music...

  • James Frazer
    James Frazer Year ago

    These are all junk systems... Wouldn't touch a single set...

    • SteelCity Hammer
      SteelCity Hammer 8 months ago

      Suggest any better ones?

    • Painter D
      Painter D 10 months ago

      I agree. The Shark systems are actually very poorly built, like poor soldering joints and just cheap construction all around. I had three of them and they all failed the first season of riding. They can't take any kind of vibration and fall apart. Those other systems also had poor reviews on RU-clip and Amazon. I don't know why some one would do such false advertising unless they meant to say the "worst" systems for 2017!

  • Jesse Parris
    Jesse Parris Year ago

    You lost me after 25 seconds of needless intro.

    • Best Reviews
      Best Reviews Year ago

      Sorry to hear that.. Will try to improve the quality.

  • Zeus The Doberman

    Are you on crack? What a shit video.

    • Best Reviews
      Best Reviews Year ago

      Will try to improve the video quality and information. Thanks for your feed back.

  • Jelle Ruben
    Jelle Ruben Year ago

    Haha GPSmap64 beter than GPSmap64st? Etrex 10 beter than Etrex 30x, realy??

    • Just Harry Johnson
      Just Harry Johnson Year ago

      hi what is the difference between the 64st and the 64s im looking at buying one soon are they a good gps ?

  • JMC2013
    JMC2013 Year ago

    Motor Trend all weather is total garbage only had it 6 weeks and it is turning to dust ,falling apart and leaving crap all over my beautiful ride Im trying to get a refund now STAY AWAY from this it is a total waste of money (wish I could upload pics of this POS

    • TTAMC C.
      TTAMC C. Year ago

      i believe you man, it did the same exact thing to my car twice!!! I've tried to get my money back ever since smh

  • B A
    B A Year ago

    Useless video. Unless you like a Sprayway advertisement.

    • chooch1995
      chooch1995 Year ago

      I think what 'Best Reviews' was trying to convey is that they liked the Sprayway!

  • Jimmy Becker
    Jimmy Becker Year ago


  • t watson
    t watson Year ago

    What about t rex is it about the same as raptor. I just bought that mainly because it was tintable and came in a smaller size.

  • Farhan Rousseau
    Farhan Rousseau Year ago

    Nice work..Keep it up.

  • Edward
    Edward Year ago

    man that music is irritating. Please remove it from the video and the video will probably get more views

  • biker bud
    biker bud Year ago

    using a black background for black products of genius!!!