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2019 iPhone Leaks Have Begun!2019 iPhone Leaks Have Begun!
2019 iPhone Leaks Have Begun!
12 дней назад
iPhone XR Unboxing! All ColorsiPhone XR Unboxing! All Colors
iPhone XR Unboxing! All Colors
23 дня назад
Totally Clear iPhone XS Mod!Totally Clear iPhone XS Mod!
Totally Clear iPhone XS Mod!
Месяц назад
iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?
iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?
2 месяца назад
iPhone Xr Clone Unboxing! 6.1-inch!iPhone Xr Clone Unboxing! 6.1-inch!
iPhone Xr Clone Unboxing! 6.1-inch!
2 месяца назад
iPhone Xr, Xs & Xs Max FINAL Leaks!iPhone Xr, Xs & Xs Max FINAL Leaks!
iPhone Xr, Xs & Xs Max FINAL Leaks!
2 месяца назад
The Crazy 2018 iPhone Xr Colors Leak!The Crazy 2018 iPhone Xr Colors Leak!
The Crazy 2018 iPhone Xr Colors Leak!
4 месяца назад
iPhone 4 Unboxing! 8 Years Old NowiPhone 4 Unboxing! 8 Years Old Now
iPhone 4 Unboxing! 8 Years Old Now
4 месяца назад
My Perfect iPhone X Setup!My Perfect iPhone X Setup!
My Perfect iPhone X Setup!
4 месяца назад
70 NEW iOS 12 Beta 2 Features & Changes!70 NEW iOS 12 Beta 2 Features & Changes!
70 NEW iOS 12 Beta 2 Features & Changes!
5 месяцев назад
iPhone Xs HUGE Update! So Many LeaksiPhone Xs HUGE Update! So Many Leaks
iPhone Xs HUGE Update! So Many Leaks
5 месяцев назад
The Triple Lens iPhone 11 Is Coming!The Triple Lens iPhone 11 Is Coming!
The Triple Lens iPhone 11 Is Coming!
5 месяцев назад
iPhone 3G Unboxing! 10 Years Old TodayiPhone 3G Unboxing! 10 Years Old Today
iPhone 3G Unboxing! 10 Years Old Today
5 месяцев назад
iPhone 3Gs Unboxing! 9 Years Old Today!iPhone 3Gs Unboxing! 9 Years Old Today!
iPhone 3Gs Unboxing! 9 Years Old Today!
5 месяцев назад
80 More iOS 12 Features & Changes!80 More iOS 12 Features & Changes!
80 More iOS 12 Features & Changes!
5 месяцев назад
Do NOT Update to iOS 12! Why I Regret ItDo NOT Update to iOS 12! Why I Regret It
Do NOT Update to iOS 12! Why I Regret It
5 месяцев назад
2018 iPhones Designs Leak! First Look2018 iPhones Designs Leak! First Look
2018 iPhones Designs Leak! First Look
5 месяцев назад
Last Minute iOS 12 & iPhone 11 Leaks!Last Minute iOS 12 & iPhone 11 Leaks!
Last Minute iOS 12 & iPhone 11 Leaks!
5 месяцев назад
iOS 12 Beta 1: What You Need To KnowiOS 12 Beta 1: What You Need To Know
iOS 12 Beta 1: What You Need To Know
5 месяцев назад
OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Speed Test!OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Speed Test!
OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X Speed Test!
6 месяцев назад
The Forbidden iPhone SE 2The Forbidden iPhone SE 2
The Forbidden iPhone SE 2
6 месяцев назад
iOS 11.4 Review! Should You Update?iOS 11.4 Review! Should You Update?
iOS 11.4 Review! Should You Update?
6 месяцев назад

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  • TreeBard86
    TreeBard86 11 месяцев назад

    when is the giveaway for the iPhone X you said you were doing one

  • LeDinx
    LeDinx 11 месяцев назад

    Where's 11.2 Beta 5?

