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  • Klemen Jereb
    Klemen Jereb 3 hours ago

    Interesting... Usually turbo cars are way more efficient than NA cars, also the engine in the Lambo is also bigger than the one in the Supra.

  • Linen Garb
    Linen Garb 3 hours ago

    Hey dave - quit blocking the diesel. #freethedeisel

  • Adam Nelson
    Adam Nelson 3 hours ago

    Awkward moment when my 2016 WRX has a smaller gas tank than a mclaren

  • Jassel Alcala
    Jassel Alcala 3 hours ago

    Weren't canadians supposed to be nice? This guy must be a fake.

  • J.R. Beumel
    J.R. Beumel 3 hours ago

    7:30 Would have beed hilarious if the door just fell off.

  • Julian Vaaltyn
    Julian Vaaltyn 3 hours ago

    Guys the cars look mad af honestly appreciate them

  • Braydon Caron
    Braydon Caron 3 hours ago

    Seen it driving through Ontario!!!

  • Xavier Nadeau
    Xavier Nadeau 4 hours ago

    Can you create Samsung phone cases for DDE merch?

  • Adam Crawford
    Adam Crawford 4 hours ago

    If you ever get a chance, La Sirenita in NE Portland is bomb.com for Mexican food

  • Cai Thomas
    Cai Thomas 4 hours ago

    Where’s the huracan

  • Adam Crawford
    Adam Crawford 4 hours ago

    Im so bummed out that I miss you guys every time you guys roll through Portland. ughhhhhh :(

  • Cj Caldwell
    Cj Caldwell 4 hours ago

    They’re back!! Love it

  • stevenson Family
    stevenson Family 4 hours ago

    It's quite warm in Canada it's -2 in england

  • Leon Fuson
    Leon Fuson 4 hours ago

    Keep it red!! Dont wrap it!!

  • Trapontum
    Trapontum 4 hours ago

    She'll be eligible after 22 days

  • HnR Maleone
    HnR Maleone 4 hours ago

    2:18 murci sounds sinister in that tunnel 😱

  • SPORTillest Tran
    SPORTillest Tran 4 hours ago

    The airport is SJC.

  • Andy Ruiz champ Saudi

    Road trips are the way forward Damo 👍

  • Unknown Underworld
    Unknown Underworld 5 hours ago

    Awesome video I found your guys next car Jordan Belfort’s Wolf of wall street white Lamborghini offerup.co/FKkcgeOHc2

  • Zac P
    Zac P 5 hours ago

    Loving the OG DDE style vlog 🤙 do more road trip and rally vlogs 🤞🤘

  • ray 2011
    ray 2011 5 hours ago

    That food vlog tho ........looks good

  • Luke gamer15
    Luke gamer15 5 hours ago

    When ur huracan is fixed u and tanner fox need to race the huracan and his gtr

  • dabz
    dabz 5 hours ago

    well the ticket is wrong pretty sure u can paint ur car in the same colors can own police cars anything but u can’t have the lights or “police” on the car so unless he had any of that it’s perfectly legal so should def go to court to get the ticket cut real quick

  • Tristan Renee
    Tristan Renee 5 hours ago

    Get a big ass wang for the 12C

  • Olawatide Isikalu
    Olawatide Isikalu 5 hours ago

    Change the old lambo for the perfomante

  • Michael Brich
    Michael Brich 5 hours ago

    Please don't change the sound of the f12. That car sounds so good!

  • powersliding
    powersliding 5 hours ago

    dde can't be dave n damon only.. need one more to always appear, threes a crowd

  • GREEN monsta
    GREEN monsta 5 hours ago

    Wtf, he was in race wars, in Norway, but that's where i live, i am actually speachless

  • Ingress Wizard
    Ingress Wizard 5 hours ago

    Missed a real opportunity to collab with B is for Build when you were in Portland.

    KINO HAÏTI 5 hours ago


  • Adam Crawford
    Adam Crawford 5 hours ago

    DDE and STRADMAN wrap cars purple with white wheels hahahaha. that would be low key dope.

