The Masked Singer
The Masked Singer
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  • Avakin Nerds
    Avakin Nerds Hour ago

    Remember kids don't fuck with metal head angels

  • Sly Sab
    Sly Sab 2 hours ago


  • Sly Sab
    Sly Sab 2 hours ago

    For some reason it reminded me of Beastie Boys

  • Abogado Cruz
    Abogado Cruz 2 hours ago

    Solo vengo a buscar canciones buenas, pero... esta tierno este personaje 😂

  • Elvia Ramirez
    Elvia Ramirez 2 hours ago

    Maybe not

  • Elvia Ramirez
    Elvia Ramirez 2 hours ago

    I think it Boy George

  • Cat Crew Studios
    Cat Crew Studios 2 hours ago


    • LM130
      LM130 51 minute ago

      Masked Singer Germany (1st ever European version of The Masked Singer...other European countries versions of The Masked Singer will also be debuting this year and 2020, I think France's version is debuting this year). Currently debuting this month is 2nd European version, Bulgarian version titled "Маскираният певец", check out brief previews starting 1:47 in this video

  • Ms. Sweet
    Ms. Sweet 3 hours ago

    All of the costumes are awesome!

  • Thokozani Njima
    Thokozani Njima 3 hours ago

    Das war wunderbar... Unter der Maske steckt ein professionell Singer👏👏

  • Baxtorzockt
    Baxtorzockt 3 hours ago

    Vom thailändischen ins deutsche Fernsehen:/

  • skorpia g
    skorpia g 3 hours ago

    Great voice for this song!✊🙆‍♀️

  • skorpia g
    skorpia g 3 hours ago

    Love this costume so mach💗

  • Joella Emery
    Joella Emery 3 hours ago


  • skorpia g
    skorpia g 3 hours ago

    Love this song!! ✊👅

  • skorpia g
    skorpia g 3 hours ago


  • donna cain
    donna cain 7 hours ago

    Im watching this in Kentucky. Im in love with this voice. Amazing and Beautiful.

  • Seidenschnabel Federflügel

    Es ist einfach so gut. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Sing öfter auf englisch! 😍

  • Seidenschnabel Federflügel

    Er sollte viel viel viel öfter auf englisch singen. So gut.

    • cheeky1306
      cheeky1306 Hour ago

      Max singt halt gerne beide Sprachen und wenn man sich seine Alben mal ansieht würde ich sagen halten sich deutsche und englische Songs ungefähr die Waage.

  • Ivy Foster
    Ivy Foster 11 hours ago

    I would buy this version, love the voice and style.

  • donna cain
    donna cain 11 hours ago

    Loved it.

  • NobodyLikesYouAnd Nobody

    Why are the majority of the comments in German even the title of the video is in English?...oh nevermind

  • carla gervasutti
    carla gervasutti 14 hours ago

    Mm hola(?

  • Duende
    Duende 15 hours ago

    Sign of the times

  • Ginette Alvarez
    Ginette Alvarez 16 hours ago

    Me parece que es un Alma vieja y un hombre con una voz muy sexy.

  • Leslie Calvan
    Leslie Calvan 18 hours ago

    WOW! Simply GORGEOUS!

  • Mony Pratt
    Mony Pratt 20 hours ago

    Alguien que hable español?? mierda no entiendo un carajo!! es alguien que ya era conocido el enmascarado???

  • remeisn
    remeisn 21 hour ago

    This a cockroach

  • jen monami
    jen monami 22 hours ago

    Wooo, his voice n singing so amazing....who is this guy?

    • LM130
      LM130 Hour ago

      @shelion His stage name is Max Mutzke, because none of his album covers & public performances (including Masked Singer Germany) list him under the name "Maximilian Nepomuk Mutzke"

    • shelion
      shelion Hour ago

      @LM130 His private/real name is Maximilian Nepomuk Mutzke :D Max never used a so called stage name.

    • LM130
      LM130 22 hours ago

      This contestant is a German singer who's most likely unheard of outside Europe (or at least, was unheard of...until now), his stage name is Max Mutzke. Only one contestant on Masked Singer Germany is (slightly) world-famous, contestant "Eichhörnchen" a.k.a. "Squirrel"

  • TheLukas2212
    TheLukas2212 23 hours ago

    Klingt nach Steven Tyler wenn der noch lebt

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell 23 hours ago

    I thought this was american show

  • Harley Vampy-Sis Quinn

    Absolutely loved this and I'm sure David Bowie would be too. Makes me miss David Bowie even more. Bravo, and job well done.