  • SebiPlayzGames
    SebiPlayzGames 11 месяцев назад


  • Deed Tech
    Deed Tech 11 месяцев назад

    Someone is stealing your videos ru-clip.net/video/C3DV2AUH8gw/видео.html

  • Youssef Rami
    Youssef Rami 11 месяцев назад

    I want to tell you something, but I'm embarrassed in truth I do not have a phone and I do not have the possibility to buy it I'm amazed to ask you to give me a free phone if you just want to if you want my money on my gmail : yusef05be@gmail.com Thank you

  • ankit prajapati
    ankit prajapati 11 месяцев назад

    i'm waiting for your next video . please upload soon bro. #everythingapplepro

  • Jasper Sanity
    Jasper Sanity 11 месяцев назад

    i love this channel so much i literaly rely on it

  • Prince Bricks
    Prince Bricks 11 месяцев назад

    Hi Everything Apple Pro, I was wondering if you could help me with a problem on my iPad Air 2 on IOS 11.1.2 . The volume bar in the Control Center disappeared, and I don’t know how to get it back. I tried to see if I could do something in Settings, but I couldn’t. Can you please try to find solution? Thank you!

  • firoz khan
    firoz khan 11 месяцев назад

    iphone 7plus vs samsung s8plus which is best

  • firoz khan
    firoz khan 11 месяцев назад

    iphone 7plus vs samsung s8plus which is best

  • firoz khan
    firoz khan 11 месяцев назад

    iphone 7plus vs samsung galaxy s8plus which is best

  • firoz khan
    firoz khan 11 месяцев назад

    iphone 7plus vs samsung galaxy s8plus which is best

  • firoz khan
    firoz khan 11 месяцев назад

    iphone 7plus vs samsung galaxy s8plus which is best

  • Jānis Alksnsi
    Jānis Alksnsi 11 месяцев назад

    Still hoping for iphone 8 and iphone x case drop test

  • Gulab Singh
    Gulab Singh 11 месяцев назад

    bro im economicallyvery poor...I have a desire in having a big phone but i cant afford (sgulab005@gmail.com this my email id) u spoil many phones...can you sponcer me one(if you do so i'll post ur profile and then phone u sent me on the media and tell about ur kindness) god bless you brother

  • Hashmika Slacio
    Hashmika Slacio Год назад

    hey bro. I am using iOS 11 in my iPhone, unfortunatly i need to downgrade to iOS 10 version. Please help me through a video. MY phone sucks and i need to wait 5 mins to open my camera and phone lags too

  • Angel Taveras
    Angel Taveras Год назад

    can you please make a video on total charge time from 0% with a qi charger on 11.2 with 7.5w feature and one without?

  • Gabriel De Leon
    Gabriel De Leon Год назад

    Please make a case drop test of iPhone X and 8!! :)

  • AppleEater
    AppleEater Год назад

    YOUR THE BEST @EverythingApplePro

  • Stefanus Basoeki
    Stefanus Basoeki Год назад

    hey, im a newbie in Apple i just bought a new Iphone 8 is that Iphone 8 lightning cable has a different function (more Fast) than Iphone 7,6,5 cable? im still using my Iphone 5 cable when i charge my Iphone 8, coz ive been searching about the spec and theres no different between that new cable (Iphone 8) as far as im learn about it, is that true or im in a wrong way? thank you Apple Pro

  • Bora Ergör
    Bora Ergör Год назад

    Love your videos man and happy (and a bit jelaous of the Tesla Roadster) i'm in the market for a MacBook Pro 2017 model, will the 640 Iris Pro model be enough to play with "good" graphics ?

  • Gianni Antonelli
    Gianni Antonelli Год назад

    When you will make a water contest with Iphone X, Samsung note 8, HTC U11 and LG v30? I like so much the tests in the river.

  • stanley juma
    stanley juma Год назад

    space grey, 256 gb ultimate wishlist fingers crossed thanks!

  • Bishop Henry Adekogbe
    Bishop Henry Adekogbe Год назад

    PLEASE Count Me In On The iPhone GIVEAWAY ... Thanks.

