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Young Dolph - Juicy (Audio)
Views 947K4 months ago
Young Dolph - SMH (Audio)
Views 371K2 years ago
Young Dolph - Yeezy (Audio)
Views 365K2 years ago
Young Dolph - Meech (Audio)
Views 2.2M2 years ago


  • J W
    J W 3 hours ago

    3:00 "I HATE BMWs....SPEND THAT CAKE IF I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU"..........Thanks T.I......I should have listened 'cause a word to the wise is enough.......NO MATTER HOW MUCH I FIX MY PIECE OF SH1T 650 at the dealership....just spent $7500 fixing......IT STILL WON'T WORK.......IN THREE YEARS I'VE PUT MOE THAN 30K FIXING THAT PIECE OF SH1T.....BMW's slogan should be "Don't do it".............I know a lot of people suffer in silence but i'll make it my mission to expose these SOBs

  • Drukkid Kidddn
    Drukkid Kidddn 5 hours ago


  • Pd Winters
    Pd Winters 8 hours ago

    Yyeeeeaaaa yyeeaa yeeaaa

  • Akeem Manifold
    Akeem Manifold 8 hours ago

    Came back to the album because they on a European tour... Bandplay need more credit for these bests.... On GOD! Dolph voice...

  • Jo O
    Jo O 9 hours ago

    Movin like the president... best shit ever 🙅‍♂️🧢

  • jd carmona
    jd carmona 10 hours ago

    This song made me cry but then I robbed a dice game and forgot all about it

  • Gamer Boi
    Gamer Boi 10 hours ago

    Young dolph is actually pretty underrated his new music is a lot more engaging than some older stuff he had

  • Tomicka Keys
    Tomicka Keys 12 hours ago

    New favorite rapper

  • Aaron Pisani
    Aaron Pisani 14 hours ago

    snoop dog is so fucking trash, Dizzle rizzle mizzel fizzle .........littrarlty no bars and just ends every line in izzle

  • Amazing Amy
    Amazing Amy 14 hours ago

    Who's qualifying all of these calls lol

  • Amazing Amy
    Amazing Amy 14 hours ago

    Every single time

  • T Hale
    T Hale 15 hours ago

    Chocolate thick 1s

  • Que Que
    Que Que 15 hours ago


  • Tasia Jones
    Tasia Jones 15 hours ago

    Yessssss my nigga

  • Shell E.
    Shell E. 16 hours ago

    My dude! 💪🏽

  • Ibrahim Noubani
    Ibrahim Noubani 16 hours ago

    This go hard yall need to remix this!

  • DripGawd
    DripGawd 16 hours ago

    Never thought I’d every watch a hour vlog it was lit 🔥

  • luh set
    luh set 18 hours ago

    I did play it like 10 times

  • Prime Productions
    Prime Productions 19 hours ago

    Who’s that fine ass bihh in the back

  • Sasha Najman
    Sasha Najman 19 hours ago

    I love you ❤️ Dolph I got you covered in 🙏

  • Wavy Seek
    Wavy Seek 20 hours ago

    respect from france young dolph n1

  • joshua parks
    joshua parks 20 hours ago

    when are u come out with a ather ab

  • Ty Stracener
    Ty Stracener 21 hour ago

    This music video made me say DAMN 😯

  • Shaafi162 Abdi
    Shaafi162 Abdi 22 hours ago


  • SheloveskinG _
    SheloveskinG _ 23 hours ago

    Young nudy should have been on dis😤😤🤟🏽

  • Dequavious Howardson

    aint no way dolph still stealing weed LOL


    I don’t usually listen to rap often but this shit is lit 🔥 🔥

  • Drip Heater
    Drip Heater Day ago

    Dolph been dat nigga haha get that bread cuddy

  • Kendra Albert
    Kendra Albert Day ago


  • SkamcityTay
    SkamcityTay Day ago

    The whole shit fire but he really snapped on them last eight bars 🔥🔥🔥

  • Everything’s Real


  • Jake Poole
    Jake Poole Day ago

    Dolph never in the news headlines or none of that negative bullshit, yet hes caking without a deal and building his empire in silence have to repsect it

