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I got her pregnant...
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  • Daisy Martinez
    Daisy Martinez 9 seconds ago

    The fact that he was willing to film on his birthday, shows how committed and how much he loves his fans. So much respect towards him !

  • Alfonso Reyes
    Alfonso Reyes 13 seconds ago

    Bro-Ship 9000 love dis

  • Yuliana Gomez
    Yuliana Gomez 34 seconds ago

    This video was so funny love you so much and you always make my day

  • Arhoni Ngullie
    Arhoni Ngullie 41 second ago

    @noah... You did a great job😂😂 Love ya Rug

  • Jdjd dHdj
    Jdjd dHdj Minute ago

    Any body else just skip trough most of the video

  • Ruvalcaba Aiden
    Ruvalcaba Aiden Minute ago

    Faze Rug: you can’t mess up desert! Gordon Ramsey at the 9 pm dinner service: U didn’t get all the deserts out in time *also cusses out* u ruined it come on now!

  • Papi Johzay
    Papi Johzay Minute ago

    Noah shouldve just kept this prank for his youtube channel

  • Ezra Gurrero
    Ezra Gurrero Minute ago

    YoOOooooooooooOOOoooOooooo (I’m a poop)

  • Josand
    Josand Minute ago

    Title changed from 5,000 to 10,000 interesting

  • Gamer 77
    Gamer 77 2 minutes ago

    So good video hahahha

  • Bryson Dunn
    Bryson Dunn 2 minutes ago

    Jack doarty howhe said it LOL!!!📞-_- :O B-) ^^ :-$ :-* :-[ :-* :-! :'(

  • Malak Hawa
    Malak Hawa 2 minutes ago

    Sorry I’m not trynna be rude but im a Gucci buyer too and how come half the stuff he bought wasn’t wrapped the only thing that was wrapped was one pair of shoes that Noah bought but the bag n other shoes wasn’t wrapped at all it seems like rug was in on it and i don’t know if you guys know but rug always wears those black Gucci shoes literally I’m not dumb when you buy something from Gucci it’s wrapped like 50 times it seems like rug just got his stuff and chucked it in with Noah’s shoe that he bought Noah bought one pair of shoes that was wrapped how come the other pair wasn’t and was just in the box ???

  • Scary M7
    Scary M7 2 minutes ago

    Why are there dislikes on this video?

  • Tute Taua
    Tute Taua 2 minutes ago

    Noah is a true cameraman/editor and true friend

  • Sway G2
    Sway G2 3 minutes ago

    More pranks on Brian!!!!!!!

  • Kayy Infinityy
    Kayy Infinityy 3 minutes ago

    Yay that’s cute

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side 3 minutes ago

    Noah should be included in the the video more

  • ALegitBoy
    ALegitBoy 4 minutes ago

    Keep doing challenges like this 1 plsss

  • Ann Gabriel
    Ann Gabriel 4 minutes ago

    Great job Noah, you got him good!

  • sophia Cubilla
    sophia Cubilla 4 minutes ago

    Rugs face lit up when he saw the camera

  • Matthew Corona
    Matthew Corona 4 minutes ago

    Lol sus how none of the Gucci stuff has tissue paper like it’s supposed to when you buy it

  • MaTrix XxX
    MaTrix XxX 4 minutes ago

    nice ads every minute

  • dixiecupz15
    dixiecupz15 4 minutes ago

    Brawadis crying in the corner that his gucci shorts present wasnt the best present ever.

  • Autumn Gabriella
    Autumn Gabriella 4 minutes ago

    YO BRIAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎊 I LOVE YPU AND YOUR FAMILY SO MUCH...............shout out to nah for finally getting the king himself

  • nazook naz
    nazook naz 5 minutes ago

    Really respect his hustle

  • Oski Gogo
    Oski Gogo 5 minutes ago

    I love when Rug gets happy becuse he is doing so Much to us. Happy birthday Rug.♥️♥️🤣🎂🎂🎂

  • Shoop A
    Shoop A 5 minutes ago

    Like comment been subscribed. Liked the video

  • Robert Soto
    Robert Soto 5 minutes ago

    Dude I love how rug will just forget his birthday to film a video for his rugrats