  • Devin Silver
    Devin Silver Год назад

    Can you please do a macbook drop test?

  • Bishop Henry Adekogbe
    Bishop Henry Adekogbe Год назад

    You know how when you charge your phone in the OFF mode it charges faster ... HOW do I charge my iPhone X when it's in the OFF mode without it turning ON?

  • shohag hossain
    shohag hossain Год назад

    what do you do with so many phones? give me a good phone :P

  • Juan C. Bonilla
    Juan C. Bonilla Год назад

    What case do you have in your iphone X? Carbon Fiber?

  • uppalapati sainandan
    uppalapati sainandan Год назад

    My iphone 6 is running ios 11.1 can you tell me how to jailbreak this firmware

  • Huan Nguyen
    Huan Nguyen Год назад

    Do you guys notice the text ghosting effect in iphone X screen? It is like text left tail behind when being scrolled? is that normal for OLED screen?

  • Mehmet Ali Tuğrul
    Mehmet Ali Tuğrul Год назад

    ulan yıllardır aynı telefonu kullanıyorum sen son model telefonu parçalıyon

  • Md. Raisul Hossain Rakib
    Md. Raisul Hossain Rakib Год назад

    in my iphone 7 youtube app vdos dont show up.. they dont finish up loading ... every time i open a vdo it keeps loading ..(iOS 11.1.1)

  • djsdnmusic
    djsdnmusic Год назад

    pls subscribe me

  • Olivier chartier
    Olivier chartier Год назад

    its for when the leak and rumor for the iPhone 11 of 1018 ?

  • Cory L
    Cory L Год назад

    Love your channel & love apple. I have the watch, ipad and Iphone would love a macbook just can't aford it. Done with PC

  • Jus1 Scales
    Jus1 Scales Год назад

    also love the video and info !!!

  • Jus1 Scales
    Jus1 Scales Год назад

    are you hiring lol, if you need a 2nd helping hand

  • Jonathan Velazquez
    Jonathan Velazquez Год назад

    do a video using iphone 4s in 2017 :)

  • Jonathan Velazquez
    Jonathan Velazquez Год назад

    you are cool evrything apple pro!

  • Jonathan Velazquez
    Jonathan Velazquez Год назад


  • Luxury Wrist Watches
    Luxury Wrist Watches Год назад

    It must be boring to have a whole channel dedicated on Apple.

  • Raman Khanal
    Raman Khanal Год назад

    You should show this new iPhone X Clone that I found on the web because it is all display 5.8" just like the real version. I would really like it if you checked it out the link to the website is www.chinaecarts.com/iphone-x-ios-11-snapdragon-835-octa-core-retina-screen-4g-lte-64gb-256gb-p-9927.html?page=2

  • Sri Ram
    Sri Ram Год назад

    i want those clown fish wallpaper so badly... where did u get it..!!!1

  • StarX
    StarX Год назад

    Turn iphone 6s into silver iphone 8.

  • dont matter
    dont matter Год назад

    what did you do with that louis Vuitton case

  • آرش نجفی دلجو
    آرش نجفی دلجو Год назад

    killl huawei mate 10pro

  • Francisco Marenco Villena
    Francisco Marenco Villena Год назад


  • Hassam Khan
    Hassam Khan Год назад

    Can you make a video by defending apple in this new Samsung commercial: ru-clip.net/video/R59TevgzN3k/видео.html

  • Venkatesh R
    Venkatesh R Год назад

    can u make video about upcoming S9

  • Kumarran Mathisekaran
    Kumarran Mathisekaran Год назад

    Do a video on the APPLE PAY coming to iMESSAGE

  • ta rek
    ta rek Год назад

    iphone x is Dream for me I wish one day i get one It will be the happiest day of my life

  • Arjun AdhiQari
    Arjun AdhiQari Год назад

    hey man I think you need to check this video.. Jailbreaking ios 11.says Taig Jailbreak. ru-clip.net/video/oVz1ze2LFzs/видео.html and check out his blog too.

