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Only In Modern Warfare
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Battlefield 3 Was Special
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  • Nooby Gaming
    Nooby Gaming 6 hours ago

    I feel so bad for glaz 😔

  • GraduatedPuma12
    GraduatedPuma12 6 hours ago

    Is it true you can move around with Vigils ability while lions ability is active and you wont get pinged?

  • Nathan J
    Nathan J 6 hours ago

    Say 2 trying to get mat to remove team killing

  • Aquativity
    Aquativity 6 hours ago

    why are you guys calling out so seriously in casual? who cares

  • Sweyn
    Sweyn 7 hours ago

    so tihs

  • Francisco Bento
    Francisco Bento 8 hours ago

    i’m really confused, how did you plant so fast 7:53

  • gil maia
    gil maia 9 hours ago

    they could just make the windows transparent

  • Bryce Hubbard
    Bryce Hubbard 10 hours ago

    Do you think Ubisoft should add a way for the player to control which way your feet go when laying prone in Rainbow Six. I hate when I'm trying to lay down and peek a hatch and the feet keep rotating in front of me blocking my view of what im trying to see.

  • JimboZoid
    JimboZoid 10 hours ago

    Should there be an attacker which has an equivalent gadget to Doc's with maybe a different design?

  • Darpan Dahal
    Darpan Dahal 10 hours ago

    This games becoming less and less competitive, we ask to add new weapons and tbey give us a sniper with 12x zoom

  • SWAT PeNetRatOr
    SWAT PeNetRatOr 10 hours ago

    When ash sends you nudes 6:33

  • Tvensky86
    Tvensky86 10 hours ago


  • TheTexasMikey
    TheTexasMikey 10 hours ago

    People still play this!?!

  • ozgur yilmaz
    ozgur yilmaz 11 hours ago

    Teammate: (good calls) You: wamai is soooo gooood! Teammate: am i a joke to you?

  • Mr-Nightmare
    Mr-Nightmare 11 hours ago

    Let glaz see through her Mira on full charge.

  • Rey Hudson
    Rey Hudson 11 hours ago

    What happened to your voice

  • Exotic Example
    Exotic Example 11 hours ago

    Maybe she's in the middle because she is banned on the maps she's best on

  • I'm Symon
    I'm Symon 11 hours ago

    Christmas wish list: TheGrouse becomes a big youtuber too.

  • Hoang Tien Le
    Hoang Tien Le 12 hours ago

    #sundaymailbox will u release a video about best attachment for every guns in r6s

  • Pablo Pulido
    Pablo Pulido 13 hours ago

    Nokk needs to be buffed to a 3 speed. Shes such a terrible op.

    FUSION_REPULSE 13 hours ago

    He says "We found him" you might be overreacting!! A few of rainbows operators might have been there & split into groups. Besides they were suppose to be stealth ops...

  • Madmanuniverse
    Madmanuniverse 14 hours ago


  • Maple
    Maple 14 hours ago

    2:05 this guys that always get the Vic Roy’s (sorry for being idiot)

  • mcdawgzy
    mcdawgzy 14 hours ago

    nice gameplay mati

  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank 14 hours ago

    I havent played r6s in a few months, is it worth getting back into you guys think?

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 14 hours ago

    I have never seen mira banned once.

  • Stefan Müller
    Stefan Müller 14 hours ago

    Meanwhile the highest zoom I can get in bfV is 6 times lmao

  • KingBot
    KingBot 15 hours ago

    Mira is a strategic ban, she is a must pick on a lot of the sites

  • Tron Papi
    Tron Papi 16 hours ago

    Would you be opposed to Ubisoft removing underwhelming weapons from Siege so we can continue to get new firearms with new Ops? For example- removing Cav’s M12 from the game but giving her access to Alibi’s MX4 Storm. #SundayMailbox

  • Yongi lover
    Yongi lover 16 hours ago

    So when does it come

  • Andy 5V
    Andy 5V 16 hours ago

    Is it just me or is 3:12 to about 3:15 a weird cut?

  • ImBenji
    ImBenji 17 hours ago

    No you’re to good

  • Art
    Art 18 hours ago

    I hope that if they change mira they dont do it on console. She is perfect right now and barely ever banned

  • Kaiser
    Kaiser 19 hours ago

    If you ban Mira because you don't like her weapon or gadget, get outta copper. If you ban her for a strat then yeah go for it

  • ivan bobrov
    ivan bobrov 19 hours ago

    Marley is better

  • Fizzik
    Fizzik 20 hours ago

    Haven't played RS6 in a hot minute, why are people getting banned for playing Mira/Jackal?

