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The Dumbest Robber Ever?
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What Navy SEALs Do
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Dog Vision - How Good Is It?
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Why The Sky Is Blue
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Most Common World Map Is WRONG
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  • Mug 'o Hot Cocoa

    33:19 Jellyfish.EXE is loading...

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ζαρκάδας

    i would be all for altering our biology through DNA or nanobots but the brain Upload part is simply bollocks as far as immortality goes. Uploading your brain in a computer will not make you alive in a computer, it will just make a computer simulate you. If you die and it is lights out, it is lights out for you. It does not matter if there is a computer, a robot or even a clone out there with the exact same brainpatern as you. Having said that, i could potentialy see the upside in being able to digitise your brain, edit it with the knowledge and experiences you want and rewriting your own brain with the updated version.

  • 陈大宝
    陈大宝 2 hours ago


  • intekhap kadri
    intekhap kadri 5 hours ago

    This is really wonderful

  • Lyndsie Carl King
    Lyndsie Carl King 5 hours ago

    Dude this guy needs to get a hold of me and id put a lot of hope in his life with something he's on to and dnt know right where I'm at omg he just told me something I know and he needs to know omg it happend to me omg no way dude what's this guy's name

  • Shamrat Akbar
    Shamrat Akbar 6 hours ago


  • Bhanu Thakur vipul
    Bhanu Thakur vipul 9 hours ago

    What is that plane on left corner 1:13

  • skooly
    skooly 12 hours ago

    i wish i was RGB

  • PopcornEgg
    PopcornEgg 16 hours ago

    the music at 0:36 is similar to ru-clip.net/video/dbX2HvmARWQ/video.html, does anyone else notice that?

  • S Lee
    S Lee 23 hours ago


  • MV_ 23
    MV_ 23 Day ago

    This clip is sooo outdated and offensive to wahmen

  • Tucker Schwartz

    i h8 this

    • Tim
      Tim 21 hour ago

      Same dawg

  • Sridhar Behera


  • Akke de Lange
    Akke de Lange Day ago

    wasn't aware women didn't have an opinion on climate change

  • T. Le
    T. Le Day ago

    I was interested in this until I saw it was Produced by The FAKE-HISTORY Channel

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  • Gau
    Gau Day ago

    41:16 a face on the wall

  • Renegade Roughneck


  • Renegade Roughneck

    Global warming is a communist scam to steal the wealth of working people and cause the collapse of western civilization.

  • Shafik Bashir
    Shafik Bashir Day ago


  • PublicWifi
    PublicWifi Day ago

    Team discovers there's nothing but an opening at the end. You're welcome.

  • frank marra
    frank marra Day ago

    Great , but this shouldn’t be on RU-clip for our potential enemy’s to see what we have

  • wannahockaloogie wannahockaloogie

    Omg that was such a Boring documentary 🤨

  • waleed M24
    waleed M24 2 days ago

    قاعد ادور ترجمة لانه صعب 😂😂

  • Pluma Hermétika
    Pluma Hermétika 2 days ago

    LOOLL...The "scientific" explanation is even wilder than the religious one.......The scientist that takes a picture in the same way that Da Vinci might have done it, gets a perfect image of the body, with the right proportions, just as it should be in a photograph. The Shroud does not have these proportions, if it was a photograph, it should. As the anatomist explains, you cannot get a proportionate image of a 3D object if you cover it with a cloth. Plus, it would have been impossible for Da Vinci to fake, by hand, all the wounds and drops of blood, which have been certified by doctors to be legitimate. Besides, it is never explained how Da Vinci could have fixed his own photograph on the Shroud, there was no Photoshop back then. A good try though...

