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  • Faiza Aman
    Faiza Aman 4 minutes ago

    Saya nak balik

  • бахтин алексей

    мда! сварщик ты от бога, как и кузнец...

  • John Piatt
    John Piatt 54 minutes ago

    Imagined I was smelling the fumes during the mig ops. lol

  • زينه الرجال الادب

    شغل عالى متكلف

  • Nikola Patrcevic
    Nikola Patrcevic 3 hours ago

    69 becoming 96 sounds kinda creative

  • Nicolas Mira
    Nicolas Mira 8 hours ago

    Mala idea combertir un instrumento musical en una arma Mal ejemplo.

  • Daniel Skorich
    Daniel Skorich 8 hours ago

    Thanks Jimmy!!!

  • Ruben Estrada
    Ruben Estrada 9 hours ago


  • Danny Zamora
    Danny Zamora 9 hours ago


  • John Alford
    John Alford 10 hours ago

    congratulations on the 800k, I thought i was the only one that collected vises, you got me beat, gonna have to step up my game

  • Rpcjak
    Rpcjak 12 hours ago

    Very nice. Try thing your knot between two edges of leather, so it is "buried". You'll like it much more.

  • paintballer7171986
    paintballer7171986 12 hours ago

    No seat cushions? Will the paint hold up to people sitting on it?

  • Лштшфум Ащвф


  • 738polarbear
    738polarbear 15 hours ago

    Certainly likes his name don't he?Is there ANYTHING that hasn't got his name plastered on it?Shouls have left the last 1/2 inch of the head chrome free . Now when you sharpen it ,IF it's ever used ,the chrome finish will be ruined.

  • Alican Türetken
    Alican Türetken 15 hours ago

    Cheers! :)

  • Aaron Spain
    Aaron Spain 16 hours ago

    It looks pretty damned cool, but I'd be worried about the hinge mechanism getting stuck after striking a zombie with it. You should make a new one with a rotating drill head in the centre that retracts when you pull it away so it doesn't get jammed inside the rib cage, skull, or whatever else it's been jammed in to.

  • ensen89
    ensen89 16 hours ago

    I am 2:52 into the video and wondered: This looks like it was recorded in the basement shop in nyc. Must be old footage. Look in the discription: from 2016. :D

  • Ridvan Kirpac
    Ridvan Kirpac 16 hours ago

    hello, first of all, I'm excited about your projects. Please, keep it up. I wonder why you painted some tools white. Greetings from Germany

  • Farpointhold
    Farpointhold 18 hours ago

    Fabulous interesting video. Your an amazing dude.

  • Ulf Nope
    Ulf Nope 21 hour ago

    i love the way that on the very second you mention you gotta be careful with the tool you were using, you hammered it xd

  • lztumwater
    lztumwater 22 hours ago

    Thanks for doing what you do. You've been a mentor in my career as a maker.

  • Chilaka_
    Chilaka_ 23 hours ago

    Ok i aint gon die if theres a zombie apocalpyse no more

  • Eliezer Negron

    Jimmy u really mean it when u said there's 100 uses for the ice picks👍😀😀😀

  • Erin Dutton
    Erin Dutton Day ago

    Can I have the card board model?

  • ว่าที่ร.ต.ทวีศักดิ์ จิตรประเสริฐ


  • Aman Ansari
    Aman Ansari Day ago

    Use hand gloves

  • Роман Менченко


  • Роман Менченко

    У Лезерман напевно ШОК,що так можна продвинути продукт🤗

  • myfourgauge
    myfourgauge Day ago

    Okay... I see home made lawn darts in my future!

  • BlueNose Forge

    RIP Jessie!!!

  • Rob Choucroun
    Rob Choucroun Day ago

    16:19. 69 becomes 96 a lot for me.

  • Arsath Sally
    Arsath Sally Day ago

    Thank you Jimmy for making such nice videos! It is always a pleasure to watch you work..

  • Ned Casey
    Ned Casey Day ago

    Nice work. Would love to know what you charged for this.

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas Day ago

    Look forward to finding you at SEMA!

  • Junior Gralak
    Junior Gralak Day ago

    Jonh Rambo 😀😀

  • Dennis O'Shea
    Dennis O'Shea Day ago

    Always enjoy great work

  • KNH Carpentry & Home Improvement

    Why so much glue it makes a huge mess. Also why not use a fein cut off tool to cut the shoe to fit tight.

  • John Treadway
    John Treadway Day ago

    The engineering is the most impressive part for me, I really makes me appreciate your work that much more!

  • Per Kristian Kristiansen

    is this your old shop?

  • Woodworking Genie

    where's drew from fisher's shop?

  • Len 84
    Len 84 Day ago

    What is the profit margin on that project u reckon?? Build cost v customer cost

  • Brad Hillsdon
    Brad Hillsdon Day ago

    You went to all that effort and couldn't even be bothered to cut the fire bricks. Just wow. Don't even get me started on the gaps between them aswell.

  • Transient Mobile

    Another Fantastic display of your showmanship. Thanks for the video, Jimmy!

  • Live in Russia

    Очень куруто!!!

  • Lars Kiel
    Lars Kiel Day ago


  • Roscoe Wilder
    Roscoe Wilder Day ago

    Enjoyed that.

  • Massimo Serra
    Massimo Serra Day ago

    Hi Jimmy, miss a little bit the old shop with spike ;)

  • Woodworking Genie


  • Djair Duarte
    Djair Duarte Day ago

    Um trabalho primoroso, espetacular. Parabéns!

  • Игорь Лысенко


  • Stephen Estes
    Stephen Estes Day ago

    $5 Head, but what did that bar of aluminum cost?!?

  • J Mess
    J Mess Day ago

    Looks great! I just built something similar in my house. it was a fun project and I really enjoyed finding ways to fit everything.

  • Green City Painting

    You are a true craftsman! Love your videos

  • marcial pinto
    marcial pinto Day ago

    Cuanto me costaría que me hicieras una ,soy de Chillan, Chile


    How much to buy it

  • Storyline America

    The way it should be done... Awesome craftsmanship!

  • daniel hammond

    Another belter jimmy 👍👍👍👍 you must have decent ply wood over there we seem to have garbage ply over her in the uk unless you spend a fortune

  • Joe Derue
    Joe Derue Day ago

    One day he will only have 9 fingers.

  • Владимир Мешков

    Как всегда, превосходно! Уверен, Джимми, через сто лет твои изделия будут считаться брэндовым антиквариатом и стоить больших денег.

  • Stefan Ravn
    Stefan Ravn Day ago

    I must admit I’ve skipped a couple of your latest silent videos, but with your commentary I’m back baby! Great job, impressive result for 3days and one hour :)

  • moaski
    moaski Day ago

    I didn't know wooden canoes could go without rib structures reinforcing the hull! Interesting build.

  • farashgardyar
    farashgardyar Day ago

    thanks jimmy.but it's look like an old video!!! two or three of your last videos are old same it!!!! but i like all things that you uploaded

  • Marcos Mützenberg

    Great job Jim, your really the best! 👍

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith Day ago

    That was only three days?! Dang, Jimmy; that would take me three weeks.

  • bcbloc02
    bcbloc02 Day ago

    Nicely done! A good way to not waste space.

  • Fakhreddine Badri
    Fakhreddine Badri 2 days ago

    I want one 😍😭😭😭 good luck Master From #Algeria 🇩🇿 💟✌

  • Charles Carter
    Charles Carter 2 days ago

    Unique and awesome as always!

  • Sanan Kynaston
    Sanan Kynaston 2 days ago

    Oh, so that's a pencil sharpener!

  • Ricardo Lozano del valle

    Greetings from Mexico, congratulations, I love the ease with which you work, how do I buy one of those plates for my workshop?

  • Рим Давлетшин

    Сколько он весит

  • DDB
    DDB 2 days ago

    Would that be one of the more complicated jobs you've had? It sure looked like it ! Well done.

  • olrik parlez
    olrik parlez 2 days ago

    Yo Jimmy! This a cousin? ru-clip.net/user/googletoogleyfeatured

  • Ali Z
    Ali Z 2 days ago


  • lickmynuts alongtime

    Illegal in California, New York, New Jersey and other libturd states.

  • Antonio Claudio Michael

    Great video jimmy

  • Jigsey's Workshop
    Jigsey's Workshop 2 days ago

    Why would anyone bother putting a thumbs down.. If you watched this and didn't learn or enjoy it. Then your life is an empty vessel

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor 2 days ago

    Thanks I'm just about to try to build something similar (storage bed for a shepherds hut) although I suspect it will be rather agricultural compared to this piece.

  • Pascal Parisot
    Pascal Parisot 2 days ago

    tres beau travail bravo Jimmy

  • Elnur Esedov
    Elnur Esedov 2 days ago

    More! More! More classic Diresta videos!)

  • smallathe
    smallathe 2 days ago

    LOVELY Diresta build video Thank you for sharing

  • Сергей Чеканников


  • Alex Mancilla
    Alex Mancilla 2 days ago

    always learning something with you!!

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    Jesus Jacobo 2 days ago

    Always learn something with your videos

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    Shane K 2 days ago

    Love my kreg jig

  • Tyler Snyder
    Tyler Snyder 2 days ago

    I usually never know which part of anything you've just made till it all comes together, but the reveal is why I watch.

  • Ricopolico
    Ricopolico 2 days ago

    Please don't say you "engineer" something - there's no engineering here.

  • Woodturning by Alan Scannell

    Great to see something go from concept to build to fitting. Super job 👍

  • Ulf Nope
    Ulf Nope 2 days ago

    damn.. not a door on both sides? who wouldnt want a dog drive through, for ordering extra cuddles

  • dday91
    dday91 2 days ago

    Thank You Jimmy, I appreciate the way you share your stuff with us!Jerry

  • james mendyk
    james mendyk 2 days ago

    Before laying the mask over the vinyl put the sticky side on your shirt. It will pick up a little lint making the vinyl release easier when pealing off the clear mask

  • Joseph Muench
    Joseph Muench 2 days ago

    Would love to see a video on drawing in 3D! You make it look So Easy!

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    its a re upload right?

  • Nate Large - Woodworking DIY & More

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    Kreg clamps are really worth a trip. No movement. Nice work jimmy

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    Al Smith 2 days ago

    oldie but goodie

  • Lamar Davis
    Lamar Davis 2 days ago

    Incredible design skills if you did this only from what you showed us you did on the sketch.

  • Katzztar
    Katzztar 2 days ago

    You say you're dyslexic and then describe switching numbers. That's actually dyscalculia. I have the same trouble. While there's a lot of different symptoms and one doesn't have to have them all, numbers switching like how letters do in dyslexia is the most common. Some people have both, but I only have the dyscalculia. So I could read the word problems (Matt has 25 watermelons) better than the 9+12-7(insert division symbol) 5 =type of problems. What I really had trouble with is the theories. Failed algebra 3 different times