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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!
Views 13M3 months ago
Top iPadOS 13 Features!
Views 837K4 months ago
iOS 13 & iPadOS Unveiled!
Views 906K4 months ago
Fake AirPods 2 Unboxing!
Views 672K7 months ago


  • Ito-Senpai
    Ito-Senpai 13 minutes ago

    The only phone I had was iPhone 4s and i still use it

  • Muosa Al qurby
    Muosa Al qurby 22 minutes ago

    لعنبو امفقعه

  • MrAyoubSadrafe
    MrAyoubSadrafe 23 minutes ago

    up but the Problem i am From Morocco

  • Gregory Mirando
    Gregory Mirando 23 minutes ago

    the rubber for the noise cancellation would look much better in black for all the colors

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 27 minutes ago

    I'm disappointed that you weren't more skeptical. All you have to do to disprove the pop culture idea that foldable phones are 100 percent the future is attempt to explain WHY. The biggest and most obvious (and thus most embarrassing) one that everyone forgets is that most people don't want a plastic screen on a phone. We've been there and done that and Motorola even tried to bring it back a few years ago (while plastic screens are significantly less durable overall, they are much less likely to shatter when you drop them). A lack of criticism of foldable phones implies a lack of critical thinking and gives a "I just read the headlines and nothing else" vibe. No matter which side you are on, there is much more evidence to suggest that foldable phones are NOT the future, and it's so obvious that it really calls into question the integrity of some RU-cliprs that they aren't more worried about the inherent flaws of a folding plastic screen that's designed to live mostly in a pocket with sand and dust.

  • Luke Moran
    Luke Moran 28 minutes ago

    Bullshit! My phone stopped working after 2 days of putting it under water

  • Julie Kleis Andersen
    Julie Kleis Andersen 34 minutes ago

    I dropped my XR from like knee height, screen first and it cracked🤭

  • 0BRAN0
    0BRAN0 35 minutes ago

    This shit is wasteful as fuck.

  • dougjstl1
    dougjstl1 36 minutes ago

    i buy it yes. where i get it

  • Gagan Goyal
    Gagan Goyal 39 minutes ago

    Please give me the shattered 11pro atleast...I can still use it 🤣

  • Melinaa
    Melinaa 42 minutes ago

    Give away the iPhone 8!! I’m in need of a phone😭😭

  • diyon jackson
    diyon jackson 43 minutes ago

    Watching this from my 5s

  • Chanpaii
    Chanpaii 44 minutes ago

    "I'm gonna leave it here and see what happens." *continues to move it around for no reason*

  • Cooper Catwalks
    Cooper Catwalks 47 minutes ago

    That is crazy

  • Mayar A
    Mayar A 50 minutes ago

    He must of spent a lot of money like if agree

  • Arman Nagapetian
    Arman Nagapetian 51 minute ago

    it's only 99 dollar so still remarkable, i'm not saying to buy these...but hey for that price the thing is actually OK

  • Danisha windsant
    Danisha windsant 54 minutes ago

    Me: cant afford a iphone 6 Him: *destroying al these phones*

  • Alessandro Melis
    Alessandro Melis 55 minutes ago

    Drop test of mini iPhone xs?

  • WaffleKing
    WaffleKing 56 minutes ago

    Cool :D

  • Ki Parvizi
    Ki Parvizi 59 minutes ago

    why do i put myself through this STRESS every time??!!!!!

  • The Sleeping Robloxian

    i wanna do it to destroy my phone but i dont wanna risk

  • 96bakr
    96bakr Hour ago

    There is no comparison in this Philip

  • 96bakr
    96bakr Hour ago

    Iphone is getting better every where except price 😂👍 it is so expensive phone to buy.

  • Kaibo James
    Kaibo James Hour ago

    Can I please have one it will take me 3 years to save up my pocket money

    MSP LOL Hour ago

    Mein Herz....