  • caffeine
    caffeine 2 days ago

    Abraham lincoln and internet 😂

  • rapha7788
    rapha7788 2 days ago

    whoever is doing these, really needs to stop

  • Das Partha
    Das Partha 2 days ago

    Impossible dream to make this in next 50 yrs

  • Bill Katakis
    Bill Katakis 2 days ago

    Carlson should turn himself in as an unregistered agent of a hostile foreign power,, this is he second time he's made a little pro Russian quip at the end of an otherwise good Navy UFO report. Tucker, Putin hates your flucking guts dude, like he hates all Americans. He was a KGB guy when the former Soviet Union failed, and he hates our guts, mine, yours, all Americans. So please stop kissing Russian ass, it won't do you any good. Putin's goal is the destruction of the United States and it's people. Wake the fluck up please.

  • Ian Board
    Ian Board 2 days ago

    Too bad FPS Russia isn't around any more. He would think of something cool to do with this.

  • All things J-jordan

    I hate when they get these non practicing know it alls to demonstrate a theory. Someone trained versus non trained will always yield a different effect.

  • Xyndox Gaming
    Xyndox Gaming 2 days ago

    1:12 look at the single motor


    এখ ন


    এই জাহাজটির গতি দেখতে চাই ভাইয়া

  • Kenneth Krueger
    Kenneth Krueger 3 days ago

    This is an insult to one's intillect...the part at eight minutes in about air?...are you kidding me? not 6 yrs young....you suck at this.

  • Scarecrow Fighter
    Scarecrow Fighter 3 days ago

    This whole design is relying on the people to drive perfectly is a straight line.

    • Scarecrow Fighter
      Scarecrow Fighter 2 days ago

      Michael Hadley Good point.

    • Michael Hadley
      Michael Hadley 2 days ago

      Self driving cars how does no one think by the time this ever became a thing we wouldn’t have them everywhere

  • Conquistador
    Conquistador 3 days ago

    Sending the Texas after a tanker is like sending an F-22 after a 737.

  • Nona Yobiznez
    Nona Yobiznez 3 days ago

    So what happens now that the sea levels have not risen, and are not going to rise in the next 12 years - what are they going to say then?! Seriously, are they going to be proven to be liars, or are they going to make up more lies to cover up their lies? And what the fuck are we going to do about these people? They're fucking dangerous!

  • Chris Meys
    Chris Meys 3 days ago

    "There Is No Climate Crisis” ru-clip.net/video/Y-mRJmfFjFE/video.html - Tony Heller.

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner 4 days ago


  • Claudio Info
    Claudio Info 4 days ago


  • Algen X44
    Algen X44 4 days ago

    It is impossible engineering

  • Algen X44
    Algen X44 4 days ago


  • Кумыс Мамбетов

    American knights have an advantage - they can pick any style of armor and weapons and it is going to be totally historically accurate for its time :)) Go USA!

  • Matthew Labowitz
    Matthew Labowitz 4 days ago

    cool, what about lane changes

  • David Clough
    David Clough 4 days ago

    Geez, can't anyone hold a camera still?

  • Kamwai Chan
    Kamwai Chan 4 days ago

    Excellent project for mankind 👏👏😀👏👏

  • Ulises Acosta
    Ulises Acosta 4 days ago

    WRONG!! The real origins of Christmas realitysandwich.com/238049/shaman-claus-the-shamanic-origins-of-christmas/

  • Atta Rehman
    Atta Rehman 5 days ago

    When he does these types of videos I am really inspired I hope u stay around for a long time sir David Attenborough

  • Cosmos music Records

    How first cell born tell us. This is just imagination

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper 5 days ago

    Who tf dislikes those kinds of movies? It's a masterpiece.

    • yeah
      yeah Day ago

      Thats the earthplanists

  • suellen campos
    suellen campos 5 days ago

    Por favor, no Brasil, onde é realizado este procedimento??

