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Kayne & Jamie
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  • Alby Kausar
    Alby Kausar 11 hours ago

    this is so beautiful:(

  • urša Zidar
    urša Zidar 23 hours ago

    Hahahahahah i am crying😭😂😍 the most cute and funny video about you guys😂😂 love you!!❤️❤️

  • Pramésh Gautam
    Pramésh Gautam 3 days ago

    Our Honeymoon ru-clip.net/video/nEXcEew2fQk/video.html

  • Penny Mole
    Penny Mole 3 days ago

    That was beautiful, thank you for sharing :)

  • Tamy Solis
    Tamy Solis 3 days ago

    my heart is so FULL

  • Michelle M.
    Michelle M. 4 days ago

    Sooo glad you guys did hypno birthing and knew you had options instead of giving in to a csection. That's amazing to have such a great knowledgeable support system ❤ congrats beautiful couple!

  • Allie Mattingly
    Allie Mattingly 4 days ago

    You are strong

  • Ashley Cuthbert
    Ashley Cuthbert 4 days ago

    This is beautiful. Wyld is a gorgeous big boy congratulations.

  • Nuria Polo
    Nuria Polo 5 days ago


  • lettiesimonis
    lettiesimonis 5 days ago

    So inspiring! What a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all.

  • lucy marie Phillips

    Beautiful vlog beautiful mum guarantee when i go in to labour my hair will be looking like i stuck wet fingers in a plug socket and any eye makeup will probably move to everywhere but my eyes knowing my luck lol

    OMEE HERKAL 6 days ago

    Congrats guys

  • Monique Charles
    Monique Charles 6 days ago

    Pra quem gosta de vlogs da uma olha la no meu canal, ru-clip.net/video/60UHnoqr6jA/video.html

  • Chadh Stacy
    Chadh Stacy 6 days ago

    8:53 "going to keep the placenta and make it into tablets"?!?!?!?! Is that some kind of bodybuilding/fitness thing? Sounds like something Big Lenny from the Delray Misfits would do

    • Chadh Stacy
      Chadh Stacy 5 days ago

      @Dallas Wise is it only done with one's own placenta? or do some people consumer another females placenta?

    • Chadh Stacy
      Chadh Stacy 5 days ago

      @Dallas Wise is it expensive?

    • Dallas Wise
      Dallas Wise 5 days ago

      Chadh Stacy A lot of females do it because the nutrients from the placenta is great for mom and milk production! If I have the money next May when I’m due, I may do it myself!

  • Chadh Stacy
    Chadh Stacy 6 days ago

    How often (weekly, 2 weekly, 3 weekly, monthly) do you plan to upload on this channel, from now on?

  • MelanieElena1
    MelanieElena1 6 days ago

    Sooo beautiful! Congrats you guys! ♥️

  • Cody Bourke
    Cody Bourke 6 days ago

    my heart 😍😍

  • Shanaj Bagum
    Shanaj Bagum 6 days ago


  • Rivers Zenonian
    Rivers Zenonian 6 days ago

    I think I will get an epidural I hate pain so much but man that was amazing! Good job mama

  • Erin Rose
    Erin Rose 6 days ago

    How beautiful that you filmed this and you’re supporting her. It’s lovely that you’ve made this vlog for memories. I wish I looked that gorgeous through birth!! Wow wow! Beautiful family, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Rachael Duardo
    Rachael Duardo 6 days ago

    Congratulations xxxxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Fahiima Xaaji
    Fahiima Xaaji 6 days ago

    I guy are cute famliy lol

  • Rochelle T
    Rochelle T 6 days ago

    Congratulations ❤❤❤❤

  • SimplySpotON
    SimplySpotON 6 days ago

    Congratulations!!! Many blessings.. 👪

  • Jessikah Coad
    Jessikah Coad 6 days ago

    Wow wow wow 😭😭😭😭😍❤️❤️

  • Yellow Rainbow
    Yellow Rainbow 6 days ago

    Sweeeeet ❤

  • Kirrilee Lancaster
    Kirrilee Lancaster 6 days ago

    Aw this is so beautiful 💛💛💛

  • Ally M
    Ally M 6 days ago

    Congrats!!! Such a beautiful birth story.💛 Lil Wyld is so loved!

