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iOS 13.2.3 - Follow Up
Views 57K14 days ago
iOS 13.2.2 - Follow Up
Views 74K27 days ago
iOS 13.2 - Follow Up
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iOS 13.1.3 - Follow Up
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iPhone 11 - Full Review
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iOS 13.1.2 - Follow Up
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iOS 13.2 Beta 1 - Follow up
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iOS 13 GM - Follow Up
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  • Fernando Miguel Cruz

    I noticed that playing some RU-clip videos parts of the music are not supported, the sounds just don't appear. For example, playing ACDC's Thunderstruck, Angus Young's guitar strokes are barely heard. It's this a hardware limitation or a software bug?

  • twinks mebuena
    twinks mebuena 20 minutes ago

    so ios automatically don’t charge when its full cuz if so does the iPad also do that?

  • Isaiah Paschal
    Isaiah Paschal 26 minutes ago

    When is the official release date

  • Kebsyy
    Kebsyy 27 minutes ago


  • Abhaya Rawal
    Abhaya Rawal 28 minutes ago

    i don't know why but my battery percentage is declining week after week in my iPhone X. I lost like 3% in less than 3 weeks. Does anybody have any idea about this issue? Currently at ios 13.2.3

  • LanceDaPsycho
    LanceDaPsycho 45 minutes ago

    Upgrading to iOS 13 made the battery health go from 94% to 92% and I had a panic attack.

    MUFEEZ T.V 55 minutes ago

    I choose iphone 7

  • Jamie Castley
    Jamie Castley 56 minutes ago

    my broke ass watching this with a broken 6 plus that a friend gave me

  • Kermitoni Macaroni

    Who else has an iPhone 7 Plus? 🤨

  • nagesh raju
    nagesh raju Hour ago

    My XR brand new using 5th month now and the battery health is 96%... is it good or should I follow any tips? And should charge 100% every time?

  • J P
    J P Hour ago

    1) You don’t need to do this 2) Reboot the damn phone if you feel the urge

  • Gino Paolo Marquez

    Hope this update fixes the battery drain in my iphone 7.

  • Hudson
    Hudson Hour ago

    Downloaded that app and it always says 0% for battery health... hmm...

  • Zy Hub
    Zy Hub Hour ago

    Where is the update of ios 13.3 beta 4 video ?

  • King Oscar
    King Oscar Hour ago

    This guy hand is huge

  • iquelalala
    iquelalala 2 hours ago

    Yeah. iPhone 11 = Scratchgate 2019.

  • Claro1993
    Claro1993 2 hours ago

    Hope it fixes the random lag with my iPhone XS Max on iOS 13.2.3 which makes me restart my phone once a day.

  • Adepalady The Chocolate Lady

    Jay power the phone of and on, job done in half the time.......

  • Eileen Prieto
    Eileen Prieto 3 hours ago

    Hi Aaron, I can't find this case anywhere for my iPhone 6S. Do LifeProof still sell this battery case? If so could you please give me a link?....Thank you!

  • Mirian Villa
    Mirian Villa 3 hours ago

    Thank you!

  • Sonnie Dy jongco
    Sonnie Dy jongco 3 hours ago

    i already buy the original im using it now

  • The Guy
    The Guy 4 hours ago

    iPhone 8 > any other iPhone.

  • Roblox_craft guy
    Roblox_craft guy 4 hours ago

    I have an iPhone XR and a iPad 6th gen and I’m still leaning towards the ipad

  • Colorado Kid
    Colorado Kid 4 hours ago

    Hi Aaron, based on all the bugs that I’ve heard about in iOS 13, I have not updated and am still on iOS 12 on both my iPad Pro 10.5 and my iPhone 8+. Based on what you found lately, should I continue to stay on iOS 12 (or should I update to 13.2.3). Thanks!

  • Bud Siddons
    Bud Siddons 4 hours ago

    Why doesn’t apple let you remove the home bar in settings? It’s not good looking, it can often get in the way in certain apps, and shows up in screenshots. What do you think about it?