  • Orange Blossom
    Orange Blossom 5 days ago

    Alot of blacks who owned slaves were free and owned their own family because they were separated at birth and once they found their family members, the slave owners wouldn't give them freedom so they bought them until they were free during emancipation All the ridiculous white people who only can say " Blacks owned blacks or my people didn't own slaves." White and America can never stop benefiting from slavery. White people stole those land , killed native people and had the nerve to go hunt for Africans to work the land they stole because white people were to lazy and pale skinned and weak to work the land they stole. Slaves were the stock on the market. Slaves is what generated revenue, slaves are the reason their is an America. Slaves were not treated like humans and the only response you white people have is " BLACK people owned slaves." So what your ancestors were so bad? Black people were property and torn from their families and still treated like nothing today and white people don't understand how slaves formed and shaped this horrible America.God rest the souls of the African American slave.

  • Matthew Bradley
    Matthew Bradley 5 days ago


  • G G
    G G 5 days ago

    "the gene that makes your mom call you" the bitch in the red glasses is dumb af

  • Bear Kuma
    Bear Kuma 5 days ago

    First computer programmers weren't women. Programming was way different back then also.

  • dade arinto
    dade arinto 5 days ago

    The next generation transportation here ru-clip.net/video/6q7MovLP-e8/video.html via

  • Jireh John Bocayes
    Jireh John Bocayes 6 days ago

    @52:06 just a typical leaf resting in the bottom of the ocean.

  • Cynthia M.
    Cynthia M. 6 days ago

    I like watching to see how long it takes for people to figure out that there's an earthquake happening in the videos. U can see some people figure it out real quick, others not so much. When do they start feeling the earthquake?

  • Hirhddh Vxhdhdys
    Hirhddh Vxhdhdys 6 days ago

    Ftghfhfjf officio

  • Brânduşa Grosu
    Brânduşa Grosu 6 days ago

    Super cool😃😃😃

  • Banjomute
    Banjomute 6 days ago

    Cool! I think it triples in size.

  • Tố Uyên Dương
    Tố Uyên Dương 6 days ago


  • Jay Krishna Davern
    Jay Krishna Davern 6 days ago

    Transcending Consciousness into Everlasting Life has been the goal & purpose of Ancient Religious Traditions as well, perhaps this is where Science & Religion will meet soon, Self-Realization is spreading, people are waking up to an understanding that we are the Universe & have Infinite Potential.

  • Hector W Padilla
    Hector W Padilla 6 days ago

    Highly enjoyed this video

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  • syd west
    syd west 6 days ago

    Fire Disaster Death sounds like the Trump administration...

  • Martin Oreilly
    Martin Oreilly 6 days ago

    The Trinity book has all info on the bloodline

  • scgrigsby
    scgrigsby 6 days ago

    Can we stop the BS here. At depths no human can survive. Really? Get an F'g grip as to just how far divers have descended. I guess we can never rescue crew from this sub.

  • Carson Sherry
    Carson Sherry 7 days ago

    ru-clip.net/video/U0u3-2CGOMQ/video.html <---- this is proof that God is calling us ru-clip.net/video/K0g3LtloOkQ/video.html this is proof that the earth is getting hotter and wear you will go if you do not believe on the Lord Jesus (watch the link on my last comment)

  • Carson Sherry
    Carson Sherry 7 days ago

    ru-clip.net/video/df0G9yjWDNg/video.html the only reason this change is happening is because GOD IS TRYING TO GET OUR attention WATCH THE LINK and spread it thankyou!

  • Drew G
    Drew G 7 days ago

    Imagine a person getting hit by this thing, would there be anything left?

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy 5 days ago

      It would probably just leave a hole in the person with their intestines pouring out

  • Judy Yang
    Judy Yang 7 days ago

    Welcome are you to come my home 🏡🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔

  • Egbert van den berg

    That,s it, he right.

  • Remo Carrer
    Remo Carrer 7 days ago

    Not true! Freight trains cant drive faster then 100 Km/H!!! Passengertrains up to 250 Km/H!!! Approval isnt given for more then that! I worked in both o these tunnels....