  • curry Curry
    curry Curry Год назад

    is it possible to unlock activation lock on iphone 4

  • Cassy dianna
    Cassy dianna Год назад

    can I have an iphone 6, 7, please send me one or two haha,I dream of having an iphone my skype '' nadinelove92 ''

  • Jonathan Yap
    Jonathan Yap Год назад

    @EverythingApplePro can you make an unboxing and review video on the new Razer Phone???

  • Ali Haider
    Ali Haider Год назад

    hi Filip, my iPhone 7 has been glitching a lot ever since the ios 11 update and there isn't any new update on my phone. Any advice or suggestions!

  • bilel binous
    bilel binous Год назад

    Hello. I'm watching your channel on RU-clip and I wanted to know if you were going to send me a device iphone 7 plus or samsung 8 plus because i don't have money to buy one so please please help me if you can and thnx

  • Sam Knows Best
    Sam Knows Best Год назад

    hey can you freeze iphone x with liquid nitrogen

    JAYA KRISHNAN Год назад

    i like your videos and your both cannels but you are so rich thats why yoy are wasting many money on these phone in your videos of iphone 6 and other series of iphone you are carrying iphones like books you have many iphones broken and normal one you can give it to people who did not have iphones so please give some iphone to the people who did not have iphone

  • Ajay Reddy
    Ajay Reddy Год назад

    Are there are any glitches for nesting folders in iOS 11.1?

  • ᴇᴅɪᴛs ᴛᴜᴛᴏʀɪᴀʟs

    Love your Channel so much !!!!

  • ZenDayTech
    ZenDayTech Год назад

    @EverythingApplePro , have you seen this bug in apple watch series 3 ru-clip.net/video/8ZzY8W2vyfE/видео.html

  • Hib Henryisbomb
    Hib Henryisbomb Год назад


  • High Desert Garden
    High Desert Garden Год назад

    We need to see a comparison between the iPhone X and Note 8 displays

  • PJ Gunasekera
    PJ Gunasekera Год назад

    hi mate, someone's ripped off your video here: ru-clip.net/video/yrj9hXQLSxY/видео.html

    VICKY SHAH Год назад

    Which ipohone x case you recommend ? Which one you will be using it ? (in slim and minimalist design)

  • First Last
    First Last Год назад

    yO can you put iPhone 8 vs iPhone X in a head to head battle that is your practical speed test??

  • Terminator26K
    Terminator26K Год назад

    There was a video on iphone x drop test but it was removed?

  • xtremeguy2256
    xtremeguy2256 Год назад

    What happened to the iPhone X drop test? I saw it in my recommendations, and when I clicked on it, it said the video was deleted.

  • Jyrh
    Jyrh Год назад

    why did you delete the iphone x drop test video?

  • Sourav
    Sourav Год назад

    waiting for ur iphone x videos brother

  • Timer Productions
    Timer Productions Год назад

    I found this video, someone is using your Video Filip!!! ru-clip.net/video/UtHDvl-wEhk/видео.html

  • Sourabh B N
    Sourabh B N Год назад

    bro make videos on i phone x what taking you so long to do that

  • Abed Naddaf
    Abed Naddaf Год назад

    i thought u will be the first youtuber to review the iphone x

  • Tarek raff
    Tarek raff Год назад

    I think you'd want to see this, Iphone x tear-down!! ru-clip.net/video/eu573kI_JXo/видео.html

  • Gonzalo Alvarez Lago
    Gonzalo Alvarez Lago Год назад

    more test 50 feet cases of iphone 6s plz

  • Naveen Fernando
    Naveen Fernando Год назад

    i need one of your iphone 7 or plus pleaseeee

  • Naveen Fernando
    Naveen Fernando Год назад

    Still WHY DONT you REVIEW IPhone X ???

  • Ahmed Reehaan
    Ahmed Reehaan Год назад

    Could you please do a jailbreak update on IOS11.1 ?

  • Ahmed Seid
    Ahmed Seid Год назад

    i7 ios 11.1 it doesnt passcod option

  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar Год назад

    why didn't you make a video of unboxing and review of the iPhone X?