  • Independent Two Spirit Media

    Next time you come through Washington you need to be getting gas at Tahoma gas station in Tacoma. It's right off of the interstate next to Emerald Queen casino. You pass right by it heading out. Its 31 miles from Seattle heading south. It's the cheapest gas station in Washington. Usually around 2.90 per gallon American

  • In Search Of Trance
    In Search Of Trance 6 hours ago

    DDE: remember to keep comments respectful and to follow our community guidelines

  • MainliningTanks
    MainliningTanks 6 hours ago

    Were they kidding or is this where they met Matt August?

  • Droning around
    Droning around 6 hours ago

    Exactly the cars I have been checking as potential purchases! The specs of the F12 are so perfect!!!

  • Gokujramvs Productions

    what happened to the Integra Type R? I've been wondering about that lately!

  • Oneil Johnosn
    Oneil Johnosn 6 hours ago

    Get the Ford F-150 SVT RAPTOR

  • sylvester john
    sylvester john 6 hours ago

    Thumbs up on this channel? Way no! Zero respect on the biker hmmm.

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 6 hours ago

    those gas prices... And im over here complaining about Vegas.

  • Margaret Rampersaud
    Margaret Rampersaud 6 hours ago

    Pause at 7:26.looks sick #davedde

  • ran shirin
    ran shirin 6 hours ago

    It costs 5 million not 7

  • Slamondrin O
    Slamondrin O 6 hours ago

    Stradman gets f430 challenge car DDE: buy this Ferrari Stradman: we need new house

  • Samurai x Clout
    Samurai x Clout 6 hours ago

    Lowkey, it would’ve been cool if Damon got like an Orange Bape Wrap. And Alex kept his Unicorn V2 Wrap.

  • Digvijay Patil
    Digvijay Patil 6 hours ago

    I just love your trips from Canada to LA

    RAFBUKY 7 hours ago

    Yall was in Sacramento?!?

  • EastCoastExotics
    EastCoastExotics 7 hours ago

    Who else wanted to come back just to see the tire slayer??

  • Ali Shop
    Ali Shop 7 hours ago

    weg met hellobank

  • β θλχ kermy
    β θλχ kermy 7 hours ago

    lol at 3:15 (my names damon) that should be a new meme

  • Mattnyr5
    Mattnyr5 7 hours ago

    @6:59 #LFC!

  • U-Stride
    U-Stride 7 hours ago

    Take one of what????? That's classic 😂 (let's hope they didn't fight to much over this). I personally wouldn't get pissed because I love cars. It seems like they may have to sit down and talk. I would sit down and have a talk with my girl if it pissed me off, but I wouldn't take it out on you. You didn't do anything

  • Cethe O'Hannion
    Cethe O'Hannion 7 hours ago

    I love the driving! even in he rain and cold...speaking of, when is the next arctic rally i got awd and snow tires!

  • Anuj Dave
    Anuj Dave 7 hours ago

    V12 straight pipe with widebody kit will look 🔥

  • Coop 22
    Coop 22 7 hours ago

    Did you drive through bend Oregon

  • Hakeem_FaZe
    Hakeem_FaZe 7 hours ago

    Only is LA a G wagon is a normal car you see every where No literally only LA

  • Justin Lueck
    Justin Lueck 7 hours ago

    Shutter came down the coast you would have cancer my Hometown again would have hopefully been able to meet you guys Coos Bay Oregon Miss last 2 times you came through

  • TheMainJay
    TheMainJay 7 hours ago

    I think you should live-stream the long road trips. Think that would be really cool.

  • Exotic Car Blacklist

    This is how to keep your fans happy! 2021 I expect my delivery in 8k video.

  • Matt Hurley
    Matt Hurley 7 hours ago

    The old school style road trip vlogs with just you and Dave are the BEST! Especially in the new cars!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Tyler Montgomery
    Tyler Montgomery 7 hours ago

    Mmm yes a twin turbo prius ripping down Rodeo Drive😂

  • Nuggets Channel
    Nuggets Channel 8 hours ago

    He can’t give you a speed citation if he doesn’t clock you

  • Jae Haugen
    Jae Haugen 8 hours ago


  • Mm
    Mm 8 hours ago

    Looks like art, no art looks like the sky 😂

  • Rez Duke
    Rez Duke 8 hours ago

    The F12 is sick ! I think its my favorite dde car

  • Daniel Youngs
    Daniel Youngs 8 hours ago

    Guys bill nye is in prison for making and selling drugs under the street name slim gangster 😂😂😂

  • camping730
    camping730 8 hours ago

    Stop kissing their ass.

