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A Universe Not Made for Us
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Gravity Comparison
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Timeline of Earth
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Temperature Comparison
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Universe Size Comparison 2
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Gravity Comparison 2016
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  • Xođ
    Xođ 2 minutes ago

    Where are the Uranus jokes?

  • Goppala Krishna Subbaiah Prakash

    Where is Ton 618?

  • lowen barbe
    lowen barbe 29 minutes ago

    Nobody: Not even a soul: ELBM J0555-57Ab:65ht4s6vhg871s6vh74

  • nick nickname
    nick nickname 35 minutes ago

    But is it bigger than Mandangon?

  • عبدلله ليث
    عبدلله ليث 37 minutes ago


  • D3n1s s
    D3n1s s Hour ago


  • Vemireddy Janardhan Reddy

    Debunked globe in first minute.

  • 5910123315056 Kunlaporn Sriratchapat



    Why the fuck 17k losers disliked it...??

  • 2LeftThumbs
    2LeftThumbs Hour ago

    Wow, amazing piece of work! Incredible it took only three months 👍👍 (Slight typo at 14:46 maybe tho ? "below absolute zero")

  • Puneet Dhiman
    Puneet Dhiman Hour ago

    It's outstanding bro ,especially chapter 3...great work ...

  • Dupito - Brawl Stars

    Поставь лайк, чтобы иностранцы подумали,что я написал что-то годное

  • Asjinga Akangka
    Asjinga Akangka Hour ago

    The presentation needs more help. It's difficult to tell whether you're staying in one part, or you have talked about the next part.

  • fly in the sky
    fly in the sky Hour ago

    why freez earth?

  • Gui
    Gui Hour ago

    racirdo molis

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hour ago

    Cosmology for Dummies +10 Nice work!

  • Jeroen Wolf
    Jeroen Wolf 2 hours ago

    So if those quantum effects may cause a new universe to be born, could that mean that there was another universe before the big bang?

  • 홍지우 Jay Hong
    홍지우 Jay Hong 2 hours ago

    Before we are worried about the Universe dying, lets be smart and clean up trash because pollution is probably gonna kill us faster than the end of the Universe. (Maybe?)

    • Nat Duv
      Nat Duv 20 minutes ago

      Lol we need to do more than clean up trash. Like stop using planes and cars and stop buying smartphones all the time as well as useless shit

  • Benedikt H. Freese
    Benedikt H. Freese 2 hours ago

    We are so small beings. And yet we can cause so much!

  • pc baklengs
    pc baklengs 2 hours ago

    hehe, uranus is 14000km

  • X R3D_911
    X R3D_911 2 hours ago

    جيش مجرم قيمز لايك

    PERUN 2 hours ago

    *Сука мы все уничтожены..*

  • XChainiX
    XChainiX 3 hours ago

    After watching the video I feel like nothing.

  • ltuninja
    ltuninja 3 hours ago

    Makes you realize that small things in life matter. Like the earth.

  • [파란 닌텐도]blue nin

    you know the past and the future

  • // Li3run //
    // Li3run // 3 hours ago

    Just 😭🤩WOW🤩😭

  • Khumar Babanli
    Khumar Babanli 3 hours ago


  • Федя Федотов

    Нихуя не понятно

  • gary lons
    gary lons 4 hours ago

    Wow!.....Even women will stop talking...............bring it on!

  • hacène Benabdelaziz

    4:06 KBC Void. KFC CHICKEN

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 4 hours ago

    "Small" Magellanic Cloud

  • عبير Ggyvnfc
    عبير Ggyvnfc 4 hours ago

    Thank you so much for this video I love it Saudi Arabia♥♥.

  • Михаил Громов

    Это очень круто! Спасибо за видео! This is awesome! Thanks for video!

  • asdkotable
    asdkotable 5 hours ago

    @13:37 goodbye Earth, you were a nice home. RIP😭

  • stu Lee
    stu Lee 5 hours ago

    have I just drifted into a parallel universe of something? where the hell has kepler come from?