  • Crazyboisteven
    Crazyboisteven 4 hours ago

    Papi harder *moans*

  • AppleTricks
    AppleTricks 4 hours ago

    Bigger size and more weight won't be the criteria to choose iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. To me, the bigger battery(3969 mAh) compels me to choose the Pro Max which provides a prolonged battery life.

    ABHI RAI 4 hours ago

    Does camera n screen recording consume battery ? Cuz it consumes two to three percent while recording

  • Cassandra Stockert
    Cassandra Stockert 4 hours ago

    I have an iPhone 6s Plus that I’ve had for 3 years and it’s 87% battery health, would you consider that good for how old my phone is?

  • guglimugli
    guglimugli 4 hours ago

    volume up.. volume down then press n hold power button.. blah blah blah... nahhh thats not the way to clean RAMs.. 🤦‍♂️ 1. Settings 2. Accessibility 3. Touch 4. Assistive Touch 5. Turn it ON 6. Go back to GENERAL 7. Scroll down to SHUT DOWN.. tap it! 8. Tap ASSISTIVE TOUCH button 9. Tap and Hold HOME button 10. Screen will turn Black then White if you dont have a passcode.. if you have a passcode, it’ll come up.. enter your passcode and its done! ✌🏼

  • Cruz Salauz
    Cruz Salauz 5 hours ago

    How much does an iPhone XR cost

  • Cruz Salauz
    Cruz Salauz 5 hours ago

    I have an iPhone se what should I get

  • Ayoo Ky
    Ayoo Ky 5 hours ago

    Iphone 11= iPhone XR pro

  • Liz Rizkallah
    Liz Rizkallah 5 hours ago

    I tried to do the Ear Tip Fit Test but didn't get any options when I clicked in the "i" in my bluetooth setting.

  • Nxel
    Nxel 5 hours ago

    When IOS will have dual apps? Then I'll buy one...

  • Johan Julian
    Johan Julian 5 hours ago

    I’m watching this with the iPad

  • SsAmaya 12
    SsAmaya 12 5 hours ago


  • Phyusin Mon Mon
    Phyusin Mon Mon 5 hours ago

    Android to IPhone

  • chris
    chris 5 hours ago

    Note 10 plus!

  • Nicolas Aguilar
    Nicolas Aguilar 5 hours ago

    Is it good for clash royale?

  • MineDie 5782
    MineDie 5782 6 hours ago

    The iPhone 11’s screen is bigger that the iPhone 11 pro’s screen he said it wrong

  • Thitina Girma
    Thitina Girma 6 hours ago

    I can’t change my sim from 3g to 4g please help!!!!!

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 6 hours ago

    My only problem is the email app

  • Monique Lord
    Monique Lord 6 hours ago

    I’m on the iOS before this and my battery running down real fast 😞 I’m mad I updated now😒🥴

  • Paul M
    Paul M 6 hours ago

    Is there a battery percentage on the iPad for Magic Mouse 2

  • kong kevin
    kong kevin 6 hours ago

    It doesn’t work

  • Evan Watty
    Evan Watty 6 hours ago

    I’m in NC and on Verizon also, I’ve never had the connection issues that you do on beta. I’m using the 11 Pro Max too. Getting over 100Mbps too on 4G

  • Plush Time
    Plush Time 6 hours ago


  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim 7 hours ago

    He is just saying bs

  • Barnacle Watcher
    Barnacle Watcher 7 hours ago

    Maybe I missed it but what were the specs for the 2107 MBP you used for comparison?

  • KAMOGodGimbo
    KAMOGodGimbo 7 hours ago

    The LTE connectivity issue hit me too.

  • samed slost
    samed slost 7 hours ago

    02:23 Bruh you only need one finger when you touch space in the keyboard

  • rensy b
    rensy b 7 hours ago

    I just bought the iphone11 pro max yesterday it's really great..I'm using it right now

    *SHAKIB KHAN FAN* 7 hours ago

    𝙏𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙠𝙨 😊✨😍

  • Broom Broom
    Broom Broom 7 hours ago

    I’m getting the 11 shall I get it in green or purple

  • Shannon Hail
    Shannon Hail 7 hours ago

    I have a iPad Pro 10.4? Love it.... Love the Pencil. Would love to get the new one larger. Just a recommendation: I LOVE THE KEYBOARD MADE BY BRYDGE! Mine is an older version and the Newest ones designed for the new iPads are an improvement. Really worth the money can't stress it enough.