  • adriaan guel
    adriaan guel Day ago

    De donde es este programa

  • Y Just for me
    Y Just for me Day ago

    Oh man!!!! This was great! The concept of this was genius!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell Day ago

    This masked singer's live performance of Marilyn Mansons song sweet dreams is brilliant he's so talented it's amazing.

  • N u t e l l a
    N u t e l l a Day ago


  • Dancingwith Blue Fire

    Sehr gut!

  • baphomets sensitive side

    Just gotta get out right of here

  • Jeramie T
    Jeramie T Day ago

    Wtf am I watching lmmfao

  • Tiffany McCarty

    Wish these had English subtitles... This guy is a bad ass singer!

  • Tony Duran
    Tony Duran Day ago

    Sounded like John Legend

  • mattel mrsbeasley

    He is singing to fast for the music.

  • Sáulo Qué Gómeɀ

    Este está mas impresionante que el de México 🇲🇽 Wooooowwww

  • guadalupe maldonado

    Don't understand a freaking thing who is it 😂😂😂?????

    • LM130
      LM130 Day ago

      @guadalupe maldonado If you are interested in the very 1st Spanish-language and Latin American version of The Masked Singer, there is Mexico's version (title ¿Quién es la Máscara?) which debuted August 25. An Argentine version with same Spanish title is also upcoming, and will be the 1st-ever South American version. Here is preview video of the Mexican version:

    • guadalupe maldonado
      guadalupe maldonado Day ago

      Thank you 😊

    • LM130
      LM130 Day ago

      He's a German singer who's most likely unheard of outside Europe, his stage name is Max Mutzke. Only one contestant on Masked Singer Germany is (slightly) world-famous, contestant "Eichhörnchen" a.k.a. "Squirrel"

  • Jorge M
    Jorge M Day ago

    Pésimo, mínimo afinar para presentarse.

  • Derek Begley
    Derek Begley Day ago

    what language is this in

    • LM130
      LM130 Day ago

      Masked Singer Germany (1st ever European version of The Masked Singer, other European countries are also debuting their Masked Singer programs this year and in 2020)

  • babybop224
    babybop224 Day ago

    he forgot the words and he sounds terrible

  • Smokey Cotton
    Smokey Cotton Day ago

    If your looking for an English comment here. It sucks I cant understand this ;-;

    • Anabell
      Anabell Day ago

      Your not the only one :3

  • kajsa dragonfire

    Nur ich oder sah das bei 3:39 nach mehr als nur einer Umarmung aus?😏

  • Chris Cook
    Chris Cook Day ago

    wrong wrong WRONG....sweet dreams was by EURYTHMICS!! Manson copied years later!!!

    • Rose Red
      Rose Red Day ago

      But they were doing the MM version

  • Jessica El
    Jessica El Day ago

    The timing is so off

  • Daniel Bronco
    Daniel Bronco Day ago

    Wird es eine weitere Staffel geben?

    • shelion
      shelion 2 hours ago

      Pro7 hat schon während der 1. Staffel erklärt, dass es 2020 definitiv eine 2. Staffel geben wird.

  • adele james
    adele james 2 days ago

    Holy shit. WOW 🤘🏻

  • Sam Counsell
    Sam Counsell 2 days ago

    Hello and God bless from Canada, that was a beautiful performance I just wish when they put on shows like this in other countries that they could have English subtitles are the judges and the host I would love to know what they're saying

  • Doc Jue
    Doc Jue 2 days ago

    no english here?

  • fnaclover 505
    fnaclover 505 2 days ago

    I love rap songs

  • Dark Core
    Dark Core 2 days ago

    Thought it was a baseball at first but that works too I guess.

  • It's Me Piano Girl
    It's Me Piano Girl 2 days ago

    "kleiner James Bond in mir" "Im hotel verschimmelt" "Ich wusste nicht warum ihr da seid" Max deine Kommentare sind die besten 😂

  • It's Me Piano Girl
    It's Me Piano Girl 2 days ago

    Ich hole mir sowas von Tickets für nächstes Jahr

  • Juan Carlos Inés cruz

    La verdad quien es la máscara supera por mucho al original pero este número está padre

  • Goldielucks 35
    Goldielucks 35 2 days ago

    Mom I’m scared

  • glenda bertucci
    glenda bertucci 2 days ago

    Wut did she say?

  • Brent Riddle
    Brent Riddle 2 days ago

    Great performance

  • Charlie boy
    Charlie boy 2 days ago

    Judge's names?