  • Abdul Elsayadi
    Abdul Elsayadi Год назад

    give me a free iphone plz lol he is most probably not going to give me one

  • Hacene Djelid
    Hacene Djelid Год назад

    Hey Bro! Where is your Hands-on iPhone X video? Waiting...

  • Hayden Parsons
    Hayden Parsons Год назад


  • All Stuff
    All Stuff Год назад


  • pishon george
    pishon george Год назад

    iphone x where is it applepro...

  • Noragami Ghouls987
    Noragami Ghouls987 Год назад

    THE NEW IPHONE X IS OUT NOW...did you get one

  • Jerry Soto
    Jerry Soto Год назад

    lol where's your iphone X unboxing? lemme guess, apple didn't give you an early release model right?

  • Ash Finkter
    Ash Finkter Год назад

    I found a bug since updating to iOS 11. I'm now on 11.0.3, and it's still present. iPhone 6s How to replicate: Double click the home button and close all applications. Now double click the home button again, and your phone will just vibrate, and you'll see a glimpse of blurriness. So here is the bug... You need to repeatedly click the home button EXTREMELY fast... Ex Track and Field players will be able to do this lol .... and if you get it right... your screen will REMAIN blurry until you hit the home button again. Just hit the home button about 5 times really fast, and you should see it.... It will take you a couple of attempts, but if your fast enough, you'll get it.

  • Azoz Go
    Azoz Go Год назад

    Where is your iPhone X unboxiiiiiing !

  • Akash Nath
    Akash Nath Год назад

    Bro, where is your iPhone 10 video, everyone is uploading iPhone 10 hands on, unboxing etc. but we are only waiting for your video, because no one can do detail review as you do.

  • Daddy's lil Darlings!
    Daddy's lil Darlings! Год назад

    I can't wait for the iPhone X review

  • Tikus Keriting
    Tikus Keriting Год назад

    i bet you would destroy iPhone X

  • Tamil Selvan
    Tamil Selvan Год назад

    HEY +Everythingapplepro I own a pretty old iphone 5s I had mistakenly updates it to ios 11 and now I am not able to downgrade my OS. Please find a method to do so :(

  • Edmond Flores
    Edmond Flores Год назад

    Hello to everyone, how can I remove malware on my mac? Unwanted sites always pop up (like mackeeper) on Safari browser and is very annoying. Please help. Thanks a lot!

  • William Cage
    William Cage Год назад

    Might be useless for some but can you explain how to make the Command F (find) shortcut work? Doesn't work in any browser and it'd be super useful (using 10.12.6 Macbook Pro Retina early 2015). I'm a college student and I've been constantly having to use Edit>Find>Find... to search webpages...time it takes really adds up

  • Ryan Hu
    Ryan Hu Год назад

    i know

  • Pablo Ramírez
    Pablo Ramírez Год назад

    Can you make a video bro about what happens with Amelia? The daugher of the hired Apple Eng.?

  • Ricky Dhiman
    Ricky Dhiman Год назад

    Hello i need serious help i updated my 5s to ios 11.0.3 few days ago and trust me it was the most worst decision made by me. Want to roll back to 10.3.3 but apple stops singing that version . Can you please help to downgrade my phone. Plz reply soon. Peace

  • Onion Blaster
    Onion Blaster Год назад

    did you get iphone x?

  • PJR2
    PJR2 Год назад


  • lil k
    lil k Год назад

    hey mr everythingapplepro am just asking you could i get one of your iphone please because i never had one i want to know how to exprience how it is please applepro please i really want one of your iphone please hope you see this

  • Charles Tolliver
    Charles Tolliver Год назад

    Is there a way to add or use iPhone 10 new gestures on iPhone 8 or iOS 11.1

  • everyone buy samsung
    everyone buy samsung Год назад

    will u become apple ceo after tim?