  • A R
    A R 20 hours ago

    Kali doesnt destroy miras. Make Kali destroy miras.

  • Der Dave
    Der Dave 20 hours ago

    4:38 we Need this sampled, please

  • Oofinnite
    Oofinnite 20 hours ago

    Weird coming back to this since on December 3rd, Operation Shifting Tides was released and I went to play it on my PS4 and when the new start up until the operation's menu. Instead of saying Press X or Press Any Button, it said Press Any Key while I was on controller 🤔

  • Der Dave
    Der Dave 20 hours ago

    That sexy ass famas skin, tho

  • Zach D
    Zach D 21 hour ago

    Twitch is my main. Mira doesn't need a nerf.

  • Dukem12
    Dukem12 21 hour ago

    #SundayMailbox What would you think about a defence operator that places a large iron door on a doorway? This door would remain open when placed and can be closed from one side. Kairos pellets, breaching charges, grenades and other explosives could destroy it.

  • Alex Quinn
    Alex Quinn 22 hours ago

    6:35 that Ash looks a lot like a Dokkaebi to me.

  • OMGitzducky75 _
    OMGitzducky75 _ 22 hours ago

    What do you think about of a trading system where you can trade cosmetics with your friends but it has to be the same category. (For example, a weapon skin for a weapon skin or a headgear for a headgear)?

  • totssPop I
    totssPop I 22 hours ago

    7:38 that was insane timing and reaction wow...Mat have you been on that Daily Dose Of GFuel?

  • Just a big fat fucking meme

    Bro people will never shut the fuck up about “op operators” when in reality the people complaining are shitters hard stuck in silver or gold

  • Redhead Kenshin
    Redhead Kenshin 23 hours ago

    New videos on my channel

  • Keegan Caldwell
    Keegan Caldwell 23 hours ago

    What are your thoughts on the new CoD map, Crash? I think it is too chaotic and spawns you right next to the enemy far too often. Have you experienced the same problem?

  • Spectre Spark
    Spectre Spark 23 hours ago

    Hey Mat maybe you could make a video on Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. I would like to see your thoughts on it.

  • Max
    Max Day ago

    Mira isn't overpowed she just forces teams to run very obvious strats

  • liam grichuhin

    Gets beyond hyped for 3k.... Was a 4K

  • cplflake
    cplflake Day ago

    I love russianbadger

  • Erik Ahlqvist
    Erik Ahlqvist Day ago

    Do you think they should make "disabling defuser" the same as "planting"? Shorter time but if you are disabling when the timer runs out you still make it as long as you don't let go.This would reduce the amount of guessing needed and less frustration when you're on the slither of making it.


    03:46 put in 0,25x speed

  • Jeevat
    Jeevat Day ago

    “Roasted and toasted” I thought he was gonna say “Packaged up and posted” After because of Marley

  • Ki-Adi-Mundi
    Ki-Adi-Mundi Day ago

    3:40 _Ghost_ bullets!

  • club dore
    club dore Day ago

    This is really bad......

  • Paul Schaeffer

    1:51 “we both tatter tot” hahahahaha Ps: idk if that’s how you spell it

  • Riley Webber
    Riley Webber Day ago

    Who else hasn’t been able to play the new ops because you keep getting teamkilled?

  • Piolo Astorga
    Piolo Astorga Day ago

    Matimi0: 0:07 Me: There’s only one reason why those shields are there... Matimi0: 0:10

  • Earth is flat lol

    Operation fuck GEO

  • TheUnMarkedOne 1

    That skin in the K1A is soooo good

  • Epclaymore
    Epclaymore Day ago

    Lol the shield troll

  • DatBoiDavid
    DatBoiDavid Day ago

    I love this season so much especially kali

  • cloudie thoughts

    #mondaymailbox What if castles barricade when to the bottom so you cant get get shot and drones wont be able to go through i think ubisoft should considered doing something like

  • SmellyNinja Master64

    The Video Title Sounds like Matim0 has lost it

  • ShoeShineBoy
    ShoeShineBoy Day ago

    Nerd Kali

  • cloudie thoughts


  • wamsly
    wamsly Day ago

    Please Help! what is the second game he played?????

  • papermaster36912

    I like your gameplay because you don't try and humiliate the enemy or do anything super crazy, you just straight up make good plays.

  • milehighkid85
    milehighkid85 Day ago

    COD battle pass is SMASHING this out of the collective water. Let’s ARGUE CHILDREN.....


    Congrats on the vaccine for typhoid 👌

  • Matthew Forde
    Matthew Forde Day ago

    0:09 the one time Goyo's shield actually works and helps the defenders.

