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iOS 13 GM - Follow Up
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iOS 13 Beta 3 - Follow Up
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iOS 13 Beta 3 - What's New?
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  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 15 seconds ago

    I am on public beta, seems this update broke the connectivity of my Powerbeats pro. It worked for a few mins and now it either gets the spinning circle when selecting powerbeats pro then reverts back to iPhone speaker sound. Or if it does say it’s connected to the Powerbeats pro, the song appears to play, the time goes down, but there is no sound, it’s silent. Re paired them with the case, no change. Forgot the Powerbeats pro device and paired them up again, no change. Having a really hard time getting my XS max to connect to the Powerbeats pro in this beta.

  • radgrad63
    radgrad63 30 seconds ago

    Why bother...took it off auto update. Am angry at Apple

  • Aamir Ansari
    Aamir Ansari 4 minutes ago

    Please help I m your great fan and I love your voice. I have purchased a new iPhone 10 in India from Flipkart online but the problem is it’s model number starts from F. As I have read and seen RU-clip videos that brand new phones model numbers start from M. F is refurbished. I have called Indian apple customer support they told they don’t have information about model no. I’m also getting 1 year warranty please reply or call my no is 9230000786

  • Wai Yan Htike
    Wai Yan Htike 10 minutes ago

    What’s the difference between Geekbench 4 and 5?

  • Dondre Jones
    Dondre Jones 11 minutes ago

    Can I update from 13 beta 3 straight to the final 13.1?

    • Dondre Jones
      Dondre Jones 9 minutes ago

      Where can I find the link for beta 4?

    • zollotech
      zollotech 10 minutes ago

      You could normally, but you should put the latest beta on your device

  • valdrin hyseni
    valdrin hyseni 19 minutes ago

    How To Install ios 13 in Iphone 6 ?

  • Gauransh thapar
    Gauransh thapar 21 minute ago

    Do we have to go to public release from GM. Are they same? And will I be able to update to 13.1 public release from GM without iTunes. Please tell me.

    • Joseph
      Joseph 20 minutes ago

      What version are you on?

  • George Knighton
    George Knighton 22 minutes ago

    Do we care about Chromecast? 0_o

  • Jayel Johnson
    Jayel Johnson 25 minutes ago

    This is probably a dumb question, but if I upgrade on the 20th to IOS 13 I will lose haptic feedback on my XS Max using 3D touch?

  • J.James Blair
    J.James Blair 26 minutes ago

    If I am on beta 13.1... would suggest staying or go to gm

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas 29 minutes ago


  • Albert X
    Albert X 31 minute ago

    More like 13.1

  • Cameron Harrison
    Cameron Harrison 32 minutes ago

    RU-clip- iOS 13.1 beta 4 is out, iOS 13 still not available lol I know it’s coming tomorrow 😆

  • Jakob Fo
    Jakob Fo 40 minutes ago

    for the iPhone SE does your haptic touch on the notifications work?

    • Joseph
      Joseph 32 minutes ago

      The SE doesn’t have Haptic Touch per se. You will, however, be able to tap and hold the same you would with devices with Haptic Touch. You just won’t get that Haptic Touch feel when you touch the screen.

  • Joe McGrath
    Joe McGrath 41 minute ago

    I have over 50,000 photos, I download all photos from the Iphone to my Windows Desktop then organize and edit them (I use ACDSEE software). Then I transfer them to the Apple photos app on my Apple Mac Mini where I put them in Albums by years. I mark the best ones as favorites in the photo app which are then sent to the iphone and ipad. I use the same system to scan old photos and slides which I add the metafile data for date taken and location.

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 44 minutes ago

    so i will stay on 13.1 beta 4 till 30th and then i will get the official iOS 13.1 ?, or do i need to delete the profile until?

  • Rivka Edery
    Rivka Edery 49 minutes ago

    So helpful - thank you!!

  • Isaiah Edmondson
    Isaiah Edmondson 52 minutes ago

    wait so i have to wipe my phone to go the public beta released tmr

  • keemo warren
    keemo warren 53 minutes ago

    i use 3d touch everyday wtf...

  • hullstar242
    hullstar242 Hour ago

    To me this whole one tap uniform control scheme is absolute garbage. I’ve never played a fun game that just wants me to tap one button

  • akuma gouki
    akuma gouki Hour ago

    god bless your voice aaron thanks to you i can beat insomnia greetings from morocco 🇲🇦

  • Sunny Kay
    Sunny Kay Hour ago

    Does this mean well get Console games to apple arcade?