  • Kayla Wilton
    Kayla Wilton 6 days ago

    Aww this is magical!!!

  • Humboldt Hunny
    Humboldt Hunny 6 days ago

    so happy for you guys and what a beautiful birth <3

  • Kim Davis
    Kim Davis 7 days ago

    WOW!! Been waiting. He is just beautiful like his Mommy & Daddy!! So very happy for y’all. I love you both bunches! Y’all are the sweetest. Only God could create such perfect love! Thank you both so very much. Now just love & enjoy 😊

  • Michelle
    Michelle 7 days ago

    Wonderful story. You Jamie are very brave and strong, such an inspiration and Kayne at the end.. I felt like crying too haha, too beautiful. I wish you guys all the best xx

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  • Sarah-lynn Pauleus
    Sarah-lynn Pauleus 7 days ago

    Beautiful birth vlog! Love you guys so much 💛😍😍😍

  • Petrina Chin
    Petrina Chin 7 days ago

    Aww you two are such a sweet couple and the way you care for each other is just pure love ❤️

  • Rishabh
    Rishabh 7 days ago

    Please age restrict the video, nudity is clearly visible @23:41

    • Rishabh
      Rishabh 5 days ago

      @TheAbcdefghji i know RU-clip's policy cause i've already worked there before. its just a kind suggestion for them, nothing to hate...Age restricting is just to age gate SO MINORS CANNOT SEE it. got my point?

    • Rishabh
      Rishabh 5 days ago

      @Kelly Ess Why the hell you are so concerned if i suggested them something? before RU-clip does it, its better for them to age restrict the video by themself. They made a beautiful video and i did not say anything bad about it. You better keep silent if you can't understand things. And for your info, age restricting doesn't mean to remove the video, its just to age gate so minors cannot see.

    • Kelly Ess
      Kelly Ess 5 days ago

      Get off her channel if you don’t like it snowflake!

    • his darlin2.0
      his darlin2.0 5 days ago

      What a loser. This is childbirth!

    • TheAbcdefghji
      TheAbcdefghji 5 days ago

      Rishabh it’s not up to you if you don’t like it too dam bad

    ASKR SLAMAN 7 days ago

    الف مبروك

  • Caitlin Hudson
    Caitlin Hudson 7 days ago

    So beautiful! Had me balling my eyes out 😭

  • Eliza Hartigan
    Eliza Hartigan 7 days ago

    Awwwwww I am balling! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful intimate video with us. Love how you guys were so positive all the way through xx much love

  • Georgia Flynn
    Georgia Flynn 7 days ago


  • Dee Seymour
    Dee Seymour 7 days ago

    Omgoshhh I cried I got goose bumps. Your amazing and Kayne behind you kissing your forhead. What a guy. Your a beautiful mom Jamie well done 💟💟💪💪💪 congrats to you both.🍀🍾 thanx for sharing x

  • Nadja Freier
    Nadja Freier 7 days ago

    I cried myself halfway through the blog. Just beautiful! Congratulations on your beautiful boy again!

  • Mona Vejdani
    Mona Vejdani 7 days ago

    Sooo beautiful mama 😭😍🙌

  • Anand Kumar
    Anand Kumar 7 days ago

    congratulation you both so beautiful baby may god bless him/her

  • Taylor Wilson
    Taylor Wilson 7 days ago

    My goodness the end when Kayne was crying, how bloody beautiful 💙

  • Nicola Cronje-Witt
    Nicola Cronje-Witt 7 days ago

    Yay! Such an inspiring birth, so happy you guys shared the experience xo

  • Zarnia Trivett
    Zarnia Trivett 7 days ago

    Awwww this is so beautiful.. ❤️❤️ You are so strong Jamie!! Watching this, You’ve made me so excited to give birth, in just under 3weeks! Love how calm and relaxed you were, & Kayne what an absolute support you are.. congratulations again you three!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shea Farmer
    Shea Farmer 7 days ago

    Oh gosh I really should not watch birthing vlogs. I cry too much!! Congratulations you two!! X

  • Jess Smoth
    Jess Smoth 7 days ago

    May want to blur out around 23.42

    • his darlin2.0
      his darlin2.0 5 days ago

      The brown of her areola offends you? Grow up!