  • Paul Lupo
    Paul Lupo 8 hours ago

    These are like the DDE videos I know and love. Good content boys!! Keep it coming. Damon get your door game up 🤣🤣

  • Jesus Cabuto
    Jesus Cabuto 8 hours ago

    I live in Oregon

  • McNailz
    McNailz 8 hours ago

    Rich snowflake kids and there toys :-)

  • Girirajsinh Rana
    Girirajsinh Rana 8 hours ago


  • Robbiemoto
    Robbiemoto 8 hours ago

    Why drive all that way in Race mode. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Nick Holtz
    Nick Holtz 8 hours ago

    Ford GT's are piles of shit!

  • Francesco Carlo
    Francesco Carlo 9 hours ago

    That 12C wrap is too plain

  • Bobby Zhang
    Bobby Zhang 9 hours ago

    Of course rear wheel drive. You drift king lol.

  • LyQuOr
    LyQuOr 9 hours ago

    Damon 3 months diet burn right away

  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones 9 hours ago

    Every week you come out with a video saying police unlawfully pull you over. IVe been pulled over once in a my life and i drive alot. You guys drive like idiots and you say the police unlawfully pull you over. OR they are jealous etc. LOL dont drive like idiots in the first place and you'll be jsut fine

  • Marlon Jones
    Marlon Jones 9 hours ago

    Regular person doors Billionaire doors finally. Lmao

  • Gab Fire Gaming
    Gab Fire Gaming 9 hours ago

    Wait..... Does Australia have a Chipolata or chipotla whatever?????

  • xGetJiggy
    xGetJiggy 9 hours ago

    DDE fam in the Sacramento area get them to do a meetup!!! Like if u agree

  • Ritchie Empas
    Ritchie Empas 10 hours ago

    Where your tire sleyer

  • U-Stride
    U-Stride 10 hours ago

    Anyone knows what camera he was using ? The camera didn't shake much when he was running

  • Conrado Berena
    Conrado Berena 10 hours ago

    Gt3 bodykit in the 12c ?

  • Shaun Vir
    Shaun Vir 10 hours ago

    Billionaire Doors Dave .. Damon, nothing stopping you being the first to do your Ferrari doors so ............... yip nothing stopping you from becoming one and only

  • sf2372
    sf2372 10 hours ago

    Bloody nice to see the Mc in the vid

  • AidenTheSiberianHusky
    AidenTheSiberianHusky 10 hours ago

    The RiceClub

  • AudioASMR
    AudioASMR 10 hours ago

    Steve Is full of go

  • Kirby Dizon
    Kirby Dizon 10 hours ago

    "sponsored by monster energy"

  • HuzyGaming
    HuzyGaming 10 hours ago

    Please switch it up, love the videos currently so please keep doing canada vlogs. Supercar in snow, daily driven... lile the old days.

  • AudioASMR
    AudioASMR 10 hours ago

    I love my rich Japanese people

  • AudioASMR
    AudioASMR 10 hours ago

    This is how you enjoy life stop being a idiot I beg you

  • ramairetransam
    ramairetransam 10 hours ago

    what are those "horns" that come off the front of the intake manifold .

  • Ivar Wallentin Udahl
    Ivar Wallentin Udahl 10 hours ago


  • rickylyn bagayas
    rickylyn bagayas 10 hours ago


  • AudioASMR
    AudioASMR 10 hours ago

    The reaction are priceless. Guy on the side of street "WTF IS THAT"

  • Luis Tabuyo
    Luis Tabuyo 11 hours ago

    Airbag fault could be something disconnected in the bumper when they did the wrap have them check it out or someone lol 😂 😂 I had that problem exactly

  • iiNostalgic
    iiNostalgic 11 hours ago

    Breaking the new Ferrari in?

  • Christopher Killian
    Christopher Killian 11 hours ago


  • Christopher Killian
    Christopher Killian 11 hours ago

    #team DDE

  • toenail clipper
    toenail clipper 11 hours ago

    Some advice dude lose the music when you reviewing thr car we cant hear ot very clear and get a couple of go pros.

  • Christopher Killian
    Christopher Killian 11 hours ago