  • M94
    M94 Hour ago

    So you’re tell me my iPad Air 2 is about to rising from the dead in my top drawer?!!

  • Call Me Unique
    Call Me Unique Hour ago

    Works so much more smoothly on my iPad for keyboard touch screen accuracy and sensitivity. Using a iPad Air 2

  • HugFest
    HugFest Hour ago

    I’ve been on iOS13 for months now and one feature does it. Dark mode babyyyyy

  • zaiwen3
    zaiwen3 Hour ago

    Hey Aaron, I am also on IOS13.1 whenever I am on wifi and bluetoth both enabled and suddenly switch to airplane mode, so of course the airplane icon appears but whenever I toggle it off again, the airplane icon remains and not revert back to the wifi and bt icons even if they are enabled without issues. I always had to restart the phone and it returns back to normal. Can you consider that as a bug? Or probably that’s my phone?

  • Cole Leashmind
    Cole Leashmind Hour ago

    these are better than airpods because you dont lose one in Russia and one in Argentina the pixel buds are wirelessly wired

  • Mike Strickland
    Mike Strickland Hour ago

    How much data was transferred in this demo?

  • Life is Music
    Life is Music Hour ago

    I own iPad pro 2018 12.9 and iPhone 8 Plus and the bugs are very frustrating. They are worse that iOS 12 for me.( i am on 13.1 beta 4)

  • Ramesh Subaschandram

    Hi Aaron, there was a bug with the tethering on beta 3. Hope it's resolved. Couldn't use my hotspot tethering to access secured websites on my laptop.

  • Emiel333 Official

    iPhone 6s: although my battery health is very low, iOS 13.1 beta 4 does a better job compared to beta 3. Longer screen on and off time. I’m really amazed about battery performance on older devices with iOS 13.

  • Louis Rontell
    Louis Rontell Hour ago

    Hi great video helpful as always. When I get the iPhone 11pro max, I’m on iOS 13.1 beta on the XS max will I have any troubles with the new phone or wait for 3.1 to come out?

  • chito arias
    chito arias Hour ago

    Do I have to erase the profile ?

  • Avatar Abat
    Avatar Abat Hour ago

    so its good i already update hours ago

  • Chiara Verdini
    Chiara Verdini Hour ago

    I’ve an iPhone6s and OMG it’s soooo small compared to the other one I didn’t realize until I watch this video 😂😭

    MR W4TERMELON3 Hour ago

    Tommorow at 10AM... ur welcome

      MR W4TERMELON3 12 minutes ago

      Joseph ye but... ye shoulda thought of that

    • Joseph
      Joseph 14 minutes ago

      The internet is a worldwide thing ya know (; I think you meant 10AM PST

  • Jonnathan Henry
    Jonnathan Henry Hour ago

    How was battery life on Apple Watch series 3?

  • Paradøx
    Paradøx Hour ago

    Under phone calls, if you click on their name and show the call time history from the time they called or missed you’ll see a small icon with a check and a little note saying if there’s a check were the number was it is verified with a carrier

  • Mondo Can.
    Mondo Can. Hour ago

    So I forgot to backup and I have a saved Backup on iOS 13.1 Beta 4.🤦🏻‍♂️. When I get my Iphone Pro tomorrow will I just have to download beta4 on that one too and then restore from what is on my original iPhone (13.1 Beta4)?

  • Mondo Can.
    Mondo Can. Hour ago

    So I forgot to backup and I have a saved Backup on iOS 13.1 Beta 4.🤦🏻‍♂️. When I get my Iphone Pro tomorrow will I just have to download beta4 on that one too and then restore from what is on my original iPhone (13.1 Beta4)?

  • Corey
    Corey Hour ago

    My Verizon lg v30 just got android pie a few days ago

  • Mondo Can.
    Mondo Can. Hour ago

    So I forgot to backup and I have a saved Backup on iOS 13.1 Beta 4.🤦🏻‍♂️. When I get my Iphone Pro tomorrow will I just have to download beta4 on that one too and then restore from what is on my original iPhone (13.1 Beta4)?

  • Mondo Can.
    Mondo Can. Hour ago

    So I forgot to backup and I have a saved Backup on iOS 13.1 Beta 4.🤦🏻‍♂️. When I get my Iphone Pro tomorrow will I just have to download beta4 on that one too and then restore from what is on my original iPhone (13.1 Beta4)?