  • Tengtio Vlogs
    Tengtio Vlogs 5 hours ago

    The biggest object outside the universe... The device you use to watch this video

  • jason townsend
    jason townsend 5 hours ago

    (gyroscopes prove the earth is flat) weak as piss harry, you debunk flat earth with evidence like nasas photos of earth are composites because its hard to take photos of earth Me oh my this video can only strengthen flat earth beliefs, anyone with half a clue can see plainly harry evett debunks nothing and only proves himself to be a payed youtube dis-info stooge, just like scimandan YA know its flat cause all the proving vids are nowhere to be seen, there are only deniers or weak ass debunkers that come up now RU-clip is now actively programming the outcome of your research by hiding or banning quality vids that lay out why there are questions in the first place The truth fears nothing and stands alone, lies fear everything even a little scrutiny will show cracks and inconsistencies Forget the bullshit, vids like these are polluting truth along with dumbing down critical thinking and focus on small things like how gyroscopes prove the earth is flat

  • weh TTam
    weh TTam 6 hours ago

    No one: Not a soul: Flat earthers: wut

    I LIKE MEMES 6 hours ago

    I wonder how big URANUS is

  • weh TTam
    weh TTam 6 hours ago

    The universe is that big yet it stills fits in my screen

  • fishaholic 83 Kent
    fishaholic 83 Kent 6 hours ago

    I would like to see a flat earther debunk this, ru-clip.net/video/JDy95_eNPzM/video.html

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 6 hours ago

    We are nothing but insects

  • wittypiddy
    wittypiddy 6 hours ago

    Ur-anus is bigger!

  • Vishvesh Tadsare
    Vishvesh Tadsare 6 hours ago

    It gets uneasy when one realizes that the entire solar system can easily fit into some of the giant stars with space left many times over.

  • K. H 93
    K. H 93 6 hours ago


  • Andrew Muzychko
    Andrew Muzychko 6 hours ago

    This makes someone feel good cuz if they get bullied by someonr bigger than them they know that there is alot more things bigger than the bully

  • 토토 vs Nop 8030
    토토 vs Nop 8030 6 hours ago

    Where is Discovery dinosaur tv series From Grizzly Aka Planet x Future Timecosimachine 2048 tsunami destruction Asteroid universe Innerspace BabyTitan Gisnt Exe X Multiverse rexShip

  • Paave Orava
    Paave Orava 7 hours ago

    Fantastic Edition you used Lot of time for this I can see it

  • Ultra Instinct Goku
    Ultra Instinct Goku 7 hours ago

    I was looking forward to seeing Sagittarius A on this

  • Obedient Drone
    Obedient Drone 7 hours ago

    Wheres your mom at the end?

  • Mitu's creatives / クリエイティブ


  • Pedro Pedroz Travels

    Its been a while but you've come back with a big ban ;). Mad video champ, thanks for the hard work. Cheers and see ya on the next one.

  • I am
    I am 7 hours ago

    Best thing I have ever seen

  • Dr-Wolf
    Dr-Wolf 7 hours ago

    oh bruh... xd

  • Rifat Masud
    Rifat Masud 7 hours ago

    where do you put the universe in?

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  • Rondy Blondy
    Rondy Blondy 7 hours ago

    What a nice video, greetings from Chile 🇨🇱

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    Avanteesh Motheram 8 hours ago

    Good animation !!!!👍👍

    LOZY PLAYR 1 8 hours ago

    Hay you if you got your eye on my coment pliz HAVE THAT👽 i stool it frome area 51 D O N T A S K H O W !? and sorry for bad english you realy need to feed him plastic straws he loves them

  • Sai Ling Gwee
    Sai Ling Gwee 8 hours ago

    Finally a new video!! :D

  • Spontaneous Lmao
    Spontaneous Lmao 9 hours ago

    Alright now I have another question, what’s out of the universe since it’s a planet

  • MH Dom
    MH Dom 9 hours ago

    Imagine how small we are

  • Cherrypicked Animationstudio

    Can a black hole, eat another black hole?

  • Krazy Kelsy
    Krazy Kelsy 10 hours ago

    What’s going on in my mind is why can’t we see like Vega if it’s so big. Yeah I get it’s far but still

  • Kyeong Yun
    Kyeong Yun 10 hours ago

    Where is the Black Hole

  • Brasil Mapper
    Brasil Mapper 10 hours ago


  • Mikyle Singh
    Mikyle Singh 10 hours ago

    When you eventually realize while watching this video, that we were born too late to explore the earth, yet too early to explore the universe out there 😔😔😢

  • larrabeearms
    larrabeearms 10 hours ago

    The sun is visible from an airplane window in the middle of the day. If it was 93,000,000 miles away you would need a sunroof to see it.

  • cosmo lf jr
    cosmo lf jr 10 hours ago

    congratulations ... thank you very much...

  • Jendrix Alden Mercado
    Jendrix Alden Mercado 10 hours ago

    4:11 is that even small??

  • Kappa G
    Kappa G 10 hours ago

    And now the most mind-fuck question to ask yourself... How and when did this all form?

  • t e n d o g g o ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Captions: Earth (You Are Here) *BOLD OF YOU TO ASSUME I AM AN EARTHLING*

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos

    Why is this so terrifying?

  • Jaime Hudson Treppiedi

    Very small letters , can't see it.

  • trouble with the curve

    The Jesuits cast a spell on humanity 500 years ago with the lie of the Spinning ball orbiting a huge sun 😱

  • Polygon Spiral
    Polygon Spiral 11 hours ago

    NGC 1277 scared me when it suddenly appeared as this big black orb

  • OTT TV
    OTT TV 11 hours ago

    He set the earth on it's foundation , it can never be moved. (Psalm 104:5)

  • Pitt IC 434
    Pitt IC 434 11 hours ago

    Excellent👌👍 Video 💯💯

  • OTT TV
    OTT TV 11 hours ago

    Therefore GOD SENDS them a strong delusion, so they may believe what is false! ( 2 THESS 2:11)

  • OTT TV
    OTT TV 11 hours ago

    Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the philosopher of this? (1 Corinthians 1:20)

  • Saif SAEED
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  • user user
    user user 11 hours ago

    The entry of Arcturus makes me laugh every time. 😂

  • Cliffford
    Cliffford 11 hours ago

    Theres always a bigger fish

  • PPT 사이언스
    PPT 사이언스 11 hours ago

    plz subtitle open

  • Watykaniak
    Watykaniak 12 hours ago

    This either will have no views or get viral. Nothing in-between. Mark my words

  • Emilio Mencia
    Emilio Mencia 12 hours ago

    Very very interesting

  • Saif ali Betelgeuse
    Saif ali Betelgeuse 12 hours ago

    But I’m smaller than Antares

  • Asafe Fialho
    Asafe Fialho 12 hours ago

    The dislikes are from Flat Earthers.

  • Nat Duv
    Nat Duv 12 hours ago

    Crazy to think we're in the very early stages of the Universe. It was just born. How many intelligent life forms will have time to rise and fall in its life ? Love the music in Chapter 3 btw

  • Juan Padilla Torres
    Juan Padilla Torres 12 hours ago

    Wowww... que telescopios más potentes 👌🤣 la gente aún cree en eso 🤣🤣🤣

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    nicolas vargas 12 hours ago

    muy buen video amigo

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    theDTYP 12 hours ago

    “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV?”

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    Zycripz YT 12 hours ago

    amazing vide :)

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    Devian S. Rolon 12 hours ago

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    RenzoLCS 13 hours ago

    0 dislikes!! This video is perfect! Good job Harry! :)

    TGEZ XD 13 hours ago

    Finally you upload video

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 13 hours ago

    How living on a spinning ball can be even possible? , plus that it' has 6.66" angle

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    Onelsin peralta 13 hours ago

    Like yes i love a universe

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    Saif ali Betelgeuse 13 hours ago

    11:46 RIP me