  • Rudolf Fortuna
    Rudolf Fortuna 5 minutes ago

    lowkey noah is a good vloger, start a chanel dude

  • Benjamin Rosas
    Benjamin Rosas 5 minutes ago


  • Chxvie
    Chxvie 6 minutes ago

    Rug is the gucci king

  • Twisted storm
    Twisted storm 6 minutes ago

    Highkey Noah should be on the channel more

  • Valeria Nol
    Valeria Nol 6 minutes ago

    Noah is so funny 😂he should start making more videos

  • xJose -_O
    xJose -_O 6 minutes ago

    Who else watching in 2019 and skipped Molly’s singing

  • Dead Ghost
    Dead Ghost 7 minutes ago

    This vid made me feel so happy @FazeRug

  • Dead Ghost
    Dead Ghost 7 minutes ago


  • Candice Panton
    Candice Panton 7 minutes ago

    Who saw the red flash near the red car at 10:21

  • Slayer Sam
    Slayer Sam 8 minutes ago

    Not even gifts lmao they aren’t even wrapped rug already owned them. FACTS FACTS FACTS

  • guillermina bravo
    guillermina bravo 9 minutes ago

    A FaZe rug your song is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Yahir Moreno
    Yahir Moreno 9 minutes ago

    So he bought $10,000 of gucci, but couldn’t buy himslef a 3k car... weird

  • Sebastian Mejia
    Sebastian Mejia 9 minutes ago

    have OCD on your left eye LOL

  • XxxAria playzxxX
    XxxAria playzxxX 9 minutes ago

    im sorry to call this out but if u dint see but on 3:37 /18:46 u will pause the video and it says 12:03 Monday May 27 i was shocked

  • Dameer 1107
    Dameer 1107 9 minutes ago

    realised its bigger than FaZe house

  • jeremiahs nicolas
    jeremiahs nicolas 9 minutes ago

    smells like gucci XD

  • GEMINIz _
    GEMINIz _ 9 minutes ago

    Of course rich people say it’s beautiful lol.

  • YT_ Cargo
    YT_ Cargo 10 minutes ago

    Cause I do 😀

  • mc Trent lfc
    mc Trent lfc 10 minutes ago

    Noah will be great RU-clipr ❤️❤️❤️ Prank was good 😂

  • Kena Berumen
    Kena Berumen 10 minutes ago

    poor lola😣

  • xxx_and_ braedon_editzzz
    xxx_and_ braedon_editzzz 11 minutes ago


  • Action Danny
    Action Danny 11 minutes ago

    Honestly I like Noah and if you ever got rid of him I would genuinely be sad. Like he brings your content to another level if I’m being honest

  • GodSlayer Man
    GodSlayer Man 11 minutes ago

    Omgggg scaryyyy!!!

  • Pro_ Gamer
    Pro_ Gamer 12 minutes ago

    Who else got emotional when rug was opening his presents

  • Damian Mendez
    Damian Mendez 12 minutes ago

    You should go to horror nights at universal studios

  • Ned Gellie
    Ned Gellie 13 minutes ago

    lol how come when there watching the footage the lighting on their face doesn't match at all. 6:40 ps im not hating I love rug

    LIL YBN J.F.M 13 minutes ago

    Noah should jus be a RU-clipr Like if u agree

  • Jdjd dHdj
    Jdjd dHdj 13 minutes ago

    All you have to do is call ur rice y guy in and jake Paul they will roast him so bad

  • Jasmine Chavez
    Jasmine Chavez 14 minutes ago

    happy birthday Faze rug

  • Jesus109o
    Jesus109o 14 minutes ago

    This makes no sense cuz rug posted the vid before his birthday

  • Christina Protic
    Christina Protic 14 minutes ago

    GREAT video! I was starting to cry when he was opening the gifts. Happy Birthday Faze Rug!😄🤗😊

  • Drake Dragneel
    Drake Dragneel 14 minutes ago

    Have Noah do the song with you

  • Jeffrey Schulberg
    Jeffrey Schulberg 15 minutes ago


  • Jonah Matian
    Jonah Matian 16 minutes ago

    I am crying 😢

  • Jolie Princess
    Jolie Princess 17 minutes ago

    Rug gonna be stylin

  • S1NIST3R
    S1NIST3R 17 minutes ago

    Thanks for the Gucci bag

  • MrOptimus
    MrOptimus 18 minutes ago

    Bro broo brooooooo Bro bro broo Broo bro bro brooooo

  • Nani Charles
    Nani Charles 18 minutes ago

    Noah is so sweet aww 💕🥺

  • E.J.
    E.J. 18 minutes ago

    Isn’t Gucci usually wrapped up in a bag in side of the box? Somethings sus

  • GhostRaider247
    GhostRaider247 19 minutes ago

    Imagine Faze Rug gets copyrighted for his song at the end 😂😂 also I want to see Noah in the vids more.