    • Joe Perry
      Joe Perry 5 days ago

      Freight trains can and indeed travel over 100 km/h. Google for it.

  • subash sharma
    subash sharma 7 days ago

    Mainly it is all from nepal

  • Vaughn Malecki
    Vaughn Malecki 7 days ago

    Billions of dollars stolen from us. These people are domestic terrorists.

  • salvadoreño soy
    salvadoreño soy 7 days ago

    36:45 🤔🤔 that means it has to be producing that light every single moment. Not convince.

  • Rusty Cramer
    Rusty Cramer 7 days ago

    maybe it wouldnt fit in your hand maybe there was giant planets bigger than planets today.. just a thought but when you blow up a rock what happens it makes smaller rocks so your big bang was really a collision of giant planets test it blow up a rock and see blow up nothing and see if it makes something

  • Kevin Worrell
    Kevin Worrell 7 days ago

    Literally in his mouth and throat 😖 Yowzers.

  • UnnamedYTGaming
    UnnamedYTGaming 7 days ago

    Who else checked after the infographics show video?

  • Its_sham saani
    Its_sham saani 8 days ago

    Why don't they use them against Taliban..😂😉 marines ...if watching....they'd either laugh or curse Pentagon n congress

  • Douglas McDonald
    Douglas McDonald 8 days ago

    Great Doc 👍

  • Wayne Latiff
    Wayne Latiff 8 days ago

    If we are evolved from monkey, why are there still monkeys around these days. Doesn’t make any sense.

  • Xander Bekkett
    Xander Bekkett 8 days ago

    This video is so full of shit I don't know where to begin........So, I won't

  • Asha Suryanarayana
    Asha Suryanarayana 8 days ago

    You better mention the example of indian mathematician RAMANUJAN who pursued the mathematics in a whole new way. He might not be aware of manmade methods to understand mathematics ,but he had tasted the essence of nature and expressed it in the form of mathematics. Its very hard to understand Ramanujan's way for a western mind but his existence is a fact. His maths notes is still sitting beside newton's "P.Mathematica " in trinity.

  • l welsh
    l welsh 8 days ago


  • Bri Miller
    Bri Miller 8 days ago

    Mark of the beast! No thanks. Whales are beaching themselves. Guess we will too when ecosystems keep collapsing. You cannot play God.

  • Ajay V
    Ajay V 8 days ago

    Please show its Hindi debate play

  • Kelley Baldwin
    Kelley Baldwin 8 days ago

    must so fun to stand and watch planet hit to ground LOL

  • Eng/Mahmoud 3bd El_mo3zz

    Is it only make us to say all of this universe is made by real most greatness most powerful great wisdom ?? I cannot understand the people who say no god how they see that fine tuning made from blind randomness . Sobhan allah Praise be to Allah, Who hath created the heavens and the earth, and hath appointed darkness and light. Yet those who disbelieve ascribe rivals unto their Lord. 6:1 Al-An’âm Qur'an

  • Airon Formoso
    Airon Formoso 8 days ago

    What about stop lights for the cars to follow?

  • Obsidian Prime
    Obsidian Prime 8 days ago

    Mach 7? Hmph, cute. There is one capable of mach 41 hiding out there.

  • Natasha Dahl
    Natasha Dahl 8 days ago

    Um in every single pagan culture has stories of there gods doing the same things as santa

  • apl175
    apl175 9 days ago

    If I remember, Petticoat gets seduced by Bournemouth, and they end up eloping /in/ Bournemouth.

  • Sheldon Dyck
    Sheldon Dyck 9 days ago

    I find it funny that people will build their homes on the side of a volcano, then wonder why there’s lava in the living room.

  • D P
    D P 9 days ago

    Coelacanths- proof evolution is false

  • Brendan Nguyen
    Brendan Nguyen 9 days ago

    Score by Joe Hisaishi

  • endurable #
    endurable # 9 days ago

    Good soon show you guys a sign again in modern times