  • musab khan
    musab khan Hour ago

    Bro, calm tf down

  • diamlierx
    diamlierx Hour ago

    All they need to work on is bringing back that iCloud folder sharing

  • Axel Israelyan
    Axel Israelyan Hour ago

    6:33 now you have turned your 160 dollar airpods case into a 5 dollar i7 knockoff case

  • GD EssenJey
    GD EssenJey Hour ago

    4:46 the screen reversed and I thanked the display has broken totally xD

  • Chrisxfallie Fallie

    I want pleaaeeeee

  • Kïñg86 00
    Kïñg86 00 Hour ago

    Not everyone has Instagram & Twitter I’m a longtime subscriber only have Facebook hope I win 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Tillyx ZO
    Tillyx ZO Hour ago

    iPhone mass shootings be like

  • No_Mercy
    No_Mercy Hour ago

    lol im doing it rn

  • The Retro Collector

    I wish you could test cases again like you did back in the day...

  • Victoryroyale 007

    i really want this😅

  • Câhil
    Câhil Hour ago

    5 minutes straight about some pro earphones, not a one word about sound quality.

  • Um Rya
    Um Rya Hour ago

    Headphones getting weird and phone will get weird 24/7

  • John Gall
    John Gall 2 hours ago

    what’s WLAN I thought it’s wifi

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith 2 hours ago

    where did you buy the fake airpods

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith 2 hours ago

    send a link to the fake airpods

  • school and home stanley

    Do not buy this case 20:26 22.10.19 satisfying

  • IvanDaRealist
    IvanDaRealist 2 hours ago

    Who’s watching on there iPhone X?

  • school and home stanley

    Does it even do it with Android?

  • Steve Jordan
    Steve Jordan 2 hours ago

    Are you 100% sure the first set is an AirPods one set? I saw you open the box, so wondering if you actually had the second generation pods, but with a lightning charger. 2nd gen model numbers: A2032, A2031 Cheers.

  • Rufine Hentjens
    Rufine Hentjens 2 hours ago

    You had to use the camera

  • Watermalone17 Tv
    Watermalone17 Tv 2 hours ago

    I don’t like them

  • Pedro Alves
    Pedro Alves 2 hours ago

    So much crap ... didn’t people learned from Xbox kinetic ...

  • 10k subs without vids

    You missed the galaxy round

  • Qamer Q 19
    Qamer Q 19 2 hours ago

    Love these love to win this

  • Joseph Michael
    Joseph Michael 2 hours ago

    If I had never used an OLED screen before the 11 is perfect! It is the phone I would have bought....however my OCD would not let me because once you use OLED and you try and use LCD you can see the difference and once you see it you can’t unsee it....which sucks. I have the money so I got Pro Max but damn I wish I wasn’t laser focused on the screen. Next year will be different when they are all OLED and I think that the Pro Max will end up being too big with the size increase so I’ll drop to standard 12 then!

    XXKRISHAN 999 2 hours ago

    I but my phone on airplane Mode but it didn’t fly

    XXKRISHAN 999 2 hours ago

    I turned my phone on airplane mode But it didn’t fly

    XXKRISHAN 999 2 hours ago

    The thumbnail someone said the S In IPhone 6s Is IPhone 6 small Look at the thumb nail to 6s is not on the left

  • Kouvaris
    Kouvaris 2 hours ago


  • Zulya M
    Zulya M 2 hours ago

    bruh im skipping the 19 IPhones, i feel like 20s are worth the wait

  • Dileepvp4u
    Dileepvp4u 3 hours ago

    Everything iPhone I want

  • Not_ Spongebob
    Not_ Spongebob 3 hours ago

    Everybody gangster till everythingapplepro whips out the tac 45

  • Shakila Hansika
    Shakila Hansika 3 hours ago


  • Furious Vashon Edwards

    How would I check to see if I won the giveaway?

  • Shakila Hansika
    Shakila Hansika 3 hours ago


  • Enjoyment Trailers
    Enjoyment Trailers 3 hours ago

    Airpods pro is only black?

  • Not_ Spongebob
    Not_ Spongebob 3 hours ago

    7 million volts? *Pure waffle*

  • killabannana
    killabannana 3 hours ago

    Those poor consoles. They didn't do anything to you. :(

  • Milan Ivanov
    Milan Ivanov 3 hours ago

    6s plus The best! 2 0 1 9

  • Special Vloger
    Special Vloger 3 hours ago

    Liked subscribed

  • ND paper arts
    ND paper arts 3 hours ago


  • Thierry Buzzard
    Thierry Buzzard 3 hours ago

    Get iOS 13.2 public beta 2 or 3 and iPadOS new emojis

  • Olof1 And Co!
    Olof1 And Co! 3 hours ago

    Where is the iPhone SE?!