  • Diego Arturiti
    Diego Arturiti 2 hours ago


  • Diego Arturiti
    Diego Arturiti 2 hours ago

    I like my mom

  • Ashley Hernandez
    Ashley Hernandez 2 hours ago

    Today’s my birthday and I got AirPods and I don’t know how they work so that’s why I’m here🤓

  • Ionut
    Ionut 2 hours ago

    7 here and will stay on 12.4. Can't see a reason to upgrade. Many resources will be used for the newer 13 and will force you to upgrade your phone due to eventual slow down.

  • Allison Blown
    Allison Blown 2 hours ago

    What time the IOS13 will be released tomorrow???

    • Joseph
      Joseph 34 minutes ago

      Probably around 1PM EST.

  • Tom Liu
    Tom Liu 2 hours ago

    Geekbench score is for fun

  • Lisa Struneski
    Lisa Struneski 2 hours ago

    Did you ever find out if oppo system and security is being updated? For sale in nz for $599..@us 350.. need to replace s10. Great video.

  • Laskar Harimurti
    Laskar Harimurti 2 hours ago

    how about sneak peek on message feature?

  • Jaimee C
    Jaimee C 2 hours ago

    Hi Zollotech. can you make a video of reviewing Apple Arcade 😊😊

  • Riyaz Khambaty
    Riyaz Khambaty 2 hours ago

    Thank you for the updates ✌🏻

  • Jerry M
    Jerry M 2 hours ago

    Will apple release a new iPhone SE?

  • Rodo Pignatelli Aguer

    My Reminder App freeze on 13.1 Public Beta 3, and didn’t get fix whit this new beta. Any one with the same issue?

    • Joseph
      Joseph 15 minutes ago

      I have no major issues on Public Beta 4, aside from some very minor visual quirks.

    • Rodo Pignatelli Aguer
      Rodo Pignatelli Aguer 2 hours ago

      Forgot. Same happend on my iPadOS, and on the iCloud, beta site, doesn’t appear my reminders.

  • OwenSparks
    OwenSparks 2 hours ago

    Where did you find that background? I like the simplicity of it

  • HALWG51
    HALWG51 2 hours ago

    My devices updated with no problem.

  • khristian earll hermida

    should i wait for ios 13 GM or update to ios 13.1 beta ??? thanks :)

    • Joseph
      Joseph 36 minutes ago

      Wait for tomorrow.

  • Julio J
    Julio J 3 hours ago

    What time will iOS 13 come out on September 19? Exact time I’m so ready for it.

  • Oliver Mincher
    Oliver Mincher 3 hours ago

    shave your bloody hands

  • Christian Bucad
    Christian Bucad 3 hours ago

    Safari page zoom fix 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • IAmClareMarie
    IAmClareMarie 3 hours ago

    I have the iOS 13.1... will the full official version appear in my updates tomorrow?

    • IAmClareMarie
      IAmClareMarie 2 hours ago

      Dat Boi I removed the profile. And did a reset and the iOS 13.1 is still on it. Will the official release show up then?

    • Dat Boi
      Dat Boi 2 hours ago

      IAmClareMarie you have to remove the profile

  • Jay Boogie
    Jay Boogie 3 hours ago

    Zollotech your the man you always get a like👍👍👍

  • Wendy Mogul Photo Real Estate Photography

    Hey Aaron I went back to 12.4.1 a few months ago will I have any trouble upgrading to 13 tomorrow if I choose to?

    • Wendy Mogul Photo Real Estate Photography
      Wendy Mogul Photo Real Estate Photography 7 minutes ago

      Joseph No had to do a reboot or downgrade after I had some major problems from an earlier 13 beta haven’t downloaded any bets profiles since.. strictly on 12.4.1 right now

    • Joseph
      Joseph 13 minutes ago

      You probably don’t, but do you still have the beta profile on your device?

    • Wendy Mogul Photo Real Estate Photography
    • kurtdc 30
      kurtdc 30 3 hours ago

      Wendy Mogul Photo Real Estate Photography It’s actually easier to upgrade from 12.4.1 than a beta.

  • Lawrence Richards
    Lawrence Richards 3 hours ago

    Is the wallpaper washed colors fixed when you pick a stock one?

  • YoungBoy Sauzzs
    YoungBoy Sauzzs 3 hours ago

    If I’m not on iOS 13 beta I should just wait until tomorrow or should I update to iOS 13 beta 4????? I don’t have a pc to downgrade from the iOS 13 beta to regular iOS 13??? Will I need to use a pc to delete the iOS 13 beta 4 to go back to public iOS 13 beta that comes out tomorrow???