  • Alain Luna
    Alain Luna 20 minutes ago

    Bro I am crying 😭💔😟🥺😢

  • Blaze Clan Jonny
    Blaze Clan Jonny 20 minutes ago

    How much you wanna bet when it’s Noah’s birth day he’s getting him hella Gucci bet

  • zaan marben
    zaan marben 21 minute ago

    happy birthday Rug!! Noah got you good lol

  • Metro Vb
    Metro Vb 21 minute ago

    Happy birthday

  • Anastasia Zis
    Anastasia Zis 22 minutes ago

    Noah shud start his own channel...HE IS SO GOOD!🤣

  • Krestena Jajo
    Krestena Jajo 22 minutes ago

    November 19 is my brother,cousin and uncles birthday :D

  • Alley Farley
    Alley Farley 23 minutes ago

    *Fact:* No Disney Desert That I've Ever Had Was Below A 8/10 Rating... They're just that good

  • Lupe Century
    Lupe Century 24 minutes ago

    "Those are the only ones I knew you didn't have"....... It's time I quit uni and become a youtuber😂😂😂

  • Youlooklike Linda Evangelista

    Daddy looooooooooong legs

  • Jesse Gomez
    Jesse Gomez 25 minutes ago

    Bryan: we have to do this, we have to do this! Sherman the lemur: THIS IS ALL YOUR FALT!!😡....😂😂😂😂

  • blackpanther6123
    blackpanther6123 25 minutes ago

  • Erick Martinez
    Erick Martinez 26 minutes ago

    Food is food

  • Only stupid people can read this

    Freshly made everyday ... We all know that’s not true

  • Tony
    Tony 27 minutes ago

    Ads in the perfect time...

  • Jasmine Barrios
    Jasmine Barrios 27 minutes ago

    Noah make a RU-clip (vlogging) channel!!!!

  • Theodis Ivy
    Theodis Ivy 28 minutes ago

    Its obviously none of my damn business but I wonder how much Noah gets paid

  • TTV BotLife
    TTV BotLife 28 minutes ago

    I’ve been there

  • 6eadink
    6eadink 28 minutes ago

    where the fuck is noah channel at tho ?

  • Aiden
    Aiden 30 minutes ago

    Im tearing up and imagining what i could do for faze rug and if i ever met him and how much fun we could have with Noah😞❤

  • Kassandra Flores
    Kassandra Flores 30 minutes ago

    19:39 there was a red light behind you but I think it was a car but Idk

  • MONSTER49ER Ragland
    MONSTER49ER Ragland 30 minutes ago


  • stop it, get some help
    stop it, get some help 30 minutes ago

    5:30 thoes are school apple slices

  • Giobunny414
    Giobunny414 31 minute ago

    Did anyone hear FaZe Rug say “This is like the best kiss ever” to Noah at 14:04

  • Alley Farley
    Alley Farley 31 minute ago

    STORYTIME I was eating chicken tenders in Disney World at Pinocchio Village Haus, and they made the wire from my braces pop out...

  • Kyla Cruz
    Kyla Cruz 31 minute ago

    the best 😭😭😭 friendship goals!!!

  • sis vs bro
    sis vs bro 32 minutes ago

    Noah is actually not bad at all

  • Nicholas Ruiz
    Nicholas Ruiz 32 minutes ago

    Happy Birthday

  • Michaela Bain
    Michaela Bain 33 minutes ago

    Noah kind of looks like Rug, like they almost look like brothers

  • jorden
    jorden 33 minutes ago

    Awww Noah is so pure I love it 😭🥺

  • Hassan Hojeij
    Hassan Hojeij 33 minutes ago

    Noah should be a RU-clipr

  • Lesley Bojorquez
    Lesley Bojorquez 34 minutes ago

    Ayy Noah should become a vlogger

  • Ashley Perea
    Ashley Perea 34 minutes ago

    Um the apples she got in the worst reviewed are free at my school for lunch😭but happy birthday 🥳