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Best iPhone XR Cases
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  • ItsMeAndy
    ItsMeAndy 20 minutes ago

    This mans fingers probably hurt like crazy after each video 😂

  • Shokran Haidari
    Shokran Haidari 37 minutes ago

    can i please have a iPhone 11 pro max midknight green

  • Dristrick
    Dristrick Hour ago

    GEAR 4 D3O review please

  • beqo ninxh5
    beqo ninxh5 Hour ago

    This is whay i sub to this chanel and naw i see every single off his videos like the job that u are doing

  • Fernando D Cruz I
    Fernando D Cruz I 2 hours ago

    Este chico es bien loco al hacer sus vídeos Terrible

  • Kalpesh Patel
    Kalpesh Patel 4 hours ago

    Check out Apurture Lights. Love attaching them to my iphone.

  • Syaraf Ammar
    Syaraf Ammar 5 hours ago

    Hi. I have been watching your videos for some time and i love it. Anyways based on your drop tests, which case for the iphone xr do u recommend for the best at taking impact: Rhinoshield Mod X, Defense Brand X-doria Defense Shield, Defense Brand X-doria Defense Air or the Ballistic Jewel Spark Series?

  • Jan Lloyd Agustin
    Jan Lloyd Agustin 6 hours ago

    Where did he get that nike wallpaper. Help

  • Liam Marra
    Liam Marra 7 hours ago

    Why am I watching this when I don’t even have an iPhone 11?

  • Jay
    Jay 10 hours ago


  • Toyky
    Toyky 10 hours ago

    Love the video! Can you test if this will work on the iPad 7? Thanks!

  • XzBman Gaming
    XzBman Gaming 10 hours ago

    i wish i had enough money to slam my phone ;(

  • Fifi Fornow
    Fifi Fornow 12 hours ago

    So glad I subbed

  • Capster210
    Capster210 12 hours ago

    Does the discount code still work?

  • Jalen Does Stuff
    Jalen Does Stuff 12 hours ago

    Why does he throw things

  • Nicholas Ovel
    Nicholas Ovel 12 hours ago

    I dig the OJ gloves!

  • justin kim
    justin kim 12 hours ago

    i like how he has 3 Iphone 11

  • Octavio G
    Octavio G 12 hours ago

    I wanted to like this video but the slamming of every product is just plain disrespectful.

  • Zachary Schmunk
    Zachary Schmunk 13 hours ago


  • Kyle Krom
    Kyle Krom 13 hours ago

    how many braincells i lost during the phone case demonstration was unthinkable had me dying though

  • Sawyer Leigh
    Sawyer Leigh 13 hours ago

    the way this guy does his videos is so satisfying

  • Fisher Hirsch
    Fisher Hirsch 13 hours ago

    nice lotion on the table buddy

  • Jabug 27
    Jabug 27 14 hours ago

    Tech ASMR

  • YaBoiNick _
    YaBoiNick _ 14 hours ago


  • Nickland
    Nickland 14 hours ago

    How much times has he through the phone

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher 15 hours ago

    just carry a backpack like a real man

  • Juiced Gaming
    Juiced Gaming 15 hours ago

    Bruh who tf carries a flashlight around

  • Mohamed Shawky
    Mohamed Shawky 15 hours ago

    Man why tf is this video is so fast i had a headache after watching it ?? but honestly this is so much effort to appreciate

  • Moosehair Underwear
    Moosehair Underwear 15 hours ago

    Fix your Defense discount code. Said it was invalid. Honey found it. "EXME20"

  • Lazaok
    Lazaok 15 hours ago

    Do gold

  • Franco Medrano
    Franco Medrano 15 hours ago

    Do a red one

  • Cody McCormack
    Cody McCormack 16 hours ago

    Stopped watching the video because I couldn’t stand watching him hit and throw everything around it gets annoying after a while

  • Sergio
    Sergio 16 hours ago

    I couldn’t see dude ,you was wearing camo

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed 16 hours ago

    So annoying when u smack stuff why you just can’t be gentle and do a good video this just give me headache..regret why I even open your video again

      EXCESSORIZE ME. 15 hours ago

      I feel the same way when I’m editing the footage.

  • Marcus Thomas
    Marcus Thomas 16 hours ago


  • Dead Dad
    Dead Dad 17 hours ago

    The modern American college EDC

  • Harry O'Gorman
    Harry O'Gorman 17 hours ago

    what case is that on the 11 at 2:33

  • Michael Fikes
    Michael Fikes 17 hours ago

    Thanks dude....MUCH APPRECIATED on the step by step...😉made it easy!

  • michael nerantzoulis
    michael nerantzoulis 17 hours ago

    Great video once again. Is there any chance I can get that Nike neon lock screen wallpaper? Thanks

  • billy swonson
    billy swonson 18 hours ago

    Why did he cut out a penis with those small ✂️

  • William walker
    William walker 19 hours ago

    just throws iphone 11

  • Christina Andwena
    Christina Andwena 19 hours ago

    I can’t afford all of the accessories because I bought a $1249 phone

  • Hueroツ
    Hueroツ 20 hours ago


  • KoFlo Productions
    KoFlo Productions 21 hour ago

    white supremacist

  • Bauch Pinsel
    Bauch Pinsel 21 hour ago

    You have a Problem man

  • Kobe Du Bled
    Kobe Du Bled 21 hour ago

    where can i find his iphone's wallpaper

  • Xavier Barnard
    Xavier Barnard 22 hours ago

    This guy YEETZ at least one product a video

  • Göksu Dalkiliç
    Göksu Dalkiliç 23 hours ago

    Ive dropped my phone today and its pretty bad

  • MillerTime Unbox
    MillerTime Unbox 23 hours ago

    Love these videos...btw check out my vids I'm a new unbox channel

  • zemox
    zemox Day ago

    4:27 I've never used one of those?

  • Nosferatu 666
    Nosferatu 666 Day ago

    I just thought the sky was an alcoholic because that looks like a tiny little plastic hip flask .

  • Robert Ibanez
    Robert Ibanez Day ago

    That controller isn’t working on iOS 13 just FYI

  • Jarrell Fernandez

    My edc is a 5-month old with diarrhea, gas and drool.

  • Al varo
    Al varo Day ago

    You got my like with that paper d*ck 😂

  • MacGeier.
    MacGeier. Day ago

    Defense Vertical Duo Black ... no international shipping?!?! WTF

  • Anonymous Eyes

    No one EXCESSORIZE ME:* continues to beat and slam everything I can’t afford* (It real funny tho👍😂👍)

  • Xd Tostey
    Xd Tostey Day ago

    In Australia that’s called an eshay

  • Sounds_like_a_plan

    Mate you are such a funny fucker....love your reviews, and especially how you review....ha ha ha ha. Gold.

  • Fifi Fornow
    Fifi Fornow Day ago

    I didn’t know half of these existed. Thank you

  • My NAMe iS SAsEN

    Who else was triggered when he threw the iPhone 11?

  • Its_Cove _
    Its_Cove _ Day ago

    I just bought AirPods pro and return them because they suck

  • Fifi Fornow
    Fifi Fornow Day ago

    Great video

  • Christian Martinez

    Can you stop punching shit

  • ridhwaans
    ridhwaans Day ago

    whats the link to the phone background at 6:43?

  • skepsis
    skepsis Day ago

    not gonna need the condom with these on you

  • ridhwaans
    ridhwaans Day ago


  • A Salty Pebble

    I, too, do have something large in my pants... A bible, to respect God.

  • Soos
    Soos Day ago

    First vid from this guy, getting howtobasic feels. Love it

  • AJ B
    AJ B Day ago

    You just earned a sub!

  • james
    james Day ago


  • Jr Ted
    Jr Ted Day ago

    This seems like the longest multi ad ever...

  • Matthew Medina

    You should show prices while you show products

  • Angelo Lekaj
    Angelo Lekaj Day ago

    The iPhone will have to go to a recovery center because of years of abuse

  • Angelo Lekaj
    Angelo Lekaj Day ago

    I feel bad for that iPhone

  • c0cg
    c0cg Day ago

    Who else noticed the lotion on his night stand😂😂😂

  • zInstinctHD
    zInstinctHD Day ago

    Would the clear case and a screen protector save you from destroying your screen and back?

  • big man
    big man Day ago

    First one is fire

  • Trytrav
    Trytrav Day ago

    No one notice he typed “8008135” in the dialer .. ? Boobies

  • YiggiDaAnimal
    YiggiDaAnimal Day ago

    who else got triggered when he sexually assaulted his phone...

  • Saahib Khan
    Saahib Khan Day ago

    My my worst than watching a horror movie...yeeeks

  • Richard Vo
    Richard Vo Day ago

    It just makes me feel poor

  • EliteGaming Mv

    This dude is the type of person to trust too much on his accessories

  • Genesis Hale
    Genesis Hale Day ago

    THE THICCNESS AT 8:02 IS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE!!!😂😂we stan a thicc queen!!

  • Sam Leslie
    Sam Leslie Day ago

    Slide it in like at middle school and “bam” 😂

  • Jake The T
    Jake The T Day ago

    I don’t care how awesome you think that phone case is, if your phone isn’t in an otterbox defender, it’s not safe enough. And... you’ll drop the phone less anyways, because the outside is non-slip. Yeah, I know it’s not as pretty, but when it comes it $1000, safety first, right?

  • Anoop Aravind
    Anoop Aravind Day ago

    Just here to drool over all the accessories which i can never buy !! 😅

  • Derp_King101
    Derp_King101 Day ago

    never seen so much abuse of equipment in 20 minutes

  • Sean
    Sean Day ago

    the amount of hitting shaking and tapping in this video is stressin me out

  • Titan_ Kiugy
    Titan_ Kiugy Day ago

    I love when you throw the phone...🙏🏻😂🔝

  • Zesty Pancake
    Zesty Pancake Day ago

    Why does this nigga keep abusing the products

  • Chris O
    Chris O Day ago

    Why do i have to be poor 🙁 lol

  • Hanif Rosdi
    Hanif Rosdi Day ago

    where can i get the nike wallpaper please??

  • Its_th.24 Me
    Its_th.24 Me 2 days ago

    Do a what's in my pocket gold Iphone edition

  • Hassan Mala
    Hassan Mala 2 days ago

    i didn't expect the art you did back there, haha that was slick dude

  • 1pt21gw
    1pt21gw 2 days ago

    Subed. Like the style.

  • AnnoyedArt1256
    AnnoyedArt1256 2 days ago

    I have an iPhone 11 Pro Midnight Green and its great but with this setup it is better.

  • x2_Icy
    x2_Icy 2 days ago

    he threw his iPhone 11

  • h3aThA mCnuggetz
    h3aThA mCnuggetz 2 days ago

    2:10 what my parents heard when my 4 year old self fell down the stairs

  • Ángel Martínez Manzano

    Google pixel 4xl C'mon!!!