  • Sir NaOH-
    Sir NaOH- Day ago

    What if they made Tachanka like Jugger from COD Modern Warfare. He could be supper beefy 3 armor 1 speed, his LMG is his only primary, but he can walk with it. He could choose to mount it if he wanted.

    • Sneaky Skrub
      Sneaky Skrub Day ago

      With Rook armor and being buffed by a Doc, he could legitimately become a juggernaut

  • Jiff Bombastic

    Goobi servers just work

  • M Y T H
    M Y T H Day ago

    Mat, what's your fov?

  • Wrigleyville 23

    Lol ember rise was in my opinion completely disappointing, the ops were alright, we got two seasonal skins which isn’t that big a deal, we only got one elite and mid season was pretty lack luster.

  • Roko Bruno Donkov

    Casual needs proper matchmaking


    Hey matimio what do you think of them removing shoot house out of modern personally I am really upset. Do you think they will listen to the community and bring it back? Much love Louay_Legend

    • Slykillful
      Slykillful Day ago

      Since when did they remove it? I thought they just removed the 24/7 playlist.

  • 8 Lives
    8 Lives Day ago

    Make it there they have to go on a hard wall

  • Hüseyin Köktürk

    Siege youtubers becoming cancer spreading kids. Every single one of them promote cancer style. Needs to stop. The gamestyle should be like matts or macies.

    DESERT STORM Day ago

    1:37 “he’s gone I toasted his ass” bruh that has me dying of laughter 😂😂😂

  • Trevor Alder
    Trevor Alder Day ago

    ACOG event ????

  • The Cynic
    The Cynic Day ago

    Hit detection is now based on RNG. Was attacking on the new Theme Park and flanked an enemy, ended up mag dumping into their back before having to reload for them to then turn around and give me a look and kill me in half a second.

  • Demolisher Infinite

    1:36 Thank you Matt I didn't know I needed you saying "He's gone I toasted his ass" until I had it

    • Captain Price
      Captain Price 13 hours ago

      Usually a Russian badger thing, though

    • dan sham x
      dan sham x 15 hours ago

      Oh baby that is therapeutic

    • PortalWombat
      PortalWombat 19 hours ago

      And so the Toastening begins.

    • Enrique Dlf
      Enrique Dlf 20 hours ago

      Demolisher Infinite I was just gonna comment this

  • GoldenKnight175

    *This is the earliest I’ve ever been O-o*

  • Axelovskji
    Axelovskji Day ago

    "Burn in holy hellfire!" *Confused Screaming*

  • Izzy Swizzler
    Izzy Swizzler Day ago

    No one: Mat: 2:42 F2 with a holo sight instead of an acog 0_o

  • Anime Dimension

    “Toasted his ass” -Matimio 2019

  • merickful
    merickful Day ago

    Matimio's demon voice is my new ringtone!

  • TJ Razzano
    TJ Razzano Day ago

    Keep playing with Grouse please.😂

  • Hunter Blackwood

    I love how grouse is like a recurring character for multiple siege youtubers. We love ya buddy!

  • Terrance Hartley

    I'm loving the funny scenes you've been putting in

  • XxXThwag DrakeXxX

    0:17 rare picture of ubisofts servers when they broke hit detection for the millionth time and reintroduced old bugs

    • The Tactical Hedgehog
      The Tactical Hedgehog 8 hours ago

      @Denny nah I think there talking about operation health when shit was absolute butt cheese

    • Maple
      Maple 14 hours ago

      BIG FRIES lol

    • Denny
      Denny Day ago

      So hit reg is really broken again? I thought it was just bad connection 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Bruden games & more
      Bruden games & more Day ago

      I Know never *cough* seen *cough* before.

  • Facu .C
    Facu .C Day ago

    Does anybody else feels the smg 12 and ela’s scorpion with a better recoil ?

  • 9613enrico
    9613enrico Day ago

    1:18 oooooooooof big oooof and a right one

  • Foxx222
    Foxx222 Day ago

    Matimio: "Her gadget is useless, and frags make her stupid broken." Ash: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Íon Ó Cinnéide

    Ever noticed that Matimio raises his voice at the end of every sentence? Ha! Now you’ll never unnotice it!

  • AFTF8
    AFTF8 Day ago

    #sundaymailbox What do you think of them changing the ranked system to having one round of attack and then one of defense, then doing pick & ban followed by two rounds of attack and two of defense. This way we don't have to play and possibly face an 0-3 and then have to clutch up. In Overtime the team that has just had to attack twice would defend first and the other team vise versa.

  • Mystic OTDH
    Mystic OTDH Day ago

    WE getting the sweetness!