  • Sean C.
    Sean C. Day ago

    I just drank a 40 by mistake. Hadn't had 1 since the 90's. I'm lit, just sayin. 😤😎

  • Yoel Ducosquier

    2019 going hard

  • Antonio Hibbler

    Aaa! This Prince Rhymer Realer from East Memphis I'm a great writer, poet, freestyler, A great artist in the making. YD is so real how you rap spit it, how you bring it and express your self as a independent artist-ceo! I'm tuned in 2 you-YD, thanks for repping the M-town!

  • Stacie Roberts

    Glock nigga my old azz luuuuvvvv uuuu💅💯😻

  • Stephen Martin

    Fat pussy girl..but dem boys snapped. Shout out to Project Pat 🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾

  • Jack Comet
    Jack Comet Day ago

    Their energy is enough to take over the world

  • Jaden bourne
    Jaden bourne Day ago

    Dolph makes me wanna start my own fraud empire

  • Terence Ledbetter

    Am I the only one who thought the sound was off? lol

  • ddp7028
    ddp7028 Day ago

    “ dolph lyrics we just heard”🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Ozcan Ozdemir
    Ozcan Ozdemir Day ago

    #PRE 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • jeonghoon choi

    I meant to find the mulan reflection

  • Sophia Bryan
    Sophia Bryan Day ago

    i won

  • Melissa Freeman

    See you in February Dolph 💎 💦

  • Toheeb Adeshina

    Whats your favorite dolph music.

  • marcus ridgley

    Shit goes dumb hard!!

  • F.R Beats
    F.R Beats Day ago


  • Michael Cunningham

    My play list just has Dolph and Glock 🚫©️🅰️🅿️

  • Teresa Browder

    Sweep like kerbie old school on Des Jaques

  • Joe Mash
    Joe Mash Day ago

    i just commented::::click on click on click

  • Joe Mash
    Joe Mash Day ago

    this shit so dope...editor on dope,

  • Ilton Savage哦哟
    Ilton Savage哦哟 2 days ago


  • jeremiah jaywub
    jeremiah jaywub 2 days ago

    Who still listenen to this bit

  • Og Bdk
    Og Bdk 2 days ago

    Snapped🔥🔥🔥y is it my first time hearing this till now

  • Real music by mark smith

    Love how it feels))>

  • Real music by mark smith

    No sleep)

  • Real music by mark smith

    Real music by mark Smith)

  • Cannibal Corpse
    Cannibal Corpse 2 days ago

    I’m da joka baby

  • Zinoxe
    Zinoxe 2 days ago

    What was he singing in the beginnin

  • Jonell Lemelle
    Jonell Lemelle 2 days ago

    White bitch behind pat Shakin dat azz

    NAT HUEY 2 days ago

    Here in ALASKA the dope dealers most are SNAKES out to rob and cheat they slang just go support their own drug habits.. they're not feeding their family wether taking care of grandparents helping moms with rent or doing it to put money on the table they caring for younger siblings

    NAT HUEY 2 days ago

    I lived in Charlotte NC I understand it's SURVIVAL it's not like here in ALASKA people who sell dope are snakes they're in the GAME to cheat others or they smoke their product and re up just to keep their head above water to support their habit

    NAT HUEY 2 days ago

    But in DOLPH'S case and other people in the dope game come from poverty the inner city ghetto isn't a term I prefer to use

  • Fabion Garcia
    Fabion Garcia 2 days ago

    Dope asf. Young dolph is the best

    NAT HUEY 2 days ago

    Drug Dealing is very RISKY depending on what the narcotics are and the crowd you serve to? BE CAREFUL

  • Bigg Tymer
    Bigg Tymer 2 days ago

    That's too fast...🤣

  • *chuckle*
    *chuckle* 2 days ago

    good got🤢🔥🔥

  • Andrew Sheperd-Bey
    Andrew Sheperd-Bey 2 days ago

    These dudes go hard they the ugk of this Era...