    • Tayla Jane
      Tayla Jane 7 days ago

      blur what feeds her child? no need to blur, it's the human body. The most powerful and beautiful, raw moment a woman will go through. Don't take the innocence away from it please.

    • Summer Williams
      Summer Williams 7 days ago

      Why? It's a boob? And she just pushed her baby out, give them a break.

    JAMES SAKAPFET 7 days ago

    Such a loving and beautiful family❤️ God bless you guys! I love watching you guys. You guys show what love is really about. Can’t wait to have a little with my wife. My wife and I just create out vlog channel. Come see our channel and show some love and support. It’s a work in progress. You know what they say “ a thousand miles journey begins with one step” I don’t know if word it correctly lol 😂 but you understand what I’m saying lol. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment and I enjoy watching this video and I’m waiting to see more. Thank you and have a wonderful day❤️🥰😁🥳

  • haylee o'grady
    haylee o'grady 7 days ago

    Such a beautiful birth, Wyld is absolutely perfect! 💖

  • Yana Haj saleh
    Yana Haj saleh 7 days ago

    I’m so scared I’m going to give birth at Friday I’m overdue 😭😭💔💔💔

    • Yana Haj saleh
      Yana Haj saleh Day ago

      Lili Youl thank you so much!!😍😍

    • Yana Haj saleh
      Yana Haj saleh Day ago

      Emma Giovannoni just gave birth four days ago it was an indues labour ❤️❤️❤️

    • Emma Giovannoni
      Emma Giovannoni 2 days ago

      You’ll be a superstar I promise! Just focus on your breathing, drop your shoulders, relax your muscles. You’ve got this!

    • Lili Youl
      Lili Youl 5 days ago

      You’ll do amazing beautiful 💖💖💖 breathe through it and be strong

    • Yana Haj saleh
      Yana Haj saleh 6 days ago

      Thanks for the motivation ☹️❤️❤️

  • Savannah Marshall
    Savannah Marshall 7 days ago

    Jamie is so strong - how empowering!!! Beautiful story guys and congratulations xx

  • reine poaty
    reine poaty 7 days ago

    I just don't have it in me to labour without an epidural. You're brave Jamie! Thanks for sharing 💕

  • Nicole Brereton
    Nicole Brereton 7 days ago

    Such a beautiful family 🥰 thanks for sharing your story with us 😍❤️

  • aynslee Rose
    aynslee Rose 7 days ago

    omg yay finally !!! I love your little fam bam so much wyld is so cute 💖❤️💘💓😘💕🥰💖❤️💘💓😘💕

  • Amarr Kamat
    Amarr Kamat 7 days ago

    Too beautiful xx

  • GS Wingnut
    GS Wingnut 9 days ago

    🐖 Can someone tell me if the pigs survived the hurricane??

  • Khalid Raza
    Khalid Raza 9 days ago

    I don’t even have a girl in my life and money wtf am I doing here 😂

  • mohamed Thaahim
    mohamed Thaahim 10 days ago

    I ak from maldives,and i belive there are more many stupendous places out there, Its worth to visit out there

  • pamela garcia
    pamela garcia 10 days ago

    Can you please post what resort this is.

  • abdulsamad mohamed
    abdulsamad mohamed 11 days ago

    Isn't the Maldives a heaven

  • Shane Brad
    Shane Brad 12 days ago

    What is Kayne’s cycle

  • Shane Brad
    Shane Brad 13 days ago

    What is your husband’s cycle?

  • kotisoki
    kotisoki 14 days ago

    Does anyone know where they stayed?

  • Nasim Khan
    Nasim Khan 15 days ago

    ohh very nice dance dear such a beautiful moment

  • Domagoj Beno
    Domagoj Beno 15 days ago

    Bro all I see is those his and hers SPRAY ONS! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Stop letting ur Misses dress you up bro 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️ Let’s have same patterns on our SPRAY ONS LOL 😂

  • Ben & Emm
    Ben & Emm 15 days ago

    So, exciting guys! Congrats!