  • everyone buy samsung
    everyone buy samsung Год назад

    5 october steve jobs dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • best gaming55
    best gaming55 Год назад


  • sapo86
    sapo86 Год назад

    @EverythingApplePro If i understood it right, you can't turn off your iPhone X with the "Power Button". But you have to do it over the Settings Menu, right? If it is so, this is a big improvement in locating your Phone when it is stolen, because the thief needs the password to turn off your Phone. Can you confirm this?

  • Frederic Simard
    Frederic Simard Год назад

    Hye EVERYTHINGAPPLEPRO , is there any way we can get in touch in private conversation ??

  • Szigeti Szabi
    Szigeti Szabi Год назад

    hey Filip! Just two questions. Why don't you go (or get invitations) to the apple events? I'm curious 'cause you're probably the biggest wizard when it's about apple products. The second question is would you like to be the part of the #teamcrispy? If they'd offer you to be member of the group, would you accept it?

  • Elliot Sen
    Elliot Sen Год назад

    How did you remove the carrier name from your iPhone 8?

  • Gaben Does Work
    Gaben Does Work Год назад

    Please make a video on how to downgrade ios when the ipsw is unsigned @everythingapplepro

  • Yash Patel
    Yash Patel Год назад

    [ru-clip.net/video/G0T2B5DBy1w/видео.html] (hey apple pro which converter are you using to convert chines language to english for changing menu to english) if possible could you email me that app link or reply my comment or mention it to your next new video so I could know about it......

  • Alexander Zhelonkin
    Alexander Zhelonkin Год назад

    Are you really russian? Потому что я тоже русский

  • Evil Joker
    Evil Joker Год назад

    @everythingapplepro.....u r the best person for any iphone tips.....i would be grateful if can giveaway an iphone7

  • MartinMON
    MartinMON Год назад

    can u make a video on how to get the moving emoji face on iphone 7 and Down

  • Fadi Hamed
    Fadi Hamed Год назад

    how to jailbreak iphone 5c on ios 10.3.3 please i am trying for a long time AND I LOVE ALL YOUR SUBJECT ABOUT APPLE

  • Kharyn Brown
    Kharyn Brown Год назад

    do a giveaway for an 7plus

  • Dakota Henzie
    Dakota Henzie Год назад

    Help Me Reach 1,000 Subscribers! Subscribe For New Music!

    JAYA KRISHNAN Год назад

    why you are damaging iphone,ps4,xbox one,nintendo swicth,macbook etc .and some other electronics also . i like your channel but you should give videos about using iphone 5 in 2017

  • Jan Schejbal
    Jan Schejbal Год назад

    Where can i buy kit iphone x for iphone 6

  • Jesus Garcia Lopez
    Jesus Garcia Lopez Год назад

    Hi, Everything Apple Pro. Sorry I've seen many of your videos and I'm not clear on your name. Anyways... Seeing how Apple usually follows you and responds with tweaks and fixes to your videos, could you promote Noise Cancelling EarPods and Stereo Sound recording for video on a future iPhone release? The last "regular" cellphone I had before switching to iPhone was a Sony Ericsson C902i, and even though the video was poor quality, 320x240p the sound was recorded in stereo through two microphones located immediately below the camera lens. Those weren't even a quarter of an inch apart and the sound was full stereo. Request aside, great channel, awesome videos, as I told you before I normally wait for your iOS reviews before updating all my devices. Thank you for your productivity and professionalism.

  • foodzdiet Tz online
    foodzdiet Tz online Год назад

    hellw bro let us have a deal,am real exited to view evry video you release,am from tanzania,can you just send bulk of smart phones to me and make huge money because many people in my country they real need it.i appriciate ur work,chech me through my email..........michael7bath@gmail.com

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Год назад

    Hey Fillip your videos are great! I always watch every single one as soon as I can! Don't stop making videos, you have a great career and don' stop that!

  • Braheem Karadsheh
    Braheem Karadsheh Год назад

    What is going on with new IOS 11.0.3

  • SeMTeX_GmeowZ
    SeMTeX_GmeowZ Год назад

    hey man would you mind sending me an iphone or two i would really appreciate it here is my email stuffzplanet@gmail.com

  • AshimWOS
    AshimWOS Год назад

    Bro can you make a video of comparing iPhone X cases please.