  • Ladonna Whiteside
    Ladonna Whiteside 2 days ago

    More Melanin Please... Love My Kings..Memphis Represents

  • Ryker Twyker
    Ryker Twyker 2 days ago


  • Legend
    Legend 2 days ago


    NAT HUEY 2 days ago

    I like some of DOLPH'S music but IMO dude brags alot and comes off very I'm starting to see why some guys tried killing him?😂 HEY DOLPH you get my RESPECT for being self did it all on your own to be the suscessful hip hop artist you are TODAY sure y'all Memphis TN brothers may kill me but I love y'all because you're my people

  • Amazing Amy
    Amazing Amy 2 days ago

    Royalty lol

    NAT HUEY 2 days ago

    Q.C.704 AKA Crown Town AKA She'll Town AKA Chopper City *leaves*

    NAT HUEY 2 days ago

    Rockhill S C. Gastonia N.C. (gas house) Concord N.C. (Cabarrus county) Kannapolis N.C. (Rowan county) Salisbury N.C. (Rowan county)

    NAT HUEY 2 days ago


    NAT HUEY 2 days ago

    Farmpond lane Eastway Camp Green Hoskins Road Billy Grahm Tuskegee Road

    NAT HUEY 2 days ago

    Wilmore Brook Hill Windsong Nation Ford Hidden Valley Grier Town Monroe Road

    NAT HUEY 2 days ago

    Druid Hills South Side homes Boulevard homes

  • Shell E.
    Shell E. 2 days ago

    Cuuuud lawdddd all the ass in this video! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 This shit 🔥 Love Dolph man

  • pipo pio
    pipo pio 2 days ago


  • Florida Made
    Florida Made 2 days ago

    Dolph nipsey chain so hard rip nipsey

  • Ayla Hughes
    Ayla Hughes 2 days ago

    happy dolph didnt fall off. rough being a fan from around the time he got shot. now he is back and its dope.

  • BlahParrot67
    BlahParrot67 2 days ago

    21 savage need to remix this track

  • Holly Graves
    Holly Graves 2 days ago

    Dolphs last verse tho...goes hard!!! ❤ dolphn'glock ❤

  • Rishabh Goenka
    Rishabh Goenka 2 days ago


  • Pamela Plain
    Pamela Plain 2 days ago

    Love you too baby

  • Dallas Royale
    Dallas Royale 2 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥Project Pat 4 The Win🔥🔥🔥

  • Good Times Beatz
    Good Times Beatz 2 days ago

    Checkout new beatz any rappers out there ?

  • SheloveskinG _
    SheloveskinG _ 2 days ago

    Young nudy should have been on this 😤😤🤟🏽🤟🏽

  • Peter theoneandonly

    STOP putting garbage skits in your videos rappers. I HATE having to skip 3 fucking minutes to get to the song. Anyone else with me?

  • flex jonathan
    flex jonathan 2 days ago

    all of things i can do for great riches

  • flex jonathan
    flex jonathan 2 days ago

    awesome keys to success

  • flex jonathan
    flex jonathan 2 days ago

    keeping my own soul forever

    JRN JARVIS 2 days ago

    It’s only 1 young dolph ain’t no takin his flow

  • mike schafer
    mike schafer 2 days ago

    If you wakin up bumpin Dolph, you gonna slay the day and that's just facts

  • Max Max
    Max Max 3 days ago

    Im not a crack baby but im a alcohol baby and this is who I look up to

  • EarlyMike G
    EarlyMike G 3 days ago

    Dolph snapped out on this shit an he the hardest nigga need to listen to my Nc azz shit cause dababy killing shit here they need a hit together

  • Food kravings
    Food kravings 3 days ago

    I here dolph in I turn up tune this shit up in light my blunt hahahahaha trick or treat mf🧢🙅🏿‍♂️