  • Luna & Braden’s Daily Vlogs

    If You Are Reading 💗 This GOD BLESS YOU and Like This to Have An Amazing Week 💗💗💗 PS We are a small cute youtube couple!

  • Dolly Dampman
    Dolly Dampman 20 days ago

    I would watch but that laugh is to much, for some reason it's agitating me bit nice place .

  • WeeTee Duo
    WeeTee Duo 20 days ago

    Haha the matching pants! Get it mama 💃🏽

  • Ameira K
    Ameira K 20 days ago

    y’all should go watch my Bahamas vacation vlog and subscribe!

  • Koreti
    Koreti 22 days ago

    The hair flick killed me, you guys are so cute 🥰

  • Lifestyle Dz
    Lifestyle Dz 23 days ago

    subscribe in my channel plz 😍

  • Jani
    Jani 24 days ago

    Little narcistic

  • Harsh Thakkar
    Harsh Thakkar 24 days ago

    Which resort did you guys stay in ?

  • Zínã zino
    Zínã zino 25 days ago

    💞Ay Love you😘💗

  • 임동재
    임동재 27 days ago

    Is that your private airplane?

  • Edson Dantas
    Edson Dantas 27 days ago

    Amigo você é o cara 10 gosti

  • Edson Dantas
    Edson Dantas 27 days ago

    Parbens mame que Deus te abençoe você é este lindo debelar de deus

  • Darlene Batts
    Darlene Batts 28 days ago

    I just subscribed. Loved your baby Mommas dance.

  • Alessandro Carlucci
    Alessandro Carlucci 29 days ago

    Have a look also to ‘Real AdCa’ Funny Maldives story, from child point of view 😉 m.ru-clip.net/video/By8-VsiMxCI/video.html Let a subscribe if you like 😀

  • Anu thapa
    Anu thapa 29 days ago

    I think it is baby boy 100%

  • Dolly Dampman
    Dolly Dampman 29 days ago

    Did kayne come down with the morning sickness lol

  • Dolly Dampman
    Dolly Dampman 29 days ago

    You two are so cute. Just found your chanel . I saw the moma dance how cute!! Can't wait to see baby!!

  • Dolly Dampman
    Dolly Dampman 29 days ago

    Where are you from. Congratulations

  • Joanna Bickford
    Joanna Bickford 29 days ago

    a wee bit douchie

  • Sarah-lynn Pauleus
    Sarah-lynn Pauleus 29 days ago

    Congrats on the birth of Your wonderful baby boy 😍😍😍

  • a unicorn day
    a unicorn day Month ago

    1.NEVER look at the comments before the reveal 2.The moment you came here for ➡️ 3:19. 3.Thank me later. 5.or maybe like 6.i skipped number four 7.you went to see. 8.You feel stupid. 9.the end.

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas Month ago

    You are stunning and beautiful! Your belly is amazing and gorgeous! When are you due?

  • lam ben
    lam ben Month ago

    My dream to become a mom pray for me please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • nadia amani
    nadia amani Month ago


  • nadia amani
    nadia amani Month ago

    Génial et la music jadore

  • Kelly Grima
    Kelly Grima Month ago

    Hi Jamie, Not sure if you’ll see this but I love the gold necklace you are wearing at the beach in your Bahamas bikini. Where can I find it please? 😍

  • fire soul
    fire soul Month ago

    Such a beautiful couple 👫 🌹😍🔥

  • Restored Beauty
    Restored Beauty Month ago

    This was by far the best

  • Courtney Coco
    Courtney Coco Month ago

    If he was my man I would be using him as a damn stripping pole,giving him the ultimate lap dance and making baby number 2 lord oh lord god bless him

  • Courtney Coco
    Courtney Coco Month ago

    Omg she is so lucky👅👅👅👅👅

  • May Pham
    May Pham Month ago


  • Shanaj Bagum
    Shanaj Bagum Month ago

    So sowet 😘😘