  • Adam Hocson
    Adam Hocson 7 hours ago

    hey i was just wondering if i were to get an apple tv and use apple music, would i be able to use dolby digital with it? (my soundbar doesn’t support atmos) i’ve tried dolby digital with my tv using spotify but it never works and i have to switch to PCM or DTS Neo which is a hassle since i listen to music a lot on my tv.

  • Big Boy bolla
    Big Boy bolla 7 hours ago

    I have an iPhone 5se I wish I had the xr blue

  • Victor Chigwada
    Victor Chigwada 7 hours ago

    There not pixel buds they are galaxy buds

  • anuj jr
    anuj jr 7 hours ago

    How is the battery life on Iphone 7 on 13.3 beta 4??

  • Salamander Man
    Salamander Man 7 hours ago

    so the only difference is the animoji lmao

  • 01bigtrev
    01bigtrev 8 hours ago

    Thanks for this. I was using the old way on the iPhone 11. The new clips app update wasn’t working properly I’ve just done this and now the app works.

  • Rad Reeling Fishing
    Rad Reeling Fishing 8 hours ago

    Still working on this. You said set it up as a new phone 1:08 , install the update and then wipe/reset the phone. So does that mean that the updated ios stays on the phone after I wipe it off after I just installed it?

  • Matt Karl
    Matt Karl 8 hours ago

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  • Robin Jægersen
    Robin Jægersen 8 hours ago

    why is my new iPhone 11 sruck on the screen at 1:30?`The just stop there... the spinning icon is still spinning but it has been stuck for about 3hours...

  • Aldi Petrucci
    Aldi Petrucci 8 hours ago

    I bought 2nd hand iphone 7 which is the previous user used for years ago when I checked baterry life was 100%, and I bought it ..and now I used this Iphone not even 1 month already decreased 2%...hmmmmmm....but it was surprised me when I bought this iPhone 100% for 2nd hand...did you believe that??..or maybe previous user was replaced new baterry??🤔🤔🤔

  • Azim Ali
    Azim Ali 8 hours ago

    Does this iPad support HDR for Netflix and Amazon?

  • Sudo Nym
    Sudo Nym 8 hours ago

    Sounds like Aaron is also suffering from a cold 🥶 🙁

  • rambo chan
    rambo chan 8 hours ago

    OMG! the voice control..awesome too

  • rambo chan
    rambo chan 9 hours ago

    Hello, I love that email features that you mention.. wow! thank you so much, as if I have tons of email.. hehehe

  • agofficial1
    agofficial1 9 hours ago

    What’s the process on iPhone 7 Plus running the latest iOS

  • ninjafireball
    ninjafireball 9 hours ago

    Any iphone 5, 6, 7, 8 jumped to 11 is a major improvement, so is your money payed to apple too!

  • Erick Aday
    Erick Aday 9 hours ago

    how do you have the signal bars on top

  • MrBratan
    MrBratan 9 hours ago

    I'm subbing to anyone who subb my youtube channel🙏🏻Write done in ⬇️

  • Amir
    Amir 9 hours ago

    The LTE and WiFi issue has been a pain , iOS 13.2.3 , which is weird.../

  • Rad Reeling Fishing
    Rad Reeling Fishing 9 hours ago

    What do you mean when you say "Wipe the phone"?

    • Rad Reeling Fishing
      Rad Reeling Fishing 9 hours ago

      @zollotech So I just took a new phone out of the box and started remotely (put the iphones next to each other) transferring the data from my current ph to the new one. That all went smooth. I backed up my current (not the new one) phone to the cloud. I tried to restore apps and data to the new phone from the cloud and got this message "problem loading your icould backups. Try again, set up as a new iphone, or restore from itunes..." It's already a new phone though?

    • zollotech
      zollotech 9 hours ago

      Reset it and erase everything to set it back to factory as if you just took it out of the box for the first time.