  • SirGenesis206
    SirGenesis206 3 hours ago

    My data still drops and VoLTE does too. Dropping calls still when hooked up to CarPlay it seems. Playback does stop on CarPlay for Google Music which it didn’t do until last Beta ( Tidal stopped all the time). Everything else feels good so far after 3-4 hours. iPhone XS.

  • Felino Aaron
    Felino Aaron 3 hours ago

    i have the iphone xs max. and just has drained 1 percent. after 9 months usnig every day,,

  • xxx Rest in peace
    xxx Rest in peace 3 hours ago

    My 3d touch DONT work😞

  • Danilo Ocampo
    Danilo Ocampo 3 hours ago

    Tbh, been watching ur videos, this is the 1st time seeing yo Face!! 😂 I was like, “oh hey, nice to meet you!” 😂😂😂

  • Jeremy Cush
    Jeremy Cush 3 hours ago

    my iphone x upgraded without a problem was a 140mb file so not big at all.

    • Bill Stafford
      Bill Stafford 3 hours ago

      How can I get my iPhone X (13.1) for tomorrow? Can’t find instructional video?

    • xxx Rest in peace
      xxx Rest in peace 3 hours ago

      Jeremy Cush does your 3d touch work

  • MaryJane Schwerdfeger Higgins

    Public beta 4 installed fine for me on 10 s Max with software update.

  • CuzzystyleTV
    CuzzystyleTV 3 hours ago

    What is the point of pushing 13.0 if it’s buggy, just either push 13.1 beta 4 or ship new iDevices on 12.4.1? then update them to 13.1 when ready?, Seems pointless pushing out buggy half baked software that Apple knows is buggy, hence 13.1 betas in August, Seems backwards to me.

    • zollotech
      zollotech 3 hours ago

      That happens every year. Software is always bug. Some have more bugs, some have less. But you cannot fix 100% of the bugs ever

  • Beatriz Owl
    Beatriz Owl 3 hours ago

    After a lot of thought I'm going to go ahead and update to IOS13 tomorrow!!!!!

    • Joseph
      Joseph 35 minutes ago

      Yeah. You’re always better off with the commercial version if you’re not a developer or extremely into tech

  • John Diaz
    John Diaz 4 hours ago

    iOS 13 comes out tomorrow but at what time

    • Mondo Can.
      Mondo Can. 2 hours ago

      12pm (CT)

    • Dat Boi
      Dat Boi 2 hours ago

      John Diaz that’s what I’m tryna figure out

  • Unclejerry50th
    Unclejerry50th 4 hours ago

    It seems like switching from wifi to LTE is getting worse.

  • Stormbringer
    Stormbringer 4 hours ago

    Does anyone know how to update without wifi? iTunes won't allow me to update to beta 4 : I

    • Stormbringer
      Stormbringer 3 hours ago

      @Günnår Algøtsmann all good mate

    • Günnår Algøtsmann
      Günnår Algøtsmann 3 hours ago

      @ Stormbringer Yes, I was wrong, it’s like you’re saying, sorry 😐 for my mistake. G.

    • Stormbringer
      Stormbringer 3 hours ago

      @Günnår Algøtsmann that's incorrect, as it is being made available under Software Updates as iOS13.1 Public beta 4, but as I've already mentioned, it insists on having a Wi-Fi connection. The file size is only 92mb's.

    • Günnår Algøtsmann
      Günnår Algøtsmann 3 hours ago

      Beta 4 is only for developers, that’s why it’s not possible for now. Greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪. Peace ✌️.

  • Johnny Martin10
    Johnny Martin10 4 hours ago

    I noticed the dark mode switcher on the drop down control panel isn’t there by default. I had to add it manually. No biggie but pretty sure it was there by default in previous betas. I’m on IPadOS 13.1 beta 4. On the iPad Pro 12.9 (2017).

  • F_5 GamRS
    F_5 GamRS 4 hours ago

    نحتاج ترجمه بلغه العربيه

  • Armen Alexandrian
    Armen Alexandrian 4 hours ago

    Seems pretty good on my XS mail. Still some mail issues. Having to double delete emails.

    • Joseph
      Joseph 33 minutes ago

      I really hope Mail servers won’t crash once everyone updates to iOS 13 tomorrow.

  • christer karlsson
    christer karlsson 4 hours ago


  • Rachel WinterGlimmer

    Soooo new emoji‘s tomorrow??

    • Christian Bucad
      Christian Bucad 3 hours ago

      No, I think about ios 13.2 soon but I’m not sure.