  • Elissa Brown
    Elissa Brown Год назад

    Hello, in the last couple days a few people have been posting about a new Jailbreak. Do you know if the new Pangu iOS 10.3.3 - 11 Jailbreak legit? Thank you!

  • KingMinecrafter [YT]
    KingMinecrafter [YT] Год назад

    When ever you do a bend test it looks like your thumbs are about to snap!

  • Lana Beauty
    Lana Beauty Год назад

    best channel for phones!

  • Ravinder Choudhary
    Ravinder Choudhary Год назад

    Can you plz make a video on apps(Wallpaper Apps, Games which you think that are awsome, Photo Editing and camera Tools,)and apps that are on your phone............... ;)

  • Martin Tau
    Martin Tau Год назад

    Cash is king isn´t it??

  • Martin Tau
    Martin Tau Год назад

    I forgot to say. My apple product. Fuck it up about A year!! all of them.. F Apple!!

  • Martin Tau
    Martin Tau Год назад

    I was a the bite fan.. but holy Sh"t!. product that a own (apple) max I year!!

  • Martin Tau
    Martin Tau Год назад

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    SHIYUN HE Год назад

    @EverythingApplePro Could you please make a video to disclose the super bug of the connection failures between airpods and MBP bootcamp Windows 10? I'm one of the victims here. I bought the airpods for my MBP 13, early 2015 modle, currently running bootcamp Windows 10, and the audios are keeping cutting out all the time. I have checked the same cases on google, that this issue happens to all the consumers who try to link the airpods with their Mac bootcamp. The only solution to fix the connection bug is to switch the laptop to "FLY MODE", and turn the bluetooth on only. It seems no video makers have made any sort of videos to disclose the issue on RU-clip atm, then maybe you could take some time into it. Thank you . (KEY WORDS :airpods, Mac, bootcamp windows)

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    Hi I want to know the IMSI codes of these networks.US TracFone / StraightTalk / Simple Mobile. Thank you.

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    Is there anything out there that I can use the Thunderbolt 2 out of my 2014 Macbook Pro to get the ability to use USB-C? Im trying to hold the speeds I have access to instead of connecting it to the USB A 3.0 port. Any ideas would be amazing. Love the channel

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    Advice on how to jailbreak 11.0.2, please? I see a lot of online options, but they all install profiles and require donations to get Cydia... seems a little shady ;-)

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    Hi , I currently stay in Hong Kong and will be leaving Hong Kong on 31st Dec, 2017. I want to buy iPhone X. Based upon the current production of the phones do you think that even if I am successful in pre-ordering the phone, will I be getting it by 31st December. It will help me to decide whether to go for a pre-order or not.

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    could you show how iOS on the iPhone X is like? there is already a version for the iPhone x in Xcode.

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    Hey Phill, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but iBooks in the iOS 11 use to have a highlight feature for the PDF books. And now they’re gone. I was just using it and when i switched between apps this feature disapeared. I didn’t update or anything. Can you investigate that, please?

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    10.0.1 FREEZING glitch @everythingapplepro In the edit pdf module of Files, when you click add a signature, my iPhone 7 FREEZES!!! Thought it would be cool for you to see if that is still there on 10.1 Regards.

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    So on this channel I found a video that showed an IOS 10 resrping (reset, idk what he called it) glitch involving the notification center and voice dictation, and the glitch restarted your device. I loved this glitch because when I needed to restart my iPhone or iPad it was a lot faster than the normal startup. However when I updated to IOS 11 the other day on my iPad (phone to old), I noticed you can no longer do this glitch with the new notification center. However just today while using my iPad, I accidentally discovered a new restart glitch. I do not know for sure if this had been discovered already, or if it works on all iPads (mine is an iPad Air), but pretty certain it works on other Airs. The way you do this glitch in IOS 11 is open an app, drag another app into overlay using the dock, and while this first app is still loading, drag another app into overlay. After doing this a couple of times I noticed sometimes this takes a couple of apps before I can time it just right. I am kind of curious now if this works for other people on other iPads and if there is one for iPhone that I do not know about. I also think this could be a fun way to get an IOS 11 glitch list started.