  • Pretty Kitty
    Pretty Kitty 9 hours ago

    I still have a flip phone 🥺

  • Sonic Gamer22
    Sonic Gamer22 10 hours ago

    How do you do it if you’re on an iPhone 8 or lower?

  • MrPutty01
    MrPutty01 10 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Kaden Morris
    Kaden Morris 10 hours ago

    Thanks for your help. I decided to get the XR because it’s cheaper and not very different from the 11.

  • Delo Johnson
    Delo Johnson 10 hours ago

    My advanced options doesnt have the reset as a option to press

  • Drive4fun
    Drive4fun 11 hours ago

    Why did sizes went so big of all phones , they are very uncomfortable to hold even the “smaller “ Xs 11 pro and XR and 11 are just insanely large

  • Krispy Broccoli
    Krispy Broccoli 11 hours ago

    Mine is at 87% I'm losing my mind

  • Michael Laughlin II
    Michael Laughlin II 11 hours ago

    I’d rather hear about the differences from day to day use. Not just listing the specs. How does it fit in the pocket How the grip is different between the 2 Stuff like that

    • zollotech
      zollotech 11 hours ago

      Interesting. I’ll take that into consideration for the next video

  • TK Kirkland
    TK Kirkland 11 hours ago

    Im a thief 😈 that's why I'm here

  • Reggie MillerLite
    Reggie MillerLite 11 hours ago

    I just traded in my iPhone 8 Plus for the XR. I really liked the 8 plus camera but the XR is really good overall with a taste of the new stuff. In my opinion, if you want to save a little and get a lot for your money, get the XR. I agree with you.

  • Sevoren
    Sevoren 12 hours ago

    I have an iPhone x for over a year now, i'm a really heavy user. My batteries maximum capacity is 88% YIKES!

  • Ahmed Jaseer
    Ahmed Jaseer 12 hours ago

    Will it transfer Whatsapp data or no?

  • ItzMasterleen
    ItzMasterleen 12 hours ago

    Once I wanted to download a game I enjoyed but it’s not available for iOS 13 :(

  • Ra'id Marji
    Ra'id Marji 12 hours ago

    Will eSim be transferred also?

  • Thong Thong
    Thong Thong 12 hours ago

    Yes redesign, so the first version is not gonna be right, get this one for 2years and buy the second redesign generation in 2021.

  • Game Play Boy
    Game Play Boy 12 hours ago

    0:07 2016

  • Kaden Armstrong
    Kaden Armstrong 13 hours ago

    hahah me on my iphone 5 lol

  • Sam Demir
    Sam Demir 13 hours ago

    I dont know which one i should buy. I like the 11 pro very much, the display is great and the battery is amazing. But the size of the iphone 11 is better and im not sure which one i should buy

    • Dark PlayerX5
      Dark PlayerX5 7 hours ago

      Buy the one that you think that will satisfy you the most

  • K B
    K B 13 hours ago

    Hello, what case you have on iPhone 11 Pro? Looks great.

  • Décio Arruda
    Décio Arruda 13 hours ago

    Not gonna lie. I only come to your videos for the wallpapers

  • Bril
    Bril 13 hours ago

    Since it has Windows 10, it's enough to be better than the iPad I am using iPad pro for a year now and i am disappointed of the OS of iPad and the supported apps, if you are an engineering student go with the surface pro it has better Cad apps than iPad does

    • Bril
      Bril 7 hours ago

      @zollotech I dont know about surface pro x, but my friend has surface pro 4 and it runs CAD apps without any problems.

    • zollotech
      zollotech 8 hours ago

      In this case I would disagree. You can’t run any of those CAD apps on a surface pro X as they are 64 bit and will not run on an arm processor

  • Kaley Graff
    Kaley Graff 13 hours ago

    If you have sprint and have an upgrade you can get the 256gb Xr for the same price as the 64gb. That’s a pretty good deal.

  • n o n a m e
    n o n a m e 13 hours ago

    I got the pro max in space grey but I can’t open it until Christmas!!! I’m like trying to stop binge watching these reviews but yt just keeps recommending them lmao

  • Dead Faces
    Dead Faces 13 hours ago

    I still miss the old large album cover on the lock screen when you play music