  • Mae Mae
    Mae Mae 3 hours ago

    Can I just have that 11? Hell cant buy any of those

  • Deejay
    Deejay 3 hours ago

    I bet you read read this wrong :)

  • Lil Cheese-Burger
    Lil Cheese-Burger 4 hours ago

    Like no one uses 3D Touch in scandinavia

  • Randy Enmanuel vargas

    How Many iPhones do you do a giveaway

  • SoAR Krimsyz
    SoAR Krimsyz 4 hours ago

    3:50 if you look the helium sign on the thumbnail was a picture

  • Micah Victoria Banes

    Are original airpods compatible with fake charging cases? Pls help

  • Justin Faithen
    Justin Faithen 4 hours ago

    I think you’d have to be insane to pay the full price these are exactly the same and sound quality is amazing. It’s epodsco.com btw for everyone asking

  • shivarjunprasad derangula

    Waiting for that give away AirPods

  • алексей рзянин

    Where is i can buy it???

  • Abi Wing
    Abi Wing 4 hours ago

    Begging and praying so hard to win one of this ! Just started my business and so desperately need a good phone 😭

  • Kashif Ansari
    Kashif Ansari 4 hours ago

    U could ve give that phone to me

  • Реджеб,шабанов кюлюмов

    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😊😉😆😋😄🥰 Loveee

  • Alexander White
    Alexander White 4 hours ago

    Did you know that if you copy something from your iPhone and you have "Handoff" enabled you can paste what you copied to your computer???? Just learned about this today by accident.. so cool!

  • Maryem Mallick
    Maryem Mallick 4 hours ago

    What if someone throw your iPhone 6s in water to test it considering it waterproof iPhone 8?🧐

  • JJMikx
    JJMikx 4 hours ago

    I had a Iphone 8 with a case and the back broke

  • Marilena Karapidaki
    Marilena Karapidaki 4 hours ago

    THIS VIDEO WAS PUBLISHED IN APRIL'S FOOLS DAY so this means that iPhone is a joke.. I am joking tho BTW like if you checked right now the date that the was published

  • Inspiring Minds
    Inspiring Minds 5 hours ago

    Your vedio s are osum ....

  • yousefsalem718
    yousefsalem718 5 hours ago

    Me: mom, please buy Samsung Galaxy note 10 Mom: okay I can buy Me:

  • BF York
    BF York 5 hours ago

    Where i can buy this fake airpods?

  • RunsWithScissors Scissors

    Can you turn on someone else's iphone that is turned off?

  • Pishanggg Banana
    Pishanggg Banana 5 hours ago

    airpods pro $250 still can't beat apple stand $999. 🍏🍎😂

  • Matt Barker
    Matt Barker 5 hours ago

    Even though this dude is comparing glass to metal, the Samsung clearly won 👌👌👌

  • AFX Sloppy fish
    AFX Sloppy fish 5 hours ago


  • Marc alfred Salazar
    Marc alfred Salazar 5 hours ago

    More than expensive 😂 from me because I'm student

  • John Moore
    John Moore 5 hours ago

    My relationship could've be real mess until I got in contact with Jamescoding1 on IG.. I got the password of my Bebe and she wasn't cheating... Best Chick

  • Văn Kiên Lê
    Văn Kiên Lê 5 hours ago


  • Adam Nørager Nielsen

    AirPods = flex. AirPods pro = SUPER FLEX

  • Nismo z34
    Nismo z34 5 hours ago

    2020 Apple Watch Pro

  • ł.k_xx _lisa.k
    ł.k_xx _lisa.k 5 hours ago

    Me: Can’t even afford the first generation I phone Him:

  • Carbon No6
    Carbon No6 5 hours ago

    You over exaggerate so much.. giving Apple too much praise for the very nature of being a company.. they aren’t in a solo race, pal! The iPhone lineup is good, but nothing is really revolutionary. I’m thinking you’re the only one really surprised on the advancement of technology. Unless they stop researching paths to improvement then technology will only continue to get better, but these advances are only microscopic compared to what companies have locked within. I guarantee that companies only release partial of what they have so they can prolong income.

  • Domino Masters
    Domino Masters 6 hours ago

    More like iPhone Xtra small

  • Bam Pow
    Bam Pow 6 hours ago

    what a bullshit video