  • Michael Leers
    Michael Leers 4 hours ago

    Again, and as always, well done, Aaron! Also, again, thanks for bringing in iPad Air 2. I almost upgraded but when I had to retrieve the Air 2 to put in the serial number for a trade-in, Apple was only going to give me $100. I decided just to hold on to the Air 2 since my use case is mainly browsing and using it with my Mavic Air drone. Keep up the great vids, Aaron, love 'em! :)

  • jestride
    jestride 4 hours ago

    I read that Apple won’t allow iphones to play 1440p videos on RU-clip etc. but Is the iPhone XS Max capable of playing of 1440p videos? Or does it not meet the requirements?

    • jestride
      jestride Hour ago

      Fido Montoya so xs max can do it. It’s just that google won’t allow us to?

    • Fido Montoya
      Fido Montoya Hour ago

      jestride That’s Google that won’t allow it, because they own RU-clip.

  • will O
    will O 4 hours ago

    wait so you can't just download the official ios 13 without itunes???

    • Joseph
      Joseph 16 minutes ago

      What version are you on right now will?

    • zollotech
      zollotech 4 hours ago

      If you are on iOS 12.4.1, then yes. If you are on iOS 13.1 beta, then no

  • Andrew Moriarty
    Andrew Moriarty 4 hours ago

    You forgot the colours 😂

  • IIExhibitAII
    IIExhibitAII 4 hours ago

    I never got it.. says up to date since watch os 6 beta 9.. and yes I do have the developer beta for it

  • XxErikaxX
    XxErikaxX 4 hours ago

    Mine is 96% 2 days ago it was on 98% what’s going on? ;(

  • DaReal King_901
    DaReal King_901 4 hours ago

    Anybody trying not to get caught cheating

  • Nick Alex
    Nick Alex 4 hours ago

    Damn you're fast

    • Joseph
      Joseph 14 minutes ago

      It’s his job

  • pressrepeat2000
    pressrepeat2000 4 hours ago

    Thai is a crazy great price for what you get. Superb value. Apple News was ridiculously overpriced, here they’ve done a no-brainer service. I hope they have some awesome must-play games an not only time wasters...

  • Geoffrey Maloney
    Geoffrey Maloney 4 hours ago

    Could u please tell me how u get the wallpaper that u leave on your iohone

    • zollotech
      zollotech 4 hours ago

      I mention at the end of the video

  • Steve Cranmer
    Steve Cranmer 4 hours ago

    Just updated to this scrolling on my xs max is still terrible especially while watching a RU-clip video and scrolling through the comments it lags and stutters pretty bad

    • Joseph
      Joseph 28 minutes ago

      @Steve Cranmer - You can send feedback in the RU-clip app from the settings. It’s on the bottom of the page. I’d recommend sending them feedback.

    • Steve Cranmer
      Steve Cranmer 36 minutes ago

      Joseph yes unfortunately it didn’t help

    • Joseph
      Joseph 43 minutes ago

      RU-clip just updated their app yesterday Did you guys download it?

    • Ricardo Milos
      Ricardo Milos 49 minutes ago


    • Kenny Durandisse
      Kenny Durandisse Hour ago

      Steve Cranmer I use an iPhone X and I have the same issue on RU-clip

  • Stephen Huxtable
    Stephen Huxtable 4 hours ago

    Automation is back in shortcuts

    • zollotech
      zollotech 4 hours ago

      It has been for iOS 13.1

  • Craig Sotelo
    Craig Sotelo 4 hours ago

    I’m on 13 GM right now should I downgrade my phone to 12 then upgrade to public release of 13 ? I wonder if the public release will be better than the 13 GM version as far as fixes

  • Official Simbah
    Official Simbah 4 hours ago


  • Rafiq Islam
    Rafiq Islam 4 hours ago

    So when you swipe the new phone the old phone automatically ask if you want to set up a new phone?

  • Abu Sarmad
    Abu Sarmad 4 hours ago

    thank u

  • Luna Warrior
    Luna Warrior 4 hours ago

    I'm Glad Geekbench now is using lower values. Those geekbench 4 values were getting really big. They have now a better and higher point of reference to do the bench, that's why the number is lower. It requieres a higher processing power to reach a big number. I like the way Geekbench 5 works, happy to see small accuarate numbers again!

  • Darryl Buffkin
    Darryl Buffkin 4 hours ago

    Aaron will the New iPhones 11 11 pro 11pro max have 13.1 ..actually just got an email and my two phones are in transit, 1 state away from S.C. and will be here Friday..wow.. I bet there will be an upgrade waiting when I set them up... thanks for all the information...can’t believe your geek bench scores on GB 4 ..can’t understand why new version is lower?? 👋👋