  • Jay McLean
    Jay McLean 2 days ago

    She is bad at singing

    • Łėmøñådė t e a r s
      Łėmøñådė t e a r s 15 hours ago

      It’s an English song for a girl who isn’t English of course she’s bad But she’s probably really good for her language So stop hating. Also if you didn’t like it just leave, you don’t have to comment. It’s rude

    • Zorilis Santana
      Zorilis Santana 22 hours ago

      Jay McLean i know right she is horrible

  • Clair Dima
    Clair Dima 2 days ago

    Ich mag die Schuhe)💖🇺🇦🦗

  • Erdim Muslu
    Erdim Muslu 2 days ago

    Bülent adamsınnn

  • 연못
    연못 2 days ago


  • Muji Bunong
    Muji Bunong 2 days ago

    You can sign

  • fnaclover 505
    fnaclover 505 2 days ago

    Up town funk you up

  • fnaclover 505
    fnaclover 505 2 days ago

    I also love panther

  • fnaclover 505
    fnaclover 505 2 days ago

    I love monster

  • fnaclover 505
    fnaclover 505 2 days ago

    Um I don’t understand

  • Gunner Brooks
    Gunner Brooks 2 days ago

    Just another English comment passing by.. but WOW great voice man! Never seen a huge grasshopper sing before 😂

    • r R
      r R 2 days ago

      Hey 😂😂😂

  • Alondra Barteccelli S.

    Who is him? 😲👏

  • Rachel Jackson
    Rachel Jackson 3 days ago

    Sia is that you?

  • hidden gem
    hidden gem 3 days ago

    I don't think he's all that good.

  • Asim Osman Tunc
    Asim Osman Tunc 3 days ago

    besser gehts nicht also jungs.....

  • Asim Osman Tunc
    Asim Osman Tunc 3 days ago

    er ist der beste...

  • Myster E
    Myster E 3 days ago

    I’m the English comment you’ve been looking for

    • Sly Sab
      Sly Sab 2 hours ago

      Nice cover photo 🐙

    • Myster E
      Myster E 22 hours ago

      Zorilis Santana you’re welcome haha

    • Zorilis Santana
      Zorilis Santana 22 hours ago

      Myster E yaaaa thanks I found one

  • Juan Carlos Inés cruz

    Dicen que el alumno supera al maestro lastima por quién es la máscara supera al original y por mucho producción disfraces interpretaciones

  • RoestiF
    RoestiF 3 days ago

    Otto mit Bülent nach Wacken 😎😆

  • Ángel Jared Toledo Vásquez

    Cuando encuentras la version original

  • Cottonie Hime
    Cottonie Hime 3 days ago

    Love this

  • Cottonie Hime
    Cottonie Hime 3 days ago

    So good

  • Viki Lee
    Viki Lee 3 days ago

    미국 복면가왕 ~

  • Leonie xy2
    Leonie xy2 3 days ago

    Ich denke Stefanie hertel?!

  • Kazzie Bolaños
    Kazzie Bolaños 3 days ago

    Hes singing the chorus a little too fast

  • GLC -C
    GLC -C 3 days ago

    😍😍 me encantó cómo interpretó todos los temas.

  • Ronny Stengel
    Ronny Stengel 3 days ago

    Nach xavier nadioo der beste sänger deutschlands! danke an stefan raab

  • Sharllaa :333
    Sharllaa :333 3 days ago


  • Tulio Américo
    Tulio Américo 3 days ago

    Que merda heim kkk

  • godwrote01
    godwrote01 3 days ago

    erst so Wonderfull World.... und ich mir so, och nö nich die schmalzige Nummer. Und dann die Tod traurige Nummer Fields of Gold...das war Gänsehaut.

  • Jennifer LovesBooks

    Das schönste Lied der Staffel. CD Bitte!!!

  • Jennifer LovesBooks

    Pro7 und The Masked Singer!!! Wo bleibt die CD? Ich könnte diese Songs den ganzen Tag hören!!!

  • Xx DarkGoblinXx
    Xx DarkGoblinXx 3 days ago

    Why tf am I here

  • Hugo garcia-jimenez

    Just a Spanglish commento passando por aqui 🤠

  • Rhoda Johnson
    Rhoda Johnson 4 days ago

  • klarinetten gurl
    klarinetten gurl 4 days ago

    Es war so klar das es Bülan Ceylan ist

  • Ingrids Spaß Kanarl Lueg


  • scot j runyon
    scot j runyon 4 days ago

    Wow i don't even know who that bug is but its great.