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  • myicloud.info
    myicloud.info Год назад

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    Hi there! First, thanks for all the information on this channel 👍 Second: you analyze the LUNATIK TAKTIK case for iPhone, and I think is one of the very best cases we can find. I want to buy one of those, but, when surfing in their site www.mnml.com/taktik# and pressing the “buy now” Botton, it appears a window saying "Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable.” and actually they are still (sep 21 2017) promoting the case for the iPhone 4! 😳 But, when google it, I can see some sites that are selling it, and for iPhone 5, 6, 7… I am referring to eBay (among some others) so… are those cases fake cases? I am interested in a white case for my iPhone 6s (and actually, I do not know if they ever did a case for that iPhone model…?) So, can you tell me about it? please By the way... I am an international buyer (I am living in Mexico). Thanks for the support! www.ebay.com/itm/LUNA-Tak-Tik-Extreme-Premium-Protection-Case-iPhone-5-5S-SE-6-6S-7-6-7-Plus-/122379817931?var=422860497807&hash=item1c7e67d3cb:g:OYsAAOSwowxZcsOr

    AADIL QAYOOM Год назад

    My iphone 7 gets crashed/frozen often but unable to show it to service center,. how can i crash iphone completely to get a new one without voiding warranty ?

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    Hey i actually like your Channel But this is Not fair to all the People that got Now hacked by their friends/enemys thanks to your link and explanation... You should really remove the link to this „Virus“... and lot will do because of you.... don’t be so greedy for clicks plz! You do nothing good to the iphone Community with this. You just make a lot of people sad/ angry.... that cant be what You want with your Channel !

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    Hi man, hope you doing well. I don't know if you gonna see this, but I hope you will! Just want to tell you that I just updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 11 and amazingly, my benchmarks get really high! (btw my device is much slower than it should be, + the benchmarks of the computing (GPU) wasn't that much different) here you can see the screenshots of my results: drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8dW8tFqTiA2aGZkN2tHWGJuSDQ?usp=sharing All the best Omid

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    +EverythingApplePro How do I transfer Photos from iTunes 12.7 - iPhone SE (IOS 11). The Device doesn't pop up on iTunes 12.7 which is annoying because I need to sync photos. Cheers Flynn

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    I was excited to get HEVC on my iPhone 6S, but then I thought: will it encode or will it just decode? So I searched and I read this on Redmondpie: HEIF Encode Support iOS devices with min. A10 Fusion chip and over [iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2017)] HEIF Capture Support iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2017) and over HEIF Decode Support Hardware decode: iOS devices on A9 chip and over | macOS devices on 6th Generation Intel Core and over Software decode: All iOS devices | All Macs HEVC Encode Support 8-bit hardware encode: iOS devices with A10 Fusion chip and over | macOS devices with 6th Generation Intel Core and over 10-bit software encode: All Macs running macOS HEVC Capture Support 8-bit hardware encode: iOS devices with A10 Fusion chip and over [iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 12.5-inch iPad Pro (2017)] HEVC Decode Support 8-bit hardware decode: iOS devices with A9 chip and over | macOS devices with 6th Generation Intel Core and over 10-bit hardware decode: iOS devices with A9 chip and over | macOS devices with 7th Generation Intel Core 8-bit software decode: All iOS devices | All Macs 10-bit software decode: All iOS devices | All Macs If it's right, I'm really disappointed, 'cause I won't get the benefit of shooting photos/videos with the new format, but just read em

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    i have the old iphone x clone whats running with play store i like to have the clone app store to like this one or the iphone 7 clone so can anybody create a apk file from it with using lucky patcher and send it to me pleas ?THX ru-clip.net/video/RLqxvsY9gto/видео.html

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