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  • pdx princess
    pdx princess Hour ago

    Am I the only one impressed with how not dumb these are

  • agus pro_SG
    agus pro_SG Hour ago

    You noticed that appeard asheley in the video?

  • Marie C
    Marie C Hour ago

    "Want to fall and die in the middle of the night? Try putting foam rollers on your ladder rungs!"

  • Star Cherry
    Star Cherry 2 hours ago

    These are some good ideas 👏

  • Swathi Ganesh
    Swathi Ganesh 2 hours ago

    Nice video 🙂 new youtuber 🙂

  • Yamilette Ramirez
    Yamilette Ramirez 2 hours ago

    ok but Im not sharing my extension cord

  • Dorothy Cothran
    Dorothy Cothran 3 hours ago

    Love these ideas

  • Andrea K
    Andrea K 3 hours ago

    She is just too precious

  • Dilip Haldar
    Dilip Haldar 3 hours ago

    Check it

  • The M&M World
    The M&M World 3 hours ago

    I know 98% wont read this ..but for the 2% who will !!! May God bless you with a good healthy and wealthy life !!! May your day begin with laughter and happiness !!! Mornings be like joy !!! We are young 13 year old youtubers !!!! Any help and support is really appreciated !!! Thanks for reading and have a nice day💙💙

  • Ao Arashi
    Ao Arashi 3 hours ago

    Pool noodles on ladders are a bad idea, I'd slip right off the round foam.

    • shameen anwar
      shameen anwar Hour ago

      I was thinking the same that even though she have covered it with duct tape if i am wearing socks than i will definitely slip from it

    • Cicada
      Cicada 2 hours ago

      Wouldn't the noodle just rotate on the rung if you stepped even slightly off center?

    • The Jabbering Joker
      The Jabbering Joker 2 hours ago

      That's why she covered it all in duct tape.

  • Teleisha
    Teleisha 3 hours ago

    imma say that putting pool noodles on your ladder is gonna end with you hitting back first onto the floor

  • Trevor Khisa
    Trevor Khisa 3 hours ago

    I think this is a teaser for the next space lift episode

  • Ellen Cotty
    Ellen Cotty 3 hours ago

    Is it just me who thinks it is very satisfying when you iron a shirt and it is just a line of straightness

  • Sukriti Kiran
    Sukriti Kiran 3 hours ago


  • Demitri C.
    Demitri C. 3 hours ago


  • Honey Luv
    Honey Luv 3 hours ago

    *downloads video even tho I don't have a roomate*

  • Kyleigh Conroy
    Kyleigh Conroy 3 hours ago

    Dorm ideas are good for rental apartments and houses as well!

  • Kyleigh Conroy
    Kyleigh Conroy 3 hours ago

    First :D

  • CourtneyOnCamera
    CourtneyOnCamera 5 hours ago

    Me: being 11 and obviously not having a kid Also me: I like to organize sand I’m a mess

  • OwO_ 64
    OwO_ 64 7 hours ago


  • Danielle Hollis
    Danielle Hollis 7 hours ago

    "I kinda wish I was going back to school..." That's how you know she's been out of school too long. Forgot what it was like.

  • Karthik Bharadwaj
    Karthik Bharadwaj 7 hours ago

    Hey, that's a great video. I made something similar but with a slight variation, do check this out.

  • Rohan KARRA
    Rohan KARRA 9 hours ago

    3:14 4 MONTHS!

  • Amelia Tulni
    Amelia Tulni 9 hours ago

    You gave me an idea.

  • Alisha Ali
    Alisha Ali 10 hours ago

    You didn't show plants

  • Mantu Saikia
    Mantu Saikia 10 hours ago

    I hate you becauseyou throw my lcecream party😠😠😠

  • Jessie Fitz
    Jessie Fitz 10 hours ago

    ew tf what kindof dorm has roommmates gross lol

  • Lucky Clover Crafts
    Lucky Clover Crafts 12 hours ago

    Awesome room makeover....Great work

  • Emilia Modrusan
    Emilia Modrusan 12 hours ago

    Why'd she put the cubbies right in front of the window???

  • Amie's Craft
    Amie's Craft 13 hours ago

    "If you can't eat it, it shouldn't go on your skin" -Dr. Scott Whitaker

  • Mohammed Faiyaz
    Mohammed Faiyaz 14 hours ago


  • Eshan Seepersaud
    Eshan Seepersaud 15 hours ago

    Alright, time to try this... Alright, time to buy some plants

  • Disney & Coffee
    Disney & Coffee 16 hours ago

    “Eco friendly” uses freaking paper towels 😤😫

  • hero1c
    hero1c 17 hours ago

    What are the dinosaurs made of and where can I get them?

  • Aaron Blah
    Aaron Blah 17 hours ago

    Just get a laptop make sure it’s hot then just go over ur clothes voola

  • Mobile ģamer
    Mobile ģamer 17 hours ago

    Calm they made a mistake with the pho. Noodles every one make mistakes

  • Kat F
    Kat F 17 hours ago

    when you dont have a tv iLL GRAB MY HANDY DANDY HACKSAW

  • Vania Orozco
    Vania Orozco 18 hours ago

    Would of been cool if her name was Brooklyn😭

  • Judson
    Judson 19 hours ago

    that floor looks so bad

  • RainbowUnicorn19
    RainbowUnicorn19 19 hours ago

    Teacher:Gets room makeover Principal: you have to move class rooms

  • odysseas kopakakis
    odysseas kopakakis 20 hours ago

    If you are interested in camping recipes I highly recommend you to try the camping meal plan of getdinneronthetable

  • Jackiey Got Juice Not Tropicana

    This is a lot of work I'm paying not painting

  • ForestofTooMuchFood
    ForestofTooMuchFood 23 hours ago

    Really ugly

  • Мечтающая Воображала

    Красивые колокольчики!Заходите в гости на мой канал!

  • Clau
    Clau Day ago

    I... Just watched on, with a mix of horror and fascination.

  • Laura Mcgrath
    Laura Mcgrath Day ago

    i only wish this came out BEFORE school started 😭 I've moved into my dorm room already and I know the tips next week ima wish I did 😂 maybe i can add to what I've already done ?? but I feel like it's finished now

  • Shrikant Jaiswal

    Very nice

  • Everyonedies96

    Azusa Canyons babeee b !👌

  • alexandrajgd
    alexandrajgd Day ago

    Absolutely amazing! Gorgeous, smart, practical and with room to grow! I am gonna steal some ideas for sure! You rock!

  • Antonia Riedel

    Holy shit at first I thought that she was re doing a real room

  • rashmi u
    rashmi u Day ago

    They wanted movie posters 😢😢😢

  • Barbie Vlogs
    Barbie Vlogs Day ago

    You're amazing!

  • Maryam Imran
    Maryam Imran Day ago

    U could also add a assignment tracker

  • Yvonne Drysdale

    Ugh the manic music

  • Boonrod Kampongthai


  • Kasseruzi Ronald

    I like this, it is educative

  • danvexwx
    danvexwx Day ago

    Is it safe to remove stickers from my DS Lite using alcohol? I'm just curious since my DS has Cobalt Blue color soo.

  • hiimliz
    hiimliz Day ago

    People are going back to school and I’m here almost done with my first quarter

  • XpetraXpazlX
    XpetraXpazlX Day ago

    What is the stress dough??

  • A F
    A F Day ago

    Cool video! Though, the audio is horrible, the music is too loud and Ashley's voice goes from quiet to loud... Please keep it in mind for the next video!!

  • Valeria Andrea

    Fall leaves theme!

  • Rapunzel 1212
    Rapunzel 1212 Day ago

    You were terrific

  • 3506Dodge
    3506Dodge Day ago


  • Char 🕷️😀🌈🐛🌎🐒🤡🕸️

    the fingerprint one really hit home 😔😂

  • Grey Dwagon
    Grey Dwagon Day ago

    Jaba.......the hut :)

  • Mary Wood
    Mary Wood Day ago

    I love this! Thank you for sharing this! 💖

  • noone special
    noone special Day ago

    Where's the storage for the toys that were already in there?

  • Sitti Rahmah Nur

    So, he asked her daugher (or sister) to do dishes while he's siting with his phone?

  • Tammi Damerow
    Tammi Damerow Day ago

    Love love your ideas

  • CityOfWonder 12

    Yes let's censor the name of this cereal bEcAuse pEOplE arE toO stuPId to know whaT the onLY hooP cEreAl is

  • anthony lewis
    anthony lewis Day ago

    you can use glass jars for plants, as long as you limit the amount of water, for succlents it works well as well as tea tins

  • Cristina Flogerzi

    Why did the locker have to cover the vent?

  • M Sellars
    M Sellars Day ago

    Isn't cork bad for cats????

  • Shabir Seckam
    Shabir Seckam 2 days ago


  • Yo girl !
    Yo girl ! 2 days ago

    Do a barbie the doll makeover

  • Asiya Qureshi
    Asiya Qureshi 2 days ago

    Excellent job Ashley

  • Danica Teodoro
    Danica Teodoro 2 days ago

    The lockers are on the vent?

  • Madeline Ha
    Madeline Ha 2 days ago

    when i have an apartment i will do this if i do this now, i would be told to clean it up

  • LinPompeu
    LinPompeu 2 days ago

    you are awesome! I’m from Brazil. Hopefully I’ll soon be moving to Toronto fot my Phd with my girlfriend and I hope we get to be a part of your channel!

  • Salvatrice Dean
    Salvatrice Dean 2 days ago

    Where can I buy citric acid?

  • Sarban Singh Sidhu Brar

    Use haldi , adrak in hindi language it's best see Rajiv Dixit natural remedies

  • SimplyWeirdly Me
    SimplyWeirdly Me 2 days ago

    At 5:28 why did she put them on the air vents?!

  • itsokhesjamaican
    itsokhesjamaican 2 days ago

    I love how functional this is! I work in an elementary school and see lots of classroom makeovers that seem so much more about the teachers´style rather than the kids´needs, or that don´t seem sustainable as teachers move rooms all the time. This one is gorgeous but still looks like a classroom, and you really took into account the day to day needs of teachers. These guys deserve this!

  • Taylor Livy
    Taylor Livy 2 days ago

    *When you have to breath through your mouth and it hurts your throat more but breathing through your nose make sit worse* 😨😫

  • ꧁GDolphinz꧂
    ꧁GDolphinz꧂ 2 days ago

    It looks good, but the kid’s opinions were totally ignored

  • Hope Harden
    Hope Harden 2 days ago

    We have the same thing where I live and it is TMT farms and what they do is they have this HUGE drive through thing with many set ups (including an old western theme set up and more) and it’s ALWAYS busy they are open until midnight and all you have to do to get in is bring a few cans of food and that goes to I believe the homeless or somewhere that is in need. It’s really fun to watch

  • Аи Ош
    Аи Ош 2 days ago

    I love Clark!! Lmao

  • xxLOV_KAVxx CUTE
    xxLOV_KAVxx CUTE 2 days ago

    These are old school haxx

  • Linda Travis
    Linda Travis 2 days ago

  • ItzDarksYT
    ItzDarksYT 2 days ago

    Tipp-Ex Fluid ????

  • Anastasia Kravets
    Anastasia Kravets 2 days ago

    Who else is forever confusing Ashley for Alexandra Gater? They should team up sometime)

  • ゴリ
    ゴリ 2 days ago


  • mebrure ay
    mebrure ay 2 days ago

    I'll use this for the next year cause i made my own and its kinda messy

  • Skyla Gaming YouTube

    Would college students have the time to do any of those Let alone afford them

  • Haz Ida
    Haz Ida 2 days ago

    Sue Heck and best friend Brad ! Yeah 😁

  • Lucja Swietoslawska

    Doesnt it say something like If swallowed call poison control immediately

  • it'sCreamy Cream
    it'sCreamy Cream 2 days ago

    I wish my dorm look like that cuz mine is ugly and I'm poor

  • Michelle Redacted
    Michelle Redacted 2 days ago

    A few things I've done differently since making this project: 1) Use junk mail/old newspaper that isn't glossy. 2) Blend it really smooth, the finer the pulp, the smoother the paper, then add small seeds. Herb seeds do really well and can be planted in pots. 3) sandwich the paper pulp between newspaper, old felt sheets and heavy books overnight. The result is a paper with a smooth writable surface. Optional: Pour the pulp into cookie cutters to make shaped paper!

  • Natasha Hanney
    Natasha Hanney 2 days ago

    1:most of these are were copied from 5minute crafts 2:I'm pretty